49/50 Southend(fld)(£10),  52/3 Bournemouth(r/s fld)(£14), Millwall(FAC)£12), QPR(r/s fld)(£16), Swindon(fld)(£9), 53/4 Gillingham(r/s)(£12), Northampton(heavy fold)(£6), Southend(£12), v The Army(£9),    54/5 International Stars X1(Jefferon Test)(ph)(£5), 55/6 Exeter(fld)(£6),   56/7  Northampton)fld)(£6), Southend(sl fld)(£6), 58/9  Gateshead(£6),  Gillingham(£5), Walsall(cr)(£3),   59/60  Bradford PA(fld)(£4),  Crewe(cr)(£3),  Millwall(£5), Oldham(£5), Southport(£5), 60/1(£4) Bristol City, Colchester(poor50p), Colchester(£4), Exeter(£4), Millwall, Stockport, Shrewsbury, Stoke(FAC)(£4), Notts C, Workington, 61/2(£4) Barrow(fld)(£3), Brad City, Carlisle, Doncaster, Hartlepool, Millwall, Southport, Stockport, Tranmere, Workington, Wrexham, York,   62/3 (£3)Barrow(cr)£2),  Brad.City, Brentford, Chester, Chesterfield(fld)(£2), Crewe, Darlington,   Lincoln, Mansfield, Oldham, Newport(LC)(r/s)(£5), Newport,  Rochdale, Southport, Stockport,  Torquay, Workington, 63/4 (£2.50), A Villa(FAC)(£3), Barrow, Brad City,  Chester,  Darlington(fld)(£2), Doncaster, Exeter(poor)(50p), Gillingham, Halifax, Hartlepool(vslmk)(£2), Lincoln(wof)(£1.50), Newport, QPR(LC)(£10), Rochdale, Southport(mkd)(£1.25), Stockport, Torquay, Tranmere(fld)(£1.50), Workington(wof)£2), 64/5, (£2.50) Barrow, Brad City, Chesterfield, Crewe, Darlington, Halifax, Hartlepools, Lincoln, Millwall(sl mk)(£1.50), Newport(sl r/s)(£2), Oxford, Reading. Rochdale, Southport, Stockport, Torquay, Wrexham, York  65/6 (£2.50) Bournemouth, Brad City, Colchester, Luton, Newport, Rochdale, Torquay, Walsall(fld)(£2), Port vale(cr)(£1.25),Wrexham,  66/7 (£2.50) Barnsley, Brentford, Brighton, Halifax,, Newport(sl mk)£1.50), Notts C,  Rochdale, Southend, Southport, Wrexham,  67/8 (£2)Barnsley(mkd)(£1), Brentford, Exeter, Lincoln, Luton, Newport, Notts Cty(sl mk)£1), Rochdale, Southend , Doncaster, Luton, Notts c(sl mk)£1), Southend(fld)(£1), Swansea, Workington, Wrexham 68/9 (£1.50) Brentford, Chester, Colchester(mkd)(£1.25), Lincoln,  Newport,   Notts Cty, Southend, Workington,  69/70 (£1.25) Bournemouth, Chesterfield(pin hole)(80p), Colchester, Darlington, Exeter, Gillingham((pin hole)(80p), Grimsby, Lincoln(pin hole)(80p), newport, Northampton(pin hole)(80p), Notts Cty, Oldham, Peterboro(pin hole)(80p), Swansea(pin hole)(80p), Workington,  70/1(£1) Camb Utd(£5), Chester, Colchester, Grimsby, Hartlepool,  Northampton, Notts Cty, Southend, Southport, Stockport, Workington, York 71/2 (£1) Doncaster(sof)(60p), Exeter(sof(60p), Gillingham(sof)(60p), Hartlepool(sof)(60p), Newport, Southend(LC), Southend, Workington,  72/3 Barnsley(£1), Darlington, Gillingham(70p), Newport, Southport, Workington, Airdrie(Fr)(£2) 73/4(80p) Bristol Rovers(sl cr)(50p), Halifax, Shrewsbury, Tranmere, Walsall, Watford(cr)(40p),74/5 Bournemouth(fld)(50p), Colchester, Halifax, Hereford, Huddersfield, Plymouth,  Swindon, Walsall,  Wrexham,  75/6 Bury(slmkd50p), Chesterfield(60p), Colchester, Portsmouth(LC)(sl fld)(50p),  76/7 (80p) Colchester, Crewe(cr)(40p), Exeter, Newport, Southend(t/c)(60p), Southport, Watford(sl cr)(50p), 77/8(80p) Colchester(LC), Newport, Southend, Stockport,  78/9(80p) Halifax, Newport, Torquay,   79/80 (80p)Exeter(FAC), Newport, Port Vale, Stockport, Torquay(cr)(50p),  Wimbledon(LC),  80/1 (80p) Northampton, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Stockport, Southend, 81/2 (80p) Colchester, Halifax, Hull, Mansfield, Northampton, Oxford(FAC),Peterboro,  Tranmere, Watford81/2(GC)(fcr)(40p), Wigan, York,  82/3 (80p)Colchester, Colchester(MC), Crewe(60p), Mansfield, Stockport(60p), 83/4 (80p) Colchester, Hereford, Notts Cty(MC), Wrexham,  84/5 Colchester(inc April insert)(£1.50), Southend, Tranmere, Wrexham(sl cr)(40p), 85/6(80p), Colchester, Northampton,   86/7 Colchester, Colchester(FRT), Fulham(LC), Fulham(FRT)(£2),  L Orient, Preston, Southend, Stockport(sl fld)(70p),Wrexham,   87/8 (80p) Fulham, Mansfield, Notts Cty, Southend, Torquay(SVT), 88/9(80p) Colchester(FAC), Fulham, Notts Cty, Southend,   89/90(80p) Camb Utd, Chesterfield, Colchester,  Hereford, Lincoln(sl fld)(50p),  Southend, 90/1 (80p) Southend(RC),   91/2 Arsenal(FR)(Walker)(£2), Crewe(sl cr-£2), Doncaster(slcr-£2), Gillingham(£3), Peterboro(LC)(slfld|)(£1), Rochdale(cr-£1.50), 06/7 Bristol City(FR)(£2)..(for period out of league please see non league section) …..Supporters Club Handbook 66/7(£3), …


(for pre league see non league section)..91/2(£1) Hereford,92/3(80p) Colchester(AT), Colchester, Torquay, 93/4(£1) Burnley(sl tr)(70p), Chelsea(FAC)(fld)(80p),   L Orient, Plymouth(sl fld)(50p), 94/5(£1) ColchesterL Orient(CCC),   95/6(£1 ) Bury, Camb Utd, Charlton(CCC), Colchester, Exeter, Fulham, Hartlepool, Hereford, Leyton Orient, Lincoln, Mansfield, Northampton, Preston, Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Torquay, Wigan, 96/7(£1) Camb Utd(sl fld)(80p), Colchester, Fulham, L Orient(fld)60p), Torquay, 97/8(£1.) Colchester, Leyton Orient, Lincoln, Middlesbro(CCC), Scunthorpe, Swansea(sl fld)(50p), 98/9(1) Camb Utd, Cardiff, Carlisle, Darlington, Exeter, Halifax, Hartlepool, Leyton Orient, Mansfiled, Plymouth, Rochdale(sl mk)(70p), Scarboro, Shrewsbury, Southend, Torquay, 99/00(£1) Chester, Exeter, Hull, Lincoln(slfld)(60p), Mansfield, Northampton, Southend, 00/1(£1) Cardiff, Halifax, Scunthorpe(sl cr)(50p), Wycombe,04/5(£2) Bury, Peterboro,05/6(£2) Bristol City(LDV)Chester, Colchester(FAC), MK Dons 05/6(£1) L Orient,  06/7(£1) Northampton(FAC)(sl cr)(60p),  10/11 (£1.50) Southend,  15/16 (£2) Notts Cty, ,..SPECIALS…Friendlies…80/1 v WBA(£2), 97/8 v C.Palace(£2), 99/00 v Reading(£1.25), Southampton(FR)(£1.50), …..99/00 Official Souvenir Brochure(£1.50)….Fanzine   “Two together” No7,  21(£1.50), “Buzztalk” No1(£1


 56/7Chesterfield(£8),Chester(£7), 57/8   Bradford PA(£7),  Gateshead(£8), Oldham(£7), 58/9  Aldershot(sl cr)(£4), Hartlepool(sl fld)(£7), Wolves(FAC)(£7), 60/1 (£5), Darlington, Millwall, 61/2 (£5) Brad City(wof)(£1.50), Colchester, Darlington( Dec)(£8), Darlington(April), Southport,  62/3 (£4) Brad City, darlington,  Newport, Shrewsbury, Workington,  63/4 (£4) Brad City ,Newport,  Millwall(mkd)(£2), Newport(£4), Stockport,  65/6(£4) Barnsley, Colchester(sl mk)(£2), Halifax(£3), Lincoln(ph-£2),  Newport(wof)(£2),  66/7 (£4)  Newport, Southend, Workington(FR)(£10), 67/8 (£3) Bristol Rovers, Colchester, Mansfield, Port Vale, Scunthorpe, Southport(LC)(£4), Workington(Fr)(£10), 68/9 (£3) Brighton(sl mk)(£2), Bristol R, Gillingham(flds)(£1.50), Hartlepool, Luton(sl mkd-£2.50), Mansfield, Southport(LC), Walsall(£3),  69/70(£3) Shrewsbury(£3), Southport, Workington, Workington(LC),  70/1(£3) Newport, Workington  71/2 (£5) Newport(Workington(£10),  ..Handbook64/5(£10)


01/2 (£1.50) Colchester  02/3 (£1.50) Macclesfield(fld)(80p)_,  03/4(£1.50)  Macclesfield, Northampton, Scunthorpe,04/5Notts Cty(£1.50),  05/6(£1.50) Northampton,  06/7 ((£1.80) Shrewsbury 


48/9 Man Utd(FAC)(cr/sl tr)(£50)  54/5 Stockport(£15), 55/6Barrow(£12),Halifax(r/s mk)(£5),  56/7 Stockport(cr)(£5), 57/8 Halifax)(£7),  58/9  Carlisle(£6), C.Palace(sof)(£4), Exeter(sof)(£5), Gateshead(sof)(£8),  Gillingham(£6), Hartlepool(£6), Millwall(cr)(£3), Oldham(sof)(£5), Port Vale(£6), Shrewsbury(sof)(£5), Walsall(£6), Watford)sof)(£5), York(£6),  59/60 Chester(£7), Crewe(cr)(£4), Darlington(£7), Doncaster(fld)(£4), Exeter(sl mk)(£5), Millwall(£5), Notts Cty(£7), Oldham(sl mk)(£5), Southport(£7), 60/1 (£6)Accrington(£7), Exeter(cell sp £2) Millwall(sl mk)(£3.50), , York,   61/2 (£5)  Brad City(cr)(£3), C.Palace,  QP(r/s)(£6),   62/3  (£5) Barnsley, Brad City(Brad Champ), Brighton, Colchester(sl mk)(£4), Hull(sl mk)(£4), Millwall,  Notts Cty,  63/4   (£5) Newport(fld)(£4), Workingtom,  64/5  (£5) Aldershot(r/s)£4), Brad City, Brighton, (mkd)(£2), Southport, Torquay, Wrexham(fld)(£4), York, Tranmere, 65/6  (£5) Aldershot, Brad City, Chester, Chesterfield, Colchester, Hartlepools(sof)(£3), Lincoln(sof)(£3), Newport, Port vale(sof)(£3), Torquay(sof)(£3), Wrexham, 66/7 (£4) Aldershot(slfld)(£3), Brentford(fld)(£2.50), Chesterfield, Crewe(fld/mkd)(£1), Grimsby(fld)(£2.50), Newport(sof)(£2), Port Vale(fld)(£3), Southport(fld)(£2.50), Stockport(fld)(£2.50), Tranmere(poor)(50p), 67/8 (£3) Aldershot, Barnsley, Brad City, Brentford, Chester, Chesterfield, Crewe(wof)(£2), Darlington, Doncaster(sof)(£2), Exeter, Grimsby(FAC), Halifax, Lincoln, Luton, Newport(sof)(£2), Port Vale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Swansea, Tranmere(FAC), Workington, Wrexham, York,  68/9 (£3) Brad City, Brad City(WRSC)(sof)(£2), Brentford, Colchester, Crewe((sof)(£2), Grimsby, Halifax, Newport, Port Vale, Southend, Workington(sof)(£2), Wrexham, York(26/12)(£5), 69/70(£6) Crewe, Darlington,  Newport, Southend, Swansea(sl fld)(£6), Wrexham, …67/8 D McCalman Test v Barrow(£3) 


50/1  Stockport(r/s)(£18), Tranmere(fld)(£20), 55/6 Rochdale(£6)Stockport(sl mk)(£7), York(sof)(£6),(flds) 56/7  Barrow(FAC)(fld/sl mk)(£5),   57/8 Bury(£6), Carlisle(sof/mk)(£4), Mansfield(sl mk)(£5), Workington(£7),   58/9 Bradford P A(fld)(£5), Darlington(ph)£4), Hartlepolls(sl mk)(£5), 59/60  Barrow(£5), Crewe(£6), Doncaster(£5), Hartlepool(£5)Rochdale(£5), Southport(£6),Torquay(£5),   60/1(£4) Aldershot, Barrow, Darlington, Doncaster, Millwall, Oldham, Rochdale,  Workington, Wrexham(sl fld)(£4), 61/2 (£3.50) Colchester, Darlington, Mansfield, ,  Stockport(cr)(£1.50), Stockport(CCBs/f),  62/3(£3) Brad City, Brentford, Chesterfield, Darlington, Hartlepool(sl fld), Rochdale,  Tranmere, Workington, 63/4(£3) Barrow, Barrow(FAC), Bradford PA(fld/sl mk)(£2), Brad City, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Newport, Rochdale(LC)(£8),Workington,  York,  64/5(£3) Brad City, Crewe(FAC)(sof)(£2), Darlington(fld)£2), Derby(LC)(£5), Southport, Wrexham(sof)(£2),   65/6(£2.50), Brentford,Colchester, Hartlepool,  Newcastle(FAC)(sl fld)(£4), Newport(WC), Newport,(fld)(£1.50),  66/7(£2.50)  Hartlepool, Newport(cr)(70p), Rochdale, Stockport(ph)(£1.50), 67/8(£2.50) Hartlepool, Newport, Notts Cty, Workington,  68/9(£2) Colchester, Notts Cty, Tranmere(LC), Workington,   69/70 (£1.50) Aldershot, Brentford, Colchester, Newport, Notts Cty, Workington, 70/1(£1.50) Newport, Notts Cty,  Southport,  71/2(£1) Brad City,  Bury(fld|)(60p),   Gillingham, Newport, Northampton, Southend, Southport, Workington(sof)(70p)72/3(£1) Newport, (sof)(50p), Southampton(LC)(£3), Southport, Workington,  73/4 (80p) Bury,  Colchester, Doncaster, Exeter,  Lincoln, Newport(sl fld)(50p), Peterboro, Reading, Workington,  74/5(80p) Barnsley, Doncaster, Hartlepool, Newport, Workington,   75/6(80p) Colchester, Southend(fld)(50p) Walsall, Wrexham(WSC), 76/7(80p) Portsmouth,  77/8(80p) Colchester,  78/9(80p)  Carlisle(fld)(50p), Chesterfield, Colchester,  79/80(80p) Barnsley(FAC), Carlisle, Colchester, Millwall, Plymouth, WalsallLC), 80/1(80p) Carlisle, Colchester, Exeter, Gillingham, Hudderfield, Hull,  Newport, Stockport(LC),  81/2(80p) Bristol City, Carlisle(sl fld)(60p), Fulham, Newport,  83/4(80p) Aldershot, Colchester, Halifax, Newport(GC), Stockport, Wrexham, 84/5(80p) Colchester,  Middlesbro(FAC)(cr)(50p),  85/6(80p) Wigan(FRT), 86/7(80p) Fulham, Lincoln(FRT), Mansfield(FRT), Middlesbro(£2), Newport, Notts Cty,    87/8(80p) Blackpool(LC), Doncaster, Fulham, Notts Cty,     88/9(80p)Blackpool, Bury, Fulham,Notts Cty,  89/90(80p) Leyton Orient, 90/1(80p) Birmingham(sl fld)(50p), Bolton, Fulham, Huddersfield, Leyton Orient, Preston(RC), Stoke, Tranmere, 91/2(80p) Brentford, Darlington, Fulham  Wigan, 92/3(£1 ) Burnley, Fulham, Plymouth, Stockport, 93/4(£1) Bury(sl cr)(50p), Colchester, Crewe, Shrewsbury, Swansea,  94/5(£1)Camb.Utd(sl fld)(80p), Lincoln(CCC), Plymouth, 95/6(£1) Doncaster(sl cr)(40p), Fulham, Preston, Torquay, Tottenham(CCC)(£6), 96/7(£1) Camb Utd, Colchester, Exeter, Fulham, Hull, L Orient, Northampton, Torquay,  97/8(£1) Colchester, Notts Cty, 98/9  (£1) Exeter, 00/1(£1)Yeovil,  04/5(£1.50) Notts Cty, 06/7(£2) Hartlepool, Swindon,07/8(£2) Darlington,   08/9(£2) Shrewsbury,  78/9 v Wrexham(WCSF)(sl cr)(£1.50)


49/50 Tottenham91/2 inch tr)(£12)  54/5 Barnsley(£10),   55/6 Chester(r/s fld)(£5),Derby(£7), Grimsby(£7), Stockport(£7), 56/7  Darlington((r/s)£5), Derby(£7), Tranmere(nof)(£5),  York(nof)(£5),  57/8  Chester(£6), Hartlepool(£6), Hull(£6), Southport(£6), Wrexham(£6), York(£6) 58/9 Accrington(£6),  Colchester(r/s)(£4), Mansfield)(£5), 59/60 Accrington(£7), Barnsley(£5), Brad City(£5), Grimsby(£5), Tranmere(sl mk)(£4),   59/60 Bradford City(£5), Brentford(£5), Newport(£5), Port Vale(slfld)(£3.50), Shrewsbury(£5), Swindon(£5), 60/1(£4) Blackburn(FAC)(cr)(£2), Colchester, Doncaster, Halifax, Newport, Shrewsbury(cr)(£2),    61/2(£3.50) Millwall, Wrexham, 62/3(£3) Doncaster, Hartlepool(fld)£2), Newport, Southport, 63/4(£2.50) Aldershot, Barrow(sld/sl cr)(£1), Brad City,  Halifax,  64/5(£2.50) Halifax(fld)(£1.50), Newport,  65/6(£2.50) Colchester(sl fld)£2), Darlington, Doncaster, Hartlepools, Newport, Port Vale, Rochdale(ph)(£1.25), Tranmere, 66/7(£2.50) Chester, Halifax , Port Vale, Tranmere, York, 67/8(£2)Bradford PA(£2.50), Doncaster, Halifax, Luton, Newport, Notts Cty, Southend, Workington, Wrexham, 68/9(£1.50)Brad City,  Colchester, Grimsby, Newport, Notts Cty, Peterboro, Rochdale(nof)£1),  Wrexham(FAC), York, 69/70(£1.25) Brad City(LC), Exeter, Darlington, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Newport, Peterboro, Swansea, Workington, Wrexham, 70/1(£1) A.Villa(£3), Doncaster, Gillingham, Oxford(LC)(sl fld)(80p), Oxford (cr)(50p),  Sunderland(sl fld)(£1.25), Torquay, Workington(fld)(70p), , Wrexham, 71/2(£1)A.Villa(LC)(£3), Mansfield(LC), Wrexham, 72/3(£1) Brentford, Charlton , Notts Cty, Watford, 73/4(80p) Fulham(sof)(60p), Southport, Watford, 74/5(80p) Bury(cr)(30p), Colchester(slcr)(50p), Fulham(FAC)(£2.50), Haliifax, Wrexham,   75/6(80p) Colchester, Fulham, Hereford, Lincoln(LC), Walsall 76/7(80p) Bury, Grimsby, Oxford, Peterboro, Port Vale, Rotherham(LC)(sl cr)60p), Shrewsbury,  Tranmere, 77/8 (80p)Bradford City, Camb Utd,  Colchester, Chester(sl fld)(60p), Exeter, Gillingham, Halifax(FAC)(fld)(50p), Hereford, Lincoln, Man City(LC)(fld)(70p), Oxford, Peterboro, Portsmouth, Port Vale, Plymouth,  Shrewsbury(fld)(50p), Swindon, Tranmere, Walsall, Wrexham, 78/9(80p) Blackpool, Bury, Charlton(LC)(sl mk)(60p), Colchester, Hull, Mansfield, Oxford,  Peterboro, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, Southend, Swansea, Swindon, Tranmere,  79/80(80p) Blackburn, Blackpool, Colchester, Gillingham(cr)(50p), Colchester, Hartlepool,  Mansfield, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Swindon, 80/1 (80p), Barnsley, Blackpool, Brentford, Burnley, Bury(sof)(40p), Charlton, Chester, Colchester, Fulham, Millwall, Newprot, Peterboro(FAC)(cr)(50p), Rotherham, Sheff Utd, SheffUtd(FAC)(fld/t/c)(50p),  Wigan(FAC), 81/2(80p)  Burnley, Carlisle, Chester, Doncaster(LC),Doncaster, Fulham, Gillingham, Huddersfield, Huddersfield(FAC), Lincoln, Millwall, Newport, Plymouth, Preston(FAC), Sheff Utd(GC), Southend,Swindon,  82/3 (80p) Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, Doncaster(mkd)(50p), Exeter, Hartlepool(MC), Huddersfield, Millwall, Orient, Oxford, Peterboro(FAC), Plymouth, Preston, Reading,Sheff Utd,  Walsall, Wigan, Wrexham, 83/4(80p) Aldershot, Burnley(FAC), Bury, Chester ,Crewe, Colchester, Darlington, Doncaster, Everton(MC), Fulham, Hartlepool, Mansfield, Middlesbro(MC)£2), Peterboro, Swindon, Torquay, Tranmere, York(cr)(30p),   84/5(80p) Colchester, Crewe, Exeter, Fulham, Fulham(MC), Northampton, Rotherham(FRT), Scunthorpe, Southend, Tranmere, 85/6(80p)Blackpool, Bolton, Bournemouth, Bradford City(MC), Brentford, Bristol Rovers, Doncaster, Fulham, Gillingham, Newport, Notts Cty,   Wigan, Wolves,  86/7(80p) Blackpool, Bury, Fulham, Mansfield, Middlesbro, Notts Cty, Rotherham, Walsall,  Wrexham(LC), 87/8(80p)Aldershot,  Fulham, Mansfield/Walsall, Notts County, Notts Cty(FAC), Rotherham,  88/9(80p) Bury,Chester, Huddersfield/Fulham,Notts Cty,  89/90(80p) Colchester, Southend, Torquay, 90/1 (80p) Bolton(FAC), Torquay,  91/2(80p) Northampton, 92/3(80p) Colchester, Lincoln, Scarboro, Stockport(AT),   93/4(80p)  Colchester, Shrewsbury, 94/5(90p) Colchester,  Exeter, Fulham, Rochdale, Torquay,     95/6(£1) Bury(CCC), Notts County, Notts Cty(AWS)(£2), Shrewsbury, Walsall,     96/7(£1) Fulham, Preston 97/8(£1) Northampton, Notts Cty,    98/9(£1.20) Colchester,Fulham, Notts Cty,  99/00(£1.40) Bury, Colchester, Notts County, Scunthorpe, 00/01(£1.50) Barnet, Blackpool, Brighton, Bristol City, Cardiff, Darlington,Exeter, Kidderminster, Halifax, Fulham, Hull, Leyton Orient, Lincoln, Mansfield,Plymouth, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, 01/2(£1.50) Notts Cty, Southend(FAC),   02/3(£1.50) Barnsley, Blackpool, Cardiff, Colchester,Crewe, Huddersfield, Mansfield, Northampton, Notts County, Oldham, Plymouth, Port Vale, QPR, Stockport, Swindon, Tranmere, Wigan, Wycombe,  03/4(£1.80 ), Notts County QPR,  04/5(£2) Colchester, Hartlepool, 05/6(£2) Brentford, Hartlepool,    06/7(£2) Yeovil(sl mk)(£1)  07/8(£2) Chester, Macclesfield, Peterboro, Tranmere,    08/9(£2) Aldershot, Barnet, Bournemouth, Bury, Chester, Dagenham, Exeter , Grimsby, Luton, Macclesfield, Mansfield, Notts Cty ,Rochdale, Shrewsbury, Wycombe, 09/10(£2) Accington, Bournemouth,  Burton,  Dagenham, Grimsby, Hereford, Huddersfield, Huddersfield(JPT), Lincoln, Macclesfield, Notts Cty, Port Vale, Rochdale, Rotherham(Dec) Totherham ( Jan), , Shrewsbury, Torquay    10/11(£2) Accington, Hartlepool, Hereford, Middlesbro, Northampton, Port Vale, Torquay , 13/14(£2) Southend(FAC), 17/18(£2) Camb Utd,  …SPECIALS……Derby Centenary Cup…85/6 Tottenham(£3), .87/8 v Derby((£1), 83/4 Derby(£1), 89/90Derby(£1),  00/01 Derby(£1), 02/3 Derby/Middlesbro(Fr) ….FRIENDLIES.. 85/6 v Tottenham(£2.50), 00/1 WBA, 01/2 Barnsley/Birmin)(£gham(£2).09/10 v Leicester(£1.25),  10/11 v Barnsley(£1.25), 12/13 v Sheff Wed(£1)


06/7(£1) L Orient(FR),  07/8(£2)Peterboro,08/9(£2) Barnet, Brad City, Brentford(Mar) Brentford(Apr) , Bournemouth, Exeter, Lincoln, Luton, Macclesfield, Morecambe, Leyton Orient(FAC), Rochdale, Southampton, Swindon, Tranmere, Walsall,09/10(£2) Chesterfield, Crewe, Notts Cty, 10/11(£2) Brentford, Brighton, Carlisle, Colchester, Colchester(ESC), Leyton Orient, Peterboro,  Sheff Wed, Walsall, 11/12(£2)Accrington, Barnet, Burton, Bristol Rovers, Crawley, Crewe, Gillingham, Hereford, Macclesfield, Morecambe, Oxford, Port Vale, Rotherham, Southend, Southend(JPT), Shrewsbury, Torquay, Walsall(FC), AFC Wimbledon,  ..FRIENDLIES 93/l4 v Colchester/Southend(£1.50),01/2 v Shamrock/Colchester(£2) , 06/7 v Millwall(s/s)(fld)(£1.50), 07/8 v Fulham(£1.25), Southend(£1),  08/9 Colchester(£2),99/00 v Colchester/Tottenham/Orient(£2),   10/11 ArsenalX1(£2) L Orient, L Orient(FAC), Norwich(slcr)(£1), 11/12 Leyton Orient(£1), Stanway(ESC)(80p), West Ham(£1.50),    


55/6 Accrington(£9), Barrow(ph)(£6), Brad City(£8), Bradford PA(£8), Carlisle(£8), Chester(£8), Crewe(£8), Derby(£8), Grimsby(£8), Halifax(£8), Hartlepool(£8), Mansfield(£8), Oldham(£8), Southport(£8), Stockport(£8), Workington(£8), Wrexham(£8), York(£8),  56/7 Mansfield(£7) .57/8 Chesterfield(spl sp)(£3), Stockport(£6),  58/9  Carlisle(£5), Chester(£6),  Port Vale(£6),  59/60 Aldershot(sl mk)(£4),  Exeter(£5),  Walsall(£5), 60/1 (£4) Carlisle, Chester, Southport, Millwall(£6), Oldham,  Southport,   61/2 (£3.50) Brad City, Chester, Colchester,  Tranmere, Workington(sl fld)(£3), 63/4(£3), Oxford, Workington,   64/5(£3) Brad City, Crewe, Doncaster, Hartlepools, Lincoln, 65/6(£3) Barnsley, Chesterfield, Colchester, Doncaster, Halifax, Hartlepools, Lincoln, Newport,  Southport 66/7(£2.50) Brighton, Colchester,  Peterboro,   Swansea, Torquay, 67/8(£2.50) Barnsley, Brad City, Bradford PA,  Crewe, Doncaster, Doncaster)LC), Hartlepools(DSCs/f)(£5), Lincoln, Luton, Millwall,  Notts County,  Portsmouth(LC)(£10), Port Vale,  Workington,  68/9(£2) Brad City, Bradford PA, Brentford, Chester, Chesterfield, Colchester, Doncaster, Exeter, Grimsby,  Leicester(LC)(£3), Newport, Notts County,  Peterboro, Port Vale, Rochdale, Wrexham, 69/70(£1.25) Brentford, Colchester,  Everton(LC)(sl fld)(£6), Notts Cty(sl cr)(80p), Oldham, Wrexham, 70/1(£1) Colchester,  Fulham(LC)(£3),  Oldham, Lincoln, Workington,  72/3(£1) Colchester,  Hartlepool, Northampton, Southport,  73/4(80p) Brad City, Colchester, Newport, Workington,  74/5(80p) Newport, Southport, Stockport, Workington(fld)(50p), 75/6(80p) Workington, 76/7(80p) Newport, 77/8(80p) Newport, Southend,   78/9(80p) Colchester(FAC), Hartlepool, Stockport, York,  79/80(80p) Colchester, Crewe, Hartlepool, Newport,  Stockport,  80/1(80p) Stockport 81/2(80p) Bury, Colchester, Crewe, Hull, Northampton, Scunthorpe, 83/4(80p) Mansfield(cr)(40p),  Stockport, 84/5(80p) Blackpool, Hartlepool(cr)(50p), Mansfield,  Wigan, 85/6(80p) Notts Cty, Walsall,  87/8 (80p) Colchester, Hartlepool(sl cr)(50p), L Orient, Notts Cty, 86/7(80p) Wigan, 88/9(80p) Carlisle,  Colchester, Hartlepool, L Orient, Notts Cty(FAC), 89/90 (80p), Billingham(FAT), Camb Utd(FAC), Enfield,   90/1 (80p) Camb Utd(FAC), Grimsby,  Halifax, Hartlepool, Torquay, York, York(FAC)  91/2(80p) Brad City, Fulham, Hartlepool(FAC),  Stoke, 92/3(80p) Colchester, Hereford, Shrewsbury, Wrexham, 93/4980p) Chesterfield, Crewe, Doncaster,    94/5 (80p) Fulham, Scunthorpe,      95/6(£1) Crewe(CCC),Fulham,  Scunthorpe, 96/7 (£1.20) Colchester, Fulham, 97/8(£1.20) Colchester, Hull, Notts Cty(CCC),Notts Cty,  98/9(£1.20) Hartlepool, Hull,   00/1(£1.60) Hull,    02/3(£1.60) Kidderminster, Macclesfield, 04/5(£2) Bristol Rovers, Grimsby, Northampton(sl cr)(80p), Notts Cty,  06/7(£2) Barnet,…FRIENDLIES…. 61/2Huddersfield(£15), (4 small pin holes)(£12),   89/90 Sunderland(s/s)(£2),  07/8 v Sunderland/Gretna/Middlesbro/Leeds(£2),  ….TESTIMONIALS..  67/8 v Norwich(Mc Geachie)(£12),84/5 v Newcastle(Barton)(£2),    


v 51/2 Barrow((fld)(£35), 52/3 Barrow(£30), 53/4 Wrexham(£25),  55/6  v Brad City(cr & Cell edge& sof)(£7),  56/7 v Wrexham(spl spine.8possible Wrexham autos)(£18),  58/9Bradford Park Ave(FAC)(£20) Exeter(£20),  


 52/3Stoke(FAC)(“1953″written on cover otherwise good) £32,  56/7 Bradford PA (£10), Workington(£7),  57/8  Accrington(ph)(£5), Barrow(£6), Gateshead (£7), 58/9 Colchester(£10), Darlington(FAC)(sl r/s)(£8),Notts Cty(ph)(£3), 59/60 Grimsby(£5), 60/1 (£4) Brad City, Chesterfield, Crewe(wof)(£2),  61/2 (£4)Grimsby, Newport(fld)(£2), Northampton, 62/3 (£3) Northampton, 63/4 (£3) Brad City, 64/5(£3)  Bradford City, Bradford P A (fld)(£2), Crewe, Darlington(nof/sl cr)(£1.25), Southport(fld)(£2), Stockport, York,  65/6  (£3) Barrow(sl fld), Chesterfield, Newport, Wrexham(£2.50), 66/7(£2.50) Barnsley(sl fld)(£2), Barrow(fld)(£2), Brad CityBrentford,  Bristol City, Chester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster(sl tr)(£1.50), Hartlepool, Luton, Newport, Southend, Southport(fld)(£2), Tranmere, 67/8(£2) Birmingham(FAC)(mkd)(60p), Bradford PA(LC)((fld),Bradford PA(£3),  Brad City, Brad City(WRSC Final0(£5), Chester, Darlington, Deventer(FR)(£2.50), Exeter(sl fld)(£1.50),  Hartlepools,  Luton(sl cr)(£1.50), Newport, Notts Cty,  Port Vale, Rochdale, Southend, Swansea, Wrexham, York,    68/9 Aldershot, Brad City(sl cr)(£1), Colchester(£2), Crewe(FAC)(sl cr)(£1), Lincoln, Newport, Notts Cty(£2), Peterboro(sl fld)(£1.25), Port Vale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Stoke(FAC)(sl cr)(£1.50),  69/70 (£1.25)Fulham (nof)(80p), 70/1(£1) A.Villa(£2.50), Brad City(LC), Brad City, Fulham, Preston, Rotherham, Torquay, 71/2(£1) Bolton,  Brighton, Man Utd(WC)(£5), Notts Cty,  72/3(£1) Blackburn(wob)(60p), Bournemouth(sl fld)(80p), Notts Cty, Watford,  73/4 (80p) Bournemouth(80p),  Newport(sl mk)(60p), Walsall, 74/5(80p) Blackburn, Bury, Chesterfield, Colchester, Peterboro,  75/6(80p) Colchester, Hartlepool(LC), Shrewsbury, 76/7(80p) Aldershot, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Darlington(LC), Hartlepool, Newport, Rochdale(LC), Southport, Watford,  77/8(80p) Bournemouth, Crewe, Hartlepool, Newport, Reading, Rochdale,  Scunthorpe, 78/9(80p)Barnsley, Crewe, Hereford,  Newport, Reading, Scunthorpe(Jan) Scunthorpe(May), 79/80(80p)Bradford C, Hartlepool, Newport, Scarboro(FAC), Shrewsbury(LC), Stockport,  80/1(80p) Bournemouth, Brad City, Crewe, Hartlepool, Mansfield, Stockport, York, 81/2(80p) Colchester, Darlington, Tranmere, Wigan, 83/4(80p) Colchester, Northampton, Reading, Stockport, 84/5(80p) Chesterfield, Colchester, Northampton, Stockport(with April insert)£1.50),  85/6(80p) Aldershot, Exeter, Orient,Port vale,  86/7(80p) Aldershot, Exeter, 87/8(80p ), Orient, Newport, 88/9(80p) Carlisle, Colchester, Tranmere, York, 89/90 (80p) Colchester, 99/00(£1.70) Cheltenham, Northampton(sl cr)(60p), Plymouth,  Torquay, 04/5 Wigan/Scunthorpe/Grimsby(FR)(£2)


48/9 Accrington(small tear back page(£25), Barrow(sl mk)(£30), Doncaster(cr)(£18), Mansfield(£35), Tranmere(fld/slmk)(£20), Wrexham(£35), 49/50 Brad City(£30), Tranmere(£30), 51/2 Accrington£25), Barrow(£25), Brad City(fld/sl cr)(£15), Brad PA(£25), Crewe(£25), Grimsby(£25), Halifax(£25), Lincoln(fldsl cr)(£15), Rochdale(£25), Oldham(£25), Scunthorpe(sl tr)(£20), Tranmere(fld)(£18),  52/3  Accrington(£25), Barrow(£20), Oldham(fld)(£15), Port Vale(fld)(£15), Rochdale(fld)(£15), Southport(£20), Stockport(£20), Tranmere(£20),    53/4  Brad PA((£20), Chester(£20), Chesterfield(£20), Darlington(£20), Halifax)(£20),  Mansfield(flf)(£15), Northampton(FAC)(£20), Rochdale(£20), Southport(fld)(£15), Stockport(£20), Tranmere(sl mk)(£15), Workington(cr)£8),   54/5  Accrington(sl mk)(£15),  Brad  City(sl fld)(£18), Carlisle(£20), Darlington(FAC)(£20), Notts Forest(FAC)(£30),   55/6 Brad City(sl fld)(£10), Chelsea(FAC)(£80), Darlington(sl cr)(£10),  Tranmere(sl mk)£10), Workington(£15),  57/8 Gateshead(fld)(£12), 58/9 Aldershot(£6), Workington(£6),  59/60 Northampton(£6),  60/1 (£6) Doncaster(£8), Rochdale(sl tr)(£3), 61/2(£5) Brad City, Carlisle, Chester,  Crewe, Exeter, Stockport, Tranmere, Workington, Wrexham(sl mkd)(£1.50),  62/3(£5) Aldershot, Barnsley(LC)(£12), Barrow, Brad City, Crewe, Darlington(ph)(£1.50), Exeter, Gillingham(£5), Newport, Oldham, Rochdale, Southport(£5),  Stockport, Torquay,  Tranmere, Workington(£4), 63/4(£3) Brighton(£4),  Chesterfield, Exeter, Halifax, Lincoln, Rochdale, Newport, Southport, Tranmere, Workington 64/5(£3) Doncaster,  Lincoln, Millwall(fld)(£2),  Torquay, Tranmere(fld)(£2), 65/6(£2.50) Doncaster,  Halifax(sl mk)(£1.25), South Shields(DSC)(£6), Stockport,  67/8(£2.50) Aldershot, Brad City, Bradford PA(££3), Doncaster, Exeter, Halifax, Lincoln, Newport, Notts County, Rochdale(mkd)(£1.25), Workington,  68/9(£2.50) Bristol Rovers, Mansfield,  Oldham, Orient, Plymouth, Shrewsbury, Southport, Stockport, Tranmere, Walsall, 69/70(£1.25) Colchester, Derby(LC)(£10), Exeter, Lincoln, Newport, Notts Cty, Peterboro, Scunthorpe, Workington(sof)(60p),  70/1(£1)  Colchester, Darlington, Grimsby, Newport, Notts Cty, Peterboro, Scunthorpe, Southport, 71/2(£1) Barnsley(LC)(£4), Brentford, Colchester, Doncaster,  Grimsby,Lincoln, Newport, Southend, Southport, Workington, 72/3(£1) Aldershot, Brad City, Bury,  Darlington, Doncaster, Gillingham, Mansfield, newport,  Workington, 73/4(80p)Bournemouth(LC)(v sl fld)(£2),  Bury,  Gillingham, Lincoln, Mansfield, Newport,  Northampton(fld)60p), Scunthorpe, Stockport, Torquay  74/5(80p) Blackburn(LC)(sl cr)(60p), Bournemouth(LC), Brentford, Bury(sof)(60p), Chester(sl mk)(60p), Crewe, Lincoln, Newport, Northampton, Rochdale,  Scunthorpe,  Torquay(sl fld)(60p), Workington,  75/6(80p ) Bradford City, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Halifax(LC), Lincoln, Newport, Northampton, Rochdale, Scunthorpe,  Southport, Stockport, Tranmere, Watford, Workington, (fld)(50p)  76/7(80p) Colchester, Halifax, Newport, Southport, Stockport(cr)(30p), Torquay, 77/8(80p) Aldershot,  Barnsley, Brentford, C.Palace(FAC)(£3.50), Grimsby, Grimsby(LC)(sl cr)(60p),  Halifax, newport, Northampton, Southend, Southport, Stockport,  Swansea, Torquay, Tranmere(FAC), York, 78/9(80p) Aldershot, Bournemouth, Brad.City, Crewe, Darlington, Grimsby(sl cr)(50p), Huddersfield, Leeds(FAC)(£4), Newport, Northampton, Port Vale, Reading, Rochdale, Rotherham(LC), Scunthorpe, Stockport, Watford(glf)(50p), Wimbledon, York, 79/80 (80p)Aldershot, Chesterfield(LC), Crewe, Doncaster, Halifax, Hereford,  Lincoln, Newport, Northampton(cr)(40p), Peterboro, Portsmouth(sl mk)(£1.50), Port Vale, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Stockport, Torquay ,Tranmere, Walsall( sl cr)(40p), Wigan, 80/1(80) Aldershot, Bournemouth(cr)(50p), Bury, Crewe, Doncaster, Hereford, Lincoln, Mansfield(cr)(50p), Northampton, Peterboro(fld)50p), Port Vale, Rochdale,Scunthorpe, Stockport, Torquay, Tranmere, Wigan, York, 81/2(80p)Blackpool(t/c)(50p), Bournemouth, Brad.City, Bury, Colchester, Hull, Mansfield, Northampton, Peterborough, Port Vale(t/c)(40p), Rotherham, Scunthorpe(cr)(50p), Torquay, Wigan, York, 82/3(80p)Darlington, Derby(MC)(mkd), Hereford(4 page)(£2), Torquay(4 page)(£2),  83/4(80p) Colchester, Northampton, Stockport, Swindon, Torquay, Wrexham(cr)(40p), 84/5(80p) Aldershot, Blackpool, Bury, Chester, Colchester, Crewe(fld)(40p), Exeter, Southend, Stockport(sl fld)(60p), Torquay, York(FAC), 85/6(80p) Aldershot(sl cr)(40p), Bedlington(RES)(£2), Billingham(RES(£2), Burnley, Camb Utd, Colchester, Chester(fld)(40p), Crewe, Derby(MC), Exeter, Ferryhill(RES)(£2), Halifax, Hereford(sl fld)(40p), L Orient(fld)(40p), Mansfield(fld)(40p), Northampton, Peterboro, Port Vale(fld)(40p), Preston, Rochdale(sl fld)(60p), Ryhope(RES)(£2), Scunthorpe, Shotton(RES)(£2), Southend(sl cr)(40p), Stockport, Swindon(sl cr)(40p),Tow Law(RES)(£sl fld)(£2),  Tranmere,  Scunthorpe, Stockport, Tranmere, Wrexham  86/7(80p) Burnley, Camb Utd,  Cardiff(sl cr)(40p),  Crewe(fld)(50p), Halifax(sl fld)(50p), Hereford(sl cr)(40p), Peterboro(t/c)(50p), Preston, Rochdale(sl cr)(40p), Southend, Stockport, Swansea(sl cr)(40p), Wrexham, Wolves(sl fld)(£1.50),  York(FAC)(, 87/8(80p) Bolton(fld)(40p), Bristol City(FAC), Camb Utd, Cardiff(sl fld)(50p), Carlisle(sl fld)(60p), Colchester(sl cr)(40p), Crewe(sl cr)(40p), Doncaster, Halifax, L Orient(sl cr)(40p), Newport, Rochdale, Scarboro(sl cr)(40p), Scunthorpe(sl fld)(40p), Stockport, Torquay, Tranmere, Wrexham,  88/9(80p) Bournemouth(FAC), Bristol City(FAC)(sl cr)(40p), Burnley, Camb Utd(sl cr)(40p), Carlisle(sl fld)(50p), Colchester, Crewe(sl fld)(40p),  Darlington(sl fld)(40p), Doncaster,Halifax(sl cr)(40p),  Leyton Orient(cr)(40p), Lincolnb(sl cr)(40p), Notts Cty(FAC),  Peterboro(sl cr)(40p), Rochdale, Rotherham, Scarboro, Sheff Utd(LC), Stockport, Tranmere, Wigan(FAC), Wrexham, York(SVT), York(sl fld)(40p), 89/90(80p) Aldershot, Burnley, Carlisle , Chesterfield,  Colchester, Doncaster ,  Grimsby, Halifax, Hereford, Maidstone, Peterboro, Rochdale, Rotherham(LDT), Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Southend,  Torquay, York, 90/1(80p) Aldershot, Blackpool, Brad.City(LDT), Burnley, Carlisle, Chesterfield(RC), Chesterfield,  Crewe, Gillingham, Halifax, Hereford, Lincoln, Luton(FAC), Northampton, Peterboro, Preston, Rochdale, Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Stockport, Torquay, Tottenham(RC)(£2), Walsall, Wrexham, York 91/2(80p) Birmingham, Bolton, Bournemouth, Brentford, Bury, Bury(RC), Chester, Exeter, Fulham, Huddersfield, Hull, Hull(AT)(sl cr), Ipswich(FAC), Orient, Peterboro, Preston, Rochdale, Shrewsbury(FAC), Stockport, Stoke, Swansea, Torquay, WBA, Wigan, 92/3(£1) Brighton, Chester, C.Palace(FAC), Exeter, Fulham, Halifax(CCC), Huddersfield, Hull, Leyton Orient, Mansfield, Plymouth, Rotherham, Southport(FAC), Stockport, Stoke, Swansea,  93/4(£1) Barnet, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brentford, Brighton,  Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Camb.Utd, Cardiff, Exeter, Grimsby(CCC), Huddersfield, Hull, Orient, Plymouth, Port Vale, Reading, Rotherham, Stockport, Stockport(CCC),  Swansea,   94/5(£1) Arsenal(CCC)(£3.50), Bury, Bury(CCC), Carlisle, Chesterfield, Colchester, Doncaster, Exeter, Fulham, Lincoln(mkd)(50p), Mansfield, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Wigan, 95/6(£1) Barnet, Chester, Darlington(FAC), Doncaster, Exeter, Fulham, Orient, Northampton, Plymouth, Rochdale, Scarboro(CCC), Scunthorpe, 96/7(£1) Colchester, Darlington, Fulham, Hull, Mansfield,  York(FAC), 97/8(£1) Brighton, Cardiff, Colchester, Colchester, Notts Cty, Scuhtorpe(cr)(40p), Shrewsbury,  Torquay, 98/9(£1.20 ) Barnet(sl cr)(60p), Carlisle(sl cr)(70p), Carlisle(FAC)(cr)(40p), Chester, Exeter, Hull, L Orient(sl cr)(60p), Mansfield, Rotherham(sl cr)(50p), Scunthorpe(sl fld)(60p), Rochdale, Shrewsbury, Southend, Swansea, Torquay,  99/00(£1.20) Barnet, Brighton, Carlisle, Chester(sl cr)(50p), Exeter, Hull, Lincoln, Macclesfield, Millwall(FAC), Peterboro, Plymouth, Rotherham(sl fld)(60p), Shrewsbury, York, 00/1(£1.20 ) Barnet, Blackpool, Brighton, Cheltenham, Darlington, Exeter, Halifax, Hull, Kidderminster, Macclesfield, Mansfield(sl cr)(70p),  Rochdale,  Southend, Torquay 01/2 (£1.20)  Carlisle, Cheltenham, Darlington, Exeter, Halifax, L Orient, Macclesfield, Plymouth, Southend, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Torquay, York, 02/3£1.40) Bournemouth, Boston, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Carlisle, Exeter, Hull, Leyton Orient, Oxford, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Torquay, Tranmere, Wrexham, 03/4(1.50) Barnsley, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brentford, Bristol City, Brighton, Chesterfield, Colchester, Grimsby, Luton, Notts Cty, Oldham, Peterboro, Plymouth, Port Vale, QPR, Rushden& D, Sheff Wed, Stockport, Swindon, Tranmere, Wycombe,   04/5(£2) Aldershot(FAC), Barnsley, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Boston(FAC), Brentford, Brentford(FAC), Bristol City, Chesterfield, Colchester, Doncaster, Huddersfield, Hull,  Luton, Macclesfield(CCC), MK Dons,  Oldham, Peterboro, Port Vale, Sheff Wed, Stockport, Swindon, Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall, Wrexham,   05/6(£2)  Barnsley, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brad City, Brentford, Bristol City, Colchester, Dagenham, darlington, (CC), Doncaster, Gillingham, Huddersfield, MK Dons, Notts Forest, Oldham, Port Vale, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Swindon, Walsall,  Yeovil,   06/7(£2) Accrington, Barnet,  Boston Utd, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Chester, Darlington, Doncaster, Grimsby, Hereford, Lincoln, Macclesfield, Mansfield, MK Daons, Notts Cty, Peterboro, Rochdale, Rotherham, Shrewsbury,Stockport,  Swindon, Torquay, Walsall, Wrexham, 07/8(£2) Bournemouth, Brighton, Cheltenham, Carlisle, Crewe, Doncaster, Gillingham,  Leyton Orient, Luton(autos), Northampton, Oldham,  Swansea, 08/9(£2) Bristol Rovers, Cheltenham,Colchester, Crewe, Leyton Orient, M K Dons, Northampton, Oldham, Peterboro,  Scunthorpe, 09/10(£2) Bristol Rovers,  10/11(£2) Carlisle, Sheff Utd(CC), ..SPECIALS..  51/2 v Gateshead(DSPC Final)(£30), 65/6 v Darlington(DSS)(£5), 66/7..Sheff Wed(FR)(£6), ..Notts Forest(late 70s..Goad Test..sof/r/s£5).. 71/2 v Sunderland(FR)(£2),. 95/6 v Newcastle( Honour(9£3),  06/7 v Leeds( Barron)(£2.50), Team Sheets  Replica  v Man Utd(FAC)56/7(£3)Fanzines..”Monkey Business”Issue8 (£2),9(£2) ..ShowbizX1 v George Hardwicks X1 60/1 played at Greyhound Stadium, Clarence Road(£3), …Yearbook 1986(£3), 



for  Pre League see Pre league  section later in catalogue….72/3(£3) Colchester, Hartlepool(slfld)(£2), Newport, Workington, 73/4(80p) Bristol Rovers(sl cr)(60p), Colchester, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Port Vale, Tranmere, Watford, 74/5(80p) Colchester(sl cr)(50p) ,  Southend  75/6(80p) Colchester, Port Vale(fld)(50p),76/7(80p) Hull, Notts Cty,  77/8(80p)Chester(sl fld)(60p), Colchester, Exeter(cr)(40p), Peterboro, Preston, Wrexham(cr0(40p),  78/9(80p) Crewe, Newport(t/c)960p), Newport(FAC), Stockport, Torquay, Wigan(£2.50),York, 79/80(80p) Crewe, Doncaster, Halifax, Newport, Portsmouth, Stockport, York,80/1(80p)  Newport(LC), Stockport, Tranmere, York,  81/2(80p) Aldershot, Brad City, Colchester, Fulham(FAC), Port Vale, Rochdale, Southend, Stockport, 82/3(80p) Blackpool, Bury, Chester, Colchester, Halifax, Northampton, Scunthorpe, Torquay, Tranmere, Wimbledon, 83/4(80p) Bury, Colchester, Halifax, Stockport, Swindon, 84/5(80p) Arsenal(FAC)(£2), Colchester, Mansfield, Southend, 85/6(80p) Bristol City(FRTSAF)(£2),  Camb Utd, Colchester,Crewe, Exeter, Hartlepool, Torquay,  86/7(80p) Colchester, Fulham(FAC), Newport(FRT)(£1.50), Rochdale, 87/8(80p) Colchester, L Orient, 88/9(80p) Colchester, Plymouth, Rotherham, Torquay, 89/90(80p) Doncaster, Colchester, Notts Cty(fld)(50p), Torquay(LC),     90/1(80p) Peterboro(sl cr)(60p), Scunthorpe, 92/3(80p) Colchester,  93/4(80p) Wimbledon(CCC),  94/5(80p) Colchester, Fulham,  95/6(£1.20) Camb Utd, Colchester, Fulham, 96/7(£1.20) Colchester, Fulham, 06/7(£2) Hartlepool,  10/11 (£2) Southend, ….69/70 Newport(WC)(fld)(£2.50), 


 02/3 (£1.50) Southend


88/9 (£1) L Orient, 89/0(£1) Colchester(LDC)(DEC)(£2),(JAN)(£2), Colchester, Doncaster(fld)(50p), Notts Cty(LDC)(£2.50), Southend, 90/1(£1) L Orient(LC)


  51/2 Everton(£12), 52/3 Everton(1 ph./sl mk)£8),   53/4Leicester(fld)(£10),  54/5 Hull(r/s)(£7),    55/6Rotherham(dam spine)(£4),  56/7 Barnsley(r/s)£5), Notts Forest(r/s)(£6), Fulham(FAC)(£7), Stoke(r/s)(£6), Swansea(r/s09£5),   57/8 Barnsley(£5), Bristol City(r/s)(£5), Bristol Rovers(£6),  Charlton(r/s)(£5), Derby(r/s)(£5), Doncaster(sl mk)(£4), Middlesbro(sl cr)(£4), Stoke(£6), West ham(£8), 58/9  Barrow(r/s)(£4), Bournemouth(r/s)(£4), Colchester(£5), Doncaster(r/s)(£4), Southend(r/s)(£4), Swindon(r/s)(£4),   59/60  Aldershot(r/s)(£4), Barrow(£5),  Carlisle(r/s)(£4), Chester(£5), Crewe(£5), C.Palace(r/s)(£3), Darlington(r/s)(£4), Doncaster(r/s)(£4),Exeter(fld0(£4),  Millwall(r/s)(£4), Notts F (FR)(r/s)(£4) , Millwall(r/s)(£4), Oldham(r/s)(£4), Plymouth(r/s)(£4), Rochdale(£5), Southport(sl r/s)(£4),  Stockport(r/s)(£4), Torquay(fld)(£4), Walsall(£5), Watford(r/s)(£4), Workington(r/s)(£4),  60/1(£4) Barnsley(r/s)(£2.50), Bournemouth(r/s)(£3), Brad City, Brentford(sl r/s0(£3), Bristol City, Bury, Colchester(fld)(£3), Coventry, Grimsby, Newport(wof)(£2.50), Port Vale, QPR(£5), Shrewsbury(cr)(£1.50), Southend(sl r/s)(£3), Torquay)r/s)(£3), 61/2(£3.50) Barnley(sl mk)(£2), Bournemouth, Coventry, Grimsby, Hull, Newport(wof)(£2),  QPR, Shrewsbury, Watford, 62/3(£3) Bournemouth(mkd)(£2), Carlisle(ph)£2), Colchester, Northampton(sl mk)(£2.50), Peterboro(FAC), Swindon(LC)(£10), 63/4(£2.50) Colchester, Brentford, 64/5(£2.50) Brad City, Chester, Crewe, Halifax, Millwall, Newport, Newport(LC)(£5), 65/6(£2.50) Bradford City, Bradford PA(cr)(£1), Chester, Chesterfield(LC)(£4), Chesterfield, Colchester, Darlington(nof/sl fld)(£1.25), Halifax, Hartlepools, Lincoln(cr)(80p), Luton(sl cr)(£1.50), Newport, Port Vale, Rochdale, Southport, Torquay(fld)(£1.75), Tranmere Dec)(£3), (May)(sl cr)(£1.50),  Wrexham(sof)(£1.50), 66/7(Magazine style all neatly folded in ½)(£3.50 each) Barnsley, Barrow, Brad City,  Crewe(sl mk)(£2.50), Halifax, Hartlepools, Lincoln, Luton, (sl mk)(£3), Newport, Rochdale,  Southport(sl mk)(£2),Stockport (mk)(£1.50), Tranmere, 67/8(£2) Barnsley, Bradford PA, Brentford, Chester, Cheaterfield(ph)(£1), Crewe,  Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Halifax, Lincoln ,Luton, Newport, Port Vale, Southend, Swansea, Workington,  68/9(£1.50) Aldershot, Brad City, Brad PA, Brentford, Chester, Chesterfield ,Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Grimsby(sl mk)(90p), Halifax, Lincoln, Newport, Peterboro,   Port Vale, Rochdale(Feb)(£3), Scunthorpe, Southend, Swansea (sl fld)(£1.25), Workington,  69/70(£1.25) Aldershot, Brentford, Chester, Chesterfield, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Exeter, Grimsby, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Newport, Northampton, Oldham, Peterboro, Port Vale , Rotherham(FAC), Scunthorpe, Southend(sl cr)(70p), Swansea, Workington(MAR)(£2) Workington(APR), Wrexham, York,   70/1(£1) Barrow, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington,, Exeter, Hartlepool, Lincoln(sl mk)(70p), Newport, Northampton, Peterboro, Port Vale(FAC), Scunthorpe, Southport, Stockport, Workington, York, 71/2(£1) A.Villa(£2)(sl cr)(60p), Barnsley, Blackburn, Bolton, Bournemouth, Brad City, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Chesterfield, Gillingham(LC), Halifax, Mansfield, Newport(FAC),  Oldham, Plymouth, Port Vale, Rochdale, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall, York 72/3(£1)  Blackburn, Bolton, Bournemouth,Brentford, Bristol Rovers, Charlton, Chesterfield, Halifax, Oldham, Plymouth, Port Vale, Rochdale, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Southend, Southport(LC)(£2), Swansea,  Sunderland(FAC)(£95), Stoke(LC)(£3), Tranmere, Walsall, Watford, Wrexham,Work, York(LC)(£2), 73/4(80p) A Villa, Blackpool, Bolton(fld)(60p), Bristol City, Cardiff, Carlisle, C Palace, Doncaster(LC), Fulham, Hull, Luton, Middlesbro, Millwall, Notts Forest, Orient, Oxford, Portsmouth, Preston, Sunderland, Swindon, WBA,  74/5(80p) A.Villa, Blackpool,, Bolton, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Cardiff, Fulham(sl mk)(60p), Hull, Man Utd(£6), Norwich, Oldham, Orient, Oxford, Portsmouth, Portsmouth(LC), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Sunderland, WBA, York 75/6(£3 each Newspaper style all have neat centre fold unless stated otherwise)  Blackburm, Blackpool, Bolton, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Charlton, Chelsea(£10),Everton(LC)(£5), Fulham, Hull, Luton, Notts Forest, Oldham, Orient, Oxford, Plymouth, Southampton(£6), Sunderland(LC)(£10),   Sunderland((£7), WBA, York(cr)(£1), 76/7(£2.50 Newspaper style all neatly folded unless stated otherwise)  Arsenal(FAC)(£12)), Blackpool, Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Cardiff,  Charlton, Chelsea(£15), Hereford, Hull, Luton, Millwall, Notts Forest(£4), Oldham/Derby(LC)(£3.50), Sheff Utd, Southampton 77/8(£2.50 Newspaper style neatly folded unless stated otherwise) Blackburn, Blackpool/Motherwell(£5), Bolton, Brighton(£3), Burnley(poor)(50p), Cardiff, Charlton, Fulham, Luton, Millwall, Oldham, Orient, Hull(ASC)(4 page)(£2.50), Southampton(£7), StokeSunderland(£6), Tottenham(£6), 78/9(80p) Blackburn, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Camb Utd, Cardiff,  Fulham, Leicester, Luton, Millwall, Newcastle, Oldham, Orient, Reading(FAC), Scunthorpe(LC), Norwich(ASC)(£2),Sheff Utd, Sunderland, West Ham, Wrexham,  79/80(80p) Birmingham, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Camb Utd,  Camb Utd(ASC)(£2), Cardiff, Charlton, Chelsea(£1.50), Fulham, Leicester, Luton, Newcastle, Oldham, Orient, Preston, QPR, Sheff Utd(ASC)(£1.50)m, Shrewsbury, Sunderland, Swansea,Torquay(LC),  Watford, West Ham, Wolves(FAC),  80/1(80p) Blackburn(FAC), Blackburn, Bolton, Camb Utd, Chelsea,  Kilmarnock(ASC)s/f)(£3), Newcastle, Newport(LC), Oldham, Peterboro(FAC), Preston, QPR, QPR(LC)(£1.50), Sheff Wed, West Ham, Wrexham,  81/2(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa(FAC)(sl cr)(60p), A. Villa, Birmingham, Brighton, Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, (sl cr)(£1), Lincoln(LC), Man City,  Middlesbro, Notts Forest, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, West Ham, Wolves(£2.50),  82/3(80p) Arsenal, Birmingham, Everton, West Ham(MC),82/3(80p) A. Villa,(MC), Brighton, Chelsea(MC), Coventry, Everton, Ipswich,  Man City,  Norwich, Notts forest, Southampton, Stoke,  Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, Watford, WBA, West Ham , West Ham(LC), 83/4(80p) Aldershot(MC), A.Villa, Birmingham, Birmingham(MC), Bristol City(FAC), Coventry, Everton, Everton(FAC), Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Man Utd, Middlesbro(FAC), Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR, Southampton, Stoke,  Sunderland, Tottenham(£1.50), Watford, WBA, West Ham, Wolves,  84/5(80p) Barnsley, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton(MC), Brighton, Cardiff, Carlisle, Charlton(Dec)(£2),  Charlton(Jan),  Charlton(MC), C Palace, Fulham, Grimsby(FAC), Huddersfield, Leeds(£3), Man City,  Middlesbro, Oldham, Oxford, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd, Shrewsbury, Wimbledon,   85/6(80p) Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Chesterfield(sl fld)(60p), Darlington(sl fld)(60p), Derby, Doncaster, Doncaster(MC),  Fulham(MC), Gillingham, Lincoln, Mansfield(FRT)(£2),  Plymouth, Reading, Rotherham, Swansea, Tottenham(FAC), Walsall, Wigan, Wolves, Wrexham(FAC), York 86/7(80p) Blackpool, Bolton, Bournemouth, Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Carlisle, Carlisle(FAC), Chester, Chesterfield, Darlington, Doncaster, Fulham, Gillingham, Gillingham(FRT)(£2), Mansfield, Middlesbro, Middlesbro(FAC), Newport(Jan), Port Vale, Port Vale(LC), Rotherham ,Swindon, Walsall, Wigan, York,  87/8(80p) Aldershot, Blackpool, Brentford, Brighton, Bristol City(sl cr)(50p), Bristol Rovers,  Bury, Cardiff(FRT)(£2), Chester, Chesterfield(FAC), Chesterfield, Doncaster, Fulham, Gillingham, Grimsby, Mansfield, Northampton(FRT)(£2), Northampton, Preston, Port Vale, Rotherham, Southend, Sunderland(£4), Walsall, Wigan, Wolves(FAC)(£2), York 88/9(80p) Aldershot, Blackpool, Bolton, Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Cardiff, Chester, Chesterfield(SVT)(£2), Chesterfield, Fulham, Gillingham, Huddersfield, Mansfield, Mansfield(LC),Preston, Northampton, Port Vale, Reading, Sheff Utd, Southend, Swansea, Tottenham(LC)(£2.50), Wigan, Wolves(£2),  89/90(80p) Birmingham, Blackpool, Brentford, Bolton, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Cardiff, Chester, Crewe, Fulham, Huddersfield, Leyton Orient, Mansfield, Northampton, Preston, Reading, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury(LC)(sl cr)(60p)Swansea, Tranmere, Walsall, Wigan,     90/1(80p) Barnsley, Exeter(LC), Ipswich, Ipswich(£2.50), Newcastle(£3), Port Vale(ZDS)(£3), Swindon, Sunderland(ZDS)(£3), West Ham, 91/2(£1) Arsenal(£3), Chelsea(£3), C Palace, Everton, Liverpool, Norwich, QPR, QPR, Sheff Wed(ZDS)(£3), Tottenham, West Ham, Wigan(FAC), Wimbledon, 92/3(£1) Barnsley, Birmingham, Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd, Camb Utd(CCC)(t/c)(70p), Charlton,  Grimsby, Luton, Millwall, Newcastle(£2), Oxford, Peterboro, Portsmouth, Southend, Sunderland(£3), Sunderland(FAC), Swindon,Tranmere,  Wolves(CCC)(£2)  93/4(£1) Ascoli(AIT)(£3), Barnsley, Birmingham, Bolton,  Bristol City, Charlton, C Palace, Derby, Derby(AIT), Grimsby, Hull(CCC), Leicester, Luton, Newcastle(CCC)(£3),  Middlesbro, Notts Forest, Oxford, Peterboro, Pisa(AIT(sl cr)(£1.50), Portsmouth, Southend, Stoke, Sunderland, Tranmere, Watford, WBA, West Ham(FAC)(£2), Wolves,     94/5 (£1) Barnsley, Bolton, Bristol City, Bristol City(CCC), Burnley, Charlton, Derby, Grimsby, Lecce(AIT)(£3), Luton, Man City(FAC)(£2), Middlesbro, Oldham,  Port Vale, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheff Utd, Southend, Stoke, Stoke(AIT)(£2), Sunderland, Swindon, Tottenham(CCC)(£16), Tranmere, Venezia(AIT)(£3), Watford, WBA, Wolves(£3), Swindon, 95/6(£1) Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brad City, Brentford, Brighton(Feb), Brighton(Apr), Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Crewe, Hull, Leeds (CCC), Lincoln(CCC), Middlesbro(FAC), Oxford, Peterboro, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Stockport, Stockport(AWS)(£3), Swindon, Walsall, Wrexham, Wycombe, 96/7(£1.20) A Villa(FAC), Blackpool, Bournemouth(£1), Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Bury(CCC), Bury, Chesterfield, Crewe, Luton, Millwall, Peterboro, Plymouth, Rotherham, Stockport, Shrewsbury,  Walsall, Watford, Wrexham, 97/8(£1.20) Barnet, Brighton, Camb Utd, Chester, Colchester,Darlington, Darlington(CCC), Hartlepool, Hull(FEB), Lincoln ,Mansfield, Peterboro, Preston, Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Torquay,  Tranmere(CCC),   98/9(£1.30) Blackpool, Chesterfield, Colchester, Fulham, Hull,  Lincoln, Luton, Macclesfield, Millwall, Newcastle(RES),Northampton, Preston, Stoke, Walsall, Wigan(FAC), Wrexham, Wycombe,  99/00(£1.50) Blackpool, Bournemouth, Bournemouth(FAC), Brentford, Bristol City, Burnley, Bury, Bury(WC), Camb Utd, Cardiff, Chesterfield, Huddersfield(WC), Luton, Oldham(sl mk)(80p), Oxford, Preston, Reading, Scunthorpe, Stoke, Wigan, Wrexham, Wycombe,  00/1 (£1.50) Bournemouth, Brentford, Bristol City, Bury, Camb Utd, Colchester(Apr),Colchester(MAY), Hull(WC), Luton, Northampton, Oldham, Peterboro, Port Vale, Reading, Rotherham, Stoke, Swansea, Swindon, Walsall, Watford(WC), Wigan(FAC), Wigan, Wimbledon(FAC)(16Jan),Wimbledon(FAC)(23 Jan)(£2), Wrexham, Wycombe,    01/2(£1.50) Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brighton, Brentford, Bristol City, Bury,Camb Utd,  Cardiff, Chesterfield, Colchester, Huddersfield, Man City, Northampton, Oldham, Oldham(LDV), Peterboro, Port Vale, Reading, Stoke,  Swindon, Tranmere, Wigan, Wycombe, York(LDV), 02/3(£1.50) Barnsley, Blackpool, Brentford, Bristol City, Cardiff, Chesterfield, Colchester, Cheltenham, Crewe, Huddersfield, Luton, Mansfield, Oldham, Peterboro, Plymouth, Port Vale, QPR, Stockport, Swindon, Tranmere, Wigan(LDV), Wigan, Wycombe,    03/4(£2) Barnsley(LDV), Barnsley. Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brentford, Brighton, Bristol City, Chesterfield, Colchester, Hartlepool, Ipswich, Luton, Notts Forest, Peterboro, Plymouth, Port Vale, QPR, Rushden & D, Sheff Wed, Stockport, Swindon, Tranmere, Wrexham, Wycombe, 04/5(£2) Boston, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Camb Utd, Cheltenham, Darlington,Grimsby, Kidderminster, L Orient, Lincoln, Macclesfield, Mansfield, Middlesbro(FAC), Northampton, Oxford, Rochdale, Rushden & D, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Swindon(FAC), Wrexham(LDV), Wycombe, Yeovil 05/6(£2) L Orient,    06/7(£2) Accrington Stanley,   07/8(£2) Darlington,   SPECIALS…FRIENDLIES…57/8 v Budowlani(r/s)(£5), RAFX1(r/s)(£4), 61/2 V EnglandX1(£3), .64/5 v Mansfield(NCCs/f)(sl fld)(£2.50), Notts Forest(NCC Final)(Cr), 69/70 Mansfield(NCCs/f)(sl fld)(£2), (£2), 71/2 V Bohemians Prague(£2.50), 72/3 Notts Forest(NCC s/f)(cr)(£1.50), 73/4 v Leicester(s/s  fld)(£2.50), 83/4 v Derby(£1.25),    .TESTIMONIALS..81/2v Forest All StarX1(Sirrell)(cr)(60p), …84/5 v Sheff Wed(O`Brien)(£1.50),72/3 v Sheff Utd(Watney Cup-fold)(£1.50) ..Notts County Cup 80/1 v  Mansfield(s/f)(£1.50), 82/3 v Mansfield(Semi Final)(£2)…77/8 v St Mirren(ASC semi Final(£2),


01/2 v Reading(FR)(£2), 02/3(£2)  Hartlepool, Millwall, Southend, 03/4(£2) ColchesterFAC), Hartlepool, Notts Cty,QPR,   04/5£2) Colchester(FAC),Notts Cty,  05/6(£2) Bristol Rovers, Cheltenham, Grimsby, Macclesfield, L Orient(FAC)(sl fld)(£1.30), L Orient(sl cr)(90p),  Notts County, Rochdale, Torquay, Wrexham, Wycombe


87/8 (£2), Camb Utd,  Sunderland(FRT)(£4), Wolves(£4), 88/9(80p) Colchester, Exeter, Leyton Orient, York,   89/90 Chelsea(LC)(£2.50), Colchester(80p), Hartlepool, Maidstone, Southend 91/2(80p) Chesterfield( Wigan (AT)(£1), 92/3(80p) Carlisle, Colchester,  93/4(£1) Colchester,  94/5(£1)Fulham, 95/6 (£1) Fulham,    96/7  (£1) Colchester,  Fulham, Rochdale(£1), 97/8 (£1) Colchester, Notts Cty, Scunthorpe(£1)(CCC), 98/9 (£1) Southend


48/9 Oldham(£30),  52/3 Accrington(£16), Mansfield(£15),   55/6 Chester(£10),  Coventry(£12), 56/7 Hartlepools(£8),  57/8 Hartlepools(£7), Rochdale(£7), Stockport(£7),   58/9  Gateshead(£8),  60/1 (£5) Milwall,  61/2 (£5) Brad City( fld)(£2.50), Darlington, Stockport,  62/3 (£4) Brad City, Darlington, (r/s)(£3), Mansfield, 63/4 (£4) Aldershot, Darlington, Exeter,  Gillingham, Lincoln,  64/5 (£3) Brad City, Carlisle, Crewe, Millwall, Newport,  Notts C, Oxford, Stockport, 65/6  (£3) Barnsley(NOV)(£5), Barnsley(Apr),  Colchester, Halifax, Newport,  Rochdale, 66/7(£3) Barnsley(sof)(£2), Brad City, Chester, Chesterfield, Colchester(fld)(£2), Crewe(fld)(£2), Exeter(sl mk)(£1.50), Halifax, Lincon(sl grubby/2 autos), Luton, Newport, Notts Cty, Port Vale, Stockport,   67/8(£3) Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers(sof)£2), Bury(sl fld)(£2), Colchester, Gillingham, Grimsby,, L Orient, Lincoln, Mansfield(sof(£2), Northampton sl cr/mkd)(£1), Oxford, Peterboro, Reading, Scunthorpe(Jan) wof)(£3)Scunthorpe( May), Shrewsbury, Stockport(sof)(£2), Swindon, Torquay(mkd)(£1), Walsall, Watford,  68/9 (£3) Barnsley, Barrow, Barrow(LC)(£4), Bournemouth,  Brighton, Bristol Rovers,  Crewe(sof)£2), Gillingham, Luton, Mansfield, Newcastle(LC)((£5), Northampton(Feb)(fld)(£4), Northampton( March), L Orient, Oldham, Plymouth, Reading, Shrewsbury,  Stockport(sof)(£2), Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall,  Watford, 69/70(£2) Barnsley(sl mk)(£1), Barrow, Brad City, Luton(sof)(£1), Mansfield, Oldham(LC), Plymouth(sl fld)(£1), Reading, Stockport, Walsall(sl fld|)(£111.50),   70/1 (£2) Brentford,  Colchester, Darlington, Exeter, Grimsby, Hartlepool, LIncoln, Newport, Northampton, Notts Cty, Oldham, Peterboro Scunthorpe, Stockport, Workington, 71/2(£2) Bury, Camb Utd, Colchester, Darlington, Grimsby, Lincoln, newport, Peterboro(sl mk)£1), Scunthorpe, Stockport,  Workington,  72/3(£2) Barnsley, Brad City, Darlington, Hartlepool, Lincoln ,Mansfield, Stockport, Torquay, Walsall,  Workington, 73/4 (£2) Aldershot, Blackburn, Blackburn(LC)(£3), Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd, Charlton, Chesterfield, Grimsby, Halifax, Huddersfield(cr)60p), Plymouth, Port Vale, Rochdale, Southport, Shrewsbury, Southend, Tranmere, Walsall, Watford, Wrexham,  74/5(£1.50) Barnsley, Brad City, Brentford, Camb Utd, Crewe, Darlington,Doncaster, Exeter, Hartlepool, Newport, Northampton, Reading, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Stockport, Swansea, Torquay, Tranmere(LC), Workington9sl fld)(50p), 75/6(single sheets £2.50 each) Exeter, Northampton, Newport, Scunthorpe, Stockport(LC), Torquay , Tranmere(sof)(£1.50), Workington, 76/7£2) Aldershot, Brad City, Camb Utd, Carlisle(LC)(£4), Crewe(fld), Halifax, Hartlepool, Newport(fld)(60p), Scunthorpe, Southport, Torquay, Workington, 77/8 (£3) Crewe)(fld)(£2), Darlington, Doncaster, Huddersfield)spl sp)(£4), Hull(LC)(£4),  Newport, Reading, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Stockport, Torquay, Wimbledon, York,  


56/7 Carlisle(tatty)(£2), Chester (r/s mkd)(£5),Workington(sl fld(£6), 57/8  Southport(£7), Workington(£7),  58/9  Doncater(£5) 59/60  Crewe(£5)(sl fld)(£4), Hartlepools(£5), , Millwall(sl fld)(£5), Notts Cty(slfld)(£5), Rochdale(fld/ph)(£3), 60/1(£5) Aldershot(sl cr)(£3), Barrow(cr)(£2.50), Bradford(PA(sl cr)(£3), Crewe, Mansfiedl(cr)(£2.50), Doncaster, Northampton(sl fld)(£4), Southport(fld)(£2.50), Workington(fld)(£4), Workinton(FAC)(£4),  61/2 (£3.50) Accrington(sl mksl tr)(£8), Barrow(fld)£3), Brad City, Carlisle, Chester/York(cr)(£1.50), Crewe, Darlington, Exeter, Gillingham, L Orient(LC)(sof)(£6), Mansfield, Millwall, Newport, Notts County(ph/sof)(75p), Oldham(cr)(£1.50), Rochdale(sl fld)(£2), Workington(fld)(£3), Wrexham(sl cr)(£2), 62/3(£3) Aldershot(fld)£2), Barrow(fld)(£2.50),  Brad City, Brentford(fld)(£2.50), Chesterfield, Crewe(sl cr)(£2), Doncaster(fld)(£2.50), Exeter(fld)(£2.50), Lincoln(fld)(£2.50), Newport, (Oldham(cr)(£1.50), Oxford(£6), Rochdale(fld)£2.50), Torquay(cr)(£2), Tranmere(fld)(£2.50), York,  63/4(£3)  Aldershot, Barrow,  Doncaster(fld)(£2), Halifax(r/s)(£1.50), Hartlepool, Lincoln(sl cr)(£1.50), Newport/Gillingham, Tranmere, Workington,  64/5(£3) Aldershot(fld)(£1.50), Barrow(fld)(£1.50), Brad City(fld)(£2), Brad PA, Brighton, Chesterfield(fld)(£1.50), Crewe, Halifax, Rochdale, Rochdale(£6),  65/6(£2.50) Barnsley, Brad City(sl fld)(£2), Brad PA(fld)(£2), Brighton(sl fld)(£2), Chester, Chesterfield(cr)(£1.25), Colchester, Crewe(mkd)(£1), Darlington(cr)(£1), Doncaster, Grimsby(FAC)(sl cr)(£1.50), Halifax(sl cr(£1.50), Hartlepool, Lincoln, Liverpool(FAC)(£4), Luton, Millwall(sl cr)(£1.50), Notts Cty(poor)50p), Port Vale,  Southport, Southport(FAC), Torquay, Tranmere, Workington, Wrexham, 66/7(£2.50) Aldershot, Brad.City(sl cr)(£1.50), Bradford PA(r/s)(£1.75),  Brentford, Chester,  Chesterfield(mk)(£1), , Crewe, Darlington(FAC)(fld)£1.50), Exeter, Halifax(sl fld)£2),  Hartlepool, Luton, Newportsl cr)(£1.50), Notts County, Port Vale(sl mk)(£1.50), Rochdale, Southend(sl mk)£2), Southport, Tranmere, Wrexham(sl mk)(£1.50),  67/8(£2) Barrow, Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Bury,Colchester, Crewe(LC)(cr), Gillingham(sl mk)(£1.50), Grimsby, Mansfield, L Orient, Northampton, Oldham, Oxford, Peterboro, Reading, Scunthorpe, Sheff Wed(LC)( cr)(£1), Shrewsbury(ph)(£1),  Southport, Swindon, Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall, Watford,  68/9(£1.50) Barnsley, Barrow(FAC), Barrow, Bournemouth, Bradford PA(FAC), Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Bury(LC), Bury, Crewe, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Orient, Luton, Mansfield, Northampton,  Oldham, Plymouth,  Reading, Rotherham, Shrewsbury,  Southport, Swindon, Torquay Tranmere, Walsall, Watford, 69/70(£1.25) Barnsley, Barrow, Blackburn(LC), Bournemouth, Brad City, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Doncaster, Fulham, Gillingham, Halifax, Luton, Mansfield, Plymouth, Reading, Rochdale, Rotherham, Scunthorpe(FAC), Shrewsbury, Southport,  Swindon, Torquay, Tranmere(FEB),Tranmere(APR), , Walsall, 70/1(£1) Aldershot, Barrow, Bournemouth,  Chester, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Exeter, Grimsby, Lincoln , Newport, Northampton, Notts Cty,  Scunthorpe, Southend, Southport, Workington,  71/2 (£1) Aldershot, Barrow, Brentford, Bury, Camb Utd, Chester, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster,  Exeter, Gillingham, Grimsby, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Newport, Northampton, Peterboro, Reading, Scunthorpe, Southend, Southport, Walsall(LC), Workington,  72/3(£1) Barnsley, Brad.City(LC), Brad City, Bury, Camb Utd, Chester, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Hereford(£2), Hull(FAC), Lincoln, Mansfield,  Newport, Northampton,  Norwich(LC)(£2), Peterboro, Reading, Rotherham, Southport, Torquay ,West Ham(LC)(£2), Workington, Workington(FAC),  73/4(80p) Barnsley, Brad City, Brentford, Bury, Chester, Colchester,  Crewe, C Palace(LC)(£2), Darlington, Doncaster(s/s)(fld)(£2), Exeter, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Mansfield, Newport, Northampton, Peterboro, Port Vale, Reading, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Swansea, Torquay , Workington, 74/5  (80p) Brentford, Newport, Scunthorpe,  Workington,  75/6(80p)  Barnsley, Bournemouth, Brad. City, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter,  Hartlepool, Newport, Northampton, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southport(LC), Torquay ,Workington, 76/7(80p)  Aldershot, Barnsley, Bournemouth, Brad City, Brentford, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Halifax, Hartlepool, Newport, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Southport, Torquay, Watford, 77/8(80p) Crewe(sl fld)(50p) Halifax, Newport(sl fld)(60p), Southport, Torquay, 78/9(80p) Barnsley(fld)(60p), Bournemouth, Doncaster, Halifax(sl cr)(50p), Hartlepool, Huddersfield, Newport, Northampton, Port Vale, Portsmouth, Rochdale, (t/c(50p), Wimbledon,  York, 79/80(80p) Brad City, Crewe, Halifax,  Huddersfield, Newport, Scunthorpe, Torquay, 80/1(80p) Arsenal(LC)(£2), Port Vale, Sunderland(LC)(£6), 81/2(80p) Colchester, Torquay,  82/3(80p) Aldershot, Bury, Chester, Colchester, Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, (sl cr)(50p), Mansfield, Peterboro,Port Vale(sl cr)(50p),  Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Swindon, Tranmere, Wimbledon, York(cr)(40p), 83/4(80p) Aldershot, Bristol City, Bury, Colchester, Chester, Chesterfield, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Halifax ,Hartlepool, Hereford, Mansfield, Northampton, Oldham(MC), Peterboro, Reading, Rochdale, Rochdale(MC), Swindon, Torquay , Tranmere, Wrexham, 84/5(80p) Aldershot, Chesterfield, Colchester,  Darlington, Liverpool(MC)(£3), 85/6(80p) Port Vale, 86/7(80p) Colchester, Sheff Wed(LC), 87/8(80p) Bolton(FRT), Cardiff, Carlisle, Carlisle(LC), Colchester, Hartlepool, Leyton Orient, Leyton Orient(FAC), Newport, Peterboro, Rochdale, Scarboro, Swansea, Torquay , Tranmere, Wolves, Wrexham,   88/9(80p) Colchester, L Orient(fld)(50p),   89/90(80p) Burnley, Colchester, Doncaster, Halifax, qpr(LC),  90/1(80p)  Hartlepool91/2(80p) Brad City, Fulham,  Stoke, Wigan, 92/3(90p) Fulham, L Orient,   93/4(£1) Bristol City(FAC), Halifax(FAC). Hartlepool(CCC), Plymouth, Scunthorpe(AWT), 94/5(£1) Cardiff, 95/6(£1) Notts Cty,    96/7(£1.20) Bournemouth(sl mk)(70p),Notts Cty, 00/1(£1.50)  Gillingham, 01/2((£1.50) C.Palace,Millwall,  02/3(£1.50) Colchester,Notts Cty,  03/4((£2) Colchester, Notts Cty, QPR. 04/5(£2) Hartlepool,    05/6(£2) Boston, 06/7(£2) Hartlepool,   .SPECIALS…..Freindlies.. Budowlani Op(fld)(£5), 64/5 v Frankfurt(£2.50), 65/6 v Hamburg(sl cr)(£2), 66/7 Blackburn(sl mk(fld)(£3)Man City (sl mk/fld)(£6), 67/8 v Derby(F Shield)(£2), Morton(£2), 68/9 v Slavia Prague9£2), , 72/3 v Coventry(£1.50), 75/6 v Man City(£2),  76/7  v Man City(£2), 83/4 v Man City(£1), Fanzine “ The Tea Party” issue 16 (£1),  “Summer Special” 1967(fld)(£2)


50/1 Norwich(sl fld)(£35), 53/4 Shrewsbury(fld)(£10), 54/5 Millwall(cr)£3.50),  55/6 Brentford(r/s)(£7), Colchester(FAC)(£7), Millwall(£7),  Swindon(sl tr)(£4), 56/7 Gillingham(cr)(£2.50), Millwall(£7), QPR(£7),  57/8,  Aldershot(£6),  C Palace(sl cr)(£4), Millwall(£6), Southend(FAC)(£5), Walsall(£5), 58/9 Millwall(£5), Port Vale(£5), Shrewsbury, Workington(£6),  59/60 Bradford(PA(£5), Doncaster(£5), Darlington(sl cr)(£3.50), Millwall(£5), Northamptom(FAC)(35)Oldham(£5), Southport (£5), 60/1(£4) Brad City, Grimsby, Plymouth(LC)(£12), Portsmouth, Shrewsbury, 61/2(£4) Grimsby,  Newport, Notts County, Peterboro, Southend, Swindon, Watford, 62/3(£4) Brad City, Carlisle(LC)(£5),  Crewe, Hartlepools, Newport, Oldham,  Rochdale(r/s)(£2.50), Stockport, Workington, 63/4(£3) Brighton(LC)(£4), Lincoln(sof)(£1.50), 64/5(£3)Brad City, Colchester(FAC), Notts County, Stockport(sof)(£2), Tottenham(FAC)(£5), Tranmere(r/s)(£2), 65/6(£3) Barrow(r/s)(£1.75), Brad City, Bradford PA(sof)(£2), Crewe, Halifax, Millwall, Newport, Stockport, Wrexham, 66/7(£2.50) Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers(ph)£1), Colchester, Grimsby, Swindon, 67/8(£2) Brighton, Bury, Colchester, Colchester(FAC), Exeter(LC)(£3), Gillingham, Gillingham(LC)(£3), Grimsby,   Mansfield, Oldham(wof)(£1.25), Oxford ,Scunthorpe, Stockport, Swindon, Tranmere, Walsall, Watford, 68/9(£1.50) Barnsley, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Crewe, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Mansfield, Northampton, Oldham, Reading, Southport, Stockport, Swindon, Tranmere, Walsall, 69/70(£1.25) Barrow(sl fld), Bristol Rovers, Bury(sof)(60p), Fulham. Gillingham, Halifax, Plymouth, Plymouth(LC),  Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Southport, Stockport, Tranmere, 70/1(£1) Aldershot, A.Villa(t/c)(£2), A. Villa(FAC)(sl fld)(£1.50), Barnsley(fld)(70p), Brad.City(t/c)(80p), Bristol Rovers(t/c)(80p), Bury, Brad City(t/c)(80p), Chesterfield, Fulham(t/c)(80p), Gillingham, Halifax, Lincoln(FAC), Port Vale(t/c)(80p), Plymouth, Preston, Reading(t/c)(80p), Rochdale, Rotherham(t/c)(80p), Shrewsbury(t/c)(80p), Tranmere, Walsall,  Wrexham(t/c)(80p), 71/2(£1) Aldershot, Barnsley, Bournemouth, Brad City, Brighton(sl cr)(60p), Hartlepool, Newport, Notts County, Oldham, Oldham(LC), Rochdale, Torquay, Tottenham(LC)(sl mk)(£4), Wrexham, 72/3(£1)Brad City, Hartlepool, Newport(FAC)(nof)(60p), Newport, Workington, 73/4(80p) Mansfield, Workington, 74/5(80p) Crewe, Darlington(sl mk)(50p),Exeter, Lincoln , Newport, Notts Cty, Workington,  75/6(80p) Brad City, Brentford(t/c)(60p), Doncaster, Exeter, Newport(t/c)(40p), Workington,    76/7(80p)Burnley(LC)(£2), Colchester, Hartlepool, Newport, Watford(sl cr)(60p),  77/8(80p)Cardiff(LC), Grimsby(t/c)(50p), Hartlepool, newport, Wimbledon(£2), 78/9(80p) Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Huddersfield, Newport, Northampton, Port Vale, Stockport, 79/80(80p) Aldershot, Brad City, Crewe, Hartlepool, Hereford, Newport, Notts County(LC), Peterboro, Stockport,   Tranmere, 80/1(80p) Aldershot, Bury, Bournemouth, Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Northampton, Peterbor, Port Vale, Stockport, Tranmere, York 81/2(80p) Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brad City, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Halifax, Hereford, Newport(LC), Northampton, Peterboro, Plymouth(LC), Rochdale, Stockport,  Tranmere, 82/3(80p) Aldershot, Bristol Rovers(MC), Colchester, Exeter(FLT), Mansfield, Peterboro, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Sheff Wed(FAC)m Stockport, 83/4(80p) Aldershot, Chester, Colchester, Halifax, Newport(MC), Stockport,  York,  84/5(80p) Colchester, Scunthorpe, Southend, 85/6(80p) Colchester, Rochdale,   86/7(80p) Colchester, Preston, Scunthorpe,   87/8(80p) Camb Utd, Colchester, Leyton Orient, Port Vale(FRT),  Tottenham(LC)(£2), 88/9(80p) Colchester, Grimsby, Reading(LC), Scunthorpe,  89/90(80p) Colchester, Rochdale, Scarboro, Southend, 90/1(80p) Burnley, Lincoln, 91/2(80p) Fulham, Leyton Orient,Wigan,   92/3(80p) Bury, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Colchester, Plymouth(AT), Rochdale, Shrewsbury, Scarboro/Walsall, 93/4(£1) Colchester, Walsall, 94/5(£1) Barnet, Colchester, Fulham, Hartlepool, Walsall,      95/6(£1) Camb Utd, Colchester, Fulham,   96/7(£1) Bristol City(CCC),  Camb Utd, Cardiff, Carlisle, Colchester, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Fulham, Hereford, Lincoln, L Orient, Mansfield, Northampton, Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Swansea, Wigan, 97/8(£1.) Barnet, Bournemouth, Brighton, Chester, Colchester, Darlington, Doncaster, Hull, L Orient, Macclesfield, Mansfield, Notts Cty,  Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Watford,    98/9(£1) Barnet, Chester, Halifax, Hartlepool, Plymouth,   99/00(£1) Southend 00/1(£1.20) Cardiff    02/3(£1.60) Camb Utd(sl fld)(£1), Rochdale, Southend, 04/5(£1.50) Colchester,  MK Dons ,  11/12(£1.50) AFC Wimbledon…..SPECIALS……FRIENDLIES..66/7 v Blackburn(£3), 71/2 v St Mirren/Hibernian(£3), ..80/1 v Notts Forest(£2), Dundee/Watford(£1.50), ..81/2 v Exeter(£1), Birmingham(£2),  ..83/4v Bournemouth/Plymouth(£1.25), 96/7  v West Ham(£2), 97/8 Leicester/Sheff Wed(£1.50), 99/00 v Leicester(£2), 03/4 Fulham(£2),…TESTIMONIALS …..77/8 v Everton(Hickman)(£2.50),..1977(?)v Devon X1(Stocks)(80p), 79/80 v Southampton(Boulton)(£1.25), 83/4 v A.Villa(Twitchin)(£2),.97/8 v Coventry(Uzzell)£1.25)


56/7  Bradford PA(£10), Oldham(£10),  57/8 Stockport(£7),  58/9 Crewe(£6), Northampton(£6), Port Vale(£6), Southport(£6), Torquay(£6), 59/60  Crewe(£6), Doncaster(£6), Notts Cty(£6),  60/1(5) Carlisle, Crewe, Doncaster, Hartlepool, Millwall, Northampton, Wrexham, York  61/2 (£4)  Millwall(£5), Oldham(sof)(£3), Southport, Stockport, Tranmere,  62/3 (£4) Barrow(LC)(£10), Brad City, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Southport(sl mk)(£2.50), Tranmere, 63/4(£3) Brad City, Carlisle(CCC)(£5), Darlington, Doncaster, Gillingham, Lincoln,  64/5(£5) Colchester, Colchester(LC)(sl cr)(£2), 64/5(£5) Blackburn(LC)(£10), Bournemouth, Bristol C, Bristol R, Carlisle, Colchester, Hull, Mansfield (ls mk)(£1.50), Walsall, Watford,      65/6 (£3)Bournemouth(r/s)(£1.50), Brentford, Brentford(LC)(£5), Bristol R, Exeter, Gillingham, Ipswich(LC)(£10), Mansfield, Millwall(sl fld), Oxford, Peterboro, Reading, Scunthorpe, Walsall, Watford, 66/7(£2.50) Darlington, Oxford, Reading, Scunthorpe, Torquay , Walsall, Watford(nof)(£1.50), 67/8(£2 ) Brad City, Brad PA, Brentford,  Chester, Crewe(sof)(£1), Fulham(LC(£3), Luton, Newport, Southend, Wrexham, York, 68/9 (£1.50) Barrow(L/C))mk)(£1), Brentford, Chester, Chesterfield, Colchester, Exeter, Grimsby, Halifax , Lincoln, Notts Cty, Peterboro, Port Vale(FAC),  Rochdale, Scunthorpe(FAC), Wrexham, York,    69/70  (£1.25) Aldershot, Brentford, Chester, Colchester, Exeter, Hartlepool,  NewportNorthampton, Notts Cty, Peterboro, Port Vale,  Rochdale, Wrexham, York, 70/1 (£1.25)  Barrow, Carlisle(cr/sof)80p),  Chesterfield, Colchester, Darlington, Exeter(sl mk)(80p), Hartlepool, Newport, York,  71/2 (£1.25) Aldershot, Brentford,  Bury, Chester(sof)(£1), Colchester, Crewe(sl mk)(£1), Darlington(sof)(£1), Doncaster, Exeter(sof)(£1), Grimsby(sof)(£1), Hartlepool, Lincoln(sof)(£1), Newport,  Northampton, Peterboro, Reading(sof)(£1), Scunthorpe, Southend,  Southport, Stockport(sof)(£1),  72/3 (£1.25) AldershotBarnsley, Brad CityBury, Camb Utd, Colchester(fld)(£1),  Chester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster(sof)(£1), Exeter, Gillingham, Lincoln, Mansfield, Newport, Peterboro, Southport, Stockport,  Torquay, Southport(sof)(£1), 73/4 (£1) Blackburn(FR)(£5), Bury, Carlisle(FR)(£5), Colchester£2), , Carlisle, Doncaster, Exeter, Lincoln, Newport, Northampton, Reading, Torquay, Workington(LC),  74/5(£1) Barnsley(sof)(80p), Brad City, Camb Utd,  Darlington, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Newport, Northampton,  Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Souhtport(wof0(40p), St Mirren(FR)(£6), Stockport, Torquay,   75/6 (80p) Barnsley, Bournemouth, Brad City, Crewe, Exeter, Huddersfield, Northampton, Rochdale(FAC), Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southport, Stockport,  Torquay, Tranmere,  76/7(£3) Aldershot, Barnsley, Brad City, Crewe, Exeter, Halifax(ph09£1.50), Hartlepool, Newport(last game)(£15), Preston(FR)(£6), Rochdale, Scunthorpe(fld/rs)(£1), Stockport,   


 55/6  Chester(£8), Gateshead(r/s)(£8), Halifax(£8),    56/7  Man Utd(FAC)(£50), Reading(FAC)(sl cr)(£4),  57/8 Barrow(£6), Halifax(£6), Scunthorpe(sl fld)(£5), Southport(£6), York(£6),  58/9 Brad City(£6), Colchester(cr)(£3), Doncaster(£6), Halifax(£6), Newport(£6) (cr £3), Southampton(sl fld)(£4.50), Stockport(fld)(£4.50), Swindon(£6),    59/60  Accrington(sl fld(£6), Chesterfield(£5), Grimsby(fld)(£5),  Shrewsbury(fld)(£4), 60/1 Rochdale(£5), Southport,  61/2(£3.50) Brad City, Colchester(fld), Hartlepool(fld)(£2.50),  62/3(£3) Bradford PA, Liverpool(FAC)(£4), Northampton, Reading(r/s)(£2.50), Shrewsbury(fld)(£2),   63/4(£2.50) Brentford(sof)(£2), Bristol Rovers, Colchester(sof)(£1.75), Coventry, Millwall(fld)(£2),  64/5(£2.50)  Brad City, Halifax, Lincoln, Millwall, Oxford, 65/6(£2.50) Brad City, Colchester, Newport, Tranmere, 66/7 (£2.50) Newport(sof/cr)(60p)Southport  67/8(£2) Bradford PA(£2.50), Chester, Crewe(cr)(£1.25), Newport, Southend, Workington, 68/9(£1.50) Lincoln, Notts Cty, Port Vale(LC),   69/70 (£1.25) Chester, Chesterfield, Colchester, Newport, Notts Cty, Swansea, Workington,  70/1(£1.25) Fulham, Southend,71/2(£1.25) Notts Cty,  72/3(£1) Notts County, Tranmere, 73/4(80p) Bristol Rovers,  Huddersfield, Middlesbro(FAC)(£2),  74/5(80p) Blackburn, Bury, Colchester, Crewe, Halifax, Plymouth,  75/6(80p) Colchester, Southend, Walsall, 76/7(80p) Chester, Peterboro, Port Vale,  77/8(80p)Brad City, Bury, Carlisle, Chester, Colchester, Exeter, Hereford, Lincoln, Liverpool(LC), Preston, Peterboro, Portsmouth, Stockport(LC), Swindon(LC), Tranmere,Walsall,  78/9(80p) Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Bury(LC), Cardiff, Charlton, Fulham, Notts Cty, Orient, Sheff Utd, Sunderland,  Tottenham(FAC)(£3), West Ham, 79/80(80p) Cardiff, Charlton, Luton(mkd)(50p), Newport(WC), Notts Cty, Shrewsbury, Preston, Southampton(LC), Sunderland(£3), 80/1(80p)Derby, Orient, Notts Cty, QPR, Shrewsbury, 81/2(80p)  QPR, Swindon, West Ham, West Ham(FAC)(£3),  82/3(80p) Bournemouth, Doncaster, Exeter, Gillingham, Huddersfield, Lincoln, Orient, Newport Preston, Southend, Walsall, Wigan, 83/4(80p) Blackpool, Bury, Colchester, Halifax, Stockport, York   84/5(80p) Colchester,  85/6(80p) Scunthorpe, 86/7(80p) Colchester, Rochdale,  87/8(80p) Colchester, Leyton Orient, Newport, 88/9(80p) Bury(LC), Colchester, Grimsby, Leyton Orient, 89/90(80p) Colchester,Torquay,90/1(80p) Everton(RC)(£1), 91/2(80p)Arsenal(FAC), Mansfield(AT)(£2), Scunthorpe(RC), Scunthorpe, West Ham(FAC)(£3),  92/3(80p) Colchester, 93/4(£1) Camb Utd, Cardiff(WC)T)(£2), L Orient, 94/5 (£1)Plymouth,Plymouth  95/6(£1) Notts Cty,  96/7(£1.20) Bournemouth, Notts cty, 97/8 (£1) Northampton, Southend,  98/9(£1.) Colchester, Notts Cty,   99/0(£1.60) Colchester,Notts Cty,  00/1((£1) Colchester, Notts Cty, 01/2(£1.50) Colchester,Notts Cty,   02/3(£1.60) Lincoln, 03/4(£2) Colchester, Notts County. QPR(sl fld)£1),.EUROPEANS…72/3Hadjuk Split(£5), 75/6Anderlecht(£2.50), 78/9 Rijeka(£2), 79/80 Magdeburg(£2), 86/7RealZaragoza(£1.50),90/1 v Lyngby(£1),  …EUROPEAN AWAY 86/7Zurrieq(£16), …WELSHCUP ..77/8MerthyrTydfil(£1.50). …FRIENDLIES. 90/1(Marstons)(£1), 91/2 v Millwall(£1), 94/5Liverpool(£3),93/4 v Wolves(£1), 96/7 v Bolton(£1.50)A.Villa(£3),     ..TESTIMONIALS.. 92/3Liverpool(Jones)(£8)…


…(FOR PRE LEAGUE SEE NON LEAGUE SECTION)….03/4(£2) Colchester(LDV), Kidderminster, Nor thampton, Swansea,    04/5(£2) Notts Cty, Rushden&D,Southend, 05/6(£2) Southend  07/8(£2) Carlisle, Gillingham, Leyton Orient,Luton, Port Vale, Nottingham Forest, Tranmere, 10/11(£2) L Orient(sl fld)(£1),   15/16(£2) Camb Utd, 17/18 (£2) Camb Utd


 53/4 Grimsby(2 inch tr)((£5) 56/7  Gateshead(sl tr)(£5), Southport(cell edge)(£4), Stockport/Rochdale(£6),  57/8 Rochdale(£6), 58/9 Gateshead(£6), Workington/Lincoln (£6) 59/60 Brad City(£5), Halifax(£5), Newport(£5), 60/1(£5) Mansfield(sl fld)(£3), Millwall,   65/6(£2.50) Brentford(Feb), 66/7 (£2.50) Brad City, Crewe, Newport, Port Vale, 67/8(£2)  Doncaster(sl fld)(60p), Newport(fld)(£2.50), Notts Cty(cr)£1), Southend, Workington, 68/9(£3) Barnsley(LC)(sl cr)(£1), Brad PA(£2.50), Brad City, Exeter, Grimsby, Lincoln, Newport, Notts Cty, Workington,   69/70 (£1) Colchester, Lincoln, Newport, Notts Cty, Southend, Workington, 70/1(£1) Barrow, Chester, Exeter, newport, Notts Cty, Southport, Workington,   71/2(£1), Barnsley,  Mansfield,  Middlesbro(LC)(£2.50), Notts Cty, Rochdale, Swabsea,   72/3(£1) Blackburn, Bournemouth, Notts Cty, Watford,  73/4 (80p) Aldershot, Blackburn, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd, Oldham, Port Vale, 74/5 (80p) Arsenal(FAC)(fld)(£12), BristolRovers, Cardiff, Huddersfield, Hull, Luton(FR)(fld)(£3), Notts Cty, Notts Forest(£2), Oxford, Portsmouth,  Sunderland(£2),  75/6 (80p) Bolton, Fulham, Luton(sl mk)(50p), Notts Cty, Oldham(cr)(50p), Oxford,  Portsmouth,  Sunderland, 76/7 (80p) Bury, Chester(fld)(50p), Mansfield, Oxford(fld)(60p),  Portsmouth, Port Vale, Shrewsbury, Tranmere, Wrexham, 77/8(80p) Aldershot, Barnsley, Bournemouth(fld)(60p), Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Grimby(r/s)(50p), Hartlepool(sl fld)(60p), Huddersfield(sl cr)(50p), Newport, Northampton, Reading ,Rochdale, Rotherham((LC)(sl cr)(50p), Southport, Scunthorpe(cr)(40p), 78/9(80p)Aldershot, Barnsley, Bournemouth, Brad City, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Grimsby, Grimsby(LC), Halifax, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, Newport, Northampton, Portsmouth, Port Vale, Reading, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Stockport, Torquay, Wigan, Wimbledon, 79/80(80p) Bournemouth, Brad City, Crewe, Darlington, Hartlepool, Hereford, Huddersfield, Mansfield(LC), Lincoln,  Newport(fld)(50p), Peterboro, Portsmouth, Port Vale(fld)(50p), Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Stockport, Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall, Wigan,  80/1(80p) Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers(LC), Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Halifax, Hartlepool(LC), Hartlepool(t/c)(50p), Lincoln, Mansfield, Northampton, Peterboro, Port Vale, Rochdale, Scuntouthend,  Stockport, Torquay, Tranmere, 81/2(80p) Aldershot,  Blackpool, Bournemouth, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Hartlepool(t/c)(50p),Hereford, Mansfiled, Northampton, Port Vale, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Sheff Utd, Sheff Utd(LC), Stockport, 82/3(80p) Aldershot, Blackpool, Bristol City, Bury, Bury(FAC), Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Halifax, Hartlepool(FAC), Hartlepool, Hereford, Hull, Mansfield, Northampton,Port Vale, Rochdale, Stockport,  Torquay, Wimbledon, 83/4(80p) Aldershot, Blackpool, Bury, Chesterfield, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Grimsby(MC), Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Hull(AMC), Mansfield, Northampton, Peterboro, Reading, Rochdale,  Stockport, Swindon, Torquay, Tranmere, Wrexham, 84/5(80p) Arsenal(33), Bolton, Bournemouth, Brad City, Bristol City, Burnley, Camb Utd, Crewe(sl mk)(50p), Derby, Doncaster, Doncaster(MC), Gillingham, Hull, Lincoln, Lincoln(FRT)(sl fl/t/c)(50p), Liverpool(MC)(£1.25), Orient, Plymouth, QPR(MC)(£1.50),Reading, Rotherham,   Walsall(FAC), Walsall, Wigan, 85/6 (80p) Derby(fld)(60p), Doncaster, Liverpool (t/c)(£1.25), Notts Cty, Plymouth, Reading(t/c)(60p), Walsall, Wigan, Wolves(£2),   86/7(80p) Barnsley/Sheff Utd(Fr)(£1.50), Bristol Rovers, Bury, Chelsea(LC)(£5), Chester, Fulham, Mansfield(FRT), Middlesbro, Newport, Notts Cty, Rotherham, Sunderland(LC)(£1.50), Walsall,  87/8(80p) Aldershot, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Fulham, Halifax(LC), Hartlepool(FAC), Leeds(LC)(£2), Notts Cty, Preston, Sunderland(£1.50), Wigan, 88/9(80p) Burnley(SVT), Colchester, Doncaster, Hartlepool, Leyton Orient,Sunderland(LC), Wrexham(fld)(50p),  89/90(80p) Colchester, Hartlepool, Rochdale, carboro, Scunthorpe, Tranmere(FAC), Wrexham, 92/3(80p) Burnley, Bury, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Colchester, Crewe, Gillingham, Lincoln, Rochdale, Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Stockport(FAC), 93/4(£1 ) Brad City, Burnley(FAC), Fulham, L Orient, Plymouth, Stockport  94/5(£1) Chester, Wycombe, 95/6(£1.10)Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, Notts Cty, Notts Cty(AWS)(£2), NOtts Cty(LC), Oxford, 96/7(£1.20) Chesterfield, Everton(CCC)(£1.50), Leicester(CCC)(mkd)(80p), Notts Cty,  98/9(£1.40) Blackpool, Colchester, Lincoln, Macclesfield, Man City, Notts Cty, Sunderland(WC), Walsall, 99/00(£1.60) Shrewsbury,Wigan(WC)(sl mk)(£1), 00/1(£1.60 ) Hartlepool, Scunthorpe, Southend, 01/2(£1.60) Bristol Rovers, Colchester, Rochdale, 02/3(£1.60) Darlington, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Swansea(FAC), Torquay, .SPECIALS…..Supporters Club Mag 2002 Issue2(50p),..FRIENDLIES  94/5 v Sunderland/Leicester(£2.50), 96/7v Middlesbro/Bolton(£1.50), 05/6 v Hartlepool(£1.50),