54/5 Oldham(fld/wear to sp)(£12),  55/6 Tranmere(£20)  56/7  Halifax(sl r/s)(£20), Mansfield(r/s)(£20),   57/8 Mansfield (£15), 58/9  Bury(sl mk)(£15), Hull(£17), Portsmouth)FAC)(sl cr)(£14),  59/60 Crewe(3 Stanlet Autos)(£10),  60/1  Darlington(£15), Preston(FAC)(£16), 03/4 (£1.50) Colchester(FAC) 11/12 Carlisle(JPT)(£2), 14/15 (£2) Camb Utd, 16/17 (£2) Colchester 18/19(£2)  Barnsley, Blackpool, Bristol Rovers, Cheltenham T(FAC), Doncaster, Oxford, Peterboro, Portsmouth, Shrewsbury, Sunderland  TEAMSHEETS (£1 each) Colchester 17/18


30/1 Chelsea(RES)(heavy cr/top right of front page missing)(£12)32/3 Sunderland(ph)(£42)  33/4 Huddersfield(r/s)(£55), 38/9 Everton(sl fld)(£40), Grimsby(£50), 42/3 Brentford(flds/sl cr))(£25),  43/4 Brentford(scorers on front,score on front flds)(£22),  44/5 Clapton Orient(LSC)(sof/sl fld(£30), Millwall(fld/t/c)(£25),  46/7 A.Villa(£40), Blackburn(£40), Blackpool(£40), Bolton(sl fld)(£30), Brentford(£40), Brentford(RES)(FCC)(£40), Charlton(£40), Chjelsea(FAC)(£50), C.Palace(RES)(fld)£30), Derby(£40), Everton(£40), Grimsby(£40), Huddersfield(sl fld)(£30), Leeds(sl fld)(£40), Leicester(FR)(sl fld)(£50), Liverpool(£50),  Man Utd(sl fld)(£60), Middlesbro(£40), Plymouth(RES)(sl fld)(£35), Portsmouth(sl fld)(£30), Portsmouth(RES)(FCC)(sl fld)(£35), Preston(£40), Reading(RES)(sl fld)(FCC)(£35), Sheff Utd(£40), Southampton(RES)(sl fld)(£35), Stoke(sl fld)(£30), Stoke(fld)(Pirate)(£16), Sunderland(ph/sof)(£12), Tottenham(RES((fld)(£25), Wolves(£40), 47/8  A.Villa(£22), Blackburn(£22), Blackpool(fld)(£15), Bolton(fld)(£30), Bradford (FAC)(fld)(£18), Burnley(sl mk)(£15), Charlton(flds)(£30), Chelsea(fld)(£16), Colchester(FR)(£30), Derby(£22), Everton(fld)(£18), Grimsby(sl fld)(£18), Huddersfield(£22), Liverpool(£50), Man City(£22), Man Utd(sl cr)(£30), Middlesbro(£22), Portsmouth(20), Preston(£22), Sheff Utd(sl fld)(£16),  Stoke(£20), Sunderland(£20), Wolves(£22),  48/9 A.Villa(£16), Birmingham(fld)(£10), Blackpool(£15), Bolton(£16), Burnley(£16), Charlton(£16), Chelsea(fld)(£12), Derby(£16), Everton(£16), Huddersfield(£16), Man City(15), Liverpool(4 page)(£40), Man Utd(£35), Middlesbro(sl cr)(£10), Newcastle(£15), Portsmouth(fld)(£17), Preston(£16), Sheff Utd (£16), Southend(RES)(fld/sl tr along fold )(£8), Stoke(£16), Sunderland(£16), Tottenham(FAC)(£16), Wolves(£16),  49/50 A.Villa)(£12), Birmingham(£12), Bolton(£12), Blackpool(£12), Brighton(RES)(FCC)(sl fld)(£12), Burnley(£12), Burnley(FAC)(£12), Charlton(£12), Chelsea(£12), Chelsea(RES)(FCC)(£15), C.Palace (RES)(£15),  Derby(£12), Everton(£12), Fulham(£12), Fulham(RES)(fld)(£9) ,Huddersfield(£12), Leeds(FAC)(£14), Leicester(RES)(£15),  Liverpool(r/s)(£14), Man City(£12), Man Utd(fld)(£18), Middlesbro(sl fld)(£10), Newcastle(£12), Portsmouth(£14), Sheff Wed(FAC)(fld)(£10), Stoke(£12), Sunderland(£12), Swansea(FAC)(£12), WBA(£12), Wolves(£12), 50/1  A.Villa(sl cr)(£8), Blackpool(£10), Bolton(£10), Burnley(£12), Carlisle(FAC)(£12), Charlton(fld)(£10), Chelsea(sl cr)(£8), Coventry(RES)(£14), Derby(£10), Everton(£12), Fulham(£10), Huddersfield(£10), Liverpool(£14), Man Utd(£25), Middlesbro(£12),  Millwall(RES)(fld)(£10), Newcastle(£10),  Northampton(FAC)(£12), Portsmouth(£10), Sheff Wed(£12), Stoke(£12), Sunderland(£12), Swansea(RES)(sl fld)(£12), Tottenham(£12), WBA(£12),Wolves(£12), 51/2 A.Villa(£9), Barnsley(FAC)(£10), Blackpool(sl mk)(£7), Bolton(£9), Bristol Rovers(RES)(cr)(£6), Burnley(sl fld)(£7), Charlton(sof)(£8), Chelsea(£10), Derby(£9), Fulham(sl fld)(£7), Harwich&Parkeston(RES)(cr/sl tr)(£5), Hendon(LFACC) (4 page fld)(£10)), Huddersfield(£9), Liverpool(£12), Man City(sl fld)(£9), Man Utd(fld)(£15), Middlesbro(£9), Newcastle(£9), Portsmouth(£10), Preston(sl fld)(£7), Stoke(sof)(£7), Sunderland(£10), Tottenham(£10), Wealdstone(LSCC Final)(4 page sl cr)(£8), WBA(fld)(£7), (cr)(£4), Wolves(fld)(£6), 52/3  A.Villa(£8), A.Villa(FAC)(£8), Blackpool(£9), Blackpool(FAC)(£9), Bolton(£9), Burnley(£9), Bury(FAC)(£9), Cardiff(£8), Charlton(£9), Chelsea(£10), Derby(fld)(£7), Doncaster(FAC)(£9), Hibernian(Fr)((£12), Liverpool(slmk)(£7), Man City(£9), Man Utd(cr)(£5), Middlesbro(£9), Millwall(RES)(£8), Newcastle(£9), Portsmouth(£9), Preston(£8), Sheff Wed(£9), Stoke(£9), Sunderland(£9), Tottenham(£9), WBA(sl mk)(£7), Tottenham(£9), Wolves(£9), 53/4 A.Villa(Jan)(r/s)(£7) A. Villa(May)(r/s)(£6), A.Villa(FAC)(sl r/s)(£7), Blackpool(sl tr)(£5), Blackpool(fld)(auto L .Smith)(£10), Bolton(£8), Burnley(£8), Cardiff (£7), Charlton(£8), Chelsea(fld)(£8), Huddersfield(sl fld)(£7), Leicester(RES)(£9),  Liverpool(£10), Man City(£8), Man Utd(sl fld)(£15), Middlesbro(sl r/s)(£6), Millwall(RES)(£8), Newcastle(sl r/s)(£7), Norwich(FAC)(sl r/s)(£7), Pl,ymouth(RES)(sl mk)(£6), Portsmouth(sl r/s)(£7), Preston(£8), Sheff Utd(£8), Sheff Wed(£8), Sunderland(£8), Tottenham(£8), WBA(fld)(£5), Wolves(£8), 54/5 A.Villa(£8), Blackpool(£8), Bolton(fld)(£5), Burnley(£8), Cardiff(£8), Cardiff(FAC)(£8), Charlton(£8), Chelsea(r/s)(£7), Everton(£7), Huddersfield(fld)(£6), Leicester(sl r/s)(£7), Man City(sl r/s)(£7), Man Utd(£15), Newcastle(sl r/s)(£6), Norwich(RES)(fld)(£8), Portsmouth(£8), Preston(sl fld)(£6), Sheff Utd(£8), Sheff Wed(£8), Southend(RES)(£9), Sunderland(£8), Tottenham(£8), WBA(£8), Wolves(£8),  55/6  A.Villa(£7), A.Villa(FAC)(£7), Birmingham(£7), Blackpool(£7), Bolton(£67, Bristol City(RES)(fld)(£5), Burnley(£7) , Cardiff(£7), Charlton(£7), Chelsea(sl r/s)(£6), Huddersfield(4 page)(£15), Everton(4 page)(£35),  Luton(4 page)(£12), Man. City(£7), Millwall(RES)(£7), Newcastle(sl r/s)(£6), Portsmouth(£7), Preston(fld)(£6), Sheff Utd(£7), Sunderland(£7), Tottenham(£9), Watford(RES)(fld)(£6), WBA(sl cr)(£5), Wolves(£7), 56/7 A.Villa(sl fld)(£4.50), Birmingham(£6), BIrmingham(FAC)(4 page)(£15), Blackpool(£6), Bolton(sl mk)(£5), Brighton(RES)(£8), Burnley(£6), Cardiff((sl mk)(£4), Charlton(sl mk)(£5), Chelsea(£6), Everton(£6), Leeds(£15), L Orient(FR)(£10), Luton(£6), Man City(£6), Man Utd(£15), (r/s)(£10), Newcastle(£6), Portsmouth(£6), Preston(£6), Preston(FAC)(fld)(£4), Sheff Wed(£7), Stoke(FAC)(£6), Sunderland(£6), Tottenham(£6), WBA(£6), WBA(FAC)(£6), West Ham (SFCC ) (£10), Wolves(£6), 57/8  A.Villa(£6), Birmingham(£6), Blackpool(£6), Bolton(£6), Burnley(£6), Chelsea (£6), Everton(£6), Leicester(£6), Leeds(sof)(£5), Leicester(£6), Luton(£6), Man City(£5),  Man Utd(sl fld),1 t/c)(£60), Newcastle(£6), Notts Forest(sl fld)(£5), Portsmouth(sl cr)(£4), Preston(£6), QPR(RES)(£7), Sheff Wed(£6), Sunderland(£6), Swindon(RES)(sl tr)(£4), Tottenham(£6), Tottenham(RES)(£8), WBA, West Ham(RES)(£7),  Wolves(£6),   58/9 A.Villa(£5), Birmingham(£5), Blackburn(£5), Blackpool(£5), Bolton(£5), Burnley(£5), Chelsea(£5), Colchester(FAC)(£5), Everton(£5), Leeds(£5), Leicester(£5), Luton(fld)(£4), Man City(£5), Man Utd(£5), Newcastle(£5), Notts Forest(£5), Portsmouth(sl cr)(£3), Preston(£5), Sheff Utd(FAC)(£5), Tottenham(£5), WBA(£5), West Ham(£5), Wolves(£5), 59/60 Birmingham(£5), Blackburn(£5), Blackpool(£5), Bolton(£5), Burnley(£5),  Chelsea(£5), Everton(£5), Fulham(£5), Leeds(£5), Leicester(£5), Leicester(SPFC)(fld)(£7), Luton(£5), Man City(£5), Man Utd(£5), Newcastle(£5), Notts Forest(£5), Portsmouth(SPFC)(£8), Preston(£5), Rotherham(FAC)(£5),  Sheff Wed(£5), Tottenham(£5), WBA(£5), West Ham(£5), West Ham(SPFC)(£8),Wolves(£5), 60/1(£4) A.Villa(sl fld)£3), Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Cardiff, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Leicester, Man City, Man Utd(fld)(£2.50), Newcastle, Notts Forest, Peterboro(FAC)(£%), Preston, Tottenham(£10), WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 61/2(£3.50) Blackpool, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Brad City(FAC), Burnley, Cardiff, Chelsea, Colchester(RES)(fld)(£4), Everton, Fulham, Ipswich(£5), Leicester, Man City, Man Utd, Notts Forest(mkd)(£1.50), Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Tottenham, Tottenham(LFA CC)(fld)(£8), WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 62/3(£3) A.Villa(sl mk)(£2.50), Birmingham, Blackpool, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Everton, Fulham, Ipswich, Leicester, Leyton Orient(£5), Liverpool(FAC), Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd(fld)(£2), Sheff Wed(FAC), Sheff Wed, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves,  63/4(£2.50) A.Villa, Birmingham(mkd)(£1.50), Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton Burnley, Everton, Fulham, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Liverpool(FAC)(fld)(£2.25), Man Utd, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed((sl cr)(£1.50), Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, WBA(FAC), West Ham, Wolves, Wolves(FAC), 64/5(£2.50) A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Leeds(£3.50), Leicester, Liverpool(fld), Man Utd, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd , Sheff Wed, Stoke(sl mk)(£2), Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA(sl fld)(£1.50), West Ham, Wolves(£3),  65/6(£2.50) A Villa, Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle, Northampton(sl cr/sof)(£2), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, 66/7(£2.50) A.Villa, Blackpool, Bolton(FAC), Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Gillingham(LC)(13/9)(cr)(£3), Gillingham(2nd Rep 28/9)(£6), Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham (LC), West Ham, 67/8(£2) Birmingham(FAC), Blackburn(LC), Burnley, Burnley(LC), Burnley, Coventry, Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Fulham, Ipswich(CCs/f)(s/s)(cr)£4), Leicester, Leeds(£3), Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Reading (LC)(£5),(fld)(£3),  Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed(Dec)(sof), Sheff Wed(Apr)(sof), Shrewsbury(FAC), Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Walsall((RES)(s/s)(£4), WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 68/9(£1.50) Blackpool(LC)(£2), Burnley, Cardiff(FAC), Charlton(FAC), Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(£2), Leicester, Liverpool, Liverpool(LC)(£2), Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke,  Sunderland , Sunderland(LC), Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves,  69/70(£1.25) Blackpool(FAC), Burnley, Chelsea, Coventry, Derby, C.Palace, Everton, Everton(LC), Ipswich, Leeds(£3), Liverpool(£2), Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Southampton(LC)(£2.50), Stoke, Sunderland(sof)(60p), Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, West Ham(RES)((card)£8), Wolves, 70/1(£2) Burnley, Chelsea, Coventry, C.Palace(t/m)(£1), C.Palace(LC)(£2)), Derby(t/m)(90p), Huddersfield(£2), Ipswich(LC)(sof)(£1), Ipswich, Leeds(£2.50),  Leicester(FAC)(£3),Man City((fld)(£1), Newcastle(£2.50), Notts Forest(t/m), Southampton(t/m fld)(60p), Stoke, Tottenham(t/m), 71/2(£1) Barnsley(LC), Chelsea, Coventry(t/m)(60p), C.Palace Derby, Derby(FAC)(cr)(50p), Everton, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(£2), Newcastle, Newcastle(LC), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Utd(LC)(t/m)(60p), Southampton(sl fld)(80p), Stoke, Tottenham(£3), WBA(t/m/t/c)(60p), West Ham, Wolves(t/c)(£1.50), 72/3(£1) Birmingham, Brad City(FAC), Chelsea, Chelsea(FAC), Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Everton, Everton(LC), Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Leicester(FAC), Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich(LC), Norwich, Rotherham(LC), Sheff Utd, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 73/4(80p) A.Villa(FAC), Birmingham, Burnley, Chelsea, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(£.50), Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Newcastle(FAC)(£4), QPR, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham(£1.50), Tranmere(LC)(£1.50), West Ham, Wolves(t/m,fld)(£3), Wolves(FAC 3rd place play off)(£10), 74/5(80p) Birmingham, Burnley, Carlisle(£4.50), Chelsea, Coventry, Coventry(FAC), Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(£2), Leicester, Leicester(LC), Leicester(FAC), Liverpool(fld)60p), Luton, Man City, Middlesbro, Newcastle, QPR, Sheff Utd, Stoke, West Ham(£2), West Ham(FAC)(£2), Wolves(sob)(£1), York(FAC), 75/6(80p) A.Villa(£2), Birmingham(£3), Burnley(£2), Coventry(£2), Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool(£2), Man Utd(£3), Man City, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Norwich, QPR, Sheff Utd, Tottenham, West Ham, Wolves(£2.50),  76/7 (80p) A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackpool(LC)(Sep), Blackpool(LC)(Oct), Bristol City, Carlisle(LC)(£1.50),  Chelsea(LC), Coventry(£2), Coventry(FAC), Derby(£2), Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(£2.50), Man Utd(LC)(cr)(30p), Middlesbro, Newcastle(£2.50), Norwich, QPR, Southampton(sl fld)(50p), Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham(£2), WBA, West Ham(£1.50), 77/8(80p) A.Villa, Birmingham, Bristol City, Chelsea, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Hull(LC), Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man City(LC)(sl cr)(50p), Man Utd, Man Utd(LC)(£2), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Norwich(t/c)(60p), Notts Forest, QPR, Southampton(LC), Walsall(FAC), WBA, West Ham, Wolves(FAC), Wolves(£1.50), 78/9(80p) A.Villa, Birmingham, Bolton, Bristol City, Chelsea, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(£3.50), Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Norwich,  Notts County(FAC), Norwich , Notts Forest(£2), QPR, SheffWed(FAC), Southampton(FAC), Southampton, Tottenham, WBA, Wolves, 79/80(80p) A.Villa, Bolton, Bolton(FAC), Brighton,Brighton(LC), Brighton(FAC), Bristol City, Cardiff(FAC), Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leeds(LC), Liverpool, Man.City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Norwich, Notts Forest, Southampton(LC), Southampton, Stoke, Swindon(LC)(£2), Tottenham, WBA,. Wolves, 80/1(80p) A.Villa, Birmingham, Brighton, Coventry, C.Palace, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Norwich(£1.50), Notts Forest, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea(LC)(£2), Tottenham, WBA, Wolves, 81/2(80p) A.Villa(£2), Birmingham, Brighton, Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Liverpool(£3), Liverpool(LC), Man City, Man Utd(£2), Middlesbro, Norwich(LC), Notts County, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd(LC), Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham(£1.50), WBA(£1.50), West Ham, Wolves, 82/3(80p) A.Villa, A.Villa(FAC)(£2), Birmingham, Bolton(FAC), Brighton, Cardiff(LC), Coventry, Everton, Everton(MC)(£1.20), Huddersfield(MC), Ipswich, Leeds(FAC)(£3), Liverpool(£2), Luton, Man City(£2), Man Utd£3), Middlesbro(FAC), Norwich, Notts County, Notts Forest, Sheff Wed(MC), Southampton, Stoke, Swansea, Sunderland, Tottenham(£1.50), Watford, WBA, West Ham(£3), FAC token form…full (£3),  83/4(80p) A.Villa, Birmingham, Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Man Utd, Norwich, Notts County, Notts Forest(£2), Plymouth(MC), QPR, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Walsall(MC), Watford, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 84/5(80p)  Australia(FR)(£4), A.Villa, Bristol Rovers(MC), Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Hereford(FAC), Ipswich, Ipswich(12/1)(£5), Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest(£2), QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Tottenham(SECL Final)(£4), Watford(Dec), Watford(Mar), WBA(Dec), WBA(Apr), West Ham,  85/6(80p) A.Villa, A.Villa(MC), Birmingham, Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Hereford(MC), Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool(£2), Luton, Luton(FAC), Man City, Man Utd(£2),  Newcastle(£6), Notts Forest, Oxford, QPR, Rotherham(FAC)(£1.50), Sheff Wed, Southampton(MC), Southampton, Tottenham, Watford(£2), WBA, West Ham(£2), 86/7(80p) A.Villa, Barnsley(FAC), Charlton(LC), Charlton(£2), Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Huddersfield(LC), Leicester, Liverpool, Luton(£1.50), Man City(LC), Man City(£2), Man Utd, Newcastle(£2), Norwich(£2), Notts Forest, Notts Forest(LC), Oxford(t/m)60p), Plymouth(FAC), QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, Watford(FAC), Watford, West Ham(£2), Wimbledon,  87/8(80p) Bournemouth(LC), Charlton, Chelsea(£1.50),  Coventry, Derby, Doncaster(LC)(£3.50), Everton, Liverpool, Luton, Man Utd, Man Utd(FAC), Millwall(FAC)(£2.50), Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, Notts F(FAC), Oxford, Portsmouth(£2), QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke(LC), Tottenham, Watford(£2.50), West Ham, Wimbledon, 88/9 (80p) A.Villa, Charlton, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Hull(LC), Liverpool(LC), Liverpool(LC 2nd REP)(£2.50), Liverpool(£3), Liverpool(Merc Credit s/f)(£4), Luton, Man Utd(£2), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Millwall, Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham,  West Ham, West Ham(FAC), Wimbledon, 89/90(80p) A.Villa, Charlton, Chelsea, Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Everton, Liverpool(LC), Liverpool, Luton, Man City, Man Utd(£2.50), Millwall, Norwich, Notts Forest, Plymouth(LC), QPR, QPR(FAC), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, Tottenham(SJFCLFinal)(£4), Wimbledon, 90/1(80p) A.Villa, Camb Utd(FAC), Chelsea, Chester(RC), Coventry(£2), C.Palace, Derby(£2), Everton, Leeds(FAC)27/1, Leeds(FAC)13/2, Leeds(£2), Liverpool, Liverpool(Thomas/Le Tiss on cover£2), Luton(£3), Man City, Man Utd(£3), Man Utd(RC), Millwall(SJfc Final)(£4), Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR, Reading(RES)(s/s)(fld)(£3), Sheff Utd, Southampton, Sunderland(FAC), Sunderland, Tottenham, Wimbledon, 91/2(£1) A.Villa, Chelsea, Coventry, C.Palace, Everton, Leeds(£4), Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Man City, Man Utd, Norwich (DEC), Norwich(FEB), Notts County, Notts Forest, Oldham, QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton(£2), Tottenham, Tottenham(SJFC-Final)(£4), West Ham, Wimbledon, 92/3(£1) A.Villa, Blackburn, Chelsea, Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leeds(FAC), Liverpool(£4), Man City, Man Utd(£5), Middlesbro, Millwall(CCC), Millwall(SJFC-Final)()£4), Norwich, Notts Forest, Notts Forest(FAC), Notts Forest(CCC), Oldham, QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, Wimbledon, 93/4(£1) A.Villa(£3), A.Villa(CCC), Blackburn, Bolton(FAC), Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Huddersfield(CCC), Ipswich, Leeds, Liverpool(£3), Man City, Man Utd(£3), Newcastle, Norwich, Norwich(CCC), Oldham(£2.50),  QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed,  Southampton,  Swindon(£2.50), Tottenham(£4), West Ham(£2), Wimbledon(£2),  94/5(£1) A.Villa, Blackburn, Chelsea, Coventry, C.Palace, Everton, Hartlepool(CCC), Ipswich, Leeds(£3), Leicester, Liverpool(£4), Man City(£2.50), Man Utd(£2.50), Millwall(FAC), Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, Oldham(CCC), QPR, Sheff Wed, Sheff Wed(CCC), Southampton, Tottenham(sl fld)(£4), West Ham, Wimbledon(£2),Wimbledon(SJFC-Final)(£4),   95/6(£1) A.Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Hartlepool(CCC)(£2), Leeds(£2), Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(£3), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Newcastle(CCC)(£4), Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Utd(FAC), Sheff Wed, Sheff Wed(CCC), Southampton, Stoke(CCC), Sunderland(FAC), Tottenham(£4), West Ham(£2), Wimbledon, 96/7(£1) A.Villa, Blackburn,  Chelsea, Coventry, C.Palace(SJFC-Final)(£3), Derby, Everton, Leeds, Leeds(FAC), Leicester, Liverpool(£2.50), Middlesbro, Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke(CCC), Sunderland, Sunderland(FAC),  Tottenham(£3), West Ham, Wimbledon, 97/8(££1.30) A.Villa, Barnsley(£2.50), Birmingham(CCC), Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea(£2.50), C.Palace, C Palace(FAC), Derby, Everton, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool(£3), Man Utd(£3), Newcastle|(£3), Port Vale(FAC)(£3), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham(£3), West Ham(FAC)(£3), Wimbledon, 98/9(£1.30) A.Villa, Blackburn, Charlton, Chelsea, Chelsea(WC), Coventry, Derby, Derby(FAC), Everton, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool(£3),  Man Utd(£2.50), Middlesbro, Newcastle,  Notts Forest, Sheff Utd(FAC),  Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham(£4), West Ham, Wimbledon, 99/00(£1.50)  A.Villa, Blackpool(FAC), Brad City, Chelsea, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Huddersfield(WC), Leeds, Leicester(FAC), Leicester, Liverpool, Man City(sl fld)(80p), Man Utd(£3), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Preston(WC), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham, Wimbledon,  00/1(£1.50) A.Villa, Blackburn(FAC), Brad City, (teamsheet)(£1), Charlton, Chelsea, Chelsea(FAC), Coventry, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Ipswich(WC), Leeds(£4), Leicester, Liverpool, man City(£3), Man Utd(£3), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham(£5), West Ham, 01/2(£1.50) A.Villa, Blackburn, Bolton,  Charlton, Chelsea(£3), Derby, Everton,  Grimsby(WC), Ipswich, Fulham, Gillingham(FAC)(£3), Grimsby(WC), Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Liverpool(FAC), Man Utd(£3), Man Utd(FAC)(£3), Middlesbro, Newcastle(FAC)(£3), Newcastle,  Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham, 02/3(£1.50) A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton, Chelsea(£4), Chelsea(FAC)(£4), Charlton, Everton, (Farnboro)(FAC)(away@Home!), Fulham, Leeds, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(£3), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Oxford(FAC), Southampton, Sunderland, Sunderland(WC), Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, 03/4(£3) Blackburn. Charlton, Chelsea, Chelsea(FAC), Leicester, Liverpool(fld)(£1.50), Man Utd(£4), Middlesbro,  Middlesbro(FAC), Rotherham(CC),  Tottenham, 04/5(£1.50) A.Villa, BirminghamBlackburn, Bolton, Charlton, Chelsea(£3), C.Palace, Everton(CC), Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City(£3), Man Utd(sl tr)(50p), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Man Utd(£3), Norwich, Sheff Utd(FAC)(sl fld)(£1), Norwich, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd(FAC),  Southampton, Stoke(FAC),  Tottenham, WBA, Wolves(FAC)(£3), 05/6(£2)  A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Cardiff, Charlton , Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Portsmouth, Reading, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA(sl fld)(£1), West Ham, Wigan(last at Highbury…comes with brochure)(£5.50) 06/7(£1.50) A.Villa, Blackburn, Blackburn(FAC), Bolton(FAC), Bolton, Charlton, Chelsea(£4), Everton, Fulham, Liverppool, Man City(£2.50), Man Utd, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheff Utd, Watford, Tottenham, West Ham, Wigan, 07/8(££1.50) A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea(£4), Derby, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City(£3), Man Utd, Middlersbro, Newcastle, Newcastle(CCC), Newcastle(FAC), Portsmouth, Reading, Sunderland, Topttenham, West Ham, Wigan, 08/9(£1.50) A.Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley(FAC), Cardiff(FAC), Chelsea(£5), Everton, Fulham, Hull, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(£4), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Plymouth(FAC), Portsmouth, Sheff Utd(CC), Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham(£4), Wigan, WBA, West Ham, Wigan, Wigan(CC),  09/10(£2), A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Bolton(6th Jan)(£4), Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Hull, Liverpool, Liverpool(CC), Man City, Man Utd, Portsmouth, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA(CC), West Ham, Wigan, Wolves,   10/11(£2) A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Huddersfield(FAC), Leeds(FAC), L Orient(FAC), Liverpool, Man City(£3), Man Utd, Newcastle, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wigan(CC), Wigan, Wolves  11/12(£2) A.Villa, A.Villa(FAC), Blackburn, Bolton, Bolton(CC), Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Leeds(FAC), Liverpool, Man City, Man City(CC), Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich, QPR, Shrewsbury(CC),  Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, WBA, Wigan, Wolves 12/13 (£2)  A.Villa, Blackburn(FAC), Chelsea, Coventry(CC), Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich, QPR, Reading, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea(FAC), Swansea, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wigan  13/14(£2) A.Villa, Cardiff, Chelsea, Chelsea(CC), Coventry, C.Palace, Everton, Everton(FAC), Fulham, Hull, Liverpool, Liverpool(FAC), Man City(woth Weger 1000 game chart)(£5),  Man Utd,  Newcastle, Norwich(sl cr)(£1), Southampton, Stoke(with copy of VOL1 no1 of Woolwich Arsenal Prog)(£4), Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, Tottenham(FAC), WBA,  14/15(£2) A.Villa, Burnley, Chelsea, C.Palace, Everton, Hull, Hull(FAC), Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Newcastle, QPR, Southampton, Southampton(CC), QPR, Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham 15/16 (£2) a.Villa Bournemouth, Burnley,Chelsea, C.Palace, Everton,Hull(FAC), Leicester, Liverpool, Man City(£3), Man Utd(£3), Norwich,  Newcastle, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Sunderland(FAC), Swansea,  Watford, Tottenham, Watford(FAC), WBA, West Ham,  16/17(£2.50) Bournemouth, Burnley, C.Palace, Chelsea, Everton, Hull, Leicester, Lincoln(FAC), Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Reading(EFL), Southampton, Southampton(EFL), Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, Watford, WBA,WHU 17/18 (£2.50)  Bournemouth, Brighton,Burnley-with “22 Gun salute to A Wenger)(£5), Chelsea, C.Palace, Doncaster(CC), Everton, Huddersfeild, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich(CC), Southampton, Stoke, Swansea, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham, West Ham(CC), WBA 18/19(£2.50) Blackpool(LC), Bournemouth, Brentford(CC), Brighton, Burnley, Cardiff(FAC), C.Palace, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Huddersfield, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Man Utd(FAC), Newcastle, Southampton, Tottenham, Tottenham(CC), Watford, Wolves 19/20(£3.50) A.Villa, Bournemouth,Brighton, Burnley, Chelsea, C Palace, Everton, Leeds(FAC)(£5), Liverpool, Man C(£5), Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich(£5), Notts F(CCC), Sheff Utd, Tottenham, Wolves(£5), 20/21 (£4) A.Villa, Brighton, Burnley, Chelsea, C Palace, Everton, Fulham , Leeds,, Leicester, Liverpool, Man C(£5), Man C(CCC)(£5), Man Utd, Newcastle, Newcastle(FAC), Sheff Utd, Southampton, Tottenham, Tottenham, WBA, Wolves SPECIALS…European… 63/4 Staevnet(£8), RF Liegeois(sl fld)(£5), 69/70 Bacau(£3), Glentoran(£5), Rouen(£2.50), Sporting Port(£3.50),.70/1Sturm Graz(£3), Beveren Waas(£3.50), Lazio(£3), Koln(£3), 71/2 Ajax(£3), Grasshoppers(£5), copy(t/m)(£2.25), Stroemsgodset(t/m)£3.50), 78/9Hadjuk Split(£1.50), Loko Leipzig(£1.50), Red Star(£1.50), ..79/80 Fenerbache(£1.25), Magdeburg(£1.25), Gothenburg(£1.25), …81/2 Panathinaikos(£2), Winterslag(£2),  …82/3 Spartak Moscow(£2), 91/2 Austria Memphis(£3), Benfica(£2), ..93/4 Odense(£2), Standard Liege(£2), Torino(£6), Paris St Germain(£2.50), . 94/5 Auxerre(£2), Brondby(£2.50), O Nicosia((£3.50), 95/6 B Monchengaldbach(£2), 97/8 PAOK (£2), 98/9 D Kiev(£2.50), Panathinaikos(£2.50), Panathinaikos(cr)(£1), RC Lens(£3), 99/00 AIK Solna(£2.50), Barcelona(£2),. Bremen(£3), Nantes(£2.50), Deportivo(£2.50), Nantes(£2), Werder(£2.50), Barcelona(£7.50), Fiorentina£2.50), 00/1  O Lyonnaise(£4), Lazio(£2.50), Spartak(£2.50), Shaktar (£2.50), Sparta Prague(£3), Bayern M(£3), Valencia(£3), 01/2 Juventus(£3), Panathinaikos(£2.50), Schalke(£2.50), Deportivo(£2.50), B Leverkusen(£3),  Real Mallorca(£3), 02/3 Roma(£3), Ajax(£2.50), Auxerre(£2.50),  Valencia(£2), PSV Eindhoven(£2.50),  Bor Dortmund(£2.50),..03/4 D Kiev(£3), Chelsea(£3), Inter Milan(£3.50), L Moscow(£3), C Vigo(£3) 04/5 Rosenburg(£3), Panathinikos(£3), PSV Eindhoiven)£3), Bayern Munich(£3), 05/6 Ajax(£4), Juventus(£3), FC Thun(£4), R Madrid(£3), Sparta Prague(£3), Villareal(£2),  06/7 PSV Eindhoven(£3), Hamburg(£3), Porto(£3), CSKA Moscow(£3), D Zagreb 07/8 Sparta Prague(£2), AC Milan(£2), Steaua Buch(£3), Slavia Prague(£2), Seville(£2), 08/9 Dynamo Kiev(£3), Fenerbache(£3), Porto(£4), Roma(£3), Twente(£2),  Villarreal(£4), 09/10 Alkmaar(£3), Barcelona(£2), Celtic(£3), Olympiacos(£3), Porto(£2), Standard Liege(£2), 10/11 Braga(£2), Shak Donetsk(£2), Partizan Belgrade(£2), Barcelona(£3),  11/12 AC Milan(£2), B Dortmund(£3), Olympiacos(£3), Udinese(£3), Marseille(£3), 12/13 Bayern M(£3), Montpellier(£3), Shalke(£3), Olypiacos(£3),  13/14 Fenerbahce (£3), Marseille(£3), Bayern M (£3), Napoli(£3), B Dortmu8nd(£3),  14/15 Galatasaray(£3), Monaco(£3), B Dortmund(£3), Anderlecht(£3), Besiktas(£3), 15/16(£3) Barcelona, Lympiacos,D Zagreb, B Munich, 16/17(£3) Ludogorets, Basle, B Munich, P St Germain, 17/18(£3) CSKA Moscow,AC Milan, Ostersunds, B Borisov, Cologne,R S Belgrade, A Madrid, 18/19 (£3) Sporting CP, V. Poltavu,Qaraboa,B Borisov, Rennes, Napoli,19/20(£3) Olympiacos, S Liege, Vitoria, E Frankfurt, Benfica 20/1(£5) Dundalk, S Prague, Olympiacos, R Vienna, …..EUROPEAN AWAYS..71/2 Ajax(sl cr)(£18), 79/80 v Magdeburg(£3), 81/2Winterslag(£2), 98/9 Panthiaikos(£7), 99/00 Deportivo(fld)(£6), Werder Bremen (£2.50), 00/1 v Sparta Prague(£5),  02/3 Auxerre(£3), PSV((£3),  04/5 Rosenborg(£3), 05/6 R Madrid(£4), FC Thun (inc Ajax,Sparta P Fc Thun)(£4), 09/10 Olympiakos(sl fld)(£5) 10/11 Partizan Belgrade(£3),.. TESTIMONIALS….v 62/3 Rangers (Kelsey)(£4),  73/4 v  Barcelona(Armstrong)(£4), 75/6 v Feyernoord(Storey)(£6), Welsh X1 v LondonX1(Barnes)(£5), 76/7 v Tottenham(Simpson)(£8), v v Hadjuk Split(Radford)(sl cr)(£4), 77/8v Tottenham(Rice)(£3), 80/1 v Celtic(Nelson)(£1), 84/5 v Tottenham(Jennings)(£1.50), 86/7 v Celtic(O`Leary)(£3), 90/1 v Liverpool(Kennedy)(£5) v Tottenham(Rix)(£1.50), 1991 Pauak David tes Brochure)(£3), 91/2 v Celtic(£2.50), 92/3 v Man Utd(O`Leary)(£3), 94/5  v C Palace(Adams)(£3), 95/6 v Intl Select X1(Merson)(£3), v Sampdoria(Smith)(£4),  99/00 v Real Madrid(Dixon)(£3), 00/1 v Barcelona(Seaman)(£3), 01/2 v Celtic(Adams)(£4), Paul Davis Test Broch(sl fld)(£1.50), 95/6 v Sampdoria(Smith)(£3), Intl Select(Merson)(£3), 96/7 v Rangers(Winterburn)(£2), FRIENDLIES .. 49/50(AIK(fld)(£18),  51/2 v Rangers(s fld)(£15), Hapoel Tel Aviv(sl fld)(£12), 52/3 v  Tottenham(Charity Match)(£12), London v Berlin(cr)(£7), 53/4  Anderlecht(fld//sl tr)(£15), Portugesa de Desportos (4 page)fld )£10), Preston(sl fld)(£15), Racing Club Paris(£18), South Africa(sof/sl sp dam)(£12), 54/5 v Grasshoppers(£10), Maccabi Tel Aviv(sl mk)(£16), Rangers(£8), Spartak (r/s)(£6),  55/6 England Amateur X1(sl mk/t/c)(£24), Clyde(£25), 56/7 British Olympic X1(£6), Red Star(£5), 57/8 v HapoelTel Aviv(£10), Eintract Frankfurt(fld)(£15), Lausanne(tatty)(£1.50), Lausanne  58/9 Juventus(£5), Rangers(£5), 59/60 Grasshoppers(£5), L Orient(sof)(£7), West Ham(sl mk)(£5), 61/2 Dundee(£6),  ..62/3 Real Madrid(£4), 65/6 v BrazilX1(£2.50), Moscow Dynamo(£3.50), ..66/7 Cardiff(Aberfan)(cr)(£5), Dunfermline(£7.50), 67/8 Rangers(£5)(sof)(£3),..64/5 v West Ham(LCCFinal)(fld)(£18), 56/7 v C Palace(SFCC)(sl fld)(£10),  v West Ham(SFJC)(£10), 69/70 v Omonia(s/s)(fld)(£9), ..71/2Benfica(fld)(£1),  88/9 v France(Fr)(£2), ..95/6Inter Milan(£2), …69/70 v Italian Under 21(£2.50), Watford v Man Utd(FA Cup 3rd place play off)(£2.50),  away friendlies , 62/3 Barnet((£14), Hitchin (£20), 64/5 Stevenage (£10), Stuttgart(£20), 66/7 Charlton(£3), Wellingboro 67/8(£3), Hertha BSC (£7),  68/9 Landslid(Iceland)(£35), 04/5 NK Maribor(£3), ….91/2 Makita Tournament(£3), European Super Cup 94/5v A.C.Milan(£10), ..Fa Premier Academy Play Off Final 99/00v West Ham(£2)  Caltex Cup in Singapore v S Korea1990(£4), ,.REPRESENTATIVE GAMES AT HIGHBURY..57/8 England v Austria(Youth)(sl fld)(£14), 59/60 Football League v Scottish League(£4), England v Young England(fld)(£3), Rotherham v Brighton(FAC)(£4), Rangers v Sparta Rotterdam(£5), Cardiff v Man C(FAC)(cr)(£3), 61/2 England v Young England(£4),  62/3 England v Football League(£4), Football league v Italian League(£3), 64/5England v Young England(£3), ..66/7 England V Young England(£3), 67/8 England v Young England(£3), 64/5 Romford v Enfield(FAC)(cr)(£3), Rangers v Red Star64/5(£3), 81/2 London FA v EnglandXI(4 page)(£2) .Michael Watson Fund  Benefit Day 1993(£1), SOUTHERN JUNIOR FLOODLIT FINAL v QPR(£2.50), Handbooks 50/1(£10), 54/5(sl kkd09£5), 56/7(£6), 62/3(£5), 64/5(£5), 65/6(£5), 66/7(sl tr)(£2.50), 69/70(£4), 74/5(sl mk)(£1.75),75/6(£3), 76/7(£3), 79/80(£3), 80/1(£3), 81/2(£3), 83/4(£3), 84/5(£3), 85/6(£3), 86/7(£3), 87/8(£4), 88/9(£4), 89/90(£3), 90/1(£3),  91/2(£3), 92/3(£3), 92/3(£3), 93/4(£4), 94/5(£3), 95/6(£4), 96/7(£4), 97/8(£4), 98/9(£5), 99/00(£5), 00/1(£5), 01/2(£5), 01/2(£5), 03/4(£4), 94/5(£5), 05/6(£5), 07/8(£5),  ….SUPPORTERS CLUB YEARBOOKS..(£3 EACH unless stated otherwise) 68/9(£4), 67/60(£3.50), 70/1(£5),  71/2(£5), 80/1, 81/2, 82/3, 83/4(SL MK)(£2), 84/5, 85/6, Members yearbook 07/8(£4), ..BOOKS,”The Official Story of Arsenal`s Double Year”1997/8(£12), . Arsenal Who`s Who by Jeff Harris Large hardback (£12),..ANNUALS…1980(£5), 1981(£5),.”INSIDE ARSENAL”..Brochure 07/8(£1), 08/9(£1),. Rangers v Arsenal(FR)1968(heavy cr)(£1.50), 51/2 Luton v Brentford(FAC) @ Arsenal(fld)(£12), 52/3 London v Berlin(sl tatty)(£5)58/9 Hendon v Tooting & M(LSCFinal)((fld)(£6), 59/60 Glasgow Rangers v Sparta(cr)(£3), 61/2 Supporters Membership Card(sl mk)(£2), Cardiff v Man City60/1(FAC) @ Highbury(cr)(£2.50), Rangers v Sparta59/60 @ Highbury(£5), (cr)(£3),   “Arsenal Premier Champions 1998”(Magazine)(£1.50),  78/9 v Sheff Wed(FAC)(played at Filbert St Leicester 2nd Rplay(£3), 3rd Rplay(£3), 4th Replay(£3),.AWAY FRIENDLY ..PSV 59/60(sl cr)(£10)..Gunflash double issue 505 & 506(£4),…Membership yearbook 09/10(£3),,,v 78/9 Sheff Wed(FAC 2nd Rep@ Filbert St)(£3..4th Replay @ Filbert St)(£3),…Replica of 57/8 v Man Utd(£3), Replica of 1950 Cup Final Arsenal v Liverpool(£3),………”LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 1947-8 PLAYERS SOUVENIR BROCHURE”(SMALL TEAR ON FRONT COVER OTHERWISE VERY GOOD)(£25),  TEAMSHEETS (£1 Each) 01/2 Notts Forest(cr)(50p), 08/9 vv Sunderland, v Tottenham, 09/10 Bolton, Liverpool, WBA(CC), Sunderland, West Ham, 10/11 Birmingham, Blackburn, SC Baga(CL)(£2), Man City, Wigan, 11/12 Blackburn, Cheslea, Fulham, Leeds(FAC), Wolves, 12/13 Coventry(C1C), Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, Swansea(FAC), West Ham, Tottenham, 15/16 Everton,  


38/9  Ipswich(FAC)((sl fld)(£60),  44/5  Coventry(£28),   45/6  Charlton(fld(£24), Derby(flds), Derby(FAC)(Pirate)(£15), (£22),  46/7  Preston(fld/2 inch split to spine)(£18), Sunderland(£25), 47/8 Charlton(£25), 48/9 Arsenal(flds)(£20),  49/50  Arsenal(fld)(£18), Chelsea(sl fld)(£15), Newcastle(1 auto)(£12), Stoke(sl fld)(£12), Sunderland(r/s)(£14) 50/1 Arsenal(£15), Blackpool(fld)(£12), 51/2 Arsenal/Huddersfield(£15),  52/3 Arsenal/Wolves(£12), Burnley(£11), Chelsea(£12), Everton(FAC)(£11), Sheff Wed(£11), 53/4  Arsenal(cr)(£7), Newcastle(£9), WBA(£9), 54/5 Arsenal(£9), Huddersfield(£9),  Leicester(fld)(£8), Man City(£9), Sheff Utd(£9),  Tottenham/Sunderland(£11),  55/6 Arsenal(£8), Cardiff/Sunderland(dam sl dam to sp)(£4), Huddersfield(sof)(£7), Man Utd(£20), Man Utd(sl cr)(£15), Newcastle(£8), Portsmouth(sl fld)(£5), Tottenham(£8), 56/7 Arsenal(fld)(£6), Blackpool(£7),Bolton(sl fld)(£6), Bristol City(FAC)£7), Burnley(FAC)(sl fld)(£5), Burnley(£7), Cardiff(s/s March 3 pin holes)(£8), Charlton(£7), Everton(£7), Man City(Dec)£7), Man City/Leeds(Feb)(£7), Portsmouth(s/s)(£10), Preston(sl cr)(£5), Sunderland(Dec)(£6), Sunderland(Apr)£8), WBA(cr)(£3),  WBA(RES)(£5.50), Wolves(sl fld)(£6),  57/8 Arsenal(£6), Burnley(£6), Luton((£6), Man City(£6), Preston(£5), Sheff Wed(RES)(£6), Stoke(FAC)(s/s)(£12), WBA(£6), Wolves(£6),  58/9 Arsenal(£6), Blackburn(£5), Blackpool(£5), Burnley(£5), Burnley(FAC)(£5), Chelsea(£8), Everton(£5), Leicester(£5), Newcastle(£5), Notts F /Wolves(£5), Preston(£5), Rotherham(FAC)(cr)(£3),  Tottenham/Leeds RES)(£6), WBA(£5), Wolves(£5), 59/60 Blackburn(RES)(£5), Brighton(£5), Bristol Rovers(£5), Bristol City(£5), Cardiff(£5), Charlton(£5), Derby(£5), Huddersfield(£5), Hull(£5), Ipswich/Portsmouth(£6), L Orient(£5), Leeds(FAC)(£5), Lincoln(£5), Middlesbro(£5), Plymouth(£5), Preston(FAC)(£5), Rotherham(wof)(33),  Scunthorpe(£5),Sheff Utd(£5), Stoke(£5),  Swansea/Sunderland(£5), 60/1(£4) Arsenaaal,  Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol Rovers(FAC)(s/s)(£10), Burnley, Cardiff, Everton, Fulham, Leicester(sl mk)(£3), Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle(sl mk)(£3), Notts Forest, Peterboro(FAC)(sl fld)(£3), Sheff Wed(RES), Stoke(FAYC)(s/s)(£8), Tottenham(FAC)(£8),Tottenham(£10), WBA, West Ham(£5), Wolves,  61/2 (£3.50) Arsenal, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Cardiff, Charlton(FAC), Chelsea(£5), C Palace(FAC), Everton, Fulham, Huddersfield(FAC), Ipswich(£8), Leicester, Man City, Man Utd(£6), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd,Sheff Wed(sof)(£2),  Tottenham, WBA, West Ham.Wolves,  62/3(£3) Arsenal, Blackburn, Blackpool,  Bolton/Norwich(LC)(£8), Bristol City(FAC)(s/s)(£7), Burnley, Everton, Fulham, Ipswich, Leicester(£4), L Orient, Liverpool(£4), Man.City, Notts Forest, Peterboro(LC)(£6), Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Stoke(LC)(£6), West Ham/Tottenham(£6), WBA, Wolves, 63/4(£2.50) Arsenal, Barnsley(LC)(s/s)(£9), Birmingham, Blackburn, Chelsea/Tottenham(£6), Everton, Ipswich, Notts F/WBA(FAYC)(£3), Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Stoke, WBA,  West Ham(LC)(s/s)(£fld)(£5), 64/5(£2.50) Arsenal, Blackburn, Blackpool(1 ph)(£1.25), Burnley, Chelsea, Coventry(FAC), Everton, Fulham, Leeds, Man City, Man Utd, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham(£sl mk)(£4), Wolves(£4), Wolves(FAC), 65/6(£2.50) Arsenal, Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Chelsea(£4), Fulham(LC)((4 page//sl mk)(£6), Liverpool(£4), Northampton(£4), Sheff Wed, Notts Forest,  Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed,  Stoke,  Sunderland, Tottenham(sof)(£1.50), (WBA(sl fld)(£2), West Ham(sl cr)(80p),  66/7(£2.50) Arsenal(£5), Blackpool, Burnley, Chelsea(£5), Fulham(fld)(£2), Leeds(£3), Leicester, Leicester(FAC), Liverpool(sl mk)(£2), Man City/Southampton(scr)(70p), Man Utd, Newcastle/Sheff Wed(£3),  Newcastle(RES)(£3), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Stoke(sl fld)(£2), Sunderland, Swindon(FAC)(4 page)(£5), Tottenham, WBA(fld)(£2),West Ham(£4),  67/8(£2) Birmingham(cr)(£1), Blackburn, Cardiff(cr)(80p), Charlton, C.Palace, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Millwall(FAC), Millwall(£3), Preston, Portsmouth, QPR, Rotherham(FAC), Rotherham/Plymouth(cr)(70p), 68/9(£1.50) Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool,  Bolton, Bristol City, Bury, Cardiff, Carlisle, C.Palace, Derby, Fulham/Millwall, Huddersfield, Hull, Middlesbro, Norwich, Portsmouth, Preston, Portsmouth, QPR(FAC), Sheff Utd, Southampton(FAC),  Tottenham(LC)(fld), 69/70(£1.25) Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Bristol City, Cardiff, Carlisle(cr,sof)(40p), Charlton, Charlton(FAC), Hull(t/c)(£1), Huddersfield, Leicester, Middlesbro, Millwall, Newcastle(RES)(s/s)(£5),  Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth, Preston, QPR, Sheff Utd, Stoke(RES)(s/s)(fld)(£5), Swindon, Watford, WBA(LC) 70/1(£1) Barnsley, Brad City, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Bristol Rovers(LC)(t/m)(60p), Burnley(LC)(t/m)(60p), Bury(sl cr)(70p), Carlisle(LC)(sl cr)(60p),  Chesterfield, Doncaster(t/m)(60p), Fulham, Gillingham(t/m)(60p), Halifax, Mansfield(t/m)(60p), Northampton(LC)(fld)(70p), Notts County(LC), Plymouth, Port Vale, Preston, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall, 71/2(£1) Barnsley(t/c)(80p), Birmingham, Birmingham(FAYC)(£3), Blackburn,  Bolton, Brad City, Bournemouth, Brighton, Chelsea(FAYC)(s/s)(£3),Bristol Rovers,  Chesterfield(t/c)(£2), C.Palace(LC), Halifax, Huddersfield(RES)(s/s)(£2.50), Mansfield, Notts County, Oldham, Plymouth, Port Vale, Rochdale, Rotherham, Shrewsbury,  Swansea, Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall, Wrexham, York.  72/3(£1) Blackpool, Brighton, Bristol City, Burnley, Bristol City, Cardiff, Carlisle, Fulham(fld)sl fld)(80p), Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds(LC)(£2), Luton, Middlesbro, Millwall, Notts Forest,  Oxford, Preston, QPR, Sheff Wed, Sunderland(£2), Swindon,  73/4(80p) Arsenal(FAC)(£3), Blackpool, Bolton, Bristol City, Cardiff, C.Palace, Fulham,  Hull, Leicester, Luton, Middlesbro, Millwall,  Notts Cty, Notts Forest, Orient, Oxford, Preston, Sheff Wed(sl fld)(60p), Sunderland(£3),  WBA,  74/5(80p) Blackpool(t/m)(50p), Bolton, Bristol Rovers, Cardiff, Everton(LC)(sl tr)(50p), Fulham, Hartlepool(LC), Leeds(£1.50), Man Utd(£1), Millwall(t/m)(50p), Notts Cty, Notts Forest, Oldham, Oxford,  Sheff Utd(LC), Sheff Wed(t/m)(50p), Southampton, Stoke(£2), Sunderland(£3), WBA, 75/6(80p) Arsenal, Burnley, Coventry, Everton,  Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, man City, Man Utd(£2), Man Utd(LC)(t/c)(50p), Middlesbro, Newcastle,  QPR, Norwich, QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Utd(FAC)(t/m)(50p), Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham(t/c)(50p), , Wolves, 76/7(80p) Arsenal, Birmingham, bristol City, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester(t/m)(40p), Liverpool(t/m)(50p), Man City(LC)(sl fld)(70p), Man City, Man Utd(t/c)(50p), Middlesbro, Millwall(LC)(t/m)50p), Norwich(LC), Port Vale(FAC) QPR, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham(FAC)(sl cr)(50p), West Ham(t/c)(70p), Wrexham(LC)(cr)(60p), 77/8(80p) Birmingham, Bristol City(sl cr)(50p), Cheslea(£1), Coventry(mkd)(40p), Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(£2), Leicester, Liverpool(£2), Man City, Man Utd(£2), Middlesbro, Newcastle, QPR, QPR(LC), WBA(sl mk)(60p),  West Ham, Wolves 78/9(80p) Arsenal, Birmingham, Coventry, Derby(sl fld)(60p), Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Luton(LC)(sl cr)(60p), Man City(sl cr)(50p), Man Utd(sl fld)(60p), Middlesbro(sl cr)(60p), Norwich, Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham,Wolves(£2), 79/80(80p) Arsenal, Brighton, Bristol City,  Camb Utd(LC), Colchester(LC)(£1.25), C.Palace, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(sl mk), Liverpool(£2), Man.City(Jan), Middlesbro, Notts Forest, Tottenham(cr)(40p), Wolves 80/1(£2) Arsenal, Birmingham, Brighton, Coventry, C .Palace, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd, Middlesbro, ManUtd, Norwich, Notts Forest, Southampton, Stoke, WBA, Wolves, Tottenham,   81/2(80p) Arsenal(£2), Birmingham, Coventry(fld)(60p), Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(sl mk)(60p), Leicester(LC), Liverpool, Man City, Middlesbro, Notts County, Notts Forest, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea,  Tottenham, WBA(Dec), WBA(Mar), West Ham(cr)(50p), Wolves(LC),Wolves  82/3 (80p) Arsenal, Birmingham(sl fld)(50p), Everton, Ipswich, Luton, Man City(sl cr)(50p), Man Utd(£2), Norwich, Notts County, Notts County(MC), Notts County, Notts Forest,), Southampton(sl cr)(50p), Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, WBA, Watford(FAC),  West Ham, Wolves(FAC), 83/4(80p) Arsenal, Birmingham, Ipswich, Luton, Man City(mkd)(50p), Norwich(FAC), Norwich, Notts Cty(fld)(50p), Portsmouth(MC), QPR, Southampton, Sunderland((£3), Swansea, WBA, West Ham,  Tottenham, WBA(cr)(30p), 84/5(80p) Arsenal, Chelsea(£2), Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, Scunthorpe(MC), Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham, 85/6(80p) Arsenal, Arsenal(MC), Chelsea (sl cr)(40p), Exeter(MC), Ipswich, Leicester,  Luton, Man.City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Portsmouth(FAC), QPR,  Sheff Wed(sl mk)(40p), Tottenham, WBA, Watford(sob)(50p), West Ham, 86/7(80p) Arsenal, Charlton, Chelsea(FAC), Coventry, Leicester, Luton, Man Cty, Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, Oxford, Southampton, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham, Wimbledon,  87/8(80p) Arsenal, Blackburn, Birmingham, Bournemouth, C.Palace. Charlton, Chelsea(FAC), Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool(FAC), Millwall, Plymouth, Reading, Sheff Utd, SheffWed(LC), Stoke, Swindon, Tottenham(LC), WBA(MC), WBA,  88/9 (80p) Arsenal, Birmingham(LC), Birmingham(Simod)(£3), Charlton, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Leicester, Liverpool, Liverpool(FAC), Liverpool(LC)(sl fld)(60p), Luton, Man Utd, Millwall(£2), Millwall(LC), Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest,QPR,  Sheff Wed, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham, Wimbledon, Wimbledon(FAC), 88/9(80p) Arsenal, Birmingham(Simod)(sl cr)(£3), Charlton, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Man Utd, Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Wed, Tottenham, 89/90(80p) Arsenal, Blackburn(FAC), Charlton, Chelsea, Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Everton, Liverpool(£2), Luton, Man Utd(£2), Middlesbro(ZDS)(£2), Millwall, Norwich, Notts Forest, Port Vale(FAC), QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham(LC), Wimbledon, Wolves(LC),  90/1(80p) Arsenal, Barnsley(RC), Chelsea, Coventry, C Palace, Leeds, Liverpool(£1.50), Everton, Man City, Middlesbro(LC), Millwall(LC), Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, Wimbledon, Wimbledon(FAC), 91/2(80p) Arsenal, Chelsea(sl fld)(70p), Coventry, C.Palace, Everton, Leeds,  Liverpool, Luton,  Man City,  Man Utd, Norwich(fld)(40p), Notts County, Notts Forest, Oldham, QPR. Southampton, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham(FAC), Tottenham, West Ham, Wimbledon, 92/3(£1) Arsenal, Blackburn, Bristol Rovers(FAC), Chelsea(£2.50), Coventry,  C Palace, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Liverpool, Man Utd(£3), Norwich, Notts Forest, Oldham, Oxford, QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, Wimbledon, Wimbledon(FAC), 93/4(£1) Arsenal(£1.50). Birmingham(CCC), Blackburn, Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Leeds, Liverpool(£3), Man City,  Man Utd(sl fld)(70p), QPR. Newcastle, Sheff Utd, Southampton,  Tottenham, West Ham,   94/5(£1)  Chelsea, Coventry, C.Palace, Everton, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd(sl cr)(60p),  Newcastle,  Notts Forest,  QPR,  Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham,  95/6(£1.20)  Arsenal(£2), Blackburn, Everton, Man Utd(£2.50), Newcastle, QPR, Stockport(CCC), West Ham, Wimbledon, Wolves(CCC)(sl fld)(£1), 96/7(£1.50) Arsenal(£2), Blackburn, Chelsea(£2), Coventry, Everton, Leeds, Leicester,  Man Utd, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Notts County, Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham(£2.50), West Ham, 97/8(£1.50) Arsenal(£2), Bolton, Chelsea(sl fld)70p), Tottenham(£2), West Ham,   98/9(£1.60) Arsenal, Blackburn, Derby, Liverpool(cr)930p), West Ham, Wimbledon, 99/00(£1.60) Arsenal(£2), Brad City, Chelsea(£2), Leeds, Liverpool, Middlesbro, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Sunderland, West Ham, Wimbledon, 00/1(£1.60) Arsenal, Brad City, Charlton(t/c)(£1), Chelsea(£2.50), Derby, Ipswich(t/c)(£1.20), Leeds, Leicester, Man City, Middlesbro, Sunderland, Tottenham(sl cr)(90p), West Ham,  01/2(£1.60) Arsenal, Charlton, Derby, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man Utd(RES)(s/s)(£1.50),   Reading, Sheff Wed(WC), Southampton, Sunderland(t/c)(70p), Tottenham(£2), West Ham(£2), 02/3(£1.50) Arsenal, Fulham, Luton(WC), Liverpool(WC), Man City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Newcastle, WBA, West Ham, 03/4(£2) Chelsea, C Palace, Man Utd, 04/5(£2) Arsenal, Blackburn, Chelsea(£15), C.Palace, Man Utd(£4),   05/6(£2) Arsenal, Burnley(CC), Chelsea, Middlesbro, West Ham((sl cr)60p),  06/7(£2) Arsenal, Blackburn, Bolton,Fulham, Sheff Utd, Tottenham,  07/8(£2) Arsenal, Fulham, Liverpool, Sunderland,  08/9(£2) Sunderland 09/10 (£2) Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd, West Ham, 10/11(£2) Fulham,  12/13(£2)Swansea,  14/15(£2) Leyton Orient(C1C),   SPECIAL..EUROPEANS TIES….75/6 Royal Antwerp(sl mk)(£1.50), ..77/8,A Bilbao(£1.50), Barcelona(£4),  Fenerbache(£1.50), Gornik Zabrze(£3),.81/2 BFC Dynamo(£1.25), 82/3 Besiktas(£1.25), D Bucharest(£1), Juventus(£2.50), 83/4 Moscow Sp(£1.50),  Vit Guimares(£2), 90/1 v Banik Ost(£1.50), Inter Milan(£1.50), 93/4 v Deportivo(£1.50), 96/7 Helsingborgs(£2), 97/8 A Madrid(£1.50), 00/1 v Celta Vigo(£2), 01/2 v Basel((£1.50), Varteks V (£1.50), 02/3 v Lille(£2.50), 2008 v Ajax(Special Edition very minor fold)(£5), 09/10 Rapid Vienna(£2), …..FRIENDLIES..  58/9 GAIS (£5). 69/70 v Italy U21(sof)(£2), Dunfermline(£2.50), 71/2 Gornik(£3), Napoli(£3), WBA(£2),   72/3 Bayern M(£2), Tottenham(£2), 73/4 A.Villa All Stars v Potteries All Stars(played at Stafford)(sl fld)(£5),  73/4 v Feyernoord(£3), 75/6 v Walsall(£2), 74/5 v Leeds(Centenary woth 1906 pullout)(£5), 75/6 R Antwerp(£1.50), 76/7 v Eintracht Frankfurt(£3), (pin hole)(£1.50), R Antwerp(£1.50), 82/3 v Dukla Prague(£2.50),  85/6 Sunderland(s/s)(£4), 85/6 Old v Mita Stars(Birmingham Accient Hospital)(£2), 87/8 v Birmingham(League Centenary Founders)(£2), Coventry(£1.50), 09/10 Fiorentina(£2),  INTERTOTO CUP 01/2 Slaven Belupo(£2), Basel(Final)(£2.50), AWAY FRIENDLY99/00 Gotham Cup v Fiorentina, Panthinaikos Ajax(£2.50)..Homes again ….. 69/70 v Coventry(Aitken)(£2.50), FA YOUTH CUP..71/2 V Birmingham(£2)…Testimonials..63/4 Birmingham v London(Crowe)(sl fld)(£4), 76/7 v MidlandX1(Aitkin)£2),  78/9Intl X1 v A.Villa(Robson)(£2), 78/9 Villa v Villa(Leonard)(£2), 81/2 v England(Little)£1.50) ..Game at Villa Park..Midland X1 v EnglandX1(Jack Taylor Test)(£1), v West Midland Reg League@ Kidderminster88/9(£1.50),  v Wolves(FAC)@ WBA64/5 2nd Rep(£3),  .. “Aston Villa..The First 100 Years” by P Morris £8(98 page brochure, Fanzine “Heroes & Villains” No 97(60p), “ASTON VILLA REVIEW”2002(£6),   “THE VILLAN” Aug 68(£4), Feb 1969(£3), April 1969(£3), A.Villa Yearbook 68/9(£4), “My Villa years Charlie Aitken)(£4),  “THE ROAD TO ROTTERDAM” 120 page book(£10) 1964/5 Facsimile auto sheet)(£4),”Aston Villa Wembley `71″-28 page brochure(£4),”Heroes & Villains”Fanzine 50p each No7, 128(sl cr)(30p), “Aston Villa The First 100 Years”  PMorris98 pages  softback v sl scuffs(£5),  


46/7 Bradford PA(£25), 48/9 Grimsby(ph/fld)(£11), 50/1 Doncaster(£14),  51/2 Brentford(t/m inside)(£7),  52/3 Bury(fld)(£9),   53/4 Hartlepools(sticker on team page otherwise good)(£5), 54/5   Barrow(£8), Carlisle(£9), Chester(fld)(£6), Darlington(£8), Gateshead(sl mk)(£8), Grimsby(£8), Oldham(£8), Rochdale(£8), Scunthorpe(ph)(£4),Stockport(£8), Tranmere£8), 55/6  Blackburn(fld)(£6), Bristol Rovers (£8), Bury(£8), Hull(sl mk)(£6), Lincoln(sl fld)(£6), Notts Forest(£8), Plymouth(cr)(£3), Port Vale(fld)(£6), Sheff Utd(C C semi)(£sl fld)(£8), Sheff Wed(£8), Swansea(£8) , 56/7 Blackburn(fld)(£4), Bristol City(sl fld)(£7), Bury(sl fld)(£7), Doncaster(£8), Fulham(£7), Grimsby(£8),  Huddersfield(£7), Lincoln(£7), Notts Forest(sl fld)(£6), Port Vale(cr)(£5), Rotherham(sl fld)£6), Stoke(£7), Swansea(£7), West Ham(£10)  57/8 Barnsley & District(FA)(£6), Blackburn(sl cr)(£4),  Bristol Rovers(£6), Cardiff(£6), Doncaster(fld)(£5), Fulham(£6), Huddersfield(£6), Liverpool(£10), Middlesbro(£6), Rotherham (cr)(£3), Sheff Utd(£6), Stoke(£6), Swansea(£6),  58/9 Brad City(£5)Brad City(FAC)(£5), Brighton(sl fld)(£5), Bristol City(£5), Bristol Rovers(sl cr)(£4), Cardiff(£5), Charlton(fld)(£4), Derby, Huddersfield(£5), Grimsby(£5), Grimsby(FAC)(£5), Ipswich(£6), L Orient(fld)(£4), Middlesbro(£6), Scunthorpe)(cr)(£3), Sheff Utd(£5), Stoke(£5),  59/60 Brad.City(FAC)(£5),  Colchester(£5), Grimsby(fld)(£3.50), Port Vale(£5), QPR(£5), Reading(£5), Southampton(£5), York, 60/1(£4)  Luton(FAC), Port Vale, Southend, Tranmere, 61/2(£3.50) Halifax, Newport, Northampton, QPR, Shrewsbury(fld)(£2),  62/3(£3) Bradford PA, Colchester, Halifax,  Everton(FAC)(£6), Millwall, Shrewsbury, 63/4(£2.50) Crewe(fld)(£1.50), Mansfield, Millwall, Peterboro, Wrexham, 64/5(£2.50), Colchester, Grimsby, Peterboro, QPR(mkd/ph)(£1), Southend(r/s)(£1.50),  Workington,  65/6(£2.50) Chesterfield(sl mk)(£2), Southport,   66/7 (£2.50) Brentford, Grimsby(LC|), Halifax(sl cr)(£1.50), 67/8(£2) Aldershot, Brad City, Crewe, Doncaster(sl mk)(£1.75), Halifax, Newport(sof)£1), Notts Cty, Rochdale,  Rotherham(CCs/f)(£3), Southend, Workington,   68/9(£1.50) Barrow(£3), Bournemouth, Crewe, Hartlepool, Millwall(LC), Reading, Shrewsbury, Southport, Stockport, 69/70(£1.25) Bournemouth, Brad City, Doncaster, Plymouth, Reading, Southport(sof)(£60p), Stockport, Tranmere,  70/1(£1) A.Villa(£2), Brad City, Shrewsbury, Torquay, 71/2(£1) Bristol Rovers(mkd)(50p), Hartlepool(LC),  Plymouth, Swansea, Walsall,  72/3(£1) Aldershot, Colchester, Hartlepool, Southport, Workington, 73/4(80p) Brad City, Colchester, Crewe, Lincoln, Mansfield(sl cr)(50p),  Newport, Stockport,  Workington, 74/5(80p) Camb Utd, Brad City(fld)(60p), Brentford, Chester, Crewe,  Exeter,  Hartlepool(fld)(50p), Lincoln(sl cr)(50p), Mansfield(sl cr)(50p), Newport(sl cr)(40p), Reading(fld)(60p), Rochdale, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Stockport, Workington, 75/6(80p) Bournemouth, Brad City(fld)(50p), Brentford, Camb Utd, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster(fld)(50p), Exeter, Hartlepool,  Huddersfield(LC), Lincoln(sl mk)(50p), Newport. Northampton, Reading, Rochdale, Scunthorpe,  Stockport, Torquay, Tranmere, Workington, 76/7(80p) Aldershot, Bournemouth, Brad.City, Camb Utd, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington(cr)(50p), Exeter, Halifax(mkd)(40p), Huddersfield(cr)(50p), Newport, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southend,  Southport, Stockport,  Torquay,  Watford, York 77/8(80p) Chesterfield(LC), Huddersfield(FAC), Huddersfield, Newport, Southport,  78/9(80p) Bournemouth(sl mk)(50p), Cghesterfield, Crewe(fld)(50p), Newport, Portsmouth, Rotherham, Stockport, Wimbledon,  79/80(80p) Blackburn, Blackpool, Brentford, Chesterfield, Colchester, Hartlepool(FAC), Oxford, Rotherham, Sheff Utd,West Ham(LC)(£3), Wimbledon 80/1(80p)Burnley(sl fld)(60p), Colchester(Mar) , Colchester(Apr),  Gillingham(sl mk)(50p)Mansfield, (LC), Millwall, Oxford, Plymouth, Sheff Utd, Torquay(FAC), 81/2(80p) Blackburn, Cardiff, Derby, Grimsby, Liverpool (LC), Man City(LC), Peterboro(LC), Sheff Wed, Swansea(LC)(mkd)(40p), Watford, Wrexham, 82/3(80p) Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Carlisle, Chelsea(£1.50), C Palace(sl fld)(60p), Derby, Grimsby, Fulham, Newcastle, Oldham, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, 83/4(80p) Blackburn, Camb Utd, Carlisle, Charlton, C Palace, Huddersfield, Middlesbro, Oldham, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, 84/5(80p) Birmingham, Blackburn, Fulham, Grimsby(MC), Grimsby, Huddersfield,  Notts Cty, Sheff Utd, 85/6(80p) Brad.City,  Fulham, Middlesbro, Millwall, Oldham,  Sunderland, 86/7(80p) Brad.City,  Leeds, Oldham, Portsmouth, Shrewsbury,  Sunderland(sl cr)(50p), Tottenham(LC)(£3), 87/8(80p ) Blackburn, Bournemouth, Huddersfield, Middlesbrough, Sheff Wed(LC), West Ham(LC), 88/9(80p) Blackburn, Chelsea(£3), Ipswich, Man City, Oxford, Sunderland, Watford, 89/90 (80p)  Blackpool(LC), Ipswich(FAC), Sunderland(£3), West Ham,  90/1(80p)Bristol Rovers, Charlton, Everton(ZDS)(£3), Ipswich, Notts Cty,Tottenham(FAC)(£2.50),    91/2(80p) Ipswich,  Sunderland 92/3(80p) Luton, Notts Cty, Tranmere, 93/4(80p) Notts Cty, Plymouth((sl mk)(40p), Sunderland(sl fld)(50p), 94/5(80p) Burnley, Newcastle, Notts Cty, Port Vale, Southend, 95/6(80p) Arsenal(CCC)(sl fld)(70p), Birmingham, Luton, Stoke, Sunderland,  96/7(£1.20) Ipswich(t/c)(£1), Rochdale, 97/8(£1.80) Arsenal(£2.50), A.Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Derby, Everton(sl cr)(60p), Liverpool, Tottenham, Tottenham(FAC)(£8), 98/9(£1.60)Bournemouth(FAC), Crewe, Ipswich, Tottenham(FAC)(£3), Tottenham(t/c)(£3),  99/00(£1.60) Crewe, Ipswich, Walsall,  00/1(£1.60)  Birmingham, Blackburn, Burnley,C Palace, QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed,  01/2(£1.60) Rotherham,  02/3(£1.60) Bristol City, Colchester, Northampton, Notts Cty, Oldham, Wycombe,     03/4(£2) Blackpool(CC), Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brighton,  Colchester, Hartlepool, Notts Cty, Peterboro, Port Vale, QPR, Sheff Wed, Stockport, Tranmere, Wrexham, 04/5(£2) Colchester, Hartlepool,  05/6 (£2) Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brad City, Brad City(FAC), Colchester, Darlington,(FAC), Doncaster, Doncaster(LDV), Hartlepool,  Notts Forest, Oldham, Port Vale, Rotherham,  Tranmere, Walsall,  06/7(£2) Colchester, mSunderland,   07/8(£2.50) Darlington(CCC),  Ipswich, Scunthorpe, Sheff, Wed, Southampton, Sheff Utd, Watford,  09/10(£2) Sheff Wed, 10/11(£2.50) Burnley, Coventry, Derby, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd, Swansea, Watford,  …Friendlies. 82/3 vNotts County(s/s)(fld)(£2), 85/6 V Sheff Wed(fld)(£2), .03/4 vBrad City(£1), 05/6Hull(£1)…Handbook 67/8(£3), FRIENDLIES v  55/6(AllStars)(cr)(£4), 56/7All Stars(£6),  Team Photo82/3(£2) , 03/4 v Sunderland(£2.), “Barnsley..Seasons 83/4-92/3”(£3)  TEAMSHEETS (31 each) Colchester 15/16, 


 48/9  Arsenal(fld)(£20), Middlesbro(ph)(£14),  49/50 Arsenal(£15), Huddersfield(cuttings taken)(£2),  52/3 Blackburn(sof(spl sp)(£5), Doncaster(sof)(£7), Huddersfield(1 ph)(£6), Tottenham(FAC)(£35),  53/4  Oldham(sof)(£7), Plymouth(sof)(£7),   54/5 Blackburn(sof)(£6), Bolton(FAC)(£9), Doncaster(FAC)(£7), Derby(sof)(£6), Hull(£8), Lincoln(sof)(£6),  Luton(£8), Man City(FAC)(£9), Middlesbro(£8), Notts Cty(sl fld)(£7), Plymouth(£9), Stoke(sof/fld)(£4.50), Swansea(sof)(£6) 55/6 Arsenal(£9), Blackpool(£8)Bolton(£8), Cardiff (£8), Charlton(t/m)(£5), Chelsea(FAC)(fld)(£7), Everton(sl cr)(£4), Huddersfield(sl fld)(£7) , Luton(sl fld)(£7), Man City(£8), Man Utd(sl fld)(£18), Newcastle(£8), Portsmouth(sof)(£4), Sheff Utd(£8),  Tottenham(£15), WBA(£9), Wolves(£9),  56/7 Arsenal(£7), A.Villa(£7), Blackpool(£7), Bolton(£7), Burnley(sof/fld)(£4), Cardiff)£7), Carlisle(FAC)(£7), Charlton(£7), Chelsea(sl fld)(£8), Everton(fld)(£6), Leeds(sl cr)(£7), Luton(£7), Man City(fld)(£5), Man Utd(£15), Newcastle(fld)(£6), Notts Forest(fld)(£4), Portsmouth(fld)(£5), Preston(fld)(£5), Sheff Wed(fl)(£5), Sunderland(£6), Tottenham(sl fld)(£8), WBA(sl fld)(£6), Wolves(fld)(£6), 57/8 Arsenal(fld)(£6), A.Villa(£6), Blackpool(t/m/fld)(£3), Bolton(sl mk)(£4), Burnley(£6), Chelsea(sl fld)(£7), Everton(sl cr)(£5), Fulham(RES)(s/s)(sl tr)(£5),  Leicester(fld)(£5), L Orient(RES)(£6), Luton(t/m/fld)(£3), Man City(fld)(£6), Newcastle((sl fld)(£6), Notts Forest(£6), Portsmouth(sl r/s)(£5), PNE(mkd)(£4), Sheff Wed(£5), Sunderland(£6), Tottenham(£6), WBA(fld/t/m)(£3), Wolves(£6),  58/9 Arsenal(£6), Blackburn(£5), Blackpool(sl fld)(£4), Bolton(£5), Burnley(fld)(£4), Chelsea(fld)(£4),  Everton(£4), Fulham(FAC)(cr)(£3), Leeds(sl cr)(£4), Leicester(fld)(£4),Luton(fld)(£4),  Man City(sl fld)(£4), Man Utd(sl fld)(£5), Newcastle(sl fld)(£4), Notts Forest, Portsmouth(sl fld)(£4),  Preston(£5), Tottenham(£5), WBA(£5), West Ham(£5), Wolves(£5), 59/60 Arsenal(£5), Blackburn(£5), Blackpool(s fld)(£4) Bolton(£5), Chelsea(sl fld)(£5), Everton(£5), Fulham(fld)(£4), Leicester(£5), Luton(£5), Man City(£5), Man Utd(sl fld)(£5), Tottenham(£5), Wolves(£5), 60/1(£4) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Cardiff(nof)(£3), Everton(sl cr)(£3), Fulham, Leicester, Leicester(FAC),   Newcastle(sl fld)(£3), Notts Forest(sl fld)(£3), Preston, Rotherham(FAC), Sheff Wed, WBA,  61/2(£3.50) Arsenal, Blackburn(fld)(£2), Blackpool, Bolton, Cardiff, Everton(fld)(£2.50),  Fulham, Leicester, Sheff Utd,  Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed,  Tottenham, Tottenham(FAC), WBA,  West Ham, Wolves(sl cr)(£1.50),  62/3(£3) Arsenal, A.Villa,  Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Bury(FAC), Doncaster(LC)(£9), Fulham, Leicester, Leyton Orient(fld)£3), Man City(FAC), Notts Forest(sl tr)(£2), Sheff Utd, WBA, Tottenham, WBA West Ham, Wolves(£4),   63/4(£2.50) A. Villa, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton,  Everton, Fulham,  Leicester, Notts Forest, Port Vale(FAC), Sheff Wed, Stoke, Tottenham WBA, West Ham(cr)(£1.25),Wolves,   64/5  Arsenal, Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham,  Leicester, Liverpool, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Stoke(fld), Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, Wolves 65/6(£2.50) Bolton, Bristol City, Bury, Cardiff, Carlisle, Coventry, Derby, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leicester(FAC), Leyton Orient, Man City, Middlesbro, Norwich, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Preston, Rotherham, Southampton, Wolves,  66/7 (£2.50) Arsenal (FAC), Bolton, Bristol City, Cardiff, Charlton, Coventry, C Palace,  Huddersfield, Hull, Ipswich, Ipswich(LC), Millwall, Northampton, Norwich,  Plymouth,  Preston, Rotherham, Tottenham(FAC), Wolves  67/8(£2) Arsenal(FAC)(cr), A.Villa, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton,  Cardiff, Carlisle, Charlton, Chelsea(cr)(£1), C Palace. Derby, Huddersfield, Hull, Ipswich, Middlesbro, Millwall, Orient, Norwich,  Plymouth, Portsmouth, Preston, QPR, Rotherham, QPR, 68/9(£1.50) Blackburn(fld)(80p), Bury, Cardiff, Chelsea(LC), Fulham, Huddersfield, Hull, Lincoln(FAC), Man Utd(FAC), Middlesbro, Portsmouth, Sheff Wed(FAC), 69/70(£1.25) A.Villa(sl fld)(80p), Blackburn(sl tr)(80p), Blackpool, Bristol City, Cardiff(sl cr)(80p), Leicester(mkd)(60p), Portsmouth(sl tr)(80p), Sheff Utd, 70/1(£1) Blackburn, Cardiff, Colchester(LC), Huddersfield, Hull, Leicester, Luton, Millwall, Orient, Oxford, QPR, Sheff Wed, Sunderland, Swindon(sof)(70p), Watford,Wrexham(LC),  71/2 (£1) A.Villa(FAYC)(£3), Cardiff, Fulham, Huddersfield(sl fld)(60p), Ipswich, Luton, Orient, Oxford, Portsmouth, Preston, Sunderland, Swindon,  72/3(£1) Arsenal(fld)(80p),  C.Palace)sl cr)(50p), , Everton, Ipswich, Liverpool,  Luton(LC)(£2), Newcastle, Norwich, Stoke, Tottenham(£2), 73/4(80p) Arsenal, Blackpool(LC),  Cardiff(FAC), Chelsea(£2), Coventry, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Stoke, Tottenham(£5), 74/5(80p) Arsenal, Burnley(cr)(40p), Chelsea(sof/tc)(40p), Coventry, Derby, Everton(fld)(50p), Ipswich, Leeds(£2.50),  Liverpool, Middlesbro(FAC)(cr)(50p), Sheff Utd, Tottenham,  Walsall(FAC), West Ham(cr/sof)(50p), 75/6(80p) Arsenal, Coventry, Everton, Leeds,  Man Utd, Portsmouth(FAC), Sheff Utd, Tottenham(sl fld), West Ham, 76/7(80p) Arsenal, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd(t/c)(60p), ,Middlesbro, Norwich, Sunderland, Tottenham(£3), West Ham,  77/8(80p) Everton,  Ipswich, Liverpool, Man Utd, Middlesbro(fld)(50p), Notts Cty(LC), Notts Forest(cr)(60p), Wolves 78/9(80p) Bristol City(ASC)(£1.50), Burnley(FAC), Chelsea(cr)(60p), Ipswich(DEC), Ipswich(APR), Man City, Norwich, QPR(JAN), QPR(MAR), Southampton, Tottenham, WBA(inc supp)(£2),  79/80(80p) Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Camb Utd, Middlesbro, Orient,  Notts Cty(cr)(40p), QPR,Shrewsbury, Sunderland(£2),  80/1(80p) Arsenal , C.Palace, Ipswich, Ipswich(LC), Liverpool, Sunderland(FAC),  WBA, 81/2(80p) Ipswich(FAC), Man Utd, Notts Cty,  Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA 82/3(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Coventry,  Everton, Ipswich, Liverpool, Luton, Man City, Notts Cty, Shrewsbury(MC), Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham(£2.50), Walsall(FAC), WBA, 83/4(80p) Arsenal, Ipswich, Notts Cty, Notts Cty(MC), Notts Cty(MC)(2nd Rep), Tottenham, West Ham, West Ham(FAC),  84/5 (80p) Coventry, C.Palace, Huddersfield, Norwich(FAC), Notts Cty, Oldham, Plymouth(MC), Sheff Utd, Shrewsbury, Wolves, 85/6 (80p)  A Villa(poor)(20p), Ipswich, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Notts Cty, Oldham, Oxford, QPR, Southampton(MC), Watford, WBA, West Ham, 86/7(80p) Brad City, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Grimsby, Hull, Ipswich, Middlesbro(LC), Oldham, Plymouth, Reading, Sheff Utd, Sunderland,  87/8(80p) Blackburn, Oldham, 88/9(80p) Chelsea(£3), Man City, Plymouth, Shrewsbury, Walsall,  Wimbledon,  89/90(80p) Burnley, Fulham, L Orient, Notts Cty, West Ham(LC), Wigan, 90/1(80p) Fulham,  91/2(80p)  Fulham, Hartlepool(sl fld)(50p), , L Orient, (fld)(50p), Reading, Sunderland, WBA, Wigan, 92/3(£1) Luton, Millwall, Peterboro, Southend, Tranmere, Watford, Wolves, 93/4(£1) Ipswich, Notts Cty , Plymouth(CCC),  94/5(£1) Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd, Huddersfield, Rotherham, Shrewsbury(CCC), Stockport, Wrexham, 95/6(£1) Leicester, Liverpool)FAC)(£3),Milllwall, Middlesbro,Plymouth, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheff Utd, Southend,  96/7(£1)QPR  97/8(£1 ) Middlesbro, Notts Forest,Portsmouth, Tranmere,  01/2(£1.50) Millwall, Sunderland,  02/3 (£1.50) Sunderland(1 auto), Tottenham(£4), 03/4 (£1.50),  Tottenham, 04/5(£1.50 )Arsenal,  Chelsea(£18), Tottenham(£5),  05/6(£2) Chelsea(£3), Tottenham(£5),   06/7(£2)  Colchester , Sunderland 07/8 (£2) Tottenham, 09/10 Arsenal, Sunderland,  SPECIAL  .EUROPEAN TIES….56/7 Zagreb(sl cr)(£4), 57/8 I Milan(fld)(£5), 58/9 Cologne(sl fld)(£5), Zagreb(sl fld)(£5), 60/1 Ujpesti Dosza(£5), 61/2 Espanol(£5), …Testimonials  59/60 v All Stars(Hall)(£5), 69/70 Birmingham v Man City(sl fld)(Wylie)(£5)78/9 v WBA(Pendrey)(cr)(80p), …Friendlies  56/7 Inter Milan(cr)(£5), B Dortmund(sof)(£5),  57/8 Barcelona(sl fld)(£5), Sampdoria(£6), 58/9 Bela Vista(£5), Zagreb(£5), 59/60 Valencia(£5),  60/1 Kjobenhavens Boldklub(cr)(£3), 61/2 Bratislava(£4), 69/70 v Slovan B(£2.50),  78/9 Ajax(£2), 86/7 Coventry(£1), 96/7 v Liverpool(£3), 97/8 v A.Villa(£2), Newcastle(£1.50),98/9 v Man Utd(£3), Tottenham(£3), 00/1 v Tottenham(£3), 06/7 v Tottenham(£3),  …Fanzines..”Tired and Weary” No 8, 193.  (£1), ….Publications…..”History of the Blues”(1994 Evening Mail Special)(£3), BeaunanzaSep1968(£2) sheet(facsimile) approx 55/6(£5)..”Ten Years To Remember..The Trevor Smith Story 48 page Brochure(£5)


 54/5  Bristol Rovers(sl mk)(£12), (Bury(sl cr)(£12),  55/6 Stoke(spl spine)(£5),  56/7Port Vale(fld)(£12), 57/8 Barnsley(£7), Huddersfield(£6),  58/9 (nof = small, neat team name in top right) Arsenal(£12), A.Villa(£5), Blackpool(£5), Bolton , Burnley(nof)(£5), Burnley(FAC)(24/1)(nof)(£5), Burnley(FAC)(28/1)(nof)(£5), Chelsea(nof)(£6), Everton(£6), Leeds(nof)(£6), Leyton Orient(FAC)(nof)(£5), Luton(£6),(nof)(£5), Newcastle(£5),  Preston(nof)(£5), Tottenham(nof)(£9),WBA(nof)(£5), West Ham(nof)(£6), Wolves(nof)(£6),  59/60  Arsenal(£7), Burnley(£10), Sunderland(FAC)(£5),  60/1(£4) Arsenal, Cardiff, Newcastle(£5), Notts Forest(£5), Sheff Wed(sl r/s)(£3), 61/2(£3.50) Arsenal(£8), Burnley,  62/3(£3)  Arsenal, A.Villa, Everton(sof)(£1.50), Middlesbro(FAC),  Notts Forest, Tottenham(fld)(£55), 63/4(£2.50)  Arsenal(wof/mkd)(31), A.Villa, Birmingham, Burnley, Everton, Fulham(cr)(£1.50) , Sheff Utd, Tottenham, WBA,   64/5(£2.50) Arsenal(poor)(60p), A.Villa, Blackpool, Burnley, Chelsea(£5), Everton, Liverpool, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Sunderland,  65/6(£2.50) Arsenal)(£4), A.Villa, Blackpool(4 page)(sl fld)(£5), Blackpool(DEC), Burnley(sl mk)(£1), Everton, Fulham, Leeds(sof)(£2), Newcastle, Sheff Utd, Stoke, Sunderland,  66/7(£2.50) Cardiff, Coventry, Huddersfield, Hull, Millwall, Northampton, Norwich((£4), Portsmouth(sof)(£1.50), 67/8(£2) A.Villa, Bolton, Brighton, Derby(sl mk)£1), Huddersfield, Ipswich(£3), Millwall(sof)(£1), Portsmouth, Preston, Rotherham,  68/9(£1.50) Huddersfield, Hull, Norwich, Portsmouth,  69/70(£1.25) .Villa, Bolton, Huddersfield, Portsmouth, QPR(£2),  70/1(£1) Burnley, Hull, QPR(£2), Sunderland(£2), 71/2(£1) Chesterfield Notts Cty(sl fld)(80p), Rotherham, Workington(LC)(£2),  72/3(£1) Chesterfield, Southend, 73/4(£1) Notts Cty, Southport(LC)(£2), Watford, 74/5(80p)  Bury(fld)(50p), Colchester, 75/6(80p) Bolton, Carlisle(cr)(40p), Chelsea(cr)(70p), Fulham(sl mk)(60p), Hull, Hull(cr)(50p), Luton, Notts Cty, Preston (LC), Southampton, Sunderland(£1.50),  76/7(80p)  Burnley(sl mk)(40p), Burnley(ASC)(sl fld)(£2), Chelsea(£2), Notts Cty, Plymouth,77/8(80p) Bolton, Burnley, Colchester(LC), Fulham, Millwall, Orient, Notts Cty, Sunderland,  Tottenham(£3), 78/9(80p) Brighton, Burnley, Burnley(ASC)(£3), Bristol Rovers, Cardiff, C Palace, Fulham, Leicester, Luton,  Notts County, Oldham, Preston,  Sunderland(JAN), West Ham,  79/80(80p) Burnley(ASC)£3), Colchester, Exeter, Millwall, Sheff Utd,  Sheff Wed(fld)(40p), Southend, 80/1(80p) Bolton, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd(cr)(60p), Cheslea, Gillingham, Grimsby, Luton,  Notts Cty, Oldham, Preston, Swansea, West Ham,  81/2(80p) Bolton, Carlisle((cr)(40p), Charlton, Grimsby, Leicester(sl mk)(60p), Luton, Orient, QPR, Rotherham, 82/3(80p) Bolton, Burnley, Camb Utd, Fulham, Grimsby, Leeds, Leicester, 83/4(80p) Camb Utd, Fulham, Ipswich(MC), Leeds, Swansea,  84/5(80p) Birmingham(poor)(20p), Fulham, Man City, ManUtd(FAC), Notts Cty, Oldham, 85/6(80p) Burnley(LMCFinal)(£3), Fulham, Huddersfield, Norwich(sl cr)(50p), Stoke, Sunderland   86/7(80p)  Derby, Plymouth,  Portsmouth, QPR(LC)(£2.50), Sunderland,   Wigan(LC), 87/8(80p) Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool(LC)(£2.50), Huddersfield, Ipswich, Middlesbro, Stoke, Swindon, 88/9(80p) Birmingham, Chelsea, Ipswich, Oxford,Sheff Wed(FAC),   Sunderland(Simod)(£3), Sunderland, Tottenham(LC), 89/90(80p) Sheff Utd, Stoke, Sunderland  90/1(80p) Brighton, Everton(ZDS)(sl mk)(£1.50), Ipswich, Liverpool(FAC)(£3), Middlesbro, Notts Cty, Rotherham, Port Vale,  Sheff Wed,  91/2(£1) Camb Utd, Derby, Ipswich, Middlesbro,  Sunderland(£2.50), 92/3(£1.20) Arsenal, Bournemouth(FAC), Camb Utd(LC), C.Palace,  Everton, Norwich(LC), Oldham, Sheff Utd, Tottenham(£6), Watford(LC), Wimbledon, 93/4(£1.20) A.Villa, Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Man City, Newcastle, Oldham, Portsmouth(FAC), QPR, Tottenham(£8), Wimbledon(Jan), Wimbledon(FEB), 94/5(£1.20) Chelsea(£5), Everton, Ipswich, QPR,    95/6(£1.20),Everton, Liverpool(CCC), Middlesbro, Norwich, Notts Forest, West Ham, Tottenham(£2.50), Wimbledon, 96/7(£1.20) Arsenal(£3), Everton(sl cr)(70p),  Sunderland, Tottenham(£2.50),  97/8(£1.30) Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd , Southampton, Tottenham, 98/9(£1.50) Arsenal(£2), Everton, Derby, Tottenham(£20), West Ham(£2), 99/00(£1.50) Ipswich, Swindon, 00/1(£1.50) Burnley, Derby(FAC), Gillingham, Norwich(Walker tribute), Portsmouth,    01/2(£1.70) Arsenal(WC)(£3), West Ham 02/3 (£2) Arsenal, Chelsea, S(£2) Arsenal, Chelsea, Sunderland(FAC),  West Ham,  04/5((£2.50) Arsenal(sl mk)£1.25), A.Villa, Chelsea(£4), olchester(FAC), C Palace, Tottenham(£4),  05/6,(2.50) Chelsea, Tottenham(£4),  06/7(£2.50) Chelsea, Tottenham(£7),  07/8(£2.50) Liverpool, Reading, Sunderland, Tottenham(£10), 08/9 (£2.50)  Arsenal, Sunderland, Tottenham(£8),   10/11(£2.50) A.Villa, Everton, Sunderland, WBA, Wigan, 15/16(£2.50) Sheff Wed  .SPECIALS…Friendly 75/6 v Man City(£2.50), ..Lancs CC 82/3 v Blackpool(£1), .Lancs FA Manx Cup 85/6 v Wigan(£1.50), 85/6 v Stoke(IOM Fest)(£2), 01/2 v Barcelona(£2), 08/9 v NAC Breda(£1.50), ….Testimonials 60/1 v (Eckersley)(ph)(£3), EUROPEANS 98/9 v Lyonnaise(£2.50), 02/3 CSKA(£2), 15/16 v Sheff Wed(teamsheet)(£2)


46/7  Portsmouth(£40),  47/8 A.Villa(fld)(£22),  49/50  Arsenal(cell sp)(£15), Southend(FAC)(£25), Sunderland(sl fld)(£22),  52/3 Arsenalr/s,sl fld)(£25),  53/4  Arsenal(sl mk,fld)(£7), , Huddersfield(sl fld)(£8), Man Utd(fld/r/s)(£22), 54/5  Arsenal(sl mk)(£7), Sheff Utd(£9), Tottenham(ph)(£9),   55/6 Arsenal(small sof)(£10), Birmingham(sof)(£7), Bolton(£9),  Cardiff(sof)(£7), Charlton(sof)(£7), Sunderland(sof)£7), Wolves(£8),  56/7  Arsenal(£8), Charlton(£7),  Luton(£7), Sunderland(£7), WBA(£7), Wolves(£7),   57/8  Arsenal(£6), A.Villa(£6), Birmingham(£5), Bolton(£6),  Burnley(sl fld)(£5), Luton(£5), Newcastle(£6), Preston(£5), Sunderland(£5),  Tottenham(£7), 58/9  Arsenal(fld)(£4), A.Villa(£5), Birmingham(£5), Blackburn(£5), Bolton(£5), Burnley(fld)(£4), Fulham(£5), Newcastle, Notts Forest(£5), Portsmouth(£5), Tottenham(£7), WBA(FAC)(£5), WBA(£5),  Wolves(£5),   59/60  Arsenal(sof)(£5), Bolton(cr(£2), Burnley(sl fld)(£4), Everton(£5), Luton(fld)(£4), Mansfield(FAC)(£4), Notts Forest(cr)(£2.50), Wolves(sl tr)(£2), 60/1(£4) Arsenal(sl fld)(£3),  A.Villa(sl fld)(£3.50), Bolton, Cardiff, Chelsea(r/s)(£7), Man.City, Preston, Tottenham((£40), WBA, 61/2(£3.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton(fld)(£2.50), Burnley, Cardiff, Chelsea(£8), Everton, Fulham, Ipswich(sl cr)(£5), Leicester, Man City(sof)(£3), Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Tottenham, WBA, WBA(FAC), West Ham, 62/3(£3) Arsenal(mkd)(£1.50), A.Villa, Blackburn, Burnley, Man.City, Man Utd(sl cr), Tottenham,  WBA, 63/4(£2.50) Arsenal, Blackburn, Burnley, Everton(fld)(£2), Fulham, Leicester,  Notts Forest, Sheff Utd Sheff Wed,  WBA, 64/5(£2.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Burnley, Everton, Fulham, Leicester, Liverpool, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 65/6(£2.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackburn, Burnley, Fulham, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Stoke, Sunderland , Tottenham, WBA, West Ham(sof) (£1.50) 66/7(£2.50) Arsenal(£3), A.Villa, Burnley, Chelsea(£4), Everton, Fulham, Huddersfield(RES)(s/s)(£3), Leicester, Liverpool, Man City(sof)(£2), Sheff Utd, Stoke, Tottenham, 67/8(£2) Birmingham, Blackburn, Charlton, Huddersfield, Hull, Ipswich, Millwall, Norwich, Plymouth, Portsmouth, QPR, 68/9(£1.50) A.Villa, Bolton, Bristol City, Bury, Cardiff(slfld)(£1), Carlisle, C.Palace, Derby, Fulham, Huddersfield, Middlesbro, Oxford, Preston, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd, 69/70(£1.25) Arsenal(FAC), A.Villa, Blackburn, Gillingham(LC), Leicester,  Mansfield, Portsmouth, Preston, Watford, 70/1(£1) Bristol City(LC)(wof)(50p), Burnley, Coventry(fld)(60p), Huddersfield, Ipswich(£3), Liverpool, WBA,  71/2 (£1) A.Villa(LC)(£2) Birmingham, Bristol City, Burnley(sl fld)(80p), Cardiff, Charlton, Colchester(LC), Fulham, Hull, Luton, Norwich, Preston, Sheff Wed, Sunderland, Watford, 72/3(£1)  Bournemouth(LC)(sl mk)(£1.50), Bristol City, Burnley, Middlesbro(sl tr)(60p), Hull, QPR,  Sunderland(£2.50), Tottenham(£3), 73/4(80p)  Carlisle, Hull, Notts Cty, WBA(t/c)(50p),   74/5(80p) Bristol City, Notts Cty, Sheff Wed,   75/6(80p) Blackpool(FAC), Bristol City, Fulham, Notts Cty, Sunderland, 76/7(80p) Burnley, Notts Cty, Sheff Utd   77/8(80p) Notts Cty, Sunderland , Tottenham(£3), 78/9(80p) Carlisle, Chesterfield, Colchester,  Rotherham, Walsall,  79/80(Newspaper style..all folded neatly in ½…£1. 25 ) Blackburn, Bury/Brentford, Colchester, Gillingham,  Rotherham, Sheff Utd,  80/1(80p) Burnley. Colchester, Fulham, Newport,   81/2(80p) Burnley(GC)(£4), Colchester,  Halifax(sl mk)(60p), Scunthorpe(sl mk)(60p), 82/3(80p) Colchester, Hartlepool, Scunthorpe, 83/4(80p) Colchester,  84/5(80p) Hartlepool, 85/6(80p) GillinghamNotts Cty,  86/7(80p)  Fulham, Gillingham, Newport, Notts Cty, QPR(FAC)(£2.50), Peterboro(CCC),Swansea, Wigan(RES)(s/s)(fld)(£1.50),  York, 87/8 (80p) Fulham, Notts Cty, Sunderland(£2), Wigan,  89/90  (80p) Burnley, Chester, Fulham, Notts Cty, Wigan, 90/1 (80p) Burnley, 91/2(80p) Burnley(AT)(£3),  93/4  (80p) Burnley, Fulham,  94/5(£1) Hull, Wycombe,  95/6(£1) Burnley, Notts Cty, 96/7(£1.20) Burnley, Gillingham, Notts Cty,  97/8 (£1.20) Northa mpton, 98/9(£1.20) Colchester, Notts Cty,  99/00 (£1.30) Colchester, Notts Cty,  00/1(£1.50) Leyton Orient,  Southend 01/2(£1.50)  Notts Cty,  02/3(£1.60) Notts County,QPR,  03/4(£2) Colchester, Notts County, QPR,  04/5 (£2) Colchester, Hartelpool,  05/6(£2)  Colchester, Hartlepool,  06/7(£2) Leyton Orient,    07/8(£2) Ipswich, 16/17(£2) Leyton Orient,  …SPECIALS .Manx Cup.. 85/6 v Wigan(£1),  ….Friendlies…60/1  v Aberdeen(£20), TVAtan Mort X1(£3), 80/1 V Coventry(nof)(90p), 81/2Swansea,82/3 v Liverpool(Mayor appeal)(£3),… PUBLICATION .. ”BLACKPOOL TO WEMBLEY” .1948(r/s)(£12),…FIXTURE LIST 72/3(£1.50) TEAMSHEETS (31 each Blackpool 15/16,16/17, 


50/1 Arsenal(sl fld)(£50),   54/5  Arsenal(t/c)(£12), Millwall(FAC)(£10),  55/6 Arsenal(t/c, fld)(£7), A.Villa((£8), Huddersfields(sl fld)(£7),  Huddersfield(FAC)(£8), Newcastle(£7), (sl spl spine)(£4),   56/7  Arsenal(£10), Birmingham(fld)(£5), Blackpool(FAC)(fld)(£4), Man City(£7),  57/8 Arsenal(fld)(£5), Birmingham(£6),  Cardiff(£6), CDSA Moscow(Fr)(fld)(£5), Huddersfield(fld)(£4), Ipswich(57/8(sl cr)(£3.500, L Orient((sl cr)(£4), Lincoln(sl fld0(£4), Luton(£6), Middlesbro(sl cr)(£3.500, Notts Cty(£6), Notts.Forest(sl cr)(£3), Portsmouth(£6), Sunderland(£6), WBA(fld)(£3), Wolves(FAC)(£6), Wolves(sl cr)(£4),  58/9  Arsenal(sof)(£4), A.Villa(sl cr)(£4), Blackpool(£5), Chelsea(£6), Leicester(£5), Man Utd(fld)(£3), Newcastle(£5), Portsmouth(£5), Preston(£5), Preston(FAC)(fld)(£4), WBA(fld)(£4,   59/60 Arsenal(£6), Blackpool(£5), Everton(wof)(£2), Fulham(£5),  Leicester(sl fld)(£3.50), Notts Forest(£5), Sheff Wed(wof)(£2.50), WBA(£5), Wolves(£5),  60/1(£4) Arsenal(£5), Birmingham(sl mk)(£3), Blackburn(FAC)(r/s)(£3), Blackpool, Everton(wof)(£2), Fulham(sl fld)(£2.50), Newcastle, Notts Forest, Preston, Wolves(sl fld)(£2.50),   61/2(£3.50) Arsenal,  A.Villa(fld)(£2.50), Birmingham(tr)(£1), Blackburn, Blackpool,  Leicester(sof)(£1.50), Notts Forest, Sheff Wed(fld)(£2), 62/3(£3) Arsenal, A.Villa,  Burnley(sl fld)(£2) , Fulham, Ipswich, Everton, Man City,  Tottenham, WBA, 63/4(£2.50) Arsenal, Blackpool, Blackburn(fld)(£1.50), Burnley, Everton, Liverpool(mkd)(80p), Notts Forest(cell)(£1.50), Preston(FAC), Sheff Utd, WBA, Wolves, 64/5(£2.50) Cardiff, Charlton(sof)(£2), C Palace(fld/ph)(£1), Derby(fld)(£1), Huddersfield, L Orient(nof)(£2), Man City(nof)(£2), Newcastle, Northampton(sof)(£2), Plymouth(sl cr)(£1), Preston, Rotherham(cr)(80p), Southampton, Swindon(ph)(fld)(£1), Workington(FAC)(£3), 65/6(£2.50) Coventry, Carlisle(APR), Charlton, Huddersfield,  Norwich, Portsmouth, Preston(FAC), Preston, Rotherham(cr)(£1.50), WBA(FAC)(fld)(£2),  66/7(£2.50) Arsenal(FAC)(£4), Birmingham, Carlisle, Charlton, C.Palace, Charlton(sof)(£2), Derby(fld)(£2), Huddersfield, Hull, Millwall(fld)(£1.50), Northampton, Portsmouth(sl fld)(£2), Preston,  67/8 (£2) A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Cardiff(fld)(£1), Charlton, C.Palace, Derby, Huddersfield, Hull(fld)£1), Ipswich, Liverpool(LC)tatty)(£1), Middlesbrough, Millwall, Norwich, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Preston, Rotherham(slfld)(£1.50), 68/9(£1.50) Birmingham(sl mk)(£1), Blackburn, Blackpool, Bristol City(ph)(£1), Bury(sl fld)£1), Cardiff, Carlisle,  Charlton, Derby(fld)(£1), Fulham, (sl cr)(80p), Huddersfield, Hull, Middlesbro(sl fld)(£1), Millwall, Northampton(FAC), Norwich(Nov)(£8), Norwich(Dec)(£3), OxfordPortsmouth,  69/70(£1.25) A.Villa, Blackpool(sl mk)(80p),Bristol City, Cardiff, Carlisle(sl fld)(80p), Charlton, Huddersfield, Hull, Leicester, Middlesbro, Millwall(fld)(80p), Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth(fld)(80p), Preston, QPR, Rochdale(LC), Rotherham(LC)(£2), Sheff Utd(sl fld)(£1), Watford, Watford(FAC)(sl fld)(£1)  70/1(£1) Cardiff, Leicester, Orient, Middlesbro, Sunderland(£3), Swindon, 71/2(£1) A.Villa, Barnsley, Bournemouth(fld)(70p), Brighton,  Chesterfield, Halifax, Mansfield,  Oldham, Port Vale, Swansea, Tranmere, Walsall, Wrexham, York, 72/3(£1)  Blackburn, Bournemouth, Brentford(fld)(70p),  Grimsby, Halifax, Luton, Notts Cty, Rotherham, Watford(mkd)(50p), York, 73/4(80p) A.Villa, Cardiff, Fulham, Hull, Luton, Middlesbro, Notts Cty, Notts Forest, Oxford, Sunderland(s/s)(£25),  74/5(80p) A. Villa, Blackpool, Bristol Rovers, Cardiff, Man Utd(£5), (t/c)(£3), Notts County, Orient(sl mk)(50p), Sheff Wed, Sunderland,York,   75/6(80p) Blackburn, Blackpool, Brentford(FAC), Bristol City, Bristol Rovers,  Carlisle, Charlton, Chelsea(£3), Coventry(LC), Fulham, Hull, Orient, Luton,  Notts County(sl fld)(60p), Notts Forest, Oldham, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Southampton, Sunderland, WBA, York, 76/7(80p) Blackburn, Bristol Rovers, Burnley(fld)(50p), Cardiff,  Charlton, Chelsea(sl fld)(£3) , Hereford(sl fld)(60p), Hull, Orient, Luton, Millwall(sl fld)(60p), Notts County, Notts Forest,  Oldham, Plymouth, Sheff Utd, Southampton(mkd)(30p), Swansea(fld)(50p), Wolves, 77/8(80p) Blackburn, Blackpool, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Cardiff, Charlton, C.Palace Fulham, Hull, Mansfield, Mansfield(FAC), Millwall, Notts County, Oldham, Orient,Luton, Sheff Utd, Stoke,  Sunderland, Tottenham(v sl mk)(£3), Tottenham(FAC)(£3), 78/9(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Chelsea(LC),Coventry, Derby, Everton (Jan), Everton(April), Ipswich, Leeds, Liverpool, Man.Utd, Middlesbro, Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR, Southampton, WBA  79/80 (80p) Arsenal, Arsenal(FAC), A.Villa(cr), Everton, Halifax(FAC), Ipswich, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Norwich(cr)(50p), Southampton, Southend(LC), Tottenham,  80/1(80p) Arsenal(FAC)(fld)(60p), Blackburn, Bristol Rovers, Chelsea, C.Palace, Grimsby, Newcastle, Notts County, Notts Forest(FAC), Oldham, QPR, Swansea, Watford, West Ham, Wrexham,  81/2(80p) Blackburn, Camb Utd,  Derby, Derby(FAC)(t/c)(60p),  Grimsby, Newcastle, Norwich, Oldham, Oldham(LC), Orient, Newcastle, Norwich, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, 82/3(80p)Blackburn, Burnley, Carlisle, C.Palace, Fulham, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Watford(LC), Wolves,   83/4(80p) Burnley, Chester(MC), Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Mansfield(FAC), Millwall, Southend, Tranmere(FAC), 84/5(80p) Bristol City, Burnley, Crewe(FRT)(£2), Doncaster, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Millwall, Preston, Shrewsbury(MC), Wigan,Wigan(LC).   85/6(80p) Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Crewe, Gillingham, Lincoln, Newport, Notts Cty, Notts Forest(MC), Plymouth,  Wigan 86/7(80p) Blackpool, Bury, Blackpool,  Chesterfield, Darlington, Fulham, Gillingham(sl mk)(50p), Halifax(FAC), Mansfield, Notts Cty, Port Vale, Tranmere(FAC),  87/8(80p) Cardiff, Colchester, Crewe, Exeter, Hartlepool, L Orient, Newport, Peterboro,  Swansea, Torquay,  Wigan(LC), 88/9(80p) Fulham, Mansfield, Notts Cty, Port Vale,  89/90(80p)  Fulham, L Orient, Lincoln(LDC)(£1.50), Notts Cty, Shrewsbury, Wigan,  90/1(80p) Bournemouth, Chester, Fulham, Leyton Orient,   91/2(80p) Brad.City, Fulham, Hartlepool, Stoke, Swansea,  WBA, Wigan, 92/3(80p) Bournemouth, Exeter, Fulham,  Hartlepool, L Orient(fld)(50p), Liverpool(FAC)(£2.50),  Plymouth,  Wimbledon(CCC), 93/4(£1) Arsenal(FAC),  Bristol City, Everton(FAC), Notts Cty, Portsmouth,   94/5(£1)Burnley,  Ipswich(CCC), Notts Cty, 95/6(£1)  Blackburn, Chelsea(£5), Everton(poor)(40p),.  Leeds(FAC), Sheff Wed, Tottenham     96/7(£1) Barnsley, Brad City, Bristol City(CCC),Grimsby, Huddersfield(sl mk)(80p), Ipswich, Luton(FAC), Man City, Norwich, Oldham, Reading, Southend,  Tottenham(CCC)£5), Wimbledon,  98/9(£1.50) Ipswich, 99/00(£1.50) Ipswich, Portsmouth, 00/1(£1.50) Crewe,      01/2(£1.60) Arsenal(£2.50), Charlton, Ipswich, Middlesbro, Southampton, Sunderland, Walsall(WC), West Ham, 02/3  (£2) Arsenal, A.Villa, Sunderland, Sunderland(FAC), Man City,  03/4(£2)  Birmingham, Blackburn, Chelsea(£3), Everton, Leeds, Man Utd(£3), Southampton, 04/5(£2) Birmingham, Chelsea(£4), Man City, 05/6(£2) Arsenal,  Chelsea, Everton, Man.City, 06/7(£2) Blackburn, Wigan, 08/9 (£2) Everton, Fulham, Northampton(CC), Portsmouth, Stoke, Sunderland, 09/10(£2.25) Sheff Utd, Wigan(sl tr)(£1), 10/11(£2.25) Arsenal, Blackburn, Fulham, Newcastle, Man Utd(£3), Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, Wigan, 11/12 (£2) Blackburn, Chelsea(£3), West Ham, 12/13(£2_ Sheff Wed, 13/14 (£2) Burnley,   14/15(£2) Sheff Wed,     ..SPECIALS..Testimonials v Intl All Stars(60s?)(Taylor)(£2), 68/9 Bremerhaven(sl cr)(60p), 70/1 v European X1(Hopkinson)(£3), 75/6v AllStar X1(Greaves)(£2), ….Lancs CC.93/4 v Blackpool(£1), ……  Friendlies…56/7 v Liverpool(r/s)(£7), 62/3 v Liege(£4),  79/80 v Ajax(cr)(60p), 94/5 v Liverpool(£3), 95/6 v Aberdeen(£1), 01/2 Bilbao(£1), 05/6  v Malaga(£2),  …Fanzine “Here We Go Again” Issue5(£1.25), ….Brochure “WEMBLEY BOUND”1995(£3),  Nat Lofthouse Golden Jubilee Brochure1989(£3),.. Fanzine “White Love” Issue 6(70p), 75/6 Bolton V Newcastle(FAC) 2nd Replay at Ellland Road(sl fld)£1.50)…Postcard..Reebock Stadium(£1), 54/5 v Edinburgh Select(Allison Charity Trophy)(cr/cell edge)(£4),


47/8 C Palace(ph)(£18),  54/5 Southampton(£8), 56/7 QPR(£8),   57/8 Brentford(£6), Colchester(£6), Gillingham(£6), Millwall(fld)(£6), Newport(£(£6), Norwich(£8), Plymouth(£6), Port Vale(£6), Walsall(fld)(£5),  58/9  Accrington(£7), Brad City(£5), Brentford(£5), Chesterfield(£5), Colchester(£5), Hull(£5), Norwich(£5), Plymouth(£5), Portsmouth(£5), QPR(£6), Reading(£5), Rochdale(£5), Southampton(fld)(£4), Southend(£5), Tranmere(£5), Wrexham(£5),  59/60  Barnsley(£5), Brad City(£5), Chesterfield(£5), Colchester(sl fld)(£4), Newport(£5), Notts Cty(£5), Port Vale(£5), Reading(£5), Stockport(£5), Tranmere(£5), York(£5), 60/1(£4) Brad City, Swindon(fld)(£3), Tranmere,  Watford(fld)£3), 61/2(£3.50) Coventry, C.Palace(cr)(£2), Newport(cr)(£2), Northampton(fld)(£3), Peterboro(cr)(£2), Shrewsbury, Southend, 62/3(£3) BradfordPA, Bristol Rovers(cr)(£1.50), Colchester, Coventry(fld)(£2), C.Palace(fld)(£2), Northampton(fld)(£2), Peterboro(cr)(£1.50), Port Vale, QPR(fld)(£2), Shrewsbury(fld)(£2), Southend(fld)(£2), Swindon, Wrexham 63/4(£2.50) Barnsley(ph)(£1.50), Brentford(LC)(fld)(£4), Bristol City(sl cr)(£2), Bristol Rovers(FAC)(cr)(£1), Bristol Rovers, Colchester(sl cr)(£2), Coventry(cr)(£1.50), Crewe(sl cr)(£2), C.Palace(sl cr)(£2), Hull, Luton(sl cr)(£2), Millwall(fld)(£2), Newcastle(LC)(fld)(£12), Notts Cty(fld)(£1.50), Oldham(poor)(50p), Port Vale, QPR(ph)(£1.50), Reading(cr)(£1.25), Shrewsbury, Southend(cr)(£1), Walsall(cr)(£1.25), Wrexham 64/5(£2.50) Barnsley(ph)(£1.50), Brentford(ph)(£1.50), Bristol City(FAC)(ph)(£1.50), Bristol Rovers(ph)(£1.50), Colchester, Grimsby, Hull(ph)(£1.50), Luton(ph)(£1.50), Mansfield, Northampton(LC)(ph)(£1.50), Oldham(ph)(£1.50), Port Vale(sl fld)(£2), QPR(ph)(£2), Reading(ph)(£1.50), Scunthorpe(ph)(£1.50), Shrewsbury, Southend(ph)(£1.50), Walsall(ph& cr), Watford(ph)(£1.50), Workington(fld)(£2), 65/6(£2.50) Brentford, Burnley(FAC), Hull, Mansfield, Millwall,  Reading, Southend, Walsall, Workington,  66/7(£2.50) Bristol Rovers, Colchester, Darlington, Grimsby, Peterboro, QPR, Reading, Shrewsbury, Swansea(ph)(£1.50), Walsall, Workington,  67/8(£2) Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Colchester, Gillingham, Grimsby, Liverpool(FAC)(£4), Mansfield(ph)(£1.50), Northbampton, Orient, Peterboro(ph)(£1.50), Reading(ph)(£1.50), Scunthorpe(ph)(£1.50), Shrewsbury(ph)(£1.50) ,Swindon, Tranmere, 68/9(£1.50)  Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Northampton, Orient, Plymouth(ph)(80p), Reading, Southport, Stockport, Watford, 69/70(£1.25) Doncaster, Halifax,  Halifax, Leicester(LC)(fld)(£1.50), Plymouth, Rochdale, Shrewsbury,  70/1(£1) Colchester, Grimsby, Lincoln, Newport(sl tr)(50p), Northampton, Oldham, QPR(PPM)(sl cr)(£4), Southend, Stockport, Workington,   71/2(£1) Brad City, Notts County, Oldham, Plymouth(cr)(50p), , Port Vale, Rochdale, Rotherham, 72/3(£1) Blackburn, Bristol Rovers,  Chesterfield(fld)(60p), Colchester(FAC),Grimsby, Notts Cty, Port Vale, Plymouth, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Tranmere, Walsall, Watford, Wrexham,  73/4(80p) Aldershot, Bristol Rovers(LC), Bristol Rovers, Grimsby, Rochdale, Southport, Southport, Tranmere, Walsall, Watford, York, 74/5(80p) Aldershot, Chesterfield, Colchester, Hereford, Peterboro, Southend,  Walsall. 75/6(80p) Doncaster, Hartlepool, Newport, Northampton, Plymouth(LC), Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Torquay, Workington,  76/7(80p) Brentford, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Exeter, Halifax, Hartlepool, Newport,  77/8(80p) Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Halifax, Huddersfield, Newport, Reading, Southport. Scunthorpe, Stockport,  78/9(80p)  Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Newport,  Northampton, Portsmouth, Port Vale, Rochdale, Torquay, Wimbledon, York, 79/80(80p) Halifax, Hartlepool, Peterboro, Port Vale, Stockport,   80/1(80p ) Aldershot, Crewe, Halifax, Scunthorpe, Tranmere, 81/2(80p) Colchester, Mansfield, Newport(GC), Torquay, 82/3(80p) Bristol Rovers, Colchester, Gillingham(sl mk)(50p), Oxford, Plymouth(MC), Sheff Utd, Southend(FAC), Walsall, Wrexham, 83/4(80p) Scunthorpe, Wigan, 84/5(80p) Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Orient, Preston, Wigan, York 85/6 (80p ) Chesterfield, Everton(£2),Gillingham(t/c)(50p),  Lincoln, Notts Cty, Reading(MC), Walsall, Wigan, York, 86/7(80p) Darlington, Doncaster, Fulham, Gillingham(sl mk)(50p), Notts Cty, Walsall, 87/8(80p) Leeds, Sheff Utd,  88/9(80p) Barnsley, Coventry(LC), Chelsea(fld)(£7), Gillingham(t/c)(60p), Hull, Leeds, Man Utd(FAC)(£2.50),Oxford, Sunderland, 89/90(80p) Sunderland, West Ham,   90/1(80p) Birmingham(RC), Crewe, Fulham, Gillingham(LDC)(£2), Leyton Orient, Southend, Wigan, 91/2(80p) Fulham, Hull, L Orient, Preston, Stoke, Stockport, Wigan,  92/3(80p) Fulham, L Orient, Mansfield, Plymouth, Port Vale, Stockport, Walsall(LC), 93/4(£1) Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Exeter, L Orient, Plymouth, Stockport,  94/5(£1) Camb Utd, L Orient(fld)(50p), Plymouth,   95/6(£1) Burnley, Notts Cty,   96/7(£1) Burnley, Ipswich(CCC), Notts Cty,  97/8(£1) Bristol City, Bristol City(FAC), Carlisle, 98/9(£1) Colchester, Colchester(WC), Millwall(sl cr)(60p), Notts Cty,  99/00(£1.50) Bristol Rovers, Colchester, Notts Cty(FAC), Notts Cty,   00/1(£1.50) Colchester, Notts Cty, Rotherham, 01/2 (£1.50) Camb Utd, Colchester, Notts Cty,  02/3(£1.50) Camb Utd,  Macclesfield, Rochdale,  03/4(£1.80) Colchester,Notts Cty, QPR,    04/5(£2)  Colchester, MK Dons, 05/6(£2) Colchester, Southend, Swindon, 06/7 (£2) L Orient, Northampton 07/8(£2) Leyton Orient, 10/11(£2) Colchester,  ……SPECIALS Friendlies….58/9 v Portsmouth(£6)(ph)(£3), 61/2 v West Ham(Godwin)(cr)(£2.50), 64/5 v A.Villa(ph)(£3),  65/6 v Arsenal(Woodward)(£20), 67/8 v Hapoel Tel Aviv(s/s)(£3),  WBA(s/s)(£5), 72/3 v Dundee Utd(£2), Man Utd(£4), .82/3 v Norwich(£3), 85/6.v Luton(£1),  86/7 v Norwich86/7(£1.50), 87/8 v Watford(£1), 90/1 v Luton(£1),  92/3 v A.Villa(sl fld)(£1), v Portsmouth(£1.50)  ,..99/00 v Antigua(£1.50), 00/1 v Fulham(£1.50), 02/3 v C.Palace(£1.50), Brighton(£1.50)…TESTIMONIALS v Tottenham 79/70(Miller)(£6) Club Bullettin”Boscombe Stadium Plan” (£1)


50/1 Stockport(£20), 51/2 Bradford P A (sl fld)(£9),  53/4 Barrow(£12),  54/5 Hartlepools(sl fld)(£9),  56/7  Accrington(sof)(£7), Derby(£8), Halifax(cr)(£3), Hartlepool(poor)(£2.50), Hull(cr)(£3), Mansfield(£8), Tranmere, Workington(£7), 57/8  Accrington(£7), Barrow(£6), Bradford PA(£6), Carlisle(£6), Chesterfield(fld)(£5), HalifaX(cr)(£3), Scunthorpe(£6), Southport(£6), Workington(£6), Wrexham(£6), 58/9 Bury(£5), Colchester(£5), Chesterfield(£5), Doncaster(£5), Halifax(sl cr)(£4), Reading(£5), Swindon(£5), Wrexham(£5),  59/60 Accrington(£6), Bournemouth(£5), Colchester(£5), Everton(FAC)(£7), Halifax(£5), Mansfield(fld)(£4), Lincoln(RES s/s)(£(£10), Newport(£5), Port Vale(£5), Reading(fld)(£4), Southend(£5), Swindon(£5), Southampton, Wrexham, York(£5),  60/1(£4) Barnsley, Bournemouth, Brentford(fld)(£3), Chesterfield, Colchester, Coventry, Grimsby, Halifax, Hull, Newport, Notts Cty(fld)(£3), Port Vale, QPR(£5), Swindon, Walsall, Watford, 61/2(£3.50) Aldershot(DEC)(£6), Aldershot(MAR),  A.Villa(LC)(£15), Bradford City( Brad Championship)(£8), Chester, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Gillingham,  Grimsby(RES s/s)(££10), Wrexham, Hartlepools, Millwall, Oldham,  Southport,  Stockport, Tranmere(fld)(£2),  Workington, Wrexham, 62/3(£3) Aldershot, Barrow(£4), Brentford, Chester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster(cr)(£1.50), Doncaster(LC)(£7), Exeter(fld)(£2),  Gillingham(sof)(£2), Hartlepool, Lincoln, Mansfield, Newcastle(FAC)(sl fld)(£6), Oldham, Oxford(£5), Southport, Stockport, Torquay, Tranmere, York 63/4(£3) Aldershot, Barrow, Bradford PA,  Chester, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Darlington, Gillingham, Halifax, Newport, Oxford,  Rochdale(cr)(£2), Southport, Stockport, Tranmere, Workington, 64/5(£2.50) Barrow, Bradford PA, Chester, Chesterfield, Darlington, Doncaster, Halifax, Hartlepools, Lincoln,  Millwall,  Newport,  Oxford, Rochdale, Stockport, Tranmere, Wrexham, York  65/6(£2.50) Aldershot, Barrow,  Chesterfield, Colchester, Crewe, Lincoln, Port Vale, Rochdale, Southport, Torquay, Tranmere, 66/7(£2.50) Barnsley, Bradford PA, Hartlepool, Luton, Newport(sof)(£1), Southend,  67/8(£2) Aldershot, Bradford)PA(r/s)(£1), Brentford(r/s)(£1), Crewe(r/s)(£1), Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Halifax, Hartlepool(r/s)(£2), Huddersfield(sl mk)(60p), Notts Cty, Port Vale, Southend, Swansea, Workington(r/s)(£1), Wrexham, York 68/9(£1.50) Aldershot, Brentford, Chester, Chesterfield, Colchester, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Grimsby, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Newport, Notts County(Nov)(£2.50), Notts Cty(Dec), Port Vale, Rochdale, Workington,   York,   69/70(£1.25) Bournemouth, Brighton(sl cr)(70p), Bristol Rovers, Doncaster(RES)(s/s)(£6), Halifax,  Lincoln, Rochdale, Rotherham, Southend, Southport, Stockport(mkd)(80p), Torquay, Tottenham(FAC), Walsall, 70/1(£1) Barnsley, Fulham, Huddersfield(fld)(60p), Lincoln(FAC)(2nd Replay)(t/c)(£2.25),  Mansfield, Shrewsbury,   71/2(£1) A Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Halifax, Newport, Notts Cty, Rochdale, Rotherham,  Tranmere, York 72/3(£1) Blackpool(FAC),  Chester, Colchester, Crewe, Doncaster, Exeter, Mansfield, Newport, Torquay,(sof)(50p), Workington,    73/4(80p) Colchester, Darlington/Bury, Doncaster, Lincoln, Newport, Peterborough, Reading, Rotherham, Torquay, Workington,  74/5(80p) Barnsley,  Chester, Doncaster, Exeter(sl mk)(60p), Hartlepool, Huddersfield, Newport(sof)(50p),  Northampton, Scunthorpe, Workington,  75/6(80p) Bournemouth, Halifax, Huddersfield, Reading, Tranmere, Workington, York(LC), 76/7 (80p ) Bolton(LC), Camb Utd, Colchester, Crewe, Doncaster, Doncaster, Exeter, Halifax, Hartlepool,  Newport, Southend, Southport,  77/8(80p)  Bury, Camb Utd, Carlisle, Chester, Colchester, Crewe,  Exeter, Gillingham(Jan withMarch insert)(£2), Lincoln, Newport, Oxford, Peterboro(LC), Plymouth, Port Vale, Sheff Wed,Tranmere(Feb with March insert)(£2), Swindon,  Walsall,  Wrexham, 78/9(80p) Aldershot, Barnsley, Burnley, Crewe, Darlington, Halifax, Huddersfield(fld)(50p), Newport, Port Vale, Portsmouth, Stockport, Torquay, 79/80 (80p) Aldershot, Darlington, Halifax, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, Newport, Peterboro(sl cr)(60p), QPR(LC)(£2), Scunthorpe, Stockport,  Walsall,  80/1(80p) Aldershot, Bournemouth, Crewe,  Doncaster/Halifax,  Hereford, Liverpool(LC)(£1.50), Peterborough, Port Vale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Stockport, Torquay, Wigan, 81/2(80p) Blackpool, Blackpool(LC), Bournemouth(fld)(70p), Bury, Colchester, Crewe, Hartlepool, Halifax, Ipswich(LC)(£1.50), Mansfield, Newport(sl fld)(50p), Northampton, Peterboro, Rochdale, Shrewsbury(LGC), Stockport, Tranmere Wrexham/Gillingha,(sl mk)(50p), 82/3 (80p)  Doncaster, Exeter, Man Utd(MC)(£4), Mansfield(FAC), Millwall(4 page)(sl cr)(£3), Newport, Plymouth, Reading,  Rochdale(MC), Sheff Utd(APR), 83/4(80p) Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Hartlepool(AMC),   84/5(80p) Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, Doncaster(sl fld)(60p), Gillingham(t/c)(50p) Hull, Newcastle(MC), Orient, Preston,   85/6(80p) Barnsley (sl cr)(50p), Blackburn, Chesterfield(MC), Fulham, Grimsby, Hull, Ipswich(FAC), Leeds, Millwall, Oldham, Sheff Utd, Sunderland(£2),   86/7(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn, Derby, Everton(FAC)(sl mk)((70p),  Grimsby, Huddersfield, Hull, Ipswich, Millwall, Oldham(FAC), Shrewsbury, Sunderland(FMC)(£4), Sunderland   87/8(80p) A.Villa, Barnsley, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bournemouth, C.Palace, Fulham(LC), Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Oldham, Oxford(FAC), Plymouth, Reading, Sheff Utd, Shrewsbury, Southampton, WBA, Wolves, 88/9(80p) Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Brighton(Simod)(£2), Chelsea(£2), C.Palace, Everton(LC), Hull(FAC), Leeds(£1.50), Leicester, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Reading(LC),  Scunthorpe(LC), Stoke, Sunderland, 89/90(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn, Bournemouth, Ipswich, Leicester, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Oxford, Sheff Utd(sl cr)(50p), Sunderland(£1),  90/1(80p) Birmingham, Bournemouth, Chester, Fulham,  L Orient, Luton(RC), Mansfield,  91/2 (80p)  Bournemouth, Fulham, L Orient, Torquay, Swansea, West Ham(RC), Wigan, 92/3 (£1) Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley, Fulham, Hull, Leyton Orient, Plymouth, Preston, Preston(FAC),  West Ham, Wigan, 93/4(£1), Bournemouth, Burnley, Fulham, Huddersfield, L Orient, Man Utd(FAYC)(sl fld)(£3), Plymouth, Reading, Swansea, Wrexham, York,  94/5(£1) Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Bournemouth,Camb Utd(cr)(60p), Cardiff, Chester, Crewe, Grimsby(CCC), Hudersfield(AWS), L Orient(sl fld)(50p), Oxford, Peterboro, PLymouth, Rotherham, Scunthorpe(LC), Shrewsbury,  Wrexham, York, 95/6 (£1)Brighton, Bristol City, Burnley, Carlisle(AWS), Notts Cty, Peterboro, Shrewsbury, Stockport,    96/7(£1) Birmingham, Ipswich, Man City(£2.50), Norwich, QPR, Reading, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed(FAC), Southend, Stoke,  Tranmere,  97/8(£1.) Portsmouth, SunderlandWBA,   98/9(£1.40) Birmingham, Bury, C Palace, Ipswich, Port Vale,  99/00(£1.50) Arsenal, Barnsley(WC),  Coventry, Everton(sl cr)(80p), Leicester,  Middlesbro, Newcastle, Sunderland, Tottenham(£2),  00/1(£1.50)  Arsenal, Atlanta(Intertoto((£2), Coventry, Leeds(poor)(30p), Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, Waalwijk(Intertoto)(£2), West Ham,    01/2(£1.50), Burnley, Coventry, Grimsby,  Middlesbro, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Stockport, Walsall, Wimbledon,   02/3 (£1.50)  Burnley, Coventry, Grimsby, Ipswich, Norwich, Rotherham, Sheff Utd, Wimbledon,  03/4(£1.50) Burnley, Cardiff, Coventry, C Palace, Derby, Ipswich,Millwall,  Notts Forest, Rotherham, Sunderland, Walsall, Watford, Wigan, WBA, West Ham(£2),  04/5(£2) Blackpool, Bristol City, Colchester, Notts County(CC), Port Vale, Rushden & D (FAC), Sheff Wed, Wrexham, 05/6(£2) Colchester, 06/7(£2) Bristol City, L Orient,   07/8 (£2) Accrington, Chester,Tranmere, 08/9(£2) Dagenham & R, Leyton Orient(FAC), Shrewsbury, Wycombe, 13/14(£2) Colchester (Youth Alliance Cup Final)(s/s)(£2), Leyton Orient,    ….SPECIALS… .FRIENDLIES.. 56/7 v Airdrie(£16), 67/8 v FC Twente(£2.50), 72/3 v Man City(sof& fld)(£8), 85/6 v Man Utd(£20, 86/7 v England(£4), v Leeds(WRC)(£3), 91/2 v R Valladolid(£1.50), 95/6 v Man Utd(32), 98/9 V Halifax(£1.25), 04/5 v Bolton(£1.50),08/9 v Burnley/Oldham(£2), TESTIMONIAL 69/70 v All Stars(Stowell)(3), 91/2 v Leeds(Lindley)(£2), 94/5 v Leeds(Oliver)(£2), 98/9 v Derby(Gilliver)(£1), WEST RIDING SENIOR CUP  v 74/5Huddersfield(Final)(sl fld)(£2.50),  .FANZINE…..”The City Gent”  Issue77(£1.50),.OFFICIAL OPENING OF ALLIED COLLOIDS STAND BROCHURE INC TICKET 1997(£10)…Supporters Assn Promotion Brochure 69/70(£6).


36/7 Arsenal(r/s)(£40),  45/6 Arsenal(sl fld)(£28), Plymouth(fld)(£25),  Southampton(slfld/wof(£28), WBA(cr(£20), 46/7 C.Palace(LCC s/f)(£22),  Everton(£20), Grimsby(£20), Middlesbro(£18),  48/9 Chesterfield(£16), Fulham(ph)£12), Notts Forest(£16), 49/50  Barnsley(£12)Chelsea(sl fld)(£15)   50/1 Barnsley(sl fld)(£9),  Blackburn(sl cr)(£9), , Chesterfield(£12), Coventry(£12), Hull(£12), Leeds(£18), Leicester(sl fld)(£10), Luton(£12), Notts Cty(£12), Preston(sof)(£9), QPR(£12), Southampton(£12), Swansea(£12), West Ham(£18),   51/2 Sheff Utd(£9)West Ham(r/s/fld)(£8),  52/3  Blackburn(1 p/h r/s)(£7), Everton(1 ph/r/s)(£8), Hull(1 p/h.)(£8), Leicester(£10), Notts County(£9), Notts Forest(1 ph/r/s)9£7), 53/4 Blackburn(fld)(£7), West Ham(cr/r/s)(£6),   54/5 Colchester(£8), Millwall(£8), Swindon,  55/6 C.Palace(£7), L Orient(sl mk)(£6), QPR(£8), Southampton(£8), Southend(£7),  56/7 Colchester(£7), C.Palace(£7), Millwall(£7), Newport(£7), QPR(£7), Reading(£7), Southampton( sl fld)(£5), Torquay(£7),  57/8 Aldershot(fld)£4), Brighton(fld)(£4), Colchester(£6), C.Palace(fld)(£3.50), Gillingham(fld)(£5), Millwall((sl cr)(£3), Norwich(sl cr)(£5), Plymouth((£5), Port Vale(sl cr)(£4), QPR(£6), Shrewsbury(sl mk)(£4), Southampton(fld)(£4), Southend(fld)(£4), Swindon(sl mk/fld)(£3), Walsall(£5), 58/9  Accrington(fld)(£8), Barnsley(FAC)(sl fld)(£4), Bournemouth(£5),Brad City(£5), Bury(sl fld)(£4), Colchester(£5),(sl fld)(£4), Doncaster(£5), Exeter(FAC)(r/s)(£4), Halifax(£5), Hull(£5), Newport, Plymouth(sl fld)(£4), Reading(sl fld)(£4), Rochdale(£5), Southampton(sl fld)(£4), Southend(sl cr)(£3), Stockport(£5), Swindon(fld)(£3), Tranmere(£5), Wrexham(£5), 59/60 Accrington(fld)(£6), Barnsley(fld)(£5), Bournemouth(£5), Brad City(sl cr)(£3.50), Chesterfield(sl fld)(£4), Colchester(£5), Grimsby(fld)(£3.50), Mansfield(cr)(£3), Newport(fld)(£3), Port Vale(£5),QPR(sl cr)(£3.50), Reading(fld)(£4), Shrewsbury(fld)(£4), Swindon(sl cr)(£3), Tranmere(sl cr)(£3), Wrexham(£5), York(sl fld)(£4), 60/1 (£4) Barnsley(fld)(£3), Bournemouth(sl fld)(£3.50), Bradford PA, Brad City, Bristol City(sl fld)(£3.50), Bury, Chesterfield(fld)(£3), Colchester(fld)(£3), Coventry(fld)(£3), Grimsby(fld)(£3), Halifax(sl fld))(£3.50), Hull(fld)(£3), Newport(sl fld)(£3), QPR(sl fld)(£3), Shrewsbury(fld)(£3), Southend, Sunderland(LC)(£15), Swindon(sl cr)(£2), Tranmere(fld)(£3), Torquay(sl fld)(£3),Watford 61/2(£3.50) Barnsley, Bradford P A, Grimsby, Halifax, Hull, L Orient(FAC), Lincoln, Newport, Northampton, QPR, Sheff Utd(LC)(cr)(£1.25), Shrewsbury Southend, 62/3(£3) Aldershot(cr)(£1.50), Brad City, Chesterfield, Crewe(fld)(£2),  Darlington, Doncaster(FAC)(sof)(£2), Hartlepool, Lincoln(cr)(£1), Mansfield(fld)(£2), Newport, Oldham, Oldham(FAC))sof)(£2), Sheff Utd(LC)(cr)(£2.50), Tranmere(fld)(£2), Workington, Wrexham(LC)(£8), 63/4(£2.50)Bristol Rovers(sl tr)(£1.50), Colchester(sof/fld)(£1.50), Coventry(sof)(£1.50),  Crewe, Hull, Mansfield(sof/cr)(£1), Millwall, QPR, Southend(ph)(£1.25), Walsall(poor)(50p), Watford(sof/cr)(£1.25), 64/5(£2.50) Barnsley, bristol Rovers(sl mk)(£2), Burnley(FAC)(cr)(£1.25), Carlisle(mkd)(£1.50),  Colchester, Exeter, Gillingham(sof)(£1.50), Grimsby, Mansfield(cr)(£1.50),  Notts County(FAC), Port Vale(fld)(£1.50), QPR(sl mk)(£2), Reading(fld)(£1.), Shrewsbury, Southend, Walsall,   Workington(nof)£1.50),  65/6(£2.50) Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Exeter, Gillingham, Grimsby, Hull, Mansfield, Millwall, Oldham(cr)(£1.25), Oxford(cr)(£1.25), Peterboro(cr)(£1.25), QPR, Reading, Scunthorpe(fld)(£1.50), Shrewsbury, Southend, Walsall, York, 66/7(£2.50) Aldershot, Barnsley(fld)(£2), Brad ford PA(mk)(£2), Barrow(£3), Chesterfield, Exeter, Halifax(fld)(£2), Ipswich)LC)(£10), Lincoln, Millwall(LC)(£3), Newport, Southend(sof)(£1.75), Stockport(fld)(£1.50), Tranmere, York(fld)(£1.50),  67/8(£2)Aldershot, Barnsley(fld)(£1.50),  Chester(kmd/sof)(£1), Chesterfield, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter(sof)(£1.50), Halifax, Hartlepools, Lincoln(sl fld)£1.50),Luton, Newport, Notts County, Rochdale, Southend, Swansea,  Workington, Wrexham, York, 68/9(£1.50) Aldershot, Brad City, Brad P.A.(£2), Chesterfield(sl fld)(£1.25), Colchester, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Grimsby, Halifax(r/s)(£1), Hull, Hull(LC), Lincoln, Newport, Norwich(LC)(mk)(£3), Notts County, Peterboro , Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Swansea, Workington, Wrexham,  York, 69/70(£1.50) Aldershot,  Bradford PA((£3.50), Chesterfield(fld)(£1), Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Grimsby, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Newport,  Northampton, Oldham, Peterboro, Plymouth(FAC), Port Vale, Scunthorpe, Southend(LC), Southend, Swansea, Workington, Wrexham,York, 70/1(£1) Bournemouth, Camb Utd(£4), Colchester, Darlington, Hartlepool, Newport, Northampton, Peterboro, Southend,  71/2(£1) Barrow(£2), Bury, Camb Utd, Colchester(cr)(50p), Doncaster, Exeter, Gillingham,  Grimsby, Lincoln, Reading, Southend, Southport, Stockport,  Workington,  72/3(£1) Camb Utd, Chesterfield, Halifax, Notts County, Oldham, Port Vale,  Scunthorpe, , Southend, Walsall, Wrexham,York,  73/4(80p) Barnsley, Bury, Chester, Colchester, Crewe, Exeter, Newport, Northampton, 74/5(80p) Camb Utd,  Hartlepool, Mansfield, Newport, Southport, Swansea, Workington,  75/6(80p) Huddersfield, Newport, Watford(fld)(60p), Workington,  76/7(80p) Camb Utd, Colchester, Crewe(fld)(50p), Doncaster,  Newport,  Southend,   Southport,  77/8(80p) C.Palace(LC), Reading, Scunthorpe, Southend(fld)(40p), Southport, 78/9(80p) Blackpool, Colchester, Sheff Wed 78/9(t/c)(40p), Southend, Tranmere, Watford, Watford(LC)(fld)(60p), 79/80(80p) Blackpool, Chesterfield, Colchester, Mansfield, Southend, Southend(LC)(t/c)(50p), ,Wimbledon,  80/1(80p) Barnsley, Burnley, Chester, Colchester, Gillingham, Huddersfield, Newport, Rotherham(cr)(40p), Southport, Walsall, 81/2(80p) Burnley, Carlisle, Chester, Colchester(FAC), Colchester, Exeter, Exeter(FAC), Fulham, Gillingham, Lincoln, Newport, Oxford(LC), Oxford, Southend, Walsall,  82/3(80p) Doncaster, Chesterfield, Exeter, Gillingham(sl mk)(t/c)(40p), Lincoln, Orient, Portsmouth, Preston, Sheff Utd, Southend, Wimbledon(MC)(sl mk)(50p), 83/4(80p) Bolton, Burnley, Charlton(LC), Gillingham(sl mk/t/c)(40p), Liverpool(LC)(£2), Orient, Plymouth, Port Vale, Walsall, Wigan,  84/5(80p) Doncaster, Gillingham(t/c)(50p),  Leicester(MC),  85/6(80p) Bolton, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd(MC), Gillingham(t/c)(50p),  Wigan, 86/7(80p) Bristol Rovers, Gillingham(sl mk,t/c)(40p), Walsall,  87/8(80p)  Fulham, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Southend, Notts Cty(FRT)(£2), Sunderland(£15), 88/9(80p) Fulham, Fulham(LC),  Notts Cty(SVT)(fld) , Torquay(SVT)(t/c)(£2), Wolves,  89/90(80p) Colchester(FAC), Fulham, Leyton Orient, Brighton(LC), Chester, Notts Cty,  Walsall(FAC)(, Wigan, 90/1(80p) Fulham, Leyton Orient , Sheff Wed(RC), 91/2  (£1) Southend, Fulham, Gillingham(FAC), L Orient, Wigan 92/3(£1) Notts Cty, Peterboro)sl tr)(40p),  Southend, Tottenham(CCC), 93/4(£1.) Burnley, Fulham, Camb Utd, L Orient, Plymouth,  94/5(£1.) Camb Utd(FAC), Camb Utd, Colchester(CCC),L Orient,   95/6(£1.) Bolton(CCC),  Burnley, Fulham)(AWS)(£3),  96/7 (£1.) Blackpool, Burnley, Gillingham,  Colchester(AW)(£1.50). 97/8(£1) Carlisle, Colchester(FAC), Gillingham, Millwall  98/9(£1)L Orient Mansfield, Pl,ymouth(AWS)(£3), Scarboro,  99/00(£1.50) Bournemouth, Colchester, Gillingham, Millwall, Oxford, Plymouth(FAC), Stoke, 00/01(£1.50) Colchester, Luton/Bury(jt), Millwall, Notts Cty, Port Vale, Stoke, Swindon, 2.50), Kidderminster(LDV), Luton, Middlesbro(WC), Port Vale, 02/3(£1.60) Notts Cty, QPR,   03/4(£1.60) Colchester, Luton, Notts County QPR,  04/5(£2) Colchester,   05/6 (£2) Bournemouth, Colchester,  06/7  (£2) Bradford City, Bristol City, Huddersfield, L Orient(sl fld)(80p), Luton(CC), Millwall, Swansea, Yeovil,  09/10(£2) Leyton Orient,  10/11(£2) Colchester 12/13(£2) L Orient,   .SPECIALS…….Testimonial 55/6 v Intl Managers(Horne/Bristow)(nof)(£5), 68/9 v QPR(Higginson)(sl fld)(£2),  ..Friendlies….. 54/5 v Grazer Sportklub(£8), v Intl Managers(£5), 55/6 v Chelsea(sl fld)(£25), 55/6Arsenal(£20), Fulham(£6), Intl Managers(£5),  57/8Arsenal(SFCC)(cr&mkd)(£5),59/60 Portsmouth((cr)(£5),  69/70 V GibralterX1(s/s)(neat fold))(£3), Charlton(s/s)(neat fold)(£5), …70/1Barnet 71/2 Southampton(s/s)(£10), 84/5 v West Ham(£1.50), 86/7 v QPR(£1), 88/9(?) v QPR(£1), , …90/1 v Chelsea(sl fld)(£2), Oxford(£1) 91/2 v Chelsea(£1), 02/3 v Chelsea(£1), 02/3 v Ipswich(£1),  v Watford(£1.25), 02/3 76/7 v Luton(KCC Final)(£1.50)..51/2Luton v Brentford(FAC) @ Arsenal(fld)(£12), 02/3 v Ipswich(£2),


48/9Port Vale(£28), 50/1 Millwall(poor)(£1.50),  51/2 Aldershot(sl mk)(£20), Bristol City()sl mk)(£20), Bristol Rovers(sl mk) (£22), Exeter(sl mk)(£20),  Port Vale(sl mk)(£22), Shrewsbury(sl mk)(£22),  Watford(£25),   52/3  Bristol Rovers(£20), ,Gillingham(£20), Norwich(£30), QPR(sl mk)(£25), Reading(£20), Shrewsbury(sl mk)(£20), 53/4 Exeter(£20), Newport(£18), Northampton(£20), Norwich(£25), QPR(£30), Southampton(£20), Southend(£20), Walsall(£20), 54/5 A.Villa(FAC)(£35), Brentford(£18), Bristol City(£18), C.Palace(£18),   Newport(sl mtl)(£15), Norwich(£20), QPR(£25), Reading(4page issue)(£25), Shrewsbury(4 page issue)(£25), Torquay(£18), Walsall(sl mk)(£15), 56/7   Millwall(FAC)(£7), Millwall(cr/sof)(£3), 57/8  Millwall(sl cr)(£5), Northampton(sl cr)(£5), Walsall(£6),   58/9 Cardiff(fld)(£4) , Fulham (sof)/fld)(£3), Swansea(£5), Scunthorpe(£5), Southend(£5),    59/60 Huddersfield(£5), L.Orient(£5), Scunthorpe(£5), Southend(£5),  60/1(£4) Derby(FAC), Huddersfield, Lincoln, Liverpool(r/s)(£3.50), Norwich(sl fld)(£3), Scunthorpe(cr&tr)(£1), Sheff Utd,  Sunderland, Swansea,  61/2(£3.50) Bury,  L Orient(sof)(£1.50), Luton, Sunderland(£4), Preston, Swansea, 62/3 (£3) Bristol Rovers , Hull(fld)(£2.50), Notts County, Portsmouth(LC)(£12), Shrewsbury 63/4(£2.50) Brad City, Chester, Colchester(FAC)(sl fld)£2), Exeter, Gillingham, Newport, Oxford, Workington, York 64/5(£2.50) Aldershot, Darlington(sl cr)(£2), Halifax ,Lincoln, Millwall, Notts C(sl cr)(£1.50), Southport, Stockport, 65/6 (£2.50)  Bournemouth, Brentford, Chester, Exeter, Gillingham, Grimsby,  Hull, Millwall, Peterboro,  QPR(sl fld)(£2), Southend, Southport, Swansea(cr)(£1.50), Swindon, Watford,  66/7(£2.50) Bournemouth, Chelsea(FAC), Colchester, Darlington(fld)(£2), Doncaster, Grimsby, Leyton Orient(sl cr)(£2), Leyton Orient(LC)(£3), Northampton(LC)(fld)(£2), Oldham(fld)(£2), Swansea(sl fld)(£2.30), Swindon, Torquay, Walsall, Watford,   67/8(£2) Barrow, Bristol R, Colchester,  Colchester(LC)(sof)(£1), Grimsby, Luton, Orient, Reading, Scunthorpe, Southend(FAC), Southport, Stockport,  68/9(£1.50) Bristol Rovers,  Northampton(FAC),  Oldham,  69/70(£1.25) Bristol Rovers, Bury, Doncaster, Fulham, Plymouth, Portsmouth(LC), Stockport(sl fld)(80p), Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall(FAC), Watford(LC), Wolves(LC)(£3), 70/1(£1) A.Villa, Reading, Rochdale, Torquay, 71/2(£1) A.Villa, Bolton, Bournemouth, Brad City, bristol Rovers, Mansfield, Millwall, Notts Cty, Oldham, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Rochdale, Shrewsbury, Torquay, York, 72/3(£1) A.Villa(sl mk)(50p), Bristol C , Chelsea(FAC)(£3), Fulham, Huddersfield, Hull, Millwall, Oxford, Portsmouth, QPR, Sunderfland(£2) 73/4(80p) Hereford,  Oldham, Shrewsbury, Southend, Southport, Watford, 74/5(80p) Bury, C.Palace(sl mk)(60p), Port Vale, Southend(sl mk)(50p), Watford(sl cr)(50p),  75/6(80p) Bury, Colchester, Gillingham, Port Vale, 76/7(80p) Chesterfield,  C Palace(FAC), Derby(LC)),  Mansfield, Northampton, Peterboro, Preston, Tranmere, Walsall, Wrexham,  77/8(80p) Bristol Rovers, Fulham, Notts Cty, Notts County(FAC), Oldham,  Tottenham(£2), 78/9(80p) Burnley, Cardiff, Fulham(cr)(50p), Leicester, L Orient, Luton, Millwall(LC), Notts Cty, Peterboro(LC), Stoke, Sunderland, West Ham, 79/80(80p) Arsenal(£2.50), A.Villa(Feb), A.Villa(Mar), Bolton, Bristol City, Camb Utd(LC), Coventry, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Man Utd, Notts Forest, Stoke,  Tottenham, Wolves, 80/1(80p) Arsenal, Coventry(LC), C.Palace, Everton, Ipswich, Leicester, Man City, Middlesbro, Southampton, Sunderland, Tranmere(LC), 81/2(80p) Arsenal, Coventry, (sl cr)(60p), Ipswich, Liverpool, Notts County, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Wolves, 82/3(80p) A.Villa, Birmingham, Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Liverpool, Luton, Man.City, Man City(FAC), Man Utd(sl fld)(50p), Newcastle(FAC), Norwich(sl fld)(50p), Notts County, Notts Forest, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham(MC), Tottenham, Watford, WBA, West Ham(cr)(50p), Man.City, Norwich,  Notts Cty, Stoke, Sunderland, West Ham(sl fld)(50p), 83/4(80p) Barnsley, Bristol R(MC)(cr)(40p), Camb Utd(slfld)(60p), Blackburn, Chelsea(fld)(50p), C.Palace, Fulham, Huddersfield(sl fld)(50p), Liverpool(FAC), Newcastle(sl fld)(60p),  84/5(80p) Cardiff. Fulham, Man.City, Notts Cty,  85/6(80p) Huddersfield, Hull, Sheff Utd(cr)(40p), Stoke, Sunderland, 85/6(80p) Birmingham, Blackburn, Hull, Ipswich, Leeds, Norwich, Sheff Utd, Sheff Utd(FAC), Shrewsbury, Southampton(sl mk)(50p), 86/7(80p)Barnsley, Brad City(sl fld)(50p) , Hullsl fld)(50p), Ipswich, Millwall(sl fld)(50p), Notts Forest(MC), Portsmouth, Reading, Sunderland,  87/8(80p) Arsenal(FAC)(£1), Bury, Gillingham(LC), Gillingham(sl fld/tc)(50p), Grimsby, Mansfield, Notts Cty, Notts C(SVTs/f)(£2), Rotherham, Southend(FRT)(£1.50), Sunderland(£2),  88/9(80p) Blackburn(sl fld)(60p), Bournemouth, Chelsea(£2), Hull, Ipswich, Leeds, Leeds(FAC), Shrewsbury((cr)(40p), Sunderland, Walsall, WBA, 89/90(80p) Barnsley, Brad.City, Luton(sl cr)(40p), Portsmouth, Watford, West Ham, 90/1(80p) Hull, Liverpool, Middlesbro, Sheff Wed, West Ham(fld)(40p), 91/2(£1) Barnsley, Ipswich, Middlesbro, Port Vale, Southend, Sunderland, Tranmere,  Wimbledon(ZDS)(£3), 92/3 (£1) Colchester(CCC), Fulham, Hartlepool, Man Utd(CCC) 93/4(£1) Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd, Fulham, Leyton Orient, Plymouth, Stockport,   95/6(£1) Burnley, Fulham(CCC), Fulham(FAC), Notts Cty,  96/7(£1) Barnet, Camb Utd,  Fulham(AWS)(£3) , Hull, Mansfield, Northampton, Torquay(sl mk)(50p), 97/8  (£1) Colchester, Darlington, Doncaster, Notts Cty, Scarboro, Torquay,  98/9 (£1)  Leyton Orient, Mansfield, Plymouth(sl mk)(50p) 99/00(£1) Cheltenham, Hartlepool, Leyton orient, Plymouth(FAC), Plymouth,  00/1 (£1) Leyton Orient, 01/2(£1) Colchester, Northampton(cr)(60p), Notts Cty, 02/3 (£1.50) Gillingham, Ipswich,  03/4(£2) olchester, QPR, 05/6(£2)Ipswich, 06/7(£2) Leyton Orient,   08/9 (£2) Colchester, Leyton Orient,  ,10/11(£2) Colchester,  11/12(£2) Coventry, 12/13 (£2) Arsenal(FAC), 16/17(£2) Colchester(EFLCup),   SPECIALS….60/1 v Frem(£6), Fluminense(fld)(£3),   61/2 v All Stars(Wilson)(cr)(£1), Hamilton Acc(sl fld)(£5),  71/2 v Chelsea(Powney& Gall)(£2.50), 75/6 v Tottenham(Kinnear)(£6), 82/3 v Tottenham(s/s)(sl fld)(£3), 84/5 v Arsenal(flds)(60p), 85/6 v Arsenal/Liverpool/Notts Forest(1 prog)(£2.50). 86/7 Tottenham(Ryan)(£2.50), 87/8 v Bournemouth(£1.25), 89/90 v Tottenham(Moseley)(£1.50), 90/1 v Arsenal(GAtting)(£1.50), 92/3 v New Zealand(£1.50), C Palace(Chivers)(cr)(60p),v QPR(Wilkins)(£2), Tottenham(£2.50), 94/5 v Tottenham(£2.50),  ….95/6 v C.Palace(£1.50), 97/8 v C Palace(£1), Handbook 59/60(£7), TEAMSHEETS (£1 each) v Plymouth 98/9(cr)(50p), 


50/1 Gillingham(ph)(£8),  55/6 v Barnsley(£7),  Notts Forest(£7),  56/7  Barnsley(£7), Grimsby(£7), Huddersfield(£7), Leicester, 57/8 Cardiff(£6), Doncaster(fld)(£4), Fulham(£5), Huddersfield(fld)(£4), Rotherham(fld)(£4), Sheff Utd(£6), Stoke(fld)(£4), Tottenham(Fr)(£28),  58/9  Barnsley, Brighton(£5), Bristol Rovers, Derby(sl cr)(£3.50), Grimsby(slcr)(£3), Leyton Orient(sl cr)(£3.50), Lincoln(£5), Middlesbro(£5), Rotherham(sl fld)(£4),Scunthorpe(£5),  Sheff Utd(£5), Stoke(cr)(£3), 59/60  Brighton(£5), Cardiff(sl cr)(£4), Charlton(sl cr)(£3.50), Charlton(FAC)(£5), Derby(cr)(£2.50), Leyton Orient(fld)(£4), Liverpool(sl fld)(£6), Plymouth(£5), Rotherham(£5), Scunthorpe(sl fld)(£4),  Sunderland(fld)(£3), 60/1(£4) Bournemouth, Brad City, Colchester, Grimsby, Halifax, Port Vale(r/s)(£3), Southend, Swindon, Torquay, Walsall, Watford,  61/2  (£3.50) Lincoln , Newport, Northampton, 62/3(£3) Arsenal(FR)(£16), Colchester, Millwall, Reading, Shrewsbury(nof)(£2.50),  63/4(£2.50) Doncaster(FAC), Oldham,  Shrewsbury,    64/5(£2.50) Bournemouth, Brentford, brighton(FAC), Exeter,  Watford, 65/6(£2.50) Ipswich, Norwich(£3.50),  66/7(£2.50) Arsenal RES)(£4), Blackburn(nof)(£2), Bolton, (r/s)£2), Charlton, Coventry(r/s_(£1.24), Derby(sl mk)(£2), Ipswich, (r/s)(£2), Norwich, Southampton(FAC), 67/8(£2) Birmingham, Blackpool(nof)(£2),  Bristol Rovers(FAC)(sl fld),  Charlton, Derby, Everton(LC)(£3), Hull, Middlesbro(FAC), Middlesbro, Millwall, Norwich, Portsmouth, Preston(dam spine)(70p) 68/9(£1.50) Birmingham(sl cr) £1), Bury(cr)(80p), Charlton,  Fulham, Huddersfield, Hull, Millwall, Newport(LC)(sof)(70p), Oxford, Preston, 69/70(£1.25) A.Villa, Blackpool, Cardiff, Carlisle, Huddersfield, Hull, Leicester(sl mk)(£1.50), Leicester(LC)(£2), Norwich, Oxford, Preston, Swindon, 70/1(£1) Birmingham, Blackburn, Cardiff, Fulham(sof), Leicester(LC)(£1.50), Millwall(sl cr)(70p), Norwich, Oxford(sl cr)(60p), Rotherham(LC), Sheff Wed, Sunderland(£3),    Watford,  71/2(£1) Bristol Rovers(GSPC)(sl mk)(£1.50), Hull, QPR, Sunderland,  Watford,  72/3(£1) Burnley, Cardiff, Luton, Oxford, Portsmouth(FAC), Sheff Wed, Sunderland,  73/4(80p) Cardiff, Hull, Notts Cty, Orient, Sunderland(£2), WBA,   74/5(80p) Bolton, Cardiff, Oldham, Portsmouth, Sheff Wed, Southampton, WBA,   75/6(80p) Blackpool, Bolton, Bristol Rovers, Carlisle, Charlton, Fulham, Hull, Notts Cty, Notts Forest, Orient, Plymouth, Southampton, Sunderland(£2),  76/7(80p) A.Villa(sl mk)(60p), Birmingham, Coventry,  Ipswich, Man City, Middlesbro, QPR,  Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham, 77/8(80p) A.Villa(sl fld)(60p), Birmingham, Coventry, Derby, Leicester,  Ipswich,  Man City, Man Utd(sl fld)(£1), Middlesbro, Norwich, QPR(fld)(50p), West Ham, Wrexham(FAC), 78/9 (80p) Arsenal(sl fld)(60p), A.Villa(sl fld)(60p), Bolton, Bolton(FAC), Coventry, C.Palace(LC), Derby, Everton(sl mk)(60p), Ipswich, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR, Southampton, Tottenham,  Wolves, Wrexham(FAC),   79/80(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Bolton, Coventry, C.Palace, Everton(£3), Derby, Derby(FAC), Ipswich(FAC), Ipswich, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, Wolves,  80/1(80p) Birmingham(LC), Bolton, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd,  Chelsea, Luton,  Notts County,Watford, West Ham(sl cr)(50p),   81/2(80p)  Brentford, Burnley, Carlisle, Doncaster(cr)(50p), Exeter, Fulham, Gillingham, Huddersfield, Newport, Oxford, Preston, 82/3(80p)  Hartlepool,  Tranmere,  83/4(80p)Blackpool, Bristol Rovers,  Darlington, Northampton, Notts Cty(FAC)(t/c)(50p),  Rochdale, Stockport, Wrexham,  84/5(80p) Gillingham(sl mk,t/c)(40p), Newport(MC), Plymouth, West Ham(MC),  85/6(80p) Bury, Gillingham, Gillingham(FRTs/f)(sl mk)(£2), Hereford(FRT )Final(£2), Newport, Notts Cty, Rotherham, Swindon(FAC), Wigan, 86/7(80p)  Bristol Rovers,  Fulham. Gillingham, Gillingham(FRT s/f)(£2), Mansfield, Newport, Notts Cty, Torquay(FAC),   87/8(80p) Brentford, Bristol Rovers, Chesterfield, Fulham,  Gillingham(t/c)(60p), Notts Cty, Preston, Southend, Sunderland,  88/9(80p) Fulham, Notts Cty, Southend(FAC), 89/90(80p) Bolton, Chelsea(FAC)(£2), Fulham(FAC), Fulham, Leyton Orient, Notts Cty, Notts Cty(LDC)(£2), Wigan,  90/1(80p) Barnsley, Hull, Notts Cty, Sheff Wed Sunderland(LC)(£3),   91/2(80p)Bristol Rovers(RC), Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd,  Ipswich,  Southend, Sunderland, Tranmere, Wimbledon(FAC), 92/3(80p) L Orient,  93/4(80p) Barnsley(sl cr)((80p),  C.Palace, Liverpool(FAC)(19/1)(£1.25), Notts Cty,  94/5(£1) Burnley, Everton(FAC)(sl fld)(£2), L Orient(mkd)(40p), Notts Cty(CCC), Southend, Stoke(FAC),   95/6 (£1) Burnley, 96/7(£1) Burnley, L Orient, Notts Cty, 97/8(£1) Gillingham, L Orient, Northampton(fld)(60p), 98/9(£1) L Orient(sl fld)(60p),   99/00(£1.50) Colchester, Luton, Millwall, Notts Cty,  00/1(£1.50)  Colchester, Notts Cty, 01/2(£1.50) Colchester, Notts Cty, QPR,  02/3(£1.70) Colchester, Notts Cty(11/02), Notts Cty(12/12), Swindon(mkd)(70p),     03/4(£2) Colchester, Notts Cty, Torquay,  04/5((£2), Colchester, 05/6(£2) Colchester,  Hartlepool,  06/7(£2) Leyton orient,  07/8 (£2) Colchester, 08/9(£2.50) Preston, 13/14(£2) Colchester,  14/15(£2) Colchester…SPECIALS …..Testimonials.. 70/1 v Bristol Rovers(Bush/Ford)(t/c)(£1.50), 72/3 v Chelsea(Parr)(£4), 75/6 v Hereford(Drysdale)(£2), 76/7  v Bristol Rovers(Tainton)(£2)..Friendlies…65/6 v Wolves(£4), 67/8 v Coventry(sl mk)(£4), 69/70 v Juventus(AIT)(£5), Wolves(£5), ….78/9 v Malmo(£1.50), 88/9 v Swindon(£1.25), ..Anglo Scottish Cup..78/9 v Bristol Rovers 77/8(Glos PC Final)(£1.50),  ..Handbooks 69/70(mkd)(£1.50),72/3(£3)


53/4 Derby(£9), Hull(£10),  54/5 Stoke(sl cr)(£4.50), 55/6 Leeds(fld)(£15), 56/7  Bristol City(sl fld)(£4.50), Bury(£7),  Sheff Utd(sl fld)(£4.50), 57/8 Leyton orient(crspl/sp)(£3), Lincoln(r/s)(£4), Liverpool(sl tr)(£5), Middlesbro(r/s)(£4) 58/9 Barnsley, Charlton(FAC)(£5), Huddersfield, (£5), L Orient(£5),  59/60 Plymouth(£5), 60/1(£4) Derby(fld)(£2.75), Middlesbro, Norwich, Southampton, 61/2(£3.50) Derby(fld)(£2.50), Huddersfield,  L Orient(wof)£1),  Liverpool(cell sp)(£2), Oldham (FAC), Stoke,  62/3(£3) Bristol City, Colchester,  Halifax, Millwall, Northampton, Port Vale(LC)(£4) Port Vale(FAC), Shrewsbury, Shrewbury(RES)(s/s)(£4), 63/4(£2.50) Colchester, C Palace, Millwall,  64/5(£2.50)  Brentford, Bristol City, Colchester, Port Vale, Shrewsbury(cell edge)(£1.50), Walsall,  65/6 (£2.50) Bournemouth, Brentford, Brighton, Exeter, Gillingham, Grimsby, Hull, Mansfield, Oldham, Oxford, Peterboro, QPR, Reading, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Southend, Swindon, Walsall, Watford, Workington(£4), 66/7(£2.50) Arsenal(FAC)(£4),  Colchester(fld)(£1,50), QPR(£3), Reading, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury,  Workington, 67/8(£2) Bristol City(FAC)(fld/nof)(£1.25), Colchester, Northampton, Southport, Stockport, 68/9(£2) Hartlepool(fld)(£1.50), Stockport, Tranmere, 70/1(£1) Birmingham, Bristol City(GCCFinal)(£3), Norwich(LC(sl tr)£2), 71/2(£1) A.Villa, Bolton, Sunderland(LC)(£5), Notts Cty, Plymouth(sof)(60p), Port Vale, QPR)(LC)(£2),  72/3(£1) Notts Cty, Walsall, Watford, 73/4 (80p) Aldershot(sl fld)(60p), Brighton, Charlton(fld)(50p), Chesterfield(sl fld)(60p), Halifax(sl fld)(60p), Grimsby, Huddersfield, Oldham(fld)(50p), Plymouth(fld)(50p), Port Vale(sl fld)(60p), Rochdale(sl fld)(60p),  Southend,  Tranmere(fld)(50p), Walsall(sl fld)(60p), Watford,Wrexham(sl fld)(60p), York(sl fld)(60p),  74/5(80p) A.Villa(£1.50), Fulham(sl cr)(50p), Man Utd(£5), (sof)(£3), Norwich,Notts Cty,  Southampton, Sunderland 75/6(80p) Blackpool, Notts Cty, Sunderland(£1.50),  76/7(80p) Cardiff,  Cardiff(LC), Luton, Notts Cty, 77/8(80p) Blackburn, C.Palace, Ipswich(FAC)(£2.50), Notts County, Orient, Southampton(FAC)(sl fld)(60p), Sunderland, Tottenham(£2.50), 78/9(80p) Camb Utd(cr)(40p), Charlton(FAC), Notts Cty, Sunderland, West Ham, 79/80(80p) Birmingham, Burnley, Fulham, Notts County, Orient, QPR, Sunderland(£2),  Swansea, Torquay(LC), 80/1(80p) Bristol City, Chelsea(£1.50), (cr)(40p), Derby, L Orient, Notts Cty, Shrewsbury, Watford, Wrexham, York(LC), 81/2(80p) Chesterfield,Crewe(LC), Exeter, Gillingham(sl mk(t/c)(40p), Hudderfield, Newport, Northampton(LC), Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Southend, Wimbledon,  82/3(80p) Cardiff, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Plymouth, Torquay(MC), 83/4(80p) Bournemouth, Exeter, Gillingham(t/c/sl mk)(40p), Port Vale(AMC), Scunthorpe, Sheff Utd, Wigan, 84/5(80p) Arsenal(LC)(£2), Gillingham(sl mk)(50p), Ipswich(FAC), Orient, 85/6 (80p) Gillingham, Newport, Notts Cty, Wigan,  86/7(80p) Fulham, Gillingham, Mansfield, Notts Cty(sl fld)(60p), Rotherham, 87/8 (80p) Gillingham, Fulham, Notts Cty,  88/9(80p) Bristol City(SVT), Fulham, Gillingham, Mansfield, Notts County, Sheff Utd(sl fld)(50p),  89/90(80p) Exeter(LDT), Fulham, Gillingham (LDC)(t/c)(£2.50), Notts C, Orient, Northampton, Notts Cty, Notts Cty(LDC)(£2.50), Tranmere, Wigan, 90/1(80p) Notts Cty, Sheff Wed,  91/2(80p)  Oxford, Sunderland, 92/3(80p) Luton(Youth)(s/s)(fld)(£2), Notts Cty, 93/4(£1) Brighton, Burnley, Fulham, Fulham(AT)(£2), Leyton Orient, Plymouth,  94/5(£1) Port Vale(CCC),   95/6(£1) Burnley, Northampton  96/7(£1) Burnley, Gillingham, Notts Cty, 97/8(£1.50) Gillingham, Ipswich(FAC),   98/9(£1), Colchester, L Orient(WC)(fld)(80p), Portsmouth(RES) (s/s)(fld)(£2), West Ham(RES)(s/s)(fld)(£2),  99/00 (£1) Camb Utd, Colchester, Millwall(sl cr)(60p), Notts Cty, Swindon,  00/1(£1) Notts Cty, Swindon, 01/2(£1) Dagenham & R(LDV) 02/3(£1.50) Boston, Millwall(RES)(s/s)(fld)(£2), Norwich(RES)(s/s)(fld)(£2), Scunthorpe 03/4(£1.50) Millwaal(RES)(s/s)(fld)(£2),  04/5(£1.50) Notts Cty, Southend,  05/6(£2) Leyton Orient,  07/8(£2) Leyton Orient,  Leyton Orient(FAC),  08/9(£2) Leyton Orient,   09/10(£2)  Leyton Orient, Swindon(sl cr)(80p), 10/11(£2) Colchester(with March insert)£3), 18/19 (£2) Crawley(CC), West Ham( Checkatrade)(£2.50),  …SPECIALS…Friendlies 59/60 v Djugardens(cr)(£2.75),  85/6 Birmingham(£1), West Ham(£2), 01/2 v Birmingham(£1.50), 99/00 v QPR(£2),  Testimonials…v 62/3 Sheff Wed(Williams Test)(£4), 77/8 v Ipswich(Taylor)(£2), 83/4 v Coventry(Bailey)(£1), 84/5 v A. Villa(Barrett)(£1.50), Gloucester SPCFinal)Rovers v Bristol City 1990(£1), .. .Fanzine..The Gashead  No 13, Vol2 No 11(£1)..Watney Cup 1973 v West Ham(£4),..Bernard Hall Test Brochure(60s?)(£4),Teamsheets(£1 each) 06/7 v Stafford Rangers, 07/8 Stafford Rangers,


 47/8 Derby (sl fld)(£30),   49/50 Derby(sl fld)(£25) 50/1 WBA(£22), 51/2 Blackpool(sl fld)(£18), Man Utd(fld..1 page inside torn but intact)(£32), 52/3 Arsenal(FAC)(£22), Sunderland(FAC)(£16),  53/4 Arsenal(£15), Man Utd(£45),  54/5 Arsenal(£12), Huddersfield(£9), 55/6 Arsenal(£25),   56/7 Arsenal(£8),  Birmingham(£7), Man City(£7),   57/8 Arsenal(£12)A.Villa(fld)(£6), Birmingham(sl cr)(£3),  58/9 Arsenal(£7), A.Villa(£6), Portsmouth(£5), WBA(£6), WHU(£8), Wolves(£6) 59/60 Arsenal(£7), Blackburn(£9), Blackburn(FAC)(sl fld)(£7), Brad City(FAC)(£9), Leeds(£10), Luton(£9),Newcastle(cr)(£4),  60/1(£4) Arsenal(£6), A.Villa, Blackburn, Brentford(LC)(cr)(£3), Chelsea(£12), Everton, Sheff Wed(sl fld)(£3), Swansea(FAC), West Ham(£6), 61/2(£3.50) Arsenal(£5), A.Villa(poor)(60p), Everton(sl fld)(£3), Fulham, Ipswich(£35), Leicester, Leyton Orient(FAC)(fld)(£3) Man City, Notts Forest,  QPR(FAC), Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Tottenham, (fld)(£2.50), WBA, West Ham, Wolves(sof)(£2.50),   62/3(£3) Arsenal, Birmingham, Fulham, Ipswich, Leicester, L Orient(£5), Liverpool(£5), Man.City, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, WBA, 63/4(£2.50)Arsenal,  A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool(sl mk)(£2), Bolton, Everton, Fulham(mkd)(£1), Huddersfield(FAC), Ipswich(sl mk)(£2), Leicester(Feb)(£8), Leicester, Liverpool, Newport(FAC), Notts Forest, Rotherham(FAC)(sl fld)(£2), Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed(cell edge/cr)(£1), Stoke, WBA, Tottenham, WHU(£5),  Wolves 64/5(£2.50) Arsenal(sof)(£2), Birmingham, Blackpool,  Brentford(FAC)(sof)£1.50), Chelsea, Everton, Leicester(fld)£2), Notts Forest, Reading(FAC)(sof)(£2), Sheff Wed, Sunderland,  65/6(£2.50) Arsenal, Blackburn,  Blackpool, Bournemouth(FAC), Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man Utd(£4), Newcastle, Southampton, West Ham(£4), 66/7(£2.50) Arsenal, Blackpool, Everton(FAC)(ph)(1.50), Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(ph)(£2), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham(sl mk)(£3), 67/8(£2) Arsenal(£5) Arsenal(LC)(£5), Everton, Leicester, Liverpool, Sunderland(ph), Tottenham, WBA, West Ham(£6), West Ham(FAC), Wolves, 68/9(£1.50) Arsenal, Chelsea(fld)(£2), Coventry, C Palace(LC), Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Leicester(LC), Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, QPR, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland(Mar)(£12), Sunderland(Apr), Tottenham, WBA, Wolves   69/70(£1.25) Arsenal(£3), Chelsea(£5), C.Palace, Derby, Leeds, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle(cr)(60p), Rotherham(LC), Sheff Wed, Sunderland, Tottenham(fld)(70p), WBA, West Ham(cr)(80p),  Wolves, Wolves(FAC),  70/1 (£1) Arsenal(£3), Blackpool, Chelsea(£2), Coventry, C.Palace,  Derby, Everton, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leeds(fld)(60p), Liverpool(cr)(40p), Man Utd(£3), Man Utd(LC)(sof)(£80p), Newcastle, Notts Forest, Southampton, Stoke, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 71/2(£1)  Birmingham, Blackpool, Bristol City, Cardiff, Charlton(poor)(20p), Fulham, Huddersfield, Hull, L Orient, Luton, Man Utd(LC)(£5), Middlesbro, Millwall, Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth(sl fld)(50p), Preston, QPR, Sheff Wed, Sunderland, Swindon, Watford,   72/3(£1) A.Villa, Blackpool, Brighton, Bristol City, Carlisle, Fulham, Huddersfield,  Hull, L Orient, Liverpool(FAC)(sl cr)(60p), Luton, Middlesbro, Oxford, Portsmouth, Preston, QPR, Sheff Wed, Sunderland(£2),  73/4 (80p) Arsenal(£2.50), A.Villa(FAC), Birmingham, Cardiff(LC), Coventry, Derby, Everton, Ipswich(fld)(50p), Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(£3), Newcastle,  Norwich, Plymouth(LC), QPR,  Sheff Utd(fld)(60p), Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham,  West Ham(£2).50), Wolves(fld)(50p), Wrexham(FAC), 74/5(80p) Arsenal(fld)(50p), Birmingham, Chelsea(£3), Coventry, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool(sl fld)(60p), Luton(£2), Man City, Middlesbro(£2), Newcastle, QPR, Sheff Utd,Stoke, 0 Tottenham, West Ham(£2), Wolves(£2),  75/6(80p) Arsenal(£2), A.Villa, Coventry(£3), Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Leicester(LC), Liverpool(£2), Liverpool(LC)(£2.50), Man City, Man Utd(£5), Middlesbro, Middlesbro(LC), Newcastle, Norwich, QPR, Sheff Utd, Stoke(sl fld)(60p), Tottenham, West Ham (cr) (30p), Wolves(£2),  76/7(80p) Bolton, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bristol Rovers, Cardiff, Chelsea(£2.50), Fulham, Hereford, Hull, Lincoln,  Millwall, Notts County,Notts Forest, Oldham, Plymouth, Sheff Utd  77/8(80p) Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Cardiff, Charlton, Chester(LC)(cr)(50p), C.Palalce, Fulham, Fulham(FAC), Hull, Ipswich(LC)(£2), L Orient, Luton, Mansfield, Millwall, Norwich, Notts Cty, Oldham, Sheff Utd, Stoke(, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham(poor)(30p),  78/9 (80p) Blackburn, Brad City(LC), Brighton)LC), Brighton(£2), Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd, Cardiff,  Charlton, C.Palace, Fulham, Leicester, Luton, Mansfield(ASCs/f)(£2), Millwall, Newcastle(£3), Notts Cty, Oldham, Oldham (ASC Final)(£4), Orient,  Sheff Utd, Stoke,  Sunderland(FAC), Sunderland(£3), West Ham, Wrexham  79/80(80p) Birmingham, Bristol Rovers, Cardiff, Chelsea, Fulham, Luton, Newcastle, Notts Cty, Oldham, Orient, QPR,  Shrewsbury, Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea Watford, West Ham(£2), Wolves, Wrexham, 80/1(80p) Chesterfield, Chesterfield, Colchester, Exeter, Fulham, Gillingham, Hull, Millwall, Newport, Oxford, Port Vale(FAC), Rotherham, Sheff Utd,   81/2(80p) Brentfprd, Chester, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Exeter, Gillingham, Huddersfield(fld)(50p), Millwall, Newport, Portsmouth, Oxford, Newport, Portsmouth, Reading, Southend, Walsall, Watford, 82/3(80p) Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea(£4), C Palace(FAC)(fld)(60p), C.Palace, Fulham, Grimsby, Leeds(£3), Leicester, Newcastle(sl fld)(60p), Oldham, QPR, Sheff Wed(FAC), Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, 83/4(80p) Blackburn(LMC)(£2), Bournemouth, Brentford, Bristol Rovers, , Crewe(MC), Hull, Exeter, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), L Orient, Oxford, Plymouth, Wimbledon,  84/5 (80p)  Bolton, Bournemouth, Brad City, Bristol City, Camb Utd, Crewe(MC), Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Hull, Man Utd(MC)(£6), Plymouth(sl fld)(50p), Wigan, 85/6(80p) Bolton(LMC)(£2), Bury(MC), Bury(LMC)(£2), Crewe, Colchester, Hereford, Mansfield, Preston, Scunthorpe, Tranmere(cr)(30p),   86/7(80p)  Bolton(LMC)(fld)(£1),  Colchester, Hartlepool, Rochdale(LC), Scunthorpe, Southend, Swansea, 87/8(80p) Blackburn(LMC)(£2), Camb Utd,  Colchester, Halifax(SVT s/f)(£3), Huddersfield(FR)(£3), L Newport, Orient, Preston(SVT /s/f)(£3), Preston(FR)(£3), Rochdale, Swansea, Wrexham(mkd)(30p), Wolves(£2), 88/9(80p) Camb Utd, Carlisle, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Grimsby, Halifax, Hartlepool, Hartlepool(SVT)(£2), Hereford, Peterboro, Rochdale, Rochdale(LC), Rochdale, Scarboro, Stockport,  Torquay, Tranmere, Wrexham,  York 89/90(80p) Bolton(LMC)(£2), Blackburn(LMC)(£2), Carlisle, Chesterfield, Colchester, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Halifax, Hartlepool, Leyton Orient, Lincoln, Luton(LC), Maidstone, Scarboro,  Scunthorpe(FAC), Southend, Stockport, Wigan(LMC)(£2), 90/1(80p) Aldershot, Blackburn(LMC)(£2), Blackpool, Darlington(sl tr)(40p), Doncaster, (sl fld)(50p), Lincoln, Preston(LMC)(£2), Stockport, Stoke(FAC), Torquay, Walsall, Wigan(LMC)(£2), Wrexham  91/2(80p) Aldershot, Barnet, Blackburn(LMC)(£2), Blackpool, Bury(LMC)(£2), Cardiff, Carlisle, Chesterfield(sl fld)(50p), Crewe(sl fld)(50p), Doncaster, Gillingham, Halifax, Hereford, LIncoln, Maidstone, Mansfield(sl fld)(50p), Northampton, Rochdale, Rotherham(FAC), Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Stockport(AWS s/f)(£2), Walsall, Wigan(RC), Wrexham, York, 92/3(£1) Blackpool, Bournemouth, Bury(LCC Final)(£3), Chester, Exeter, Fulham,  Hartlepool, L Orient, Mansfield, Plymouth, Preston, Preston(LCC)(cr)(50p), Rotherham(fld)(60p), Sheff Utd(FAC), Stoke Swansea, Wigan, 93/4(£1)) Barnet, Blackpool, Blackpool(LCC)(£2), Bolton(LCC)(£2), Bournemoputh, Bradford C, Brentford, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd, Cardiff, Carlisle, Carlisle(AY)(£2), Exeter, Fulham, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, Hull, L Orient, Plymouth, Port Vale, Preston(CCC), Reading, Rochdale(FAC), Rotherham, Stockport, Swansea, Tottenham(CCC)(£3),  Wrexham, York, York(FAC), 94/5(£1) Barnsley, Bolton, Bristol City, Bury/ Man Utd(joint prog)(LCC)(£4),  Charlton, Derby, Grimsby, Liverpool(LC)(£3), Liverpool(FAC) (£4), Luton, Middlesbro, Millwall, Notts County, Oldham, Port Vale, Port Vale(DEC)(£3), Portsmouth, Reading, Sheff Utd, Shrewsbury(FAC), Southend, Stoke, Sunderland(£3), Swindon, Tranmere, Watford, WBA, Wolves, (sl fld)(80p), York(CCC), 95/6(£1) Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brad City, Brighton, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Brentford, Carlisle, Chester, (AWS)(£2), Chesterfield, Crewe, Leicester(CCC), Mansfield, Notts Cty, Oxford, Peterboro, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Stockport, Swansea, Swindon, Walsall, Walsall(FAC), Wrexham, Wycombe, York, 96/7(£1) Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Chesterfield, Charlton(CCC), Crewe, Gillingham, Lincoln(FAC), Luton, Mansfield(CCC), Millwall, Notts Cty, Peterboro, Plymouth, Preston, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Stockport,Stockport(AWS)(£3), Walsall(FAC), Walsall, Watford, Wrexham, Wycombe, York,  97/8(£1) Blackpool, Bristol Rovers, Carlisle, Gillingham, Northampton, Preston(AWS s/f)(£2), Preston, Southend, Stoke, Notts Cty(AWS)(£2), 98/9(£1) Blackpool, Colchester, Gillingham, Macclesfield, Millwall, Northampton, , Notts Cty, Oldham, Walsall,  99/00(£1.50) Colchester, Luton, Millwall, Notts Cty, Wigan, 00/1(£1.50)  Wimbledon, 01/2(£1.50) Gillingham, 02/3(£2) Coventry, Gillingham, Ipswich,  03/4(£2), Coventry, C.Palace, Millwall, Sunderland, West Ham, Wigan, Wimbledon,04/5(£2)  Plymouth, Tottenham(CC)(£3),  05/6(£2) Barnsley(CC), Brighton, Cardiff, Coventry, Hull, Ipswich, QPR, Sheff Utd, 06/7(£2) Arsenal(FAC)(£3), Barnsley, Colchester, Derby, Norwich, Sunderland(fld)(80p),   07/8(£2.50) Colchester, Ipswich, Scunthorpe, …..SPECIALS. 58/9 v IntX1(Dougall)(£5), 1973 v Old Stars/Millionaire X1( Angus)(£2.50)75/6 v Blackburn(£2), 1982 v Man City(Stevenson)(£2.50)(Stephenson Brochure…cr)(£1)1983 Isle of Man Festival Brochure(£2), 90/1 v  D Brest(£1), Coventry(£2.50), 91/2 v Oldham(Holland)(£2), 92/3 v Ajax(£1.50), D Moscow(£1.50), Chelsea(£2.50), .93/4 v Liverpool(£2), 95/6 v Man City(£2.50), Wigan(LCC)(fld)(80p), 96/7 v Liverpool(£2), 97/8 v Man City £4), Gremio(Brazil)(£2.50),  99/00 v Everton/Sunderland(£2),   Charity Match v 62/3 Hearts away @ Hearts(sl cr)(£8),  EUROPEANS….60/1 Reims(£6), Hamburg(£6), 66/7 v Eintracht £3), Lausanne(£3), Napoli(£3), Stuttgart(£4),  EUROPEAN AWAYS  Hamburg 60/1(£50), Eimtracht Frankfurt 66/7(£25), …..TEXACO … 70/1Hearts(£3), 73/4 East Fife(£2), Hearts(£2),  78/9 v celtic(£5), …Fixture card 91/2(£1.50), 96/7(£1), …Brochure “Burnley FC Soccer Souvenir 1978/9” 26 page brochure(£3)…Yearbo0k 92/3(£4), 93/4(£4),..Photocopy/Replica 13/14 Final Burnley v Liverpool(£1.50),  


(for pre league see non league section)
11/2(£1.50)  AFC Wimbledon,  14/15 (£2) Southend, 15/16(£2) Colchester, 


 47/8 Notts Foresat(fld/sl tr 1/2 inch)(£15)  53/4 Rotherham(cr)(£5), Swansea((fld)(£8),  54/5 Plymouth(£9),  55/6 Notts Cty(r/s)(£7),  56/7Huddersfield(fld)(£5), 57/8  Barrow(fld)(£5), Brad City(£6), Chester(£6), Darlington(sl fld)(£5), Halifax(poor)(£2), Rochdale(cr)(£3), Southport(fld)(£5), 58/9  Arsenal(FAC)(fld)(£7), Accrington(fld)(£6), Arsenal(FAC)(sl mk)(£6), Bournemouth(£5), Chesterfield(sl fld)(£4), Colchester(sl cr)(£3.50), Chester(FAC)(sl cr)(£3.50), Doncaster(£5),  QPR(tr)(£2.50), Rochdale, Southend(fld)(£4), York(FAC)(cr)(£3),   59/60  Bolton(FAC)(£5), Bournemouth(sl fld)(£4), Brad City(£5), Brentford(£5), Chesterfield(fld)(£4), Colchester(£5), Coventry(fld)(£4), Hartlepools(FAC)(sl cr)(£3), Newport(sl cr)(£3), Oldham(FAC)(slfld)(£4), Port Vale(fld)(£4), QPR(£6), Reading(sl cr)(£3), Southampton(fld)(£4), Shrewsbury(fld)(£4), Swindon(fld)(£4), Tranmere(cr)(£3), 60/1(£4) Halifax(ph)(£2), Newport, Shrewsbury(cr)(£1.50), Walsall(fld)(£3), 61/2(£3.50) Brighton,  Bristol Rovers(fld)(£3), Charlton(fld)(£3), Huddersfield, Hull, L Orient, Scunthorpe(cr)(£2), Southampton, Sunderland(fld)(£4), 62/3(£3) Huddersfield, Portsmouth, Preston, Southampton,   63/4(£2.50) Charlton, Norwich, Northampton, Portsmouth,  Swansea, Swindon, 64/5 (£2.50) Ipswich, L Orient, Rotherham, Southampton, 65/6(£2.50) Charlton, Huddersfield, Huddersfield(LC), Preston,  66/7(£2.50) Bolton, Huddersfield(fld)(£1), Millwall, Walsall(FAC),  67/8(£2) Barrow,  68/9(£1.50)  Charlton(cr()50p), Fulham, Huddersfield(FAC), Millwall, Portsmouth,  69/70(£1.50) Brad City, L Orient, Mansfield, Reading, Southport,  Stockport, 70/1(£1) A.Villa, Brad City, Brighton, Bristol Rovers(cr)(50p), Chesterfield(sof)(60p), Doncaster, Fulham(sof)(60p), Gillingham(sof)(60p), Halifax, Oldham(sof)((60p), Plymouth(sof)(60p), Port Vale, Reading(fld)(60p), Rotherham, Swansea, Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall,  Wrexham,   71/2(£1)  Barrow(sof)960p), Brentford(sl fld)(60p), Camb Utd(sof)(60p), Chester(sof)(60p), Colchester, Crewe(sof)(60p), Doncaster(sof)(60p), Exeter, Gillingham, Hartlepool(sof)(60p), Lincoln(sof)(60p), Newport, Peterboro)(sof)(60p), Reading(sof)(60p), Rotherham(FAC)(sof)(60p), Scunthorpe(sof)(60p), Southend(fld)(60p), Southport, Stockport(sof)(60p0, Workington,   72/3 (£1) Barnsley, Brad City, Chelsea(LC)(£6), Chester, Colchester, Crewe, Doncaster, Darlington(sof)(60p), Exeter, Gillingham(sof)(60p), Hereford(sl fld)(60p), Lincoln(sof)(60p), Man City(LC))(sof)(£4), Mansfield, Newport, Peterboro, Reading(Apr)(cr)(40p), Reading(Jan)(£3), Southport, Stockport, Torquay(sof)(60p),  Workington,  73/4(80p)  Aldershot(LC), Barnsley, Brad City(sof)(50p), Camb Utd(sof)(50p), Chester, Colchester(sl fld)(50p), Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Exeter, Doncaster, Gillingham, Lincoln, Luton(LC), Mansfield, Newport,  Peterboro, Reading, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Stockport, Swansea, Torquay, Workington(s/s)(£4), 74/5(80p) Aldrshot(fld)(40p), Bournemouth, Brighton(cr)(30p), Charlton, Chesterfield, Colchester, C.Palace, Doncaster(LC), Gillingham(sl fld)(50p), , Grimsby, Halifax(sl fld)(60p), Huddersfield, Millwall(FAC), Oldham(LC), Peterboro, Plymouth, Port Vale, Preston, Southend, Southport(FAC),  Walsall, 75/6(80p)Brighton, Chesterfield(sl fld)(50p), Colchester, Doncaster(FAC)(fld)(50p), Gillingham(sl fld)(50p), Grimsby(fld)(50p), Halifax(slfld)(50p), Hereford,  Middlesbro(LC)(sl fld)(£1), Peterboro)fld)(50p), Preston9sl fld)(50p), Sheff Wed, Rochdale(LC), Rotherham, Shrewsbury(sl mk)(50p), Southend(sl fld)(50p), Swindon(sl fld)(50p), Wrexham,    76/7 (80p) Brighton(sl fld)(50p), Chester, C.Palace, Darlington(LC), Gillingham, Grimsby(fld)(50p), Port Vale, Portsmouth, Preston, Reading, Sheff Wed(sl fld)(50p),  Shrewsbury , Swindon(fld)(40p), Tranmere, Walsall(fld)(50p), Workington, Wrexham(t/c)(50p), York,  77/8 (80p) Carlisle, Chester, Chesterfield, Colchester, Exeter, Hereford(sl fld)(50p), Lincoln, Notts Forest(LC)(£5), Oxford, Oxford(LC), Peterboro, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Preston, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Tranmere, Walsall, WBA(LC)(£2.50), Wrexham, 78/9(80p) Colchester,  Southend(t/c)(50p),Swansea, Walsall, watford, 79/80(80p) Colchester, Sunderland(ASC)(£2),  80/1(80p) Chesterfield(ASC s/f)(£1.50),  Darlington, Fulham(FAC)(cr)(50p), Gillingham, Stockport, Torquay, 81/2(80p) Colchester, Hartlepool, Scunthorpe,  82/3(80p) Colchester, West Ham(LC)(£3),  83/4(80p) Colchester, Reading, Stockport(sl cr)(40p) 84/5(80p) Hartlepool(sof)(60p), 85/6 (80p) Blackpool(t/c)(60p), Bolton(t/c)(60p), Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, Bristol City, Chesterfield, Darlington(t/c)(60p), Man City)MC)(£2), Newport( cr/tc)(40p), Notts County(t/c)(60p), Plymouth, Reading, Reading(FAC)(60p), Rotherham(t/c), Tranmere(FRT)(t/c& fld)(60p), Tranmere(FAC), Walsall(t/c)(60p), Wigan, 86/7(80p) Carlisle, Fulham, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Mansfield, Middlesbro(fld)(50p), Notts Cty, Wigan(FRT)(cr)(60p),  87/8(80p) Fulham, Man Utd(LC)(£3), Mansfield, Notts Cty, Sunderland(£5),  88/9(80p) Fulham, Gillingham(t/c)(80p), Notts Cty, Southend, 89/90(80p) Fulham, Leyton Orient, Notts Cty, Stockport(LC), Wigan,  90/1(80p) Fulham, Leyton Orient 91/2(80p) Brad City, Fulham,  L Orient, Wigan, 92/3(80p) Colchester, 93/4(80p) Colchester, Stockport,  94/5(£1) Colchester, Fulham,   95/6(£1) Bury, Camb Utd, Colchester, Fulham, Gillingham(t/c)(60p), Hull((48 page issue to commemorate closure of Longside Terrace)(£5), Leyton Orient,  96/7(£1) Notts Cty(CCC), Notts Cty,  97/8(£1) Chesterfield, Carlisle, Grimsby, Luton, Northampton, Southend, Wrexham, Wycombe, York, 98/9(£1) Blackpool, Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, Colchester, Macclesfield, Millwall, Northampton, Oldham, REading, Walsall, Wrexham,  99/0(£1) Camb Utd, Colchester, Notts Cty(CCC), Notts Cty, 00/1(£1.50) Colchester, Gillingham, Notts Cty,  01/2(£1.50) Colchester,Notts Cty(LDV)(£2.50), Notts Cty, Rushden & D(WC)(£2),  02/3(£1.50) Leyton Orient, Rushden & D Torquay 04/5(£1.50) Notts Cty, Shrewsbury,  06/7(£1.50) Hartlepool,  08/9(£2) Colchester , 10/11(£2) Southend, 11/12(£2) Colchester,  12/13(£2) Leyton Orient, Southend(FAC), 14/15(£2) Southend, 15/16(£2) Colchester,   17/18(£2)  Sunderland (CC), 18/19(£2) Bury  SPECIALS…FRIENDLIES.. 57/8 v Maccabi(fld)(£4),  80/1 v Fulham(FAC),2nd replay@ The Hawthorns(£2),..81/2..v Liverpool(Kennedy Test)£2).84/5 v West Ham(£2),  86/7Blackpool/Blackburn(LMCC)(£1.50)