G BRITAIN v USA(White City) 1969(£2)

AAA Annual Championships 1946(£4)


Lee Savold in St Austell Boxing Tournament 6/8/1949  (£3)


Worcestshire v Essex 5/1996(£1)

Gilette Cup Final1978(Somerset v Sussex)(£3), 

 1964 Australians Tour official Brochure(£3)

1949 New Zealand Tour Brochure(£4), 

1947 South African Tour brochure(£4), 

1950 West Indies tour Brochure(£4),  

PLAYFAIR CRICKET ANNUAL..1951(£4), 1953(sl  fld)(£3), 1954(£5), 1955(£5), 1956(£4), 1957(£4)

Tickets      Warwicks v Essex 1998(£1),  W Indies v Australia (1st test 1995) (£3), 



Polytechnic Cycling Club Evening Meeting @Herne Hill…June 1946(£3), 27th Meeting of Champions @ Herne Hill Sep 1945(£3),


1976 Thames Silver Salver (£1)


July 1948 (sl fading)(£5),


Hipodromo de Lasarte (San Sebastian) 25/7/1974.. (£3)


Gorcaigh v Gaillimh 1986(£2), 


Haringay Racers v Brighton 6/11/1954(fld)(£4), Wembley Lions v Paisley Pirates 1/10/1955(£5), Streatham Redskins v Swindon 89/90(60p), 


King of Brands International meeting 26/5 75(£1),

PowerBike International Brands Hatch 10/75(£1), 

British Grand Prix FIM World Champs for Motoercycles 1984(3 autos)(£3)


British F3/GT Champs (Silverstone)2005(£2)


England v       Argentina 1996(£3), Canada 2004(£3),  Fiji 1989(nof)(60p), France  1985(£1),  Ireland 1992(£1),  Italy(1991 W C )(£2),  N Zealand1991(WC)(£2),  Scotland 1997(£1),  Wales 1976(fld)(£1), 1984(£1),  …….Natal v England 1994(£5), Rugby World Cup Official souvenir Prog 1995(346 pages)£7),….English Rugby Partnership v new Zealand 1997, plus ticket )(£2)… England v The Rest 1951(£6), 

Scotland  v Ireland 1973(fld)(80p), v England 1991(£1),   

Wales v England 1965 (fld) (£1.25), 1979(£1), v Ireland 1965 (fld)(£1), v Scotland 1972 (£3) , 1992(£2), 

MIDLANDS  v South Africa 1992(£2), New Zealand 93/4(£1.50), 

DEVON    v Cornwall 65/6(cr)(£1), Sussex 60/1(sl cr)(£2)

London Counties v New Zealand 1953(mkd)(£2.50), …England v Wales (Schools )(1972 sl cr/sl tr)(50p)


Exeter   125 th Anniversary Brochure 1997/8(£2), Yearbook 98/9(£2), 

Gloucester v London Irish 08/9(£1), Northampton Saints 11/12(£1) , 

Moseley v Swansea87/8(50p),

Hartlepool Rovers v Huddersfield 04/5(sl fld)(£1),

Saracens v Bristol 07/8(£1.25), Leicester 96/7(£1), Llanelli 08/9(£1.25), Newcastle 08/9(£1.25), 

 Southend v  Gloucester(JPC) 80/1 (£3), Stourbridge 07/8(£1),  

West Hartlepool v Bedford 97/8(£1),  Sale 93/4(£1), Blackheath 97/8(£1) Coventry98/9(£1), Moseley 97/8(£1), Sale98/9(£1), 

Newcastle Falcons v West Hartlepool 98/9(£1)…..Oxford v Cambridge 1991(Bowring Bowl)(£1)

EUROPEAN CHALLENGE  CUP Northampton Saints v Bourgoin 2009 (£2.50)

GUINNESS PREMIERSHIP FINAL  Leicester Tigers v Saracens 2010 (£3)

Ticket West Hartlepool v London Scottish 1988 (cr)(80p)


Great Britain v Australia 1967(£2.50),

Challenge Cup Final Warrington v Widnes 1975 (£1.50),    CHAMPIONSHIP SEMI FINAL Bradford Northern Huddersfield 1952 (sl tatty)(£3.50), ..CHALLENGE CUP SEMI FINAL Huddersfield v Wakefield (Replay @ Leeds)(£3)

Bradford Northern v  Doncaster 94/5, (60p). Hull80/1(60p), Leeds78/9(60p).Widnes 78/9(60p), Wigan65/6(RLC)(£2), 74/5(60p), 

Carlisle v Bramley 81/2(JPT)(60p), Workington 81/2960p)

Oldham v Wakefield 94/5(60p),

St Helens  v Barrow 63/4(fld)(£2),


Wigan v LiverpoolCity 59/60(sof)(£2.50), Oldham 69/70(£2), 

Workington  v Bramley 77/8(fld)(50p), 

England v France@ St Helens 1960(£4), v France@ Bradford67/8(£2), 

Tickets(£1 each unless stated otherwise)…Bradford Bulls..4/99 v Leeds Rhinos, 4/02 v Salford Reds, 9/03 v Castleford Tigers, 8/03 Huddersfield Giants, Huddersfield Giants v 3/03 St Helens Leeds Rhinos 3/03 v Hull, 3/03 v London Broncos(fld)(70p), 8/03 Bradford Bulls(cr)(50p), 6/03 St Helens(sl cr(80p), .St Helens 5/04 v Bradford Bulls(fld)(70p), Wakefield Trinity Wildcats 5/03 V London Broncos (fld(80p), Wigan Warriors 8/03 v Bradford Bulls(cr)(60p), 10/03 v St Helens(fld)(70p),

SPEEDWAY….PRICES..unless stated otherwise..PRE 60-as priced…..1960/65 £2each.. 1966 to 1969 £1 each..1970 onwards 50p. Many will have the race results written inside..we don`t regard this as a fault. Apologies if we have missed the actual competion ..whist most are National League, there are so many other competitions that we might just miss a few…if further info is needed please e-mail.

BERWICK v Weymouth 1968 , Ellesmere Port Aug 1972, West Ham (Apr)(1972,  

BELLE VUE v Coventry 1965, Cradley Heath 1967, Glasgow 1966, Northern Riders Champs 1968, Provincial Riders Champs 1962……..

BIRMINGHAM v Bristol 1950(£5), 1951(£4), 1954(£4), Norwich 1960, Wembley 1950(£5), 1950(Nat Trophy)(£5), West Ham(£5),

BOSTON  v Birmingham(Mar)(1975), Crewe (May) 1974, Peterboro (March)1972, Stoke (May)1974, Workington(June)1971, 

BRISTOL  v New Cross 1951(£5),

COVENTRY v  Birmingham 1952(MC Final)(£4), Cradley heath 1966, Glasgow 1965, Long Eaton 1966, Newport 1965, Oxford 1965, West Ham 1965, Wimbledon 1965

CRADLEY HEATH v Ashfield 1950(split Spine)(£2), Birmingham1980, Exeter 1968, Oxford 1965, Sheffield 1950(£5), Southampton (ST) 1950(£5), Swindon 1965, Wolverhampton 1969, …….. A Hunt Mem Tr 1965, 1968

CRAYFORD v Doncaster 1969, King`s Lynn 1969, Nelson 1968(£3), Reading 1969

CREWE v Canterbury 1969, Doncasrer(KOC) 1969

EDINBURGH v Exeter 1966, Glasgow(SC) 1966, Glasgow 1966, Wolverhampton 1965,

EXETER v  Belle Vue1966(fld)(60p), Coventry 1966, Edinburgh& Glasgow 1967 , King`s Lynn 1967, Long eaton, Newport1967(May league), Newport1967(June Callenge Match) , Prague 1967, Swindon 1969, West Ham 1967. Westernapolis 1967, 

GLASGOW v Cradley Heath(June)1972, Leicester 1968

HALIFAX  v  Coatbridge 1973(WC), Leicester 1968, Newport 1968, 

HARRINGAY v Belle Vue 1950(£5), Birmingham 1952(£4), Wembley 1950(£5),

KING`S LYNN v   Belle Vue 1972(KOC s/f), Birmingham 1982(KOC), Coatbridge 1968, Halifax 1967(TT), Leicester(Apr)1974, Newport (June)1972, Rayleigh (April) 1970, West Ham (Aug)1971, 

IPSWICH v  Arena Essex (May)1993, (Oct) 1993, Belle Vue ( mar)(1993), (Aug)1993, Bradford (july)1993, Coventry(July)1993, Cradley Heath (Apr)1993,  Sep1993, Eastbourne ( June)1993, King`s Lynn(April) 1974(SGC),  Newport (May)1973, Rayleigh1957(£4), Reading (Aug)1993, Rye House (Aug)1993, Wolverhampton (Aug)1972, (Sep)1993, (May)199s(KOC)(Apr)1993, ..   VARIOUS “BIG MEETINGS AT IPSWICH”    Individual Gold Cup (Aug)1972, GA Woodward 16 lapper(Oct)1993, Czech Mate Champ(Oct 1993)

LONG EATON v Halifax 1968, Sheffield 1967,  Lions v Kangaroos 1 963(£2),  Teeside(June)1972, 

NELSON   v Ipswich/ King`s Lynn11 (Aug 1969)

NEW CROSSHackney(Apr 1963), Wimbledon (Aug)(1959(£2), 

NEWCASTLE  v Australia(July)(1964(£2), Exeter (aug)(1964, Halifax (Apr)1966, Kings Lynn(Apr)1968, Sheffield (May)(1964), Sunderland (May)(1964, Wolverhampton(July) 1964(KOC), 

NEWPORT  v Exeter(Sep)1968, Kings lynn (Aug)1968, Leicester (Aug)1968, Newcastle(May) 1968, Oxford (July)1965(KOCC), Sheffield (June)(1968, Swindon (May)1968, West Ham (Aug)1968, Welsh Open Champs (Sep)1968, Welsh Open Aug 1968, Welsh Open Sep 1968

NORWICH v Harringay (May)1954(£4),

ODSAL  v Birmingham(June)1951(£4), New Cross (May) 1953(Cor Cup)(£4),

OXFORD v Long Eaton (May)1966, Newcastle(Aug) 1967,  Wolverhampton 1968(MC), 

POOLE   v Coatbridge (Apr) 1968, Coventry (Sep)1966, King`s Lynn (May)1968, Swindon (July) 1966, 

RAYLEIGH v Middlesbro  (May)1968(SACC), (July) 1969, Plymouth (May)1968, 

READING v Belle Vue(Aug)1968, Rayleigh(Aug)1968(KOC)

RYDE v Peterboro (June)1997, 

RYE HOUSE v “Rayment`s Rose Bowl” (Aug) 1969, Oxford (May) 1969(CM), 

SHEFFIELD   v  All Stars(Oct)1968, Coatbridge (Aug)1968, Hackney (May) 1969, 

SOUTHAMPTON  v Oxford (Aug)1962, June 1963, 

SWINDON  v  Coventry(Sep)1967(Midland CF), Hackney(June)1967, Newcastle (July)1967, (April)1969, Newport (July)1967, (Aug)1968, West Ham 1964( Britannia Shield), Wolverhampton (June)1968..T Teodorowicz Mem Trophy (Sep)1967, P Crump Test(eighties?),

WEMBLEY  v Birmingham(July)1949(r/s) £4), Harringay (May)1948(r/s)(£5)

WEST HAM v  Birmingham (May)(1951)(ph/r/s)(£3), Coventry(JUly) 1966, Cradley Heath(May)1966(fld)(60p), Glasgow(Apr)1966(sl cr)(60p), Newport (May)1970, Wembley 1949(ph)(£3), Wolverhampton(July)1966(KOC), 

WHITE CITY   v  Wolverhampton(Apr)1953(fld)(£3), 

WEYMOUTH   v Nelson(June) 1968, 

WIMBLEDON  v  Belle Vue (July)1966, Birmingham 1954(£3), Cradley Heath (May)1984, (May)1985, Ipswich 1984 , Harringay (July)1952(Nat TM)(wof)(£5), King`s Lynn ( Mar)1984, Reading(Apr) 1984(LC), Swindon (March)(LC) 1984, Wembley 1946(r/s)(£6), West Ham (Aug) 1968, 

WOLVERHAMPTON   v Belle Vue(Apr)1965, (Sep)1968, (CM)(Mar)1973, Coventry  June1965, (Sep)1966(MC Final), (Aug) 1967(MCs/f), (June)1968, (Aug) 1970,  Cradley Heath (Rev CM)(Oct)1969, (Apr)1968, (Mar)1970,  (D/WT)(Aug)1973, (Apr)1973, Edinburgh  (May) 1965, (April)1968, Exeter (Sep) 1964, (July)1965, (Sep) 1966, (Apr)1970,  1973(June)(S Star Cup), (Aug ) 1974 ( Golden Helmet), Glasgow (Oct) 1965, (July) 1968, Gornik (July)1965(ICM), Hackney (Oct)1965, (Apr) 1964, (Apr) 1965, (Sept) 1968, (May)1973, Halifax (June) 1974, Ipswich (May)1973, (June) 1974, Kings Lynn(June)1974(SSC), Leicester(June) 1973, Newcastle (Apr)1965, ( Oct) 1966, (July)1975, Newport  (Oct)1965, (Apr) 1973, (May) 1974,  Oxford (Aug) 1965, (Aug) 1969. (July)1973, (Apr)1974,  Poole (june)1974, Reading (June)1973, Sheffield (June)1965, (Aug) 1068, (May)1974, Swindon  Aug 1973, (Mar) 1974, Wimbledon (Apr)1973, Vargana (Aug)1965(ICM), West Ham (Oct)(RCM)1965, \July)1965 (May)1967, Wimbledon (Sep) 1965, ( July) 1968, (Oct)1968, Great  Britain v Soviet Union 1964(@Wembley, Coventry, Belle Vue)(£3)..VARIOUS “BIG MEETINGS” AT WOLVERHAMPTON… (£2) each..Pride of Midlands (Sep)1965, World Championship (June)1965, Midland Riders Champ (Apr) 1966, Champion of Champions (Oct)1966, Midland Riders Champ ( June) 1967, World Championship (May) 1968, Midland Riders Championship (Aug) 1968, World Chapionship ( May )(1970, The Olympique 1( May)1970, Olympique (May), Midland Riders Champs (April)1973, World Championship 1973, Champion of Champions Trophy 1973 


Southern Counties ASA Gala September 1944(£5),     


1989 Silk Cut Championships(£1),