48/9  C.Palace(nof)£15), 49/50, Notts Forest(fld)(£10),  Southend)(£5),  50/1  Colchester(r/s sl fld)(£15), Millwall(sl mk)(£9), Newport(fld)(£8), Southampton(RES)(£12), Southend(fld)(£7), 51/2  Colchester(fld)(£10), Gillingham(£11), Millwall(sof)(£7), Millwall(RES)(£10), Newport(£11), Plymouth(£11), Shrewsbury(fld)(£8), Southport(cr)(£7), Swindon(£10), 54/5 Coventry(£7), C.Palace(£7),  Exeter(£8), L Orient(£7), Millwall(cr)(£5), Southampton(fld)(£7), Swindon(sl fld)(£7.50), Watford(cr)(£4), 55/6  Norwich(£7), QPR(£7), West Ham(r/s)(£8),  56/7  Aldershot(£7), Coventry(nof)(£6), Exeter(sl cr)(£5), Gillingham(£7), Fulham(FR)(£10), Luton(SFCFinal)(£10), Millwall(£7), Northampton(£7), Norwich(£7), Plymouth(nof)(£6),  Torquay(fld), Walsall(£7), Wrexham(FAC)(sl fld)(£6),  57/8 Bournemouth(£6), Brentford(nof)(£5), Brighton(£6), Exeter(£6), Gillingham(£6), Northampton(£6), Southend(£6), Swindon(fld)(£4), 58/9 Accrington(£6), Arsenal(FR)(£20),  Bournemouth(£5), Brad City(£5), Brentford(£5), Bury(£5), Chesterfield(fld)(£4), Colchester(£5), Doncaster(£5), Halifax(£5), Hull(£5), Mansfield(fld)(£4), Newport(£5), Notts Cty(£5), Plymout(£5), QPR(£6), Rochdale(£5), Southend(£5), Southampton(£5), Stockport(£5), Swindon(£5), Tranmere(£5), Watford(FAC)(fld)(£4), Wrexham(£5),  59/60 Accrington(£6), Barnsley(£5), Bournemouth(£5), Brad City(£5), Brentford, Bristol City(fld)(£4),Bury(£5), Chesterfield,  Colchester(£5), Coventry(£5), Grimsby(£5),  Halifax(£5), Mansfield(£5), Millwall(£5), Newport(£5), Norwich(£5), Norwich(FAC)(£5), Port Vale(cr)(£3), QPR,  Shrewsbury(£5),  Southampton(£5),  Southend(£5), Swindon(£5), Tranmere(£5), Wrexham(cr)(£4), York(£5), 60/1(£4) Barnsley(FAC), Bournemouth(fld)(£2), Bristol Rovers(LC)(£14),  Colchester(cr)(£2), Grimsby, Millwall, Newport, Shrewsbury, Swindon, Torquay(cr)(£2.50), Tranmere, Watford,  61/2(£3.50)Barnsley, Bradford PA, Bristol City, Chester(LC)(£10), Coventry, C.Palace, Halifax, Hull, Lincoln, Millwall, Newport, Newport(FAC), Northampton, Notts Cty, Peterboro, Portsmouth, Port Vale, QPR, Shrewsbury, Southend, Swindon, Torquay, Watford, 62/3(£3) Barnsley, Bournemouth. Bristol Rovers(Dec)(£4) Bristol Rovers(May), Carlisle, Colchester, Coventry, C Palace, Halifax, Hull, Northampton, Notts Cty, Peterboro, QPR, Shrewsbury, Southend, Swindon, Watford, Wrexham, 63/4(£2.50Barnsley(cr)(£1),  Bournemouth, Brentford, Bristol City, Coventry, Crewe, C.Palace, Luton,  Mansfield, Millwall, Notts Cty, Peterboro(fld)(£1.50), Port Vale, QPR,Shrewsbury,  Southend, Walsall, Watford, 64/5(£2.50) Barnsley,  Bournemouth(fld)(£1.25), Brentford(fld)(£1.50), Bristol City, Burnley(FAC), Carlisle, Colchester, Exeter, Fulham(LC)(£4), grimsby, Hull, Luton, Mansfield, Newport, Peterboro, Port Vale, QPR, QPR(LC)(£5), Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Southend, Walsall, Watford(FAC), Workington(sl mk)(£2), 65/6(£2.50) Bournemouth, Brentford, Brentford(FAC),  Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Derby(LC)(£4), Exeter, Gillingham, Grimsby, Hull, Mansfield, Millwall, Newport, Oldham, Oxford, Peterboro, Port Vale,  QPR, Scunthorpe(fld)(£1.50), Sheff Wed(FAC)(£3), Shrewsbury, Southend, Southend(LC)(£4), Swansea, Swindon, Walsall, Workington,  York, 66/7(£2.50) Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Colchester, Darlington, Derby(FR)(£6), Doncaster, Darlington, Gillingham, Grimsby,  Mansfield, Middlesbro, Oxford, Peterboro, QPR, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Swindon, Walsall, Watford(LC), Workington(fld)(£1),  67/8(£2) Barrow(sl fld)(£1), Bournemouth(sl cr)(90p), Bristol Rovers, Bristol Rovers(LC), Colchester, Grimsby, Mansfield, Northampton, Oldham, Orient, Oxford, Peterboro, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Stockport(sl cr)(£1), Torquay, Tranmere, Watford, West Brom(LC)(£5),  68/9(£1.50) Barnsley, Barrow, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Luton, Mansfield, Northampton, Oldham(sl cr)(80p). Orient, Plymouth(FAC), Plymouth, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Rotherham, Stockport, Swindon, Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall, Watford, 69/70 (£1.25) Barnsley(sl fld)(£1), Barrow(sl fld)(70p), Bury, Colchester(LC),Doncaster, Fulham, Gillingham, Halifax, L Orient, Luton, Mansfield, Rochdale, Shrewsbury, Stockport, Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall, 70/1(£1) A.Villa, Brad City, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Fulham,  Gillingham, Plymouth, Preston, Rotherham, Shrewsbury,  Shrewsbury(FAC), Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall, Wrexham, 71/2(£1) Aldershot(FAC), Arsenal(FAC), Barrow, Colchester, Crewe(sof)(60p), Newport, Northampton, Workington,  72/3(£1) Camb Utd, Brad City, Chester, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Doncaster(FAC), Lincoln, Newport, Northampton, Peterborough(cr)(40p), Southend(fld)(50p), Southport, Stockport,  Torquay(Nov)(£3) Torquay(Feb), Workington, 73/4(80p) Brad City. Brentford, Chester(Dec(£4), Chester ( April), Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Stockport, Torquay, Watford(LC), Workington,  74/5(80p) Arsenal(FAC)(£2.50), Barnsley,Brad City,  Brighton(LC), Brighton(LC)(2nd Rep)(4 page/sl mk)(£2),  Burnley(LC), Camb Utd, Crewe, Doncaster, Exeter, Hartlepool, Newport, Northampton, Rochdale, Rotherham, Rotherham(LC), Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Southport, Stockport, Workington, 75/6(80p) Lincoln(fld)(60p), Newport, Rochdale, Stockport,  Workington,  76/7(80p) Brighton(poor)(30p), Bury, C.Palace, Gillingham, Grimsby, LIncoln, Burnley, Northampton, York,  77/8(80p) Aldershot(FAC), Halifax, Newport, Rochdale, Southend, Southport, Watford(LC), York,  78/9(80p) Barnsley, Brad City, Crewe, Doncaster, Grimsby, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, Newport, Scunthorpe, Sheff Utd(sl cr)(50p), Stockport,  Watford(LC)(fld)(60p), Watford(sl cr)(50p), Wimbledon, York, 79/80(80p) Barnsley. Carlisle, Chester, Colchester, Colchester(FAC), Oxford(LC), Rotherham,   Wimbledon,  80/1(80p) Barnsley, Blackpool, Brentford, Burnley,  Colchester, Fulham, Newport, Northampton(LC), Oxford,  81/2(80p) Bristol City(4 page- cr)(£1.50), Gillingham, Newport, Southend, Walsall, 82/3(80p) Brad City, Exeter, Gillingham(sl mk,t/c)(40p),  Millwall(FLT s/f)(£1.50), Newport, Oxford(MC), Plymouth, Watford(FLT)((£2),  83/4(80p) Aldershot(fld)(50p), Chester, Colchester, Colchester(MC), Hartlepool, Stockport, York, 84/5(80p) Bolton(cr)(30p), Burnley(cr)(30p), Derby(sl fld)(50p), Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Hull, newport(cr))(30p), Plymouth(fld)(50p), Preston(fld)(50p), Walsall(sl fld)(50p), Wigan(cr)(30p), 85/6(80p) Bolton, Bournemouth(MC), Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Lincoln(sl fld)(50p), Wigan,  86/7(80p) Arsenal(FAC)(£2.50), Huddersfield, Leeds,Sunderland,  87/8(80p) Middlesbro,  88/9(80p) Blackpool, Bury, Fulham, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Port Vale, Torquay(LC), 89/90(80p) Birmingham, Bristol City,Bristol City(LC), Bristol Rovers(FAC), Chester,  Crewe,  Fulham, Huddersfield, Leyton Orient, Newcastle(LC), Newcastle(FAC), Northampton, Preston, Walsall,Wigan,  90/1(80p) Crewe, Fulham, Leyton Orient, Mansfield, Southend, Southend(LDAF)(£1), 91/2(£1) Brad City, Camb Utd(cr)(30p), Darlington, Fulham, Orient, Wigan, 92/3(£1) L Orient(sl cr)(40p), L Orient(FAC), Stoke,   93/4(£1) Burnley, Camb Utd(FAC) , Fulham, L Orient, Plymouth, 94/5(£1 ) Burnley, Charlton, Gillingham, Grimsby, Sunderland, Tranmere, 95/6(£1) Gillingham, (t/c)(50p), Port Vale, Sunderland,   96/7(£1) Charlton, Ipswich, Southend, 98/9(£1.50) Colchester, Millwall  99/00(£1.50) Bristol Rovers, Cardiff, Colchester, Gillingham, Millwall, Plymouth(FAC), Stoke,  00/1(£1.50) Bournemouth, Brentford, Bury, Colchester, Millwall, Peterboro, Swansea, 01/2(£2) Camb Utd, Colchester, Colchester(LDV), West Ham,  03/4(£2) Chelsea(CC)West Ham 04/5(£2) Ipswich,  05/6(£2) Ipswich, QPR, Sheff Wed, Watford, 06/7(£2) Arsenal, 07/8(£2) Arsenal, Cheslea,  Tottenham(£4),08/9(£2) Sheff Wed,  13/14(£2) Sheff Wed, …SPECIALS….TESTIMONIALS…55/6 v All Stars(Reeves/Smith)(£7),  65/6 v Intl X1(Evans)(£3), Showbiz X1((Spiers)(£4), 66/7 v ShowbizX1(£2), All Stars(Allen) , 69/70 West Ham(Spiers)(£5), 75/6 v QPR(Wallbanks)(£2), 83/4 v Oxford(Hetzke)(£2), 88/9 v Tottenham(Hicks)(£3),  …FRIENDLIES…..54/5 v Portsmouth(£15), St Mirren(£15), 55/6 Circle Ath(Paris)(£10), 59/60 Berks & Bucks FA (£4), 61/2 Berks & Bucks(£3), 63/4 v British Police(£3), 66/7 vShow Biz X1(£2), 83/4 Brentford(£1), Fulham(£1), Watford(£1), 85/6 Coventry(£1.50), Norwich(£2), 90/1Watford(£1), 96/7 v Tottenham(£3),97/8 v Chelsea(sl cr)(70p),  01/2 v Tottenham(£3),  …..Group Cup (80`s) v Aldershot/Oxford(£1.50) … Handbooks 70/1(cr)(£1.),Fanzine “The Elm Park Disease” No6(£1) Charity Match Reading Lions v Chelsea 70s(£1)…Teamsheet v Camb Utd 00/1(£1)


48/9 Stockport(£16), 56/7 Oldham(£7), Tranmere(£7),  57/8 Bury(£6), Darlington(£6), Halifax(fld)(£4),  Hartlepools(£6), Mansfield(£6), Oldham(£6), Stockpory(sl mk)(£5), Tranmere(£6), Wrexham(£6), 58/9 Brad City(FAC)(£6), Bury(£6), Colchester(£6), Notts Cty(£6), Southampton(£6), Swindon(£6),   Tranmere(£6),  59/60 Aldershot(£5), Crewe(£5), Darlington(£5), Doncaster(£5), Hartlepool(£6),  Oldham(£5), Workington(£5(,  60/1(£4) Doncaster(fld)(£3), Exeter(mkd)(£2), Millwall(£5), Southport,  61/2(£3.50) Brad.City, Crewe, Exeter, Halifax(FAC), Hartlepool(sl tr)(£2), Millwall(wof)(£2),  Stockport, Tranmere,  62/3(£3) Brad City, Colchester, Crewe, Doncaster, Exeter, Hartlepool(wof)(£2), Lincoln, Mansfield, Newport(£5), Southport, Oxford(£6), York, 63/4(£2.50) Chesterfield, Colchester, Darlington, Exeter,  Hartlepools(fld)(£1.50), Lincoln, Newport(wof)(£2), Oxford(fld)(£2), Southport, Tranmere, Workington, 64/5(£2.50)  Aldershot, Barrow,  Brad City, Bradford PA, Darlington,  Halifax, Oxford, Newport, Southport, Stockport, Torquay, Tranmere, Wrexham, York 65/6(£2.50) Barnsley(fld)(£1.50), Brad City, Chester, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Halifax, Lincoln, Luton, Newport, Notts County,  Port Vale(cr)(£1), Southport(cr)(£1), Torquay(cr)(£1), Tranmere(fld)(£1.50), 66/7(£2.50) Aldershot(sof)(£1.75), Brad City, BradfordPA(sl fld)£1.50), Brentford, Chester, Lincoln(sof)(£1.75), Luton,  67/8(£2) Brad City, Bradford PA(£3), Hartlepool(cr)(80p),  Workington 68/9(£1.50) Bradford PA (£3), Newport(fld)(£1), Notts Cty,   69/70(£1.25) Barrow,  Luton, Newport, Plymouth, Reading(sl mk)(75p), Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Stockport, Torquay,Tranmere,  70/1(£1)Barnsley, Brad City, Bristol Rovers, Colchester(FAC), Doncaster, Mansfield, Plymouth, Port Vale, Shrewsbury, Southport(sof/fld)(60p),  Tranmere(sl fld)(80p), Wrexham, 71/2 (£1) Brighton(sob)(60p), Bristol Rovers, Chesterfield, Halifax, Notts Cty, Plymouth, WALSALL  72/3(£1)  Notts Cty, sOUTHEND, Walsall,  73/4(80p) Bolton(LC)(cr)(45p), Hartlepool(LC), Huddersfield(sl fld)(50p), Southport,  74/5(80p) Newport, Southport,  Stockport,  75/6(80p) Newport,  Workington, 76/7 (80p) Colchester, Huddersfield, Newport, Southend(sl cr)(50p), Stockport, 77/8(80p) Newport, Northampton, Scunthorpe, Southport, 78/9(80p) Bournemouth, Hartlepool(fld)(50p), Newport, Stockport, York(fld)(50p),  79/80(Newspaper style £1 each) Blackpool(LC)(sl tr)(60p), Newport/Tranmere(joint), Scunthorpe(FAC)(neat fold£1), Torquay/Scunthorpe(jt),   80/1(80p)  Bournemouth(fld)(60p), Doncaster, Hartlepool, Mansfield, Scunthorpe, Stockport, 81/2(80p )Blackpool, Peterboro, Stockport, 82/3(80p) Aldershot, Colchester(Jan prog with April wrapper)(£2.50), Crewe, Northampton,  83/4(80p) Darlington, Stockport(MC), 84/5(80p) Colchester, Crewe, Hartlepool(April)(4 page)(£1.50), hereford, 85/6(80p)Burnley(LMT)(£2),  Camb Utd, Colchester, Halifax, Hartlepool, 86/7(80p) Colchester, Halifax, L Orient,   Torquay, 87/8(80p) Camb Utd(sl fld)50p), Colchester, Hartlepool, Hereford, Scunthorpe, Wimbledon(LC) , Wrexham, 88/9(80p) Burnley, Colchester, 88/9 (80p) Burnley(LC)(£2,50),  Burnley, Leyton Orient, Lincoln,  89/90(80p) Bolton(LC), Gillingham, 90/1(80p) Hartlepool, Scarboro(mkd)(RC)(50p),  91/2(80p) Barnet, Burnley, Walsall,  92/3(80p) Colchester, Northampton, 93/4(80p) Bolton/Burnley(LMC), Colchester,   94/5 (80p) Colchester, Fulham, 95/6(£1) Camb Utd, Colchester, Fulham, Gillingham(t/c)(50p),  96/7(£1) Camb Utd, Colchester, Fulham, Torquay,  97/8 (£1)  Colchester, Hartlepool, Scarboro,  98/9(£1) Plymouth,  99/00 (£1) Northampton(cr)(60p), Leyton Orient, Plymouth,  01/2(£1)  Leyton Orient, 02/3 (£1) Hartlepool, Leyton Orient, Lincoln, 03/4(£1) Boston,  04/5(£1) Kidderminster, Notts Cty,  06/7(£1) Hartlepool,  08/9(£1) Dagenham & Red,  09/10(£2) Brad City,  10/11(£2) Colchester, 11/12(£2) Colchester, 14/15(£2) Barnsley,  15/16(£2) Colchester,    TEAMSHEETS..  (£1 each), Colchester 14/15, 15/16,  Peterboro 06/7, ..Fanzine “Exceedingly Good Pies” No 9£1),


 55/6 Port Vale(£8), Sheff Wed(r/s)(£6), 56/7 Leicester(fld)(£8), Notts Cty(£7),  57/8 Huddersfield(£6), Liverpool(sl fld/sl mk)(£7) 58/9  Cardiff(£5), Charlton(£5), Middlesbro(£5),    Scunthorpe(sl fld)(£3.50), 59/60  Arsenal(FAC)(£8), Cardiff(£5),  60/1(£4) Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Huddersfield(cr)£2), Lincoln, Portsmouth(LC)(£10),  61/2(£3.50) Bury, Huddersfield, L Orient, Southampton,  62/3(£3) Huddersfield, Norwich,   63/4(£2.50) Bury, Leyton Orient, Millwall(LC)(£5), Norwich(sl fld)(£4), Sunderland(£4), 64/5(£2.50) Bolton, Derby, Huddersfield, L Orient, Northampton, Newcastle(£4), Swansea,  65/6(£2.50) Cardiff, Carlisle(Feb)(£5), Carlisle(APR), Charlton, C.Palace, Derby, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Man City(£4(, Man Utd(FAC)((sl fld)(£4), Watford(LC)(£3.50), West Ham(LC)(£15),   66/7(£2.50) Blackburn, Bury, Cardiff, Coventry, C Palace, Huddersfield, Hull, Ipswich, Millwall(fld)(£1.50), Northampton, Preston,  67/8(£2) A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Cardiff, Carlisle, Charlton, Derby, Hudersfield, Hull, Ipswich(fld), Leicester(FAC(£3.50), Middlesbro, Millwall, Norwich, Norwich(LC)(£4),  QPR. Wolves(FAC),   68/9(£1.50) Barnsley, Crewe,  Gillingham, Hartlepool, Hartlepool(FAC), L Orient, Luton, Northampton(DEC)(£4), Northampton(Jan), Reading, Shrewsbury, Southport, Torquay, Walsall,  69/70(£1.25) Barnsley, Bolton(LC), Brad City, Brighton, Burnlsy(LC)(£4), Doncaster, Luton, Mansfield, Reading, Rochdale, Shrewsbury, Stockport, Torquay, Walsall,  70/1(£1) Doncaster, Fulham, Leeds(FAC)(£3), 71/2 (£1) Notts Cty, 72/3(£1) Notts Cty, Port Vale, Watford,  73/4(80p) Bury, Exeter, Newport,   74/5(80p) Camb Utd(sl fld)(50p), Exeter, Workington, 75/6(80p) Bury, Colchester,  Notts Forest(LC), Walsall(sl cr)(50p), 76/7(80p) Bury(fld)(50p), Chesterfield(LC), Lincoln, 77/8(80p) Bury, Camb Utd, Colchester, Plymouth(sl mk)(60p),  Tranmere,  78/9(80p)Arsenal(LC)(£1.50), Colchester, Oxfprd, Sheff Wed, Watford,  79/80(Newspaper style ..all neatly folded£1 each) Colchester, Leicester(LC)(£2), Oxford(sl tr)(80p),  80/1(80p)Barnsley(FAC), Blackpool, Brad City(LC), Brentford, Burnley,  Charlton, Chester, Chesterfield, Colchester, Exeter, Fulham, Gillingham, Hull, Millwall,  Newport, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheff Utd Walsall,  81/2(80p)Blackburn, Bolton, Camb Utd, Darlington(LC), Norwich(£2.50), Orient, Sheff Wed, Sunderland(FAC), Sunderland(LC),  Wrexham,  82/3(80p) Barnsley, Bolton, Burnley, Charlton, C.Palace, Fulham, Middlesbro, Oldham, QPR(MC)(£1.50), Sheff Wed, 83/4(80p) Brad City, Bristol Rovers, Exeter(sl tr)(60p), Gillingham(slmk,t/c)(40p), Hartlepool(FAC), Hull, Hull(FAC), Lincoln, Newport, Orient, Plymouth, Port Vale, Sheff Utd,  Southampton(cr/2 autos)(£1),  Walsall,  84/5(80p each)Camb Utd, Doncaster, Gillingham, Preston, Walsall, York,  85/6(80p) Cardiff, Gillingham(sl mk)(50p), Newport(fld)(40p), Notts Cty, Walsall, Wigan,  86/7(80p)Brentford, Chester, Doncaster, Fulham,  Gillingham(slmk)(50p), Notts Cty(sl cr)(40p), , Walsall, Wigan,  87/8(80p)Blackpool, Brentford, Bristol Rovers, Chesterfield, Bury, Fulham, Gillingham, Grimsby, Notts County, Scarboro(FRT), Sunderland(£1.50),  88/9(80p) Burnley, Colchester, Grimsby, L Orient, Man Utd(LC)(£1.50), 89/90(80p)Bolton, Fulham, Notts Cty, Sheff Utd(LC), Shrewsbury, Swansea, 90/1(80p) Fulham,  91/2(80p) Grimsby(RC), Walsall, 92/3(80p) Brad City, Fulham, Hull, L Orient, Newcastle(FAC)(£2), Plymouth, 93/4(£1 ) Bournemouth, Brad City, Fulham,  L Orient, Port Vale,Stockport(FAC),  95/6(£1.) Burnley(AT)(£3), Burnley, Notts Cty, Stockport.  96/7(£1.)  Burnley, Notts Cty,     97/8(£1.50) Colchester, Notts Cty, Sunderland(FAC)(r/s)(80p), 98/9  (£1.50) v Camb Utd 00/1(£1.50) Colchester, Notts Cty, 03/4 (£1.50)  Colchester, Ipswich, 04/5(£2( Reading, QPR, 05/6(£2) Colchester, Hartlepool, 12/13(£2) Gillingham, Southend  TESTIMONIALS…… 89/90 v Sheff Wed(Wilson)(£1),…FRIENDLIES… 98/9 v Chesterfield(£1),, 00/1 v Barnsley(£1)


 52/3  Sunderland(FAC)(fld/staple gone)(£15),   55/6 Mansfield(r/s)(£6),  56/7 Darlington(£6),(ph)(£3), 57/8  Brad City(FAC)(cr)(£4), Carlisle(£6), Chesterfield(£6), Workington(£6),   58/9  Brighton(£5),  Bolton(FAC)(£5), (sof)(£3), Brighton(sl fld)(£4), Cardiff(£5), Charlton, Huddersfield(£5), Sheff Utd(slfld)(£4), Swansea(£5), 59/60  Bristol Rovers(£5),  C.Palace(£5),  L Orient, Port Vale(£5), Swansea(£5), 61/2(£3.50) Bury, Huddersfield,  Southampton(ph)(£2), 62/3(£3) Grimsby, Southampton(LC)(£9),   63/4(£2.50) Barnsley(FAC)(fld)(£2),  64/5(£2.50) Bournemouth, Colchester(tr)(£1), Hull, Walsall, Workington, Workington(LC)(£6), 65/6(£2.50) Millwall, Reading, Walsall,  Workington, 66/7(£2.50) Bristol Rovers(sof)(£1.25), Colchester, Darlington(sof)(£1.25), Doncaster(sof)(£1.25), Mansfield, Oldham(sof)(£1.25), Reading(sof)(£1.25), Shrewsbury(sof)(£1.25), Swansea(sof)(£1.25), Torquay(sof)(£1.25), Walsall(sof)(£1.25), Workington, 67/8(£2) Bournemouth(sof)(£1), Bury, Colchester, Orient(sl mk)(£1), Mansfield(sof)(£1), Reading, Shrewsbury(sof)(£1), Southport(sof)(£1),  68/9(£1.50) Arsenal(LC)(£5), Brad PA(£3), Colchester, Halifax, Lincoln(LC), Lincoln, Newport, Notts County, Workington,  69/70(£1.25) Aldershot, Brentford, Chester, Colchester, Crewe,  Newport, Southend, Notts Cty, Wrexham, 70/1(£1) Aldershot, Camb Utd(sl cr)(£1.50), Colchester, Crewe, Lincoln, Newport, Northampton(mk)(60p), Notts Cty(fld)(50p), Workington,  71/2(£1) Chester(sof)(60p), Colchester, Reading, Southport, Workington,  72/3(£1) Blackburn, Notts Cty, Plymouth, Southend, Watford(sl mk)(60p), Wrexham, 73/4(80p) Barnsley, Colchester, Crewe,  Peterboro, Workington,  74/5(80p)  Chester, Doncaster, Exeter, Hartlepool, Newport, Northampton, Shrewsbury, Southport, Stockport, Torquat9cr)940p), Workington, 75/6(80p) Southport, Stockport, Torquay, Workington,  76/7(80p) Colchester, Doncaster, Huddersfield, Newport, Notts County(LC), Torquay, 77/8(80p) Brentford, Crewe, Darlington, Halifax, Newport, Southport, Swansea, 78/9(80p) Aldershot, Crewe, Hartlepool, Newport, Northampton, Notts Cty(LC), Port Vale, Portsmouth, Sheff Wed(FAC), Torquay, 79/80(80p) Aldershot, Bournemouth, Crewe, Grimsby(LC), Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Newport, Peterboro, Rochdale, Stockport, Walsall, Wigan, 80/1(80p) Barnsley, Crewe, Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Mansfield, Nothampton, Port Vale, Rochdale, Southend(sl fld)(60p), Stockport, Wimbledon, York, 81/2(80p) Aldershot, Brad City, Colchester, Crewe,darlington,  Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Mansfield, Northampton, Rochdale, Torquay, York, 82/3(80p)Blackpool, Chester, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Grimsby(FAC), Halifax, Harltepool, Hereford, Port Vale, Swindon, Torquay, York, 83/4(80p)Bolton, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Bury(FAC), Gillingham(sl mk)(50p), Hull, Orient, Port Vale, Rotherham, Walsall, Wigan, 84/5(80p)Brad City(FRT), Chester, Colchester, Hartlepool, Northampton, Rochdale, 85/6(80p) Colchester, Hartlepool, L Orient, Rochdale, Torquay, 86/7(80p) Camb Utd, Cardiff, Colchester, Exeter, Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Orient, Peterboro, Southport(FAC), Swansea, Torquay, Tranmere, Wrexham(FRT), 87/8(80p) Blackpool(FAC), Bury(FAC), Carlisle, Colchester, Hartlepool(LC), Rochdale, Sunderland(FAC), Torquay, Wrexham, 88/9(80p) Brad City(LC), Burnley, Chelsea(LC)(£3.50), Colchester, Darlington, Grimsby, Hartlepool, Huddersfield(LC), Leyton Orient, Stockport, 89/90(80p) Burnley(FAC), Burnley, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Gillingham, Grimsby, Exeter, Torquay,  90/1(80p) Doncaster, Hartlepool, York, 91/2(80p) Burnley, Doncaster, 92/3(80p), Carlisle, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Wrexham,  93/4(80p) Carlisle, Colchester, Crewe,  Lincoln, Preston, Walsall(FAC), Wycombe,  94/5(£1) Brad City(FAC), Colchester, Darlington,Fulham,  Torquay,  95/6(£1) Camb Utd(sl fld)(70p), Colchester, Fulham, Gillingham, Lincoln, Preston, 96/7(£1) Colchester, Fulham, Notts Cty(AWS)(£2), Wrexham(FAC), 97/8 (£1) Colchester, Notts Cty, Torquay,  98/9((£1) Plymouth(fld)(50p), Rotherham, 99/00(£1 ) Bristol City, Colchester, Huddersfield, Notts Cty,  Preston, Wycombe, Wrexham, 00/1(£1 ) Cardiff, Chesterfield, Hartlepool, Shrewsbury, 01/2(£1.50) L Orient, Rochdale,  02/3(£1.50)  Hartlepool, Leyton Orient,  03/4(£1.50)Notts Cty, 04/5 (£1.50) Northampton(sl cr)(70p),  05/6 (£2) Colchester,  06/7(32) Leyton Orient,  07/8(£2) Ipswich, Sheff Wed, 08/9(£2) Colchester,   11/12(£2) Colchester, Leyton Orient, 14/15(£2) Colchester, FRIENDLIES ..69/70 Leicester(£3), 82/3 v Tottenham(£3), 83/4 Ian Botham`s Saab X1 v ScunthorpeX1(£1.25), 91/2 v DNPR(£1), 92/3 Ipswich(£2), Sunderland(£2.50), 94/5 v Leicester(£1.25), 95/6 v Clydebank(£1),  Late90`s(?) v Derby(£1), 18/19 v Notts Forest/Lincoln(£1),   …TESTIMONIALS….(80s) V Man Utd(Botham)(£2), HUMBERSIDE CUP v Rotherham 89/90(£1), …LINCS SENIOR CUP 77/8v Boston Utd(£1)…TEAMSHEETS (£1each) Colchester 15/16, 


46/7  Arseanl(split sp/small tear to back page))£15), Middlesbro(£30)Sunderland (sl spine wear)(£28), 47/8  A.Villa(£18), Sunderland(£20)  48/9 Derby(fld)(£12),   52/3 Birmingham(FAC)(£10), Bury(sl fld)(£10), Notts Cty(sl fld)(£10), Plymouth(fld)(£9),  53/4  Arsenal(sl fld)(£12), Bolton(fld)(£8), Charlton(tatty)(£2.50), Man Utd/ A.Villa(fld/spl spine)(£12), Sunderland(£12). 54/5   Arsenal(ph)(£10), A Villa(£9),. Blackpool(£9), Bolton(£9), Everton(£9), Huddersfield(fld)(£7), Leicester(£9),Man Utd(£22),(fld)(£14),  Notts Forest(FAC)(£9), Sheff Wed(£9), Preston(£9), WBA(£9),  55/6  Arsenal(£10), A.Villa(sl fld)(£7), Everton(£8), Luton(£7), Newcastle(cr)(£6), Sunderland(sl fld)(£7), 56/7  Barnsley(£7),  Bury(£7), Huddersfield(£7), L Orient(£7)Notts Forest(£7),  Rotherham(£7), Swansea(£7),  57/8 Barnsley(£6), Huddersfield(£5), Ipswich(sl fld)(£5), Notts Cty(£6), Rotherham(£6), WBA(FAC)(£5), 58/9 Arsenal(FAC)(fld)(£4), Bristol City(£7), Bristol Rovers(£5), Derby(£5), Fulham(poor)(£1), Huddersfield(sl cr)(£3), Ipswich(sof)(£3),  Norwich(FAC)(£5), 59/60 Bristol Rovers(fld)(£4), Huddersfield(£5)  Ipswich(fld)(£4), Notts Forest(FAC)(fld)(£3), Sheff Wed(FAC)(cr)(£3), Stoke(£5), Watford(FAC)(£5),  60/1(£4) Blackburn(FAC), Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Huddersfield, Ipswich(slfld)(£3.50), Leyton Orient, Lincoln(FAC), Lincoln(fld)(£3), Liverpool(£5), Luton, Norwich, Plymouth(sl fld)(£3), Preston(RES), Scunthorpe(fld)(£2.50), Sheff Wed(FAC)(fld)(£3), Southampton(sl fld)(£3), Stoke, Sunderland(fld)(£3), Swansea(sl fld)(£3),  61/2(£3.50) Arsenal(£5), A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackpool(sl mk)(£3), Bolton, Burnley(FAC), Cardiff, Chelsea(£5),  Fulham, Man Utd(£3), Norwich(FAC)(£4), Sheff Wed, Tottenham, West Ham, Wolves, 62/3(£3) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackburn, Bolton(FAC)(Jan), Bolton(FAC)(FEB)(cr)(£1.75),  Bolton(fld)(£1.50), Fulham(fld)(£1.50), Ipswich(sl fld)£1.50), Leicester,  Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Tottenham(£4), Wolves(sl fld)(£2.50),  63/4(£2.50) Arsenal, A.Villa(sl fld)(£2), Birmingham, Bolton, Burnley(r/s)(£2), Chelsea, Everton(sl cr)(£1.75), Fulham(sl fld)(£2), Ipswich, Stoke, Sheff Wed, Swansea(FAC), Tottenham(fld0(£2), , West Ham, 64/5(£2.50) Arsenal, Burnley(r/s)(£2), Fulham, Leeds(£4), Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd, Notts Forest, Stoke(r/s)(£1.75), Sunderland,  Swansea(FAC)(r/s)(£2), West Ham, 65/6(£2.50) Arsenal(sl fld)(£2), A.Villa, Blackpool, Fulham(r/s)(£1.50), Liverpool(r/s)(£2), Man Utd, Northampton, Sheff Wed(r/s)(£2), Sunderland(r/s)(£1.50), Tottenham, West Ham  66/7(£2.50) Arsenal, (sl mk)(£2), A.Villa, Barnsley(RES)(£3), Birmingham(LC)(r/s)(£1.50), Burnley, Man Utd, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheff Wed, Southampton, West Ham,  67/8(£2) Arsenal, Chelsea(£3), Everton, Man City, Man Utd, Notts Forest, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham, Wolves(fld)(£2), 68/9(£1.50) Bury, Carlisle, Charlton, Fulham(r/s)(£1),Huddersfield, Hull, Middlesbro, Millwall, Portsmouth, Preston((sof)(£1), 69/70(£1.25) A.Villa(cr)(50p),Blackpool,  Cardiff(cr)(50p), Charlton(sl cr)(50p), Everton(FAC), Leicester(ph/fld)(40p), Luton(sl fld)(£1), Middlesbro(sl cr)(50p), Millwall, Newcastle(LC), Norwich, Plymouth(t/c)(80p), Preston(sl cr)(80p), 70/1(£1) Birmingham, Bristol City, Cardiff,  Carlisle, Leeds(LC)(£2), Middlesbrough, Oxford,  Sunderland, Watford, 71/2(£1) Arsenal(£5), Cardiff(FAC), Chelsea(£2), Coventry, Derby, Fulham(LC), Huddersfield, Leeds(sl cr)(60p), Leicester, Liverpool(fld)(£1), Man Utd(£2), Newcastle(fld)(60p), Notts Forest, Southampton(sl mk)(80p), Tottenham(£2),  West Ham(£2.50), Wolves(£2), York(LC)(sl mk)(60p),  72/3(£1) Arsenal(£2), Arsenal(LC)(£2), Birmingham, Chelsea, Coventry(sl fld)(80p), C.Palace, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(£2), Leicester, Man City,  Newcastle, Norwich, Southampton, Stoke, 73/4(80p) Burnley,  Chelsea, Everton, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool(cr)(40p), Stoke, Tottenham(£2),  Wolves)mkd)(50p), 74/5(80p) Arsenal(t/c),  Birmingham(mkd)(40p), Burnley,  Coventry, Chesterfield(LC), Ipswich, Leicester, Middlesbro, Norwich, QPR(£1.50), West Ham(t/c)(£1),  75/6(80p) Arsenal, Birmingham, Coventry, Derby, Ipswich, Leicester(cr)(40p), Newcastle, Norwich, Tottenham, 76/7(80p) Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Cardiff, Charlton, Chelsea(mkd)(£2), Hull, Millwall, Newcastle(FAC), Notts Cty, Orient, Sheff Wed(S&HCC s/f)(£2), Oldham, Southampton,  77/8(80p) Notts Cty, Sunderland, Tottenham(£2.50),  78/9(80p) Aldershot(FAC), Blackburn, Burnley, Camb Utd, Cardiff, C.Palace, Fulham(mkd)(40p), Leicester, Liverpool(LC) , Luton, Notts Cty, Oldham, Orient, Preston, Stoke, Sunderland, West Ham, 79/80(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn, Chester, Colchester, Gillingham, Grimsby, Plymouth, Reading(fld)(50p), Wimbledon,  80/1(80p)  Barnsley(fld)(50p), Charlton(cr)(40p), Chesterfield(FAC), Colchester, Exeter, Fulham, Millwall, Newport, Rotherham, Sheff Wed(LC) , Stockport(FAC), 81/2(80p) Arsenal(LC), Colchester, Hereford, Mansfield, Northampton, Rochdale, Torquay, Tranmere,  York(sl mk)(50p), York(LC),   82/3(80p) Boston Utd(FAC), Brad City(sl mk)(50p), Bristol Rovers, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Exeter, Gillingham, Hull(FAC), Hull(MC), Leyton Orient, Lincoln, Newport, Oxford(cr)(40p),Reading, Stoke(FAC), Wigan, 83/4(80p) Birmingham(FAC), Bournemouth, Brad City(MC), Bristol Rovers, Exeter, Gillingham(sl mk)(50p), Lincoln, Newport, Oxford, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Walsall, Wigan,   84/5(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn, Brighton, Carlisle, C.Palace, Charlton, Everton(MC), Fulham, Huddersfield, Man City, Middlesbro, Notts County, Oldham, Peterboro(MC), Shrewsbury, Wimbledon, Wolves, 85/6(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn, Brad City, Charlton, Fulham, Fulham(FAC), Grimsby, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Sunderland, Wimbledon, 86/7(80p) Barnsley, Birmingham, Blackburn, Brad.City, Brighton, Bristol City(LC), Derby, Fulham, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Hull, Ipswich, Millwall, Oldham, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Reading, Stoke, Sunderland, 87/8(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn, C.Palace, Hull, Leeds  Middlesbro, Millwall,  Oldham, Plymouth, Reading, Stoke, Swindon, WBA, 88/9(80p) Aldershot, Blackpool, Bolton, Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Cardiff, Chester, Chester(SVT)(£2.50), Chesterfield, Colchester(FAC), Fulham, Gillingham, Hartlepool(LC), Huddersfield, Mansfield, Mansfield(FAC), Northampton, Newcastle(LC), Notts County, Port Vale, Preston, Reading, Southend, Swansea, Wigan, 89/90(80p) Barnsley(FAC), Barnsley, Bournemouth, Blackburn, Bradford City, Brighton, Chester(SVT)(£2.50), Ipswich, Leicester, Man Utd(FAC), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Oldham, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Port Vale, Rotherham(LC), Stoke, Sunderland, Sunderland, Watford, Watford(FAC), WBA, West Ham.Wolves(ZDS)(£3), Wolves,   90/1(80p) Arsenal(£2), A.Villa, Coventry, C.Palace, Everton(LC), Liverpool(sl cr)(£1), Luton(FAC), Man City, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham(LC), Tottenham,  91/2 (£1) Arsenal(£2), A.Villa, Chelsea(£3), Coventry, C Palace, Oldham, QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, West Ham(LC), Wigan(RC), Wimbledon,  Tottenham(£2), West Ham, 92/3(£1) A.Villa, Chelsea(cr), C.Palace, Everton(sl mk)(60p),Hartlepool(FAC), Ipswich, Liverpool, Man Utd(sof)(£2), Norwich, Tottenham(t/c),  93/4(£1) Everton, Ipswich(sl mk)(70p), Wimbledon,  94/5(£1) Burnley, Notts Cty, Southend, Wolves, 95/6(£1) Arsenal(FAC)(£3), Birmingham, Ipswich, Sunderland,  96/7(£1) QPR, Southend  97/8(£1.20) QPR, Sunderland(£2), Wolves, 98/9(£1.40) Ipswich(t/c)(£1), Notts Cty(FAC),  99/00(£1.60)Man City,  00/1(£1.60) Barnsley, 01/2(£1.60) Coventry,02/3(£2) Ipswich(FAC), 03/4(£2) Colchester(FAC), QPR(CC),  Watford, 04/5(£2) Ipswich, QPR,  05/6(£2) Boston  Colchester(FAC), 06/7(£2) Leyton Orient,  07/8(£2) Colchester, Ipswich,11/12 (£2) Colchester, Exeter, 13/14(£2) Colchester, L Orient,  SPECIALS . FRIENDLIES… 54/5  v Esbjeg(£10), Dundee(fld)(£10), 58/9Bela Vista(fld/nof)(£3), 61/2 Eintracht(£5), 78/9River Plate(£1), Sunderland(£1), 84/5 v Tottenham£3), 87/8Sheff Wed(£1), 89/90 Genoa(£1), Rotherham(Y7HCup)(£1), 91/2 New Zealand(£1.50),   TESTIMONIALS… 57/8 v Int`l X1(Hagan)(£5),  .ANGLO SCOTTISH CUP..78/9Sunderland(£2),79/80 Dundee(£1.50), 80/1 Grimsby(£1 25), Hull(£1.25),..CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTATION GAME 81/2 v Everton(£1),“Back in the First Division” Brochure 1990(£3),  FANZINES…”The Flashing Blade”No 58(£1.25) ..Topical Times Card(Colour)J Dodds(£3)….TEAMSHEETS (£ each).Colchester 15/16


52/3 Derby(sl fld)(£9),  53/4 Arsenal(£10), Huddersfield(sl fld)(£7), 54/5 Arsenal(fld)(£9),  Notts Cty(FAC)(cr)(£2),  55/6  Newcastle(FAC)(sl cr)(£6),  56/7 Arsenal(£8), A.Villa(mkd)(£3),  Blackpool(£7), Bolton(cr/mkd)(£3),  Charlton(£7), Everton(sl cr)(£6), Luton(£7), Portsmouth(£7), Preston(FAC)(£7), Preston(£7), 57/8  Arsenal(£6), A.Villa(£3.50), Birmingham(£6), Blackpool(£6), Hull(FAC)(£6), Leicester(£6), Newcastle(sl mk)(£4), Notts Forest(£6), Portsmouth(£6), Tottenham(£8), WBA(£6), Wolves(fld)(£5),  58/9 Huddersfield(£5), L Orient(£5), Middlesbro(£5), WBA(FAC)(£5),  59/60  Arsenal(£5), Birmingham(£5), Blackburn(£4),Bolton(£4), Burnley(sl fld)(£4), Chelsea(£6), Everton(£5), Luton(£4), Man City(r/s)(£3.50), Middlesbro(FAC)(fld)(£4), Newcastle(£4), Notts Forest(£4), Peterboro(FAC)(£5), Preston, Tottenham(£5), WBA(cr)(£3),West Ham(r/s)(£4),   60/1(£4) Arsenal(£5), A.Villa, Birmingham, Birmingham(sof/auto Ernie Reed)(£5), Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Burnley(FAC)(sl mk)(£2), Chelsea(wof)(£2), Doncaster(CC s/f)(£5), Everton,  Leeds(FAC)(£6), Leicester, Man City(sof)(£2), Man Utd, Man Utd(FAC)(tatty)(£80p), Newcastle, Preston, WBA, West Ham(£5), Wolves  61/2(£3.50) Arsenal, A.Villa(fld),  Birmingham, Blackburn(sl fld)(£2), Bolton, Chelsea(£6), (sl fld)(£4),  Everton, Fulham, Ipswich(£6(, Leicester, Man City(sof)(£2), Man Utd, Man Utd(FAC)(poor)(£1), Notts Forest(fld)(£2), Sheff Utd, Swansea(FAC)(fld)(£2.50), Tottenham(cr)(£1.25), WBA(sl fld)(£2.50), West Ham(fld)(£2), Wolves/Burnley(jt)(£5),   62/3(£3) Arsenal A.Villa(fld)(£2.50), Birmingham(sof)(£2), Blackburn, Blackpool(sof)(£2), Bolton(fld)(£2), Burnley(4 page)(sof)(£4), Everton/Burnley(DEC), , Fulham(fld)(£1.50),  Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool(sof/cr)(£1.75), Man City(sof)(£2),  Man Utd, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Tottenham, WBA(fld)(£2.50), WBA, West Ham(sof)(£2.50), Wolves 63/4(£2.50) Arsenal(fld)(£2), A. Villa, Birmingham(sof)£2), Blackburn, Blackpool(fld)(£1.75), Bolton,  Burnley(sof)(£2), Chelsea, Everton, Fulham(sof/r/s)(£1.75), Ipswich(sof)(£1.50), Leicester, Man Utd(sof)(£1.75), Notts Forest(sof)(£1.75), Sheff Utd(r/s)(£1.50), Stoke(4 page slmk)(£3), Stoke(4 page)((poor)(£1), Tottenham(sof)(£2), WBA, West Ham, Wolves,  64/5(£2.50) Arsenal, Birmingham, Blackburn, Everton(FAC)(fld)(£2), Leeds(£3.50), Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham(£5), West Ham(£5),  65/6(£2.50) Arsenal, Blackburn, Burnley, Burnley/Tottenham(slmk/r/s)(£3), Leeds, Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle, ( Handbook)(£4), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sunderland, West Ham,  66/7(£2.50) Arsenal, A.Villa(fld)(£1.50), Blackpool, (inc handbook£4), Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Leeds, Leicester,  Liverpool, Man City(mkd)(£1), Man Utd, Mansfield(FAC), Newcastle(£2.50), Notts Forest(cr)£1.25), QPR, Rotherham(LC), Sheff Utd, Southampton(sl fld)(£2), Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, 67/8(£2) Arsenal, Burnley, Chelsea, Chelsea(FAC), Coventry, Chelsea, Chelsea(FAC)(sof)(£1), Everton, Fulham, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Notts Forest, Newcastle, Plymouth(FAC), QPR, Southampton, Stoke, Stoke(LC), Sunderland, Swindon(FAC), Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves,  68/9(£1.50) Arsenal(Nov)(£8), Arsenal(Mar)(£3), Birmingham(FAC), Burnley, Chelsea(£3), Coventry , Everton, Leeds,  Leeds(FAC), Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Notts Forest/West Ham, QPR, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA,  West Ham, 69/70(£1.25) Arsenal)(£2), Bournemouth(LC)(sl cr)(£1), Burnley(cr)(60p), Chelsea(£2.50), Derby, Leeds, Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Stoke, Sunderland(t/c), West Ham(£3), Wolves, 70/1(£1) Birmingham (mkd)(50), Blackburn(cr)(50p), Cardiff(slcr)(60p), Bolton(sl cr)(50p), Bristol City, Cardiff, Carlisle(mkd)(40p), Charlton(sl cr)(50p), Chelsea(LC)(neat t/c)(£4),(sof/sl cr)(£2), Hull(fld)(50p), Luton(sl cr)(50p), Middlesbro(cr)(40p), Millwall, Middlesbro, Orient, Oxford, Portsmouth, QPR, Sheff Utd(sl fld)(70p), Sunderland(fld)(80p), Swindon, Watford(SOF)(60P),  71/2(£1) Birmingham (sl fld)(60p), Blackpool, Burnley, Bristol City, Cardiff,  Charlton, Luton, Middlesbro, Norwich, Orient, Portsmouth(sl fld)(60p), Hull, Millwall, Preston(fld)(60p), QPR,  Sunderland,  Watford,  72/3 (£1) A.Villa(sl cr)(70p), Bolton, Brighton(cr)(40p),  Bristol City, Burnley, Chelsea(FAC)(£4), C.Palace(FAC)(sl cr)(60p), Fulham, Hull, Luton(fld)(60p), Middlesbro, Millwall, Notts Forest,  Oxford(fld)(50p),  Preston(cr)(30p), QPR, Sunderland(£2), Swindon(cr)(40p), 73/4(80p) Blackpool, Bolton(cr)(40p), Bristol City, Cardiff(sl cr)(40p), Carlisle, Coventry(FAC), Fulham, Hull, Luton,  Millwall(sl cr)(50p), Notts Cty, Notts Forest, Orient, Sunderland, 74/5(80p) Blackpool, Bolton(sl cr)(50p), Bristol City(sl cr)(50p), Bristol Rovers(cr)40p), Cardiff(sl cr)(50p) , Fulham(sl cr)(50p), Hull(cr)(40p), Man Utd(fld)(£1.50), Millwall/Southampton, Norwich, Notts Cty, Notts Forest(cr)(40p), Oldham(sl cr)(50p), Sunderland, WBA, 75/6(80p) Aldershot, Brighton, Bury/Halifax, Cardiff, Colchester, Chester, Chesterfield, C Palace, Gillingham, Grimsby, Hereford, Mansfield(fld)(50p), Millwall, Peterboro, Port Vale, Preston, Shrewsbury, Southend, Swindon, Wrexham, 76/7(80p) Brighton(cr)(40p), Chester, Chesterfield, Gillingham(cr)(50p),  Grimsby(fld)(50p), Lincoln(cr)(40p), Northampton(fld)(50p), Oxford(cr)(40p), Portsmouth(sl cr)(40p), Peterboro(sl cr)(50p), Preston(fld)(50p), Port Vale, Reading, Rotherham(sl fld)(50p), Shrewsbury, Stockport, Swindon(cr)(40p), Tranmere, Walsall, Wrexham, (fld)(50p), 77/8(80p) Blackpool(LC), Bury, Bury(FAC), Carlisle, Chester(fld)(50p), Chesterfield(sof)(50p), Chesterfield(fld)(50p), Colchester, Everton(LC), Gillingham(fld)(50p), Hereford, Lincoln, Oxford, Plymouth, Port Vale, Rotherham, Tranmere, Walsall, Walsall(LC), Wrexham, 78/9(80p) Arsenal(FAC)(£4), Bury,   Chesterfield, Colchester, Gillingham, Lincoln(sl fld)(60p), Oxford, Peterboro(sl fld)(50p), Plymouth(sl fld)(50p), Rotherham, Scunthorpe(FAC), Shrewsbury, Southend, Tranmere, Tranmere(FAC), Walsall, Watford(cr)(40p), 79/80(80p)Barnsley(fld)(60p), Blackpool, Brentford(fld)(50p)ld)(50p), Bury, Carlisle(£2), Chester, Chesterfield, Colchester, Exeter, Gillingham , Hull, Lincoln(FAC), Man City(LC), Mansfield(cr)(40p), Oxford, Plymouth, Rotherham, Southend 80/1(80p) Blackburn, Bolton. Camb Utd, Cardiff, Chelsea(£2), Grimsby, L Orient(sl fld)(50p), Luton, Newcastle, Notts Cty, Sheff Utd, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Watford(LC), West Ham, Wimbledon, Wrexham,  81/2(80p) Barnsley(fld)(50p), Blackburn(LC), Bolton, Cardiff, Charlton, Chelsea(£2.50), C Palace, Derby, Luton, Norwich, Oldham, Orient, QPR, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Watford, Wrexham,   82/3 (80p) Barnsley, Barnsly(MC), Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol City, Burnley(FAC), Burnley, Charlton(cr)(40p), Cheslea, C Palace, Derby, Fulham, Grimsby, Leicester, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Oldham, QPR, Portsmouth(cr|(40p), Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Southend(FAC), Wolves. 83/4(80p)Barnsley(FAC),  Brighton, Coventry(FAC), C Palace, Darlington(MC), Derby, Huddersfield, Liverpool(MC), Middlesbro,   84/5(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Chelsea(MC)(£2.50), Coventry, Fulham(MC), Ipswich, Leicester, Luton, Man Utd, Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR,  Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham,  85/6(80p) Birmingham, Chelsea(sl cr)(£2), Derby(FAC), Everton, Chelsea(£1.25), Ipswich, L Orient(FAC), Luton, Man City, ManUtd, Newcastle, Notts Forest(sl fld)(60p), Oldham(sl cr)(40p), Tottenham, Watford(cr)(50p), WBA, 86/7(80p) Arsenal  Chelsea(£1.50), Everton, Luton, Norwich, Oxford, Stockport)LC), Watford, West Ham(FAC), 87/8(80p) Arsenal(LC), Arsenal(£2.50), Charlton, Chelsea(£2.50), Everton, Everton(FAC)(9/1)  Everton(FAC)(27/1), Liverpool,  Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, Portsmouth, QPR, Shrewsbury(LC),  Southampton, Stoke(Simod)(£3), Tottenham, Watford, Wimbledon 88/9(80p) Arsenal(£2), Blackpool,  Charlton(t/c)(50p), Coventry, Derby, Everton, Liverpool(£1.50), Luton, Man Utd(£2.50), Middlesbro, Millwall, Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, Southampton, QPR, QPR(Simod)(£3), Torquay()FAC), Tottenham, Wimbledon,   89/90(80p) Aldershot(LC), Arsenal(£2), A.Villa, Charlton, C.Palace, Derby, Everton, Everton(FAC), Liverpool(£2), Luton, Man City, Man Utd, Millwall, Norwich, Notts F, QPR, Sheff Utd(ZDS)(£3), Southampton, Tottenham, Wimbledon,  90/1(80p) Barnlsey, Barnsley(ZDS)(£3), Blackburn, Brentford(RC), Brighton, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Charlton, Derby(RC), Hull, Ipswich, Leicester, Middlesbro, Millwall, Millwall(FAC), Newcastle, Notts Cty, Oldham, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Port Vale, Swindon, Swindon(RC), Watford, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 91/2(£1) Arsenal(£2), A.Villa, Chelsea, Coventry, C Palace, Everton, Leeds(£2), L Orient(FAC), Liverpool, Luton, Man City(£2), Man Utd(£2.50), Middlesbro, Notts Forest,  QPR, Sheff Utd, Southampton(RC),  Southampton, Tottenham(£2), West Ham, Wimbledon 92/3(£1) A.Villa, Blackburn, Chelsea(£2), Derby, Everton, Hartlepool(CCC), Ipswich, Ipwich(CCC), Liverpool,  Middlesbro, Notts Forest,, Oldham, QPR, Southend, Sunderland(FAC), Tottenham, West Ham, Wimbledon,  93/4 (£1) A.Villa, Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Man Utd(£2.50), Sheff Utd, Southampton, Wimbledo, n, 94/5(£1.20) Arsenal, C.Palace, Everton, West Ham, Wimbledon,  95/6(£1.20)Blackburn, Man Utd(t/c)(£3), Tottenham, 96/7(£1.20) Arsenal, A Villa, Sunderland, West Ham, 97/8(£1.50) A Villa, Blackburn, Everton, 98/9((£1.60) A Villa, Blackburn, Charlton, Coventry, Derby, Everton,  Leicester, Man Utd(32), Norwich(FAC),Southampton, Stockport(FAC),  99/00(£1.60 ) Arsenal, A.Villa, Brad City, Coventry, Middlesbro, Stoke, Sunderland, Wimbledon,  00/1(£1.60) Barnsley, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Gillingham, Grimsby, Notts Forest, Oldham(WC),Preston, Stockport,Tranmere,Wolves(£2), 03/4(£2) Colchester, Hartlepool(CC), Ipswich, Notts Cty,   04/5(£2) Brentford, Bristol City, Chesterfield, Colchester, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, Peterboro, QPR,   Torquay(tr)(50p),05/6£2) Cardiff, Ipswich, Southampton, 06/7(£2) Colchester, Ipswich, Southend, Sunderland,   07/8((£2) Birmingham, Colchester, Hartlepool(CC), Ipswich, 10/11(£2) Colchester, L Orient , 11/12(£2) Colchester,  Hartlepool,  ..SPECIALS..   EUROPEANS 61/2 Olympic Lyon(sl fld)(£8),  Barcelona(fld)(£5), Roma(sl fld)(£5), 63/4 v Utrecht((cr)(£3), FRIENDLIES…  58/9 v Napoli(£6), 59/60  v Torpedo Moscow(fld)(£3), 60/1 v Tbilisi(£4)(cr)£2),  64/5 v Werder Bremen(cr)(£2.50), 69/70 v Italy U21(£2), 70`s v Santos(inc Pele inset)((sl cr)(£3), Pele insert £1),86/7 v Helsingin Jalk(sl cr)(70p), 89/90 Bronby(£1.50), 07/8 v Birmingham(£2.50)…..FAYC v Sunderland 09/10(£1), TESTIMONIALS v  v Select X1(61/2( Mc Millan)(sl cr)(£3), Ajax62/3(sl fd)(Froggatt)(£4),  Gerry Young Broch(£3), 1977 v Norwich(O`Donnell)(£2.50), 74/5 v  England(Taylor)(sl fld)(£1), 1990 v Sheff Utd(Madden)(£2),   Sheffield v Glasgow 59/0 (cr)(£1.50) , Sheffield v Belfast 58/9(poor(£1),…,Black & White Pic cards ..Sunley, (£1), Prendergast(£1), Henderson(£1) Arsenal FAC)(2nd Repl)(£3), (4th Replay)(£3),


51/2 Brighton(£14), 52/3 Chesterfield(FAC)(£15), Exeter(£12), 54/5 Walsall(sl fld)(£8),  55/6  Northampton(£8),   56/7  Aldershot(£7),Northampton(sl mk)(£6), Plymouth(sl r/s)(£5),QPR(fld)(£6),   57/8 Gillingham(sl mk)(£5), Coventry(£6), Walsall(£6),   58/9 Aldershot(£6),   Barrow(£5), Brad P A (sof)(£5), Chester(£5), Millwall(£5), Port Vale(mk/sl cr)(£2.50), Walsall(£5), Watford(£6),  60/1(£4) Aldershot(FAC 2nd rep)(@ Villa Park..s/s/)(fld)(£5), Bournemouth, Brad City, Coventry, Hull, Newport, Newport(FAC), Notts County, Southend(fld)(£3), Swindon, Torquay(fld)(£3), Tranmere(cr)(£2), Walsall(poor)(80p), 61/2(£3.50) Brad PA, Brentford((mkd)(£1.50), Coventry, Grimsby, Lincoln, Middlesbro(FAC)(£6), Newport(sl cr)(£2), Notts Cty, QPR(t/c), Peterboro, Reading(t/c)£2), Southend, Torquay(fld)(£2.50) 62/3 (£3) Bournemouth(sl fld)(£2), Brad PA, Bristol City, Carlisle, Colchester, Hull, Peterborough, Port Vale, QPR(t/c)£2.50), Southend, Torquay(FAC)(t/c)(£2), 63/4(£2.50) Coventry, Millwall,  64/5(£2.50) Barnsley, Colchester, Workington, 65/6(£2.50) Carlisle(poor)(50p), Millwall(cr)(£1), Southend,  Watford, 66/7(£2.50) Bristol Rovers, Colchester, Gillingham, Peterboro,  QPR(£4), Workington, 67/8(£2) Arsenal(FAC)(£4), Colchester, Northampton, Peterboro(fld)(£1.50), Watford, 68/9(£1.50) Oldham, Orient, Southport, Tranmere, 69/70(£1.25) Brad City, Fulham, Stockport,  70/1(£1) Brad City, Brighton(mkd)(50p), Bristol Rovers(cr)(50p), Bury(cr)(50p), Torquay, 71/2(£1) Barnsley(sl cr)(60p),  Barnsley, Notts Cty(sl fld)(60p), Oldham, Torquay 72/3(£1) Bournemouth, Plymouth, Scunthorrpe,  74/5(80p) Crewe(sl cr)(50p), Hartlepools, Newport, Reading,  Southport, Workington, 75/6(80p) Brighton, Bury,   Colchester(cr)(40p), QPR(LC)(sl fld)(£1), Rotherham(cr)(40p), 76/7(80p) Brighton, Bury, Chester, C.Palace, Lincoln, Northampton, Peterboro, Reading, Rotherham(Feb), Walsall, Walsall(LC), Wrexham,  77/8(Newspaper style) Colchester(fld)(£2),  79/80 (Newspaper style all have neat fold(£2) Notts Cty, Sunderland(£10),  West Ham(£10), 80/1(80p) Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea(£2),Derby, Grimsby, Ipswich(FAC), Luton, Newcastle, Orient, Norwich(LC), Notts Cty, Oldham,L Orient,  Preston, Sheff Wed, Swansea, Watford, West Ham(£2),  81/2(80p) Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton, C Palace, C.Palace, Ipswich(FAC), Luton(fld)(50p), Oldham, Orient, QPR, Rotherham, WBA(LC), Wrexham,  82/3(80p) Barnsley, Birmingham, Blackburn, Burnley, Camb Utd, Charlton, Chelsea, Fulham, Grimsby, Leicester, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Oldham, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Wrexham,  83/4(80p) Barnsley, Camb Utd, Carlisle, Charlton, Chelsea, C.Palace, Derby, Fulham, Grimsby(mk)(40p), Huddersfield, Ipswich(FAC)(mkd)(40p), Leeds(32), Middlesbro,  Oldham, Oldham(FAC), Portsmouth, Sheff Utd(MC), Sheff Wed, Swansea, 84/5(80p) Barnsley, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton(MC), Carlisle, Charlton, Fulham, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Notts County, Oldham,Wimbledon,  85/6(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn, Carlisle, Chelsea(FAC), Everton(MC), Fulham, Huddersfield, Hull, Millwall, Oldham, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd, Stoke,  Sunderland, 86/7(80p) Birmingham, Brighton, Crewe(LC), Hull(FAC),  Millwall, Stoke(LC), Stoke, Sunderland(£3),  86/7(80p) Blackburn,  Hull, 87/8(80p) A Villa, Blackburn, Crewe(LC), C.Palace, Hull, Ipswich, Middlesbro,  Millwall, Oldham, Stoke, 88/9(80p) Barnsley, Bournemouth, Brad City, Chelsea(£3), Colchester(FAC), C.Palace, Hull, Ipswich, Leicester, Oldham, Oxford, Plymouth, Stoke, Sunderland,  Swindon, Walsall, Walsall(LC),  89/90(80p) Birmingham, Brentford, Cardif, Chester, Fulham, L Orient(sl fld)(60p), Mansfield, Northampton, Notts cty, Notts Cty(LC), Wigan, 90/1(80p) Arsenal(FAC)(£2), Bury, Crewe, Exeter,  Fulham, Grimsby, Mansfield, Preston, Southend, Stoke, Wigan, Wimbledon(FAC),  91/2(80p) Fulham, Hartlepool, L Orient, Lincoln(AT), Plymouth(RC), Leyton Orient, Stoke, WBA, Wigan,  92/3(80p) Barnet, Colchester, Gillingham, Lincoln,Rochdale,  Scunthorpe, Wigan,  93/4(80p) Blackburn(CCC)(£1.50) Bury, Chester, Colchester, Doncaster, Doncaster(FAC), Rochdale, Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Southampton(CCC)(£1.25), Walsall, 94/5((80p) Birmingham(CCC), Birmingham, Brad City, Cardiff, Exeter(AWT), Oxford,  Leyton Orient, Peterboro,  95/6((£1) Bristol Rovers(AWS), Burnley, Derby(CCC), Hereford(AWT), Peterboro, Fulham(FAC),Notts Cty, 96/7(£1) Brentford(CCC), Blackpool, Bristol City, Burnley, Bury, Carlisle(AWSs/f)(£2), Chesterfield, Crewe, Gillingham, Notts Cty, Preston, Scarboro(FAC), Scunthorpe(AWS)(£2), Walsall, Wigan(AWS)(£2), Wycombe,  97/8(£1) Colchester, Darlington, Doncaster, Hartlepool, Notts Cty, L Orient, Torquay,   98/9(£1.40) Barnet , Carlisle, L Orient, Peterboro, Swansea, Torquay,   99/00((£1.40) Barnet, Brighton, Exeter, Halifax, Hartlepool, Leyton Orient, Lincoln, Rotherham,  00/1(£1.50) Exeter(sl cr)(80p), L Orient, Mansfield,  York(May), 01/2(£1.50) Lincoln. Mansfield, Plymouth,  Southend,   02/3(£1.50)  Chelsea(FAC)(£3), Hull, Leyton Orient, Rushden&D, Southend, 04/5 (£1.50) Notts Cty, Scunthorpe,   05/6(£2) Colchester(FAC), Darlington, L. Orient,  06/7(£2) Hartlepool, Walsall,07/8((£2) Accrington, Colchester(CC), Macclesfield, 08/9(£2) Bournemouth, Brad City, Carlisle(CC), Chesterfield, Gillingham, Stockport, Wycombe, 09/10 (£2) Aldershot, Barnet, Bournemouth, Bury, Chesterfield, Crewe, Dagenham, Grimsby, Hereford, Macclesfield, Notts C, Rotherham,  11/12(£2) Southend,  AFC Wimbledon,  12/13(£2) Hartlepool, 13/14(£2) Leyton Orient ..SPECIALS..FRIENDLIES…85/6 v Coventry(s/s)(£2.50), 87/8 v Wolves(£1), 88/9 v Middlesbro(£1.50), 91/2 v Wolves(£1.50), 96/7 v Stoke(£1), 97/8  v Northampton(£1), Tranmere(£1),98/9 v Northampton, 00/1 v Man UTD(£2), 02/3 v Wigan(£1), 07/8 v Coventry(£1), 09/10 v WBA(£2),  ..89/90 v Walsall(MSL)(s/s)(£1),  .TESTIMONIALS…91/2 v Derby(Pratley)(£2),  Villa(Starkey)(£2),86/7 v Liverpool(Wardle)(£2), …Welsh Cup s/f v Swansea79/80£2)..60/1.FAC 2nd Rep v Aldershot at Villa Park(s/s)£4),  Fanzine “A Large Scotch” Issue 5(£1)


47/8 v Birmingham(s/s)(sl mk,a few small tears at edges)(£18), Blackburn(s/s)(fld)£20),   48/9 Arsenal(s/s)(approx 1 inch missing from top right..does not affect text)(£22),  49/50  Barnsley(sl fld))(£12), Sheff Utd(£15), Tottenham(tatty)(££8),   51/2Everton(fld)(£14),  54/5 QPR(fld/ls mk)(£7),  55/6 Reading(£7), 56/7 Brighton(£7), QPR(£7) 57/8   Bournemouth(£6), Brighton(£6), Gillingham(£6), Millwall(£6), Northampton(£6), Swindon(small pin hole)(£5), Torquay(£6), Watford(£6),   58/9 Blackpool(FAC)(££5), Bournemouth(£5), Brad City(£5), Bury(£6), Chesterfield(£5), Colchester(nof)(£4.50), Rochdale(£5), Southend(£5),  59/60   Bournemouth(£5), Brentford(£5), Colchester(£5),  Coventry(FAC)(mob)£4), Halifax(£5), Newport(£5), Southend(r/s)(£4), Watford(FAC)(£5),  60/1(£4), Brighton, Burnley(LC)(£10), Huddersfield, Ipswich(FAC)(sl mk)(£3), Ipswich(pin hole)(£3),  Luton, Middlesbro, Newport(LC)(£10), Norwich, Portsmouth, Rotherham, Stoke,  61/2(£3.50) Derby, Huddersfield, Luton, Plymouth, Sunderland, Sunderland(FAC), Swansea,  62/3(£3) Middlesbro, Norwich, Preston, Scunthorpe, Scunthorpe(LC)(£6),  Walsall, York(FAC)(wof)(£2.25), 63/4(£2.50) L Orient, Newcastle(sl fld)(£4), Northampton(ph/mks)(£80p), Portsmouth, Preston(£2), Rotherham, Scunthorpe(sl fld)(£2.25), Sunderland(£3.50), 64/5 (£2.50) Bolton, Norwich(ph/sof)(£1), 65/6(£2.50) Arsenal(FR)(£6), Bolton((r/s)(£1), Bristol City, Carlisle, Norwich, Rotherham(sl mk)(£2), 66/7(£2.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackpool, Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City(fld)(£1.50), Newcastle, Notts Forest, Plymouth(LC), Tottenham, West Ham, 67/8(£2) Burnley, Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Fulham, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle, Newport(FAC), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Sheff Wed(LC), Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 68/9(£1.50)  Arsenal, A.Villa(FAC),  Coventry,  Ipswich, Leeds(£8), Man Utd,  Oxford(FAC),  QPR, (fld)(£1.50), Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves,  69/70(£1.25) Arsenal, Arsenal(LC)(fld)(80p), Chelsea, Ipswich, Sheff Wed, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham, Wolves, 70/1(£1) Burnley, Derby, Huddersfield,  71/2(£1) Arsenal, Chelsea, Chesterfield(FAC), Coventry, Everton(LC), Huddersfield, Ipswich, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, Wolves, 72/3(£1) Arsenal, Chelsea, C.Palace, Derby, Leeds, Leicester, Man City, Newcastle(sl fld)(80p), Notts Cty(LC), Sheff Utd,  Tottenham, WBA, West Ham(£2), 73/4(80p) Burnley,(sof)(50p), Chelsea, Derby, Ipswich,  Newcastle, Norwich, QPR(cr)(40p),  Sheff Utd, Stoke, West |Ham(£3),  74/5(80p) A.Villa, Bristol City(sl fld)(60p),  Derby, Hull, Norwich, Notts County, Notts Cty(LC), Oldham, Orient, Oxford, Sunderland,  WEst Ham(£3), York(cr)(40p), 75/6(80p) Blackburn,  Carlisle(sl mk)(50p), Charlton, Chelsea(£2.50), Fulham, Notts Cty, Orient Sunderland(£3),  76/7(80p) Bristol R(t/c)(50p), Blackpool(t/c)(50p), Carlisle(t/c)(50p), Cardiff(mkd)(50p), Charlton(LC)(t/c)(60p), , Chelsea, Hull(sl cr)(50p), Luton(t/c)(50p), Man Utd(FAC)(£1.50), Notts Cty, Orient(fld)(50p), Plymouth(t/c)(50p), Sheff Utd,   77/8(80p)Bristol Rovers, Burnley, C.Palace(LC)(sl tr)(50p), C.Palace, Fulham, Notts County, Sheff Utd, Sunderland, Tottenham(£3),  78/9(80p) Arsenal, A. Villa(t/c)(50p), Birmingham(t/c)(50p), Bolton, Bristol City(t/c)(50p), Chelsea(t/c)(50p), Derby(t/c)(50p), Derby(LC)(t/c)(50p), Everton(t/c)(50p), Ipswich, Leeds(fld)(50p), Liverpool,  Man Utd, Middlesbro, Notts Forest(t/c)(50p), QPR, Reading)LC)(sl cr)(50p), Tottenham, WBA,(t/c)(50p), WBA(FAC)(t/c)(50p), Wolves(t/c)(50p),  79/80(80p) Arsenal(t/c)(50p), A.Villa(t/c)(50p), Bolton((t/c)(50p), Brighton(t/c)(sof), Bristol City, Coventry(sl fld)(60p), C.Palace, Derby, Ipswich, Liverpool(t/c)(50p), Middlesbro, Norwich, Notts Forest(t/c)(50p),  Stoke, Tottenham, Wolves, Wrexham(LC)(t/c)(50p),  80/1(80p) Arsenal,  Birmingham(t/c)(50p), Bristol Rovers(fac)(t/c)(50p), Chelsea(FAC), Coventry(t/c)(50p), C. Palace(t/c)(50p), Everton(FAC), Everton(t/c)(50p),  Ipswich, Leicester(t/c)(50p), Man Utd(poor)(20p), Middlesbro(t/c)(50p), Norwich(t/c)(50p), Notts Forest(t/c)(50p), Stoke(t/c)(50p), Sunderland, Watford(LC),  WBA(t/c)(50p), 81/2(80p) Arsenal(cr)(40p), A. Villa(t/c)(50p), Birmingham(cr/t/c)(30p), Brighton, Everton, Coventry, Ipswich, Liverpool(t/c)(50p), Middlesbro, Notts County, Notts Forest(t/c)(50p), Stoke, Sunderland,  Tottenham, West Ham, 82/3(80p) Birmungham(t/c)(50p), Brighton, Colchester(MC), Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Liverpool, Luton, Man City(MC), Man City(poor)(20p), Man Utd, Norwich, Notts County, Notts Forest(fld)(50p), Stoke, Sunderland,  Swansea(t/c0(50p), Tottenham, Watford, WBA, West Ham, 83/4(80p) A.Villa(t/c)(50p), Birmingham(t/c)(50p),  Carlisle(MC)(t/c)(50p), Everton(t/c)(50p), Ipswich(t/c)(50p), Leicester(t/c)(50p), Liverpool(t/c)(50p), Luton(t/c)(50p), Man Utd, Norwich(t/c)(50p), Notts Forest(t/c)(50p), QPR, Sheff Wed(FAC)(t/c)(50p), Stoke(t/c)(50p),  Tottenham, West Ham, Wolves(t/c)(50p),  84/5(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Barnsly(FAC)(t/c)(50p), Chelsea(t/c)(£3), Coventry(t/c)(50p), Everton(t/c)(50p), Hull(MC)(t/c)(50p), Ipswich, Liverpool, Luton(t/c)(50p), Man Utd(£2), Newcastle(t/c)(50p), Norwich, Notts Forest(t/c)(sof), QPR,  QPR(MC), Sheff Wed(t/c)(50p), Stoke(t/c)(50p), Sunderland, West Ham, Watford,  85/6(80p) Arsenal(t/c)(50p), Arsenal(MC), A.Villa, Birmingham,  Birmingham(MC), Chelsea, Coventry, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool(t/c)(50p), Luton(t/c)(50p), Man City, Millwall(FAC), Newcastle, Notts Forest, Oxford, QPR, Sheff Wed(t/c)(50p),  Tottenham, Tottenham(SSSC), Watford(t/c)(50p), WBA,  West Ham(t/c)(50p), Wigan(FAC),   86/7(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa(LC)(t/c)(50p), A.Villa(t/c)(50p), Coventry(t/c)(50p), Liverpool(t/c)(50p), Leicester(t/c)(50p), Luton(t/c(50p),  Man City, Newcastle(t/c)(50p), Norwich(t/c)(50p), Notts Forest,  Oxford(t/c)(50p), QPR(cr)(40p), Shrewsbury(LC)t/c)(50p), Tottenham, Tottenham(SSSC)(£3),Watford(t/c)(50p), West Ham(t/c)(50p),   87/8(80p) Arsenal(sl fld)(50p), Charlton(t/c)(50p), Chelsea(poor)(20p), Coventry(t/c)(50p), Derby(t/c)(50p), Everton(t/c)(50p),  Lut0n(t/c)(50p), Newcastle(t/c)(50p), Norwich(t/c/sl mk)(30p),  Notts Forest(cr)(40p), Oxford(t/c)(50p), Portsmouth(cr)(40p), QPR, Sheff Wed(t/c)(50p), Tottenham, Watford(t/c(50p) WestHam(t/c)(50p), Wimbledon(t/c)(50p),  88/9(80p) Arsenal(t/c)(50p), A.Villa(t/c)(50p), Charlton, C.Palace(Simod)£3), Derby(FAC), Derby(t/c)(50p), Lincoln(LC)(t/c)(50p),  Liverpool, Luton, Man Utd(t/c)60p), Middlesbro(t/c)(50p), Millwall(t/c)(50p), Newcastle(t/c)(50p), Norwich(t/c)(50p), Notts Forest(t/c)(50p), QPR(t/c)(50p), Scarboro(LC), Sheff Wed(t/c)(50p), Tottenham(LC),  89/90 (80p) Arsenal, Chelsea, C Palace(RC), C Palace, Everton, Ipswich(FAC), Man Utd, Notts Forest(FAC), QPR, QPR(ZDS)(£2), Sheff WEd, Sunderland, Tottenham  90/1(80p) Arsenal(£2), Chelsea, Rochdale(RC),  91/2(80p) Arsenal, A. Villa(sl fld)(50p), Chelsea, Chelsea(ZDS)£3), Coventry, Liverpool, Oldham, QPR(FAC), QPR, Tottenham(sl mk)50p), Wimbledon, 92/3(£1.20)  C.Palace, Everton, Gillingham(CCC(t/c)(60p), Ipswich, Norwich(mkd)(40p),Oldham,Wimbledon, (£2.50),  93/4(£1.20) A.Villa, Everton(mkd)(60p), Wimbledon, 94/5(£1.20) Chelsea(£3), Coventry, Everton, Southend(FAC), Tottenham,  Wimbledon,   95/6(£1.20) Crewe(FAC), Liverpool, 96/7(£1.20) Arsenal, Stockport(CCC), Tottenham  97/8(£1.50) Arsenal, Chelsea(sl fld)(£1), Liverpool, Sheff Wed, 98/9 (£1.50) Arsenal, 01/2(£2) Arsenal(£4),Fulham, Ipswich, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham, 02/3(£2) Arsenal(sdl mk)(£1), West Ham, 03/4(£2) Tottenham,  04/5(£2) Chelsea(£3), Colchester(CC), Tottenham,  05/6(£2) Ipswich, QPR, 06/7(£2) Colchester, Ipswich, Southend,  07/8(£2) Ipswich 09/10(£2) Leyton Orient, 10/11(£2) Colchester, L Orient, 16/17(£3) Sunderland…..   SPECIALS… .EUROPEANS…69/70 Rosenborg(£3.50), 76/7 Carrick R (£1.25), 81/2 v Sporting Lisbon(£2),Away at Anderlecht 76/7(£2),   …..FRIENDLIES.. 58/9 v South Africa(£6), 67/8 v Italian OlympicX1(£3), 70/1 v British olympicX1(cr)(£1), QPR(£6), 75/6v S.K/.Brann(£2),…TESTIMONIALS… v Notts forest78/9(McMeneny)(£2.50), …AWAY .Friendies v Shamrock Rovers80/1(£2.50), 83/4 v Galway 84/5(£2), Finn Harps84/5(£2.50), , Goteburg(70s?)(4 pages)(£5)


(please see EX League section)


for pre league games please see non  league section.. 08/9(£10 Leyton Orient,  10/11(£2) Gillingham(sl fld)(£1), Torquay,   11/12(£2) Colchester, L Orient, 12/13(£2) L Orient, 13/14(£2)  Leyton Orient(JPT)(£3), 15/16(£2) Barnet,  Gillingham(FAC), 16/17(£2) Hartlepool,  17/18(£2) Colchester, 18/19(£2) Colchester, …TEAMSHEETS (£1 each) Colchester 18/19, 


  46/7 Sheff Utd(sl fld)(£45), 49/50 Tottenham(FAC)(spl sp/1 ph)(£20), 50/1 Arsenal(date& sof)£35),  51/2  Arsenal(£30), 52/3 Arsenal(£25),   54/5  Notts Forest(£11), , 55/6  Barnsley(£8), Leicester(fld)£8),  56/7 Liverpool(£10), Notts Forest(£8),   .57/8  A.Villa(fld)(£4),  Blackburn(£6), Bristol Rovers(£6), Cardiff(tr)(£2.75), Huddersfield(£6), 58/9  Barnsley(fld)(£4),  Rotherham(£5),  59/60 Barnsley(£5),   Derby(fld)(£4), Hull(£5), Huddersfield(£5), Ipswich(Feb prog with 30/3 insert)(sl fld)(£8), Huddersfield(£5), Preston(FAC)(£sl mk)(£4),  60/1(£4) Blackburn(cr)(£2.50), Derby, 61/2(£3.50) Blackburn, Charlton, Huddersfield(sl cr)(£2), L Orient(£6), Luton, Newcastle(cr)(£1), Walsall(cr)(£1), 62/3(£3) Charlton, Derby(sl mk)£1.50), Huddersfield(cr)(£2), Rotherham(Dec), Sunderland)ph)(£1.50), Swansea, Walsall(sl mk)(£2),  63/4(£2.50) Arsenal, Birmingham, Blackburn(cr)(£1.50), Tottenham,  WBA, West Ham(£6), Wolves  64/5(£2.50) Arsenal(r/s)(£1.50), A.Villa(mkd)(£1), Chelsea(cr/r/s)(£1), Sheff Utd, West Ham,  65/6(£2.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Burnley(LC)(£4), Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Norwich(LC)(£5), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd(r/s)(£1), Sunderland, Walsall(FAC), West Ham,  66/7(£2.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackpool, Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sunderland, Tottenham, 67/8(£2) Arsenal, Burnley, Cardiff(FAC), Chelsea(£3), Coventry, Everton, Fulham, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Sheff Wed(LC), Southampton, Sunderland,  Tottenham(ph)(£1), Watford(LC), WBA, West Ham, West Ham(FAC), Wolves,  68/9(£1.50) Arsenal, Blackburn(LC), Burnley, Chelsea, Coventry, Everton(mkd)(90p), Halifax(FAC), Ipswich, Leicester, Man Utd, Man City(fld)(80p), Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Sunderland,  Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, 69/70(£1.25) Arsenal, Burnley, Burnley(LC),  Coventry, C Palace(t/c)(£1), Derby, Ipswich, Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Oxford(FAC), Sheff Wed(LC), Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 70/1(£1) Chelsea(£2), Coventry, Derby, Huddersfield(FAC), Huddersfield(2nd Rep @ Man Ud)(£3), Huddersfield, Ipswich(FAC), Leeds,  Man Utd(£4), Newcastle, WBA,  71/2(£1) Chelsea(£3), Huddersfield, Hull(FAC), Leeds, Man Utd(FAC)(cell)(£1), 72/3(£1) Chelsea(£3), Derby, Ipswich, Man City, Man Utd(£2),  Newcastle, Norwich, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Sunderland(LC)(£3), Tottenham(£3), West Ham(£3), 73/4(80p) Chelsea(LC)(£5), Derby(sof)(50p), Man Utd(£3), Middlesbro(LC), QPR,. Stoke,  Man Utd(£2), Middlesbro(LC), Tottenham(£5),   74/5(80p) Arsenal(£3), Burnley(fld/mk)(30p), Coventry, Halifax(LC),  Man Utd(£2), Middlesbro, QPR, Sheff Utd, Tottenham(£4), West Ham(£3), 75/6(80p) A.Villa(sl fld)(60p), Birmingham, Coventry, Everton, Liverpool(fld)(40p),Man Utd(t/c),  Sunderland(FAC)(fld)(70p), Tottenham,  Tottenham(FAC)(£2), 76/7(80p) Birmingham, Coventry(Dec)(£2),   Coventry(Feb),   Everton(ph)(40p),  Man Utd(£3), Sunderland,West Ham(t/c)(60p), 77/8 (80p) Bolton, Blackpool, Burnley, C.Palace, Millwall, Orient, Notts Cty, Oldham, Sunderland, Tottenham(£2.50),  78/9(80p) Brighton, Burnley, Cardiff, Leicester, Middlesbro, Notts County, Sunderland, Watford(LC), West Ham(£2),  79/80(80p) Arsenal, C.Palace, Coventry(sl cr)(50p), Everton, Ipswich, Liverpool, Middlesbro, Notts Forest. Southampton, Swansea(LC), Tottenham, 80/1(80p) Brighton, Coventry, C.Palace, Everton, Ipswich, Liverpool, Notts Forest, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, Wolves(FAC),  81/2(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Brighton, Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Luton(mkd)(40p), Man Utd, Middlesbro, Norwich(FAC), Notts County, Notts Forest, Southampton, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, 82/3(80p) Arsenal, (cr)(30p), A.Villa, Birmingham, Brighton, Coventry, Everton(sl mk)(60p), Ipswich, Liverpool Luton, Man City, Man Utd, Notts County, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd(FAC), Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, Watford, WBA, West Ham(MC), West Ham, 83/4(80p) Arsenal, Birmingham, Coventry, Ipswich, Liverpool, Luton, Norwich, Notts County, Peterboro(LC), QPR, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, 84/5(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Coventry, Ipswich, Leicester, Luton(FAC), Luton, Man Utd, Notts Forest, QPR, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, 85/6(80p) Barnsley, Brad City,C Palace, Fulham, Grimsby, Leeds, Millwall, Sheff Utd, Sunderland, Wrexham(LC),   86/7(80p) Barnsley, Birmingham, Blackburn, Coventry(FAC), C.Palace, Grimsby(FAC), Ipswich, Sheff Utd, Reading, Shrewsbury(LC), Sunderland, WBA, 87/8(80p) Birmingham, C Palace, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool(FAC), Plymouth, Millwall, Reading,  88/9(80p) Blackburn, Chelsea(£3), C.Palace(FAC), L Orient(fld)(50p), Sunderland,  89/90(80p) Arsenal(FAC), Leicester, Oldham,Sunderland,  WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 90/1(80p) Fulham, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, L Orient, Liverpool(LC)(£1.50), Wigan,  91/2((80p) Birmingham(AT)(£2), Chester, Chesterfield(RC), Fulham, L Orient(sl fld)(50p),   Liverpool(RC), Stockport, WBA, 92/3 (£1) Barnet(LC), Bolton, Fulham, Hull, L Orient(sl fld)(50p), Plymouth, Port Vale(AT), Port Vale(FAC), Preston(CCC)(sl mk)(70p), WBA,(AT), WBA, 93/4(£1) Birmingham(AIT), Birmingham, Bolton,  Grimsby, Leicester, Mansfield(CCC), Notts Cty, Notts Forest, Peterboro, Portsmouth, Southend, Watford, Wolves, 94/5(£1) Barnsley(sl fld)(60p), Burnley, Fulham(CCC), Grimsby, Notts Cty(AIT)(£2.50), Notts Cty, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd, Swindon, WBA, Wolves, 95/6(£1) Barnsley, Birmingham, Brescia(AIC)(sl fld)(£1.50), C.Palace, |Ipswich, Leicester, Luton, Millwall, Notts Forest(FAC), Portsmouth, Sheff Utd, Southend, Sunderland, Watford, Wolves, 96/7(£1) Northampton(sl cr)(60p), Wolves, 98/9(£1.20) Colchester, Gillingham(sl mk)(50p), Man City(sl fld)(70p), Notts Cty,  99/00((£1) ColchesterMacclesfield(WC), Notts Cty,  00/1 (£1.50) Colchester, Millwall, Notts Cty, Wycombe 01/2(£1.50) Colchester, Notts Cy, Oldham, 02/3(£2) Millwall (v sl cr)(£1), Ipswich, Sheff Utd, Wimbledon,   03/4£2) Coventry, Gillingham, Walsall, WBA,(Mar) WBA( May), 04/5(£2) QPR(sl fld)(£1), Wolves,  05/6(£2) Ipswich,   06/7(£2) Colchester, Ipswich, 07/8(£2) Ipswich,  08/9(£2) Arsenal(sl fld)(80p), Tottenham,  09/10 (£2) Arsenal(FAC), Sunderland,   10/11(£2) Arsenal, WestHam(FAC),   SPECIALS……EUROPEANS….72/3 Kaiserslauten(£12), ..74/5Ajax(£1.50), Anglo Italian 93/4 v Fiorentina(£1.50),…TESTIMONIALS..57/8 v Singen(Malkin& Bourne)(cr/tr)(£3),72/3 v Wolves(Turner)(£2), .FRIENDLIES…..62/3 v Real Madrid(£4), .64/5 v World Stars(Matthews)(Brochure only no team sheet)(£4), 66/7  v Glasgow Rangers((faded)(£1)90/1 v WBA(£1)…60/1 Stoke v Aldershot(FAC 2nd replay) at Molineux,Wolves(s/s)(£5),..Fanzine “ The Oatcake” Issue 37(£1), TOPICAL TIMES CARD..Frank Soo(colour)(£3), Frank Baker (B&W)(£2.50)


 49/50  Middlesbro(£25), Portsmouth(top right front cover cut away)(£14), Stoke(£25), 50/1  Bolton(£22), Blackpool(£22), Stoke(£22),  Wolves(FAC)(£22),  51/2 Arsenal(sl fld)(£35), Stoke(£20), Stoke(FAC)(£20), 52/3  Arsenal(£40), Portsmouth(fld)(£14), Scunthorpe(FAC)(sl fld)(£25),  Stoke(£20),  53/4 Arsenal(sl fld/t/c)(£30), A.Villa(sl cr)£12), Cardiff(wof)(£12), Charlton(£18), Portsmouth(£18), Preston(slcr)(£20),Sheff Utd(nof)(£10) 54/5 Arsenal(sl r/s)(£30), Blackpool(£16), 55/6 Arsenal(£12), Blackpool(£8), Bolton(£5), Burnley(fld)(£5), Cardiff(£8), Charlton(£8), Huddersfield(fld)(£5), Luton(fld)(£7), Man City(cell spine/sof)(£4), Man Utd(split spine)(£7), Newcastle(£8), Norwich(FAC)(£8), Portsmouth(sl fld)(£7),Sheff Utd(£8),  Sheff Utd(FAC)(£8),  WBA(fld)(£8), Wolves(£8), 56/7  Arsenal(£15), Birmingham(£8), Blackpool(sof)(£5), Burnley(sl fld)(£8), Charlton(sl fld)(£8), Everton(sof)(£7), Leeds(£14), Luton(£8), Man City(fld/sof)(£6), Man Utd(£30)(sof)(£20), Newcastle(poor)(£3), Portsmouth(sof)(£6), Preston(£8), QPR(FAC)(cr/sof)(£3), Sheff Wed(£8),  Tottenham (£25),  57/8Arsenal(£18), A.Villa(£6), Birmingham(£6), Blackpool(£6), Chelsea(£22), (sof)(£18), Leeds(sof/fld)(£8), Leicester(£7), Luton(£7), Man City(sof)(£4.50),  Newcastle(sof)(£5). Notts Forest(sof)(£5), Portsmouth(£7), Preston(£7), Sheff Wed(£6), Tottenham(£20), WBA(sof)(£5), Wolves(sof)(£7), 58/9  Barnsley(sof)(£4), Bristol City(sof)(£3.50), Bristol Rovers(sof)(£3),Charlton(£5), Derby(£5), Fulham((sof)(£4), Grimsby(£5), Liverpool (fld)(£5),  Rotherham(£5), Scunthorpe(£5), Sheff Utd(£5),  Sheff Wed(sof)(£4), Stoke(sof)(£4), Swansea(sof)(£4) 59/60 A.Villa(£5), Blackburn(FAC)((sof)(£3.50), Brighton(£5), Derby((sl fld)£4), Huddersfield(sl fld)(£4), Hull(fld)(£3), Ipswich(mkd)(£3), Sheff Utd, Swansea(fld)(£4), 60/1(£4) Arsenal(FAC)(£9), Brighton(fld/sof)(£3.50), Charlton(fld/sof)(£2.50), Huddersfield(fld/sof)(£3.50), Lincoln,  Luton(wof/sof)(£2), Middlesbro(fld/sof)(£2.50), Norwich(fld/sof)(£3), Plymouth(£5), Rotherham, Sheff Utd(cr/sof)(£2), Stoke(sl cr)(£2), Swanseasof)(£3), Tottenham(FAC)(£16), (fld/wof)(£4), 61/2(£3.50) Brighton, Bristol Rovers(fld)(£2.50), Bury , Hull(LC)(£10), Leeds(fld/sof)(£3), Liverpool(£6)(copy fld/sof)(£4), Leyton Orient, Luton(fld)(£3), Middlesbro(fld)(£3.50), Newcastle(fld)(£2),  Norwich(£4), Plymouth(sl fld)(£3), Port Vale(FAC)(fld/sof)(£3.50), Preston(fld)(£2), Rotherham(fld)(£3), Scunthorpe, Southampton(FAC)(£5), Southampton(fld)(£4), Stoke, Swansea(cr)(£2), Walsall(fld)(£3), Walsall(LC)(sl fld)(£6), 62/3(£3.50) Cardiff(fld)(£3), Charlton(fld)(£3), Chelsea(slfld)(£12), Derby, Grimsby(fld)(£3), Huddersfield(sof)(£2), Leeds(sof)(£5), Luton(fld)(£3), Middlesbro(fld)(£3), Newcastle, Norwich(fld)(£3), Plymouth(fld)(£3), Portsmouth(fld)(£3), Portsmouth(LC)(£6), Preston(fld/sof)(£2),  Rotherham, Stoke, Scunthorpe(fld)(£3), Southampton(fld)(£3), Swansea, Walsall(fld)(£3),  63/4(£3) Bristol City(FAC), Bury, Cardiff, Charlton, Derby, Everton(FAC)(£4), Grimsby, Huddersfield, Leed(£5), Leyton Orient, Man City, Man Utd(FAC)(£6), Man Utd(FAC)(Pirate)(cr)(£3), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Northampton(sof)(£2), Northampton(FAC), Norwich((£5), Plymouth, Preston, Portsmouth, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Southampton, Swansea(sl mk)(£2), Swindon 64/5(£2.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Blackpool(LC)(£5), Burnley, Chelsea(£4), Darlington(RES)(£5), Everton, Fulham, Hull(FAYC)(sl cr)(£5), Leeds(£4), Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd(£6), Notts Forest, Notts Forest(FAC), Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, West Ham(LC)(£5), Wolves, 65/6(£2.50) Arsenal(Nov)(£4), Arsenal(APR), A.Villa, A.Villa(LC),(£3.50), Blackburn, Blackpool, Brad ford PA (Res)(ph/fld)(£3), Burnley, Chelsea(£4), Darlington(RES)(sof)(£5),  Fulham, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool(£4),  Man Utd(£4), Newcastle(£4), Northampton(£4), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Utd(LC)(£3), Sheff Wed, Stoke, Tottenham(£4),  WBA, 66/7(£2.50) Arsenal(£3), A.Villa(fld/sof)(£1.25), Blackpool, Brentford(FAC), Burnley(mkd)(£1),  Cheslea(cr)(£2), Everton, England YouthX1(£6), Fulham, Leeds, Leeds(FAC), Leicester, Liverpool(sl mk)(£2), Man City(sl mk)(£1.75), Man Utd(£4)), Newcastle(sl mk)(£2), Notts Forest, Peterboro(FAC)(sl mk)(£2), Sheff Utd(sl mk)(£2), Sheff Utd(LC)(£3), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham(sl mk)(£3), WBA ,  West Ham(£4), 67/8(£2) Arsenal, Burnley, Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Fulham,Halifax(LC), Leeds, Leeds(LC)(£3), Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(£5), Newcastle(sl mk)(£1), Norwich(FAC)(£2), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham(£3), WBA,  West Ham(£4), Wolves, Workington(Res)(NRLKOC)(£5),  68/9(£1.50) Arsenal(£3), Bradford City(RES)(£5), Burnley, Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Fulham(FAC), Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool(£3), Man Clty,  Man Utd(£3), Newcastle, Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham,  WBA, West Ham, Wolves(£3),  69/70(£2) Arsenal, Brad City(LC)(£3), Burnley, Chelsea(£4), Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Fiorentina(AIT)(cr)(£!),  Ipswich, Leeds(t/c)(£3), Liverpool(£5), Man City, Man Utd(£4), Newcastle(£3), Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham(£4), WBA, West Ham(£6), Wolves(£3), 70/1(£1.50) Birmingham, Blackburn(t/c)(£1), Bolton, Bristol City, Cardiff, Carlisle, Charlton, Hull,  Leicester(fld/tc)(80p), Middlesbro, Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth, QPR(sl fld)(80p), Sheff Utd,  Sheff Wed, Watford,  71/2(£1) Birmingham, Blackpool, Bristol City, Burnley, Cardiff, Cardiff(FAC)(£3), Carlisle, Charlton,  Fulham, Hull, Luton, Middlesbro, Norwich(£5),Orient(sof)(70p),  Oxford, Portsmouth, Preston, QPR(£1.50), Sheff Wed, Sheff Wed(FAC)(£2.50), Swindon, Watford, 72/3(£1) A.Villa(£2.50), Blackpool, Brighton, Bristol City, Burnley, Cardiff, Carlisle, Fulham, Hull, Luton(FAC)(£6), Luton, Man City(FAC)(£9), Middlesbro, Millwall,  Notts Forest, Orient, Oxford, Preston, QPR(£3), Reading(FAC)(£12), Sheff Wed, Swindon, 73/4(80p) A.Villa(t/m)(50p), Blackpool, Bolton, Carlisle/Bristol City, Carlisle(FAC)(£3), Cardiff(t/m)(50p), Carlisle(FAC)(£2), Carlisle/Bristol City(jt prog)(t/m)(50p), C.Palace, Derby(LC)(29/10)(£3), Derby(LC)(31/10)(£3),  Fulham, Hull, Liverpool(LC)(£3), Luton, Middlesbro(mkd)(50p), Millwall(t/m)50p),  Notts County, Notts Forest, Oxford, Preston(t/m)50p),  Sheff Wed(t/m)(50p), Swindon, WBA, 74/5(80p) A.Villa, Blackpool, Bristol Rovers, Bolton, Bristol City, Cardiff, Chesterfield(FAC), Fulham, Hull, Man Utd(£4), Millwall, Norwich, Notts County, Notts Forest, Oldham, Orient, Oxford, Portsmouth, Sheff Wed, Southampton,  WBA, York(fld)(50p), 75/6(80p) Blackburn, Blackpool(sl fld)(60p), Bolton(£1.50), Bristol City(sl cr)(50p), Bristol Rovers, Carlisle, Charlton(fld)(50p), Chelsea(£3), Fulham(t/m)(50p),Hull (FAC), Luton(t/m)(50p), Notts County, Notts Forest(sl fld)(60p),Oldham, Oldham(FAC), Orient(t/m)(50p), Oxford(t/m)(50p), Plymouth, Portsmouth((cr)(40p), Southampton, WBA, York(fld)(50p), 76/7(80p) Arsenal(£3), A.Villa, Birmingham, Bristol City, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(fld(£1), Leicester, Liverpool, Luton(LC)(fld)(60p), Man City,  Man Utd(£3), Man Utd(LC)(£3), Middlesbro, Newcastle(£2), Norwich(£2),  QPR, Stoke(fld)(60p), Tottenham(£1.50), WBA, West Ham(£1.50), Wrexham(FAC)(fld)(60p), 77/8(80p) Blackburn, Blackpool,  Bolton, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Bristol Rovers(FAC), Burnley(sl fld)(50p), Cardiff, Charlton, C.Palace, Fulham, Hull, Leicester, Luton, Mansfield, Middlesbro(LC), Millwall, Notts County, Oldham, Orient, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham(£5),(fld)(£3),  78/9(80p) Blackburn, Brighton, Bristol R, Burnley(nof)(70p),  Burnley(FAC)(fld)(50p),  Camb Utd, Charlton(£1.50), Cardiff, C.Palace, Everton(FAC), Fulham(cr)(50p), Luton(nof))(70p), Millwall, Newcastle(£2),Notts Cty, Oldham, Orient, Preston(mkd)(40p), Sheff Utd, Stoke(LC)(£2), Stoke(nof)(70p), West Ham, Wrexham(Dec)(£5), Wrexham(Mar),  79/80(80p) Birmingham, Bolton(FAC), Bristol Rovers(t/m)(50p), Burnley, Camb Utd, Cardiff(sl fld)(70p), Charlton, Chelsea(£2) , Fulham, Leicester, Luton, Man City(LC)(sl mk)(60p), Newcastle(LC), Newcastle(£3), Notts County, Oldham, Preston, QPR, Shrewsbury, Swansea(, Watford(fld)(50p), West Ham(LC), West Ham(May)(£7), Wrexham(fld)(50p), 80/1(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Birmingham(FAC), Brighton, Coventry, C.Palace, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester(fld)(60p), Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(£2), Middlesbro, Norwich, Notts Forest(fld)(60p), Southampton, Stockport(LC), Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, Wolves, 81/2(80p) Arsenal(£3), A.Villa, Birmingham, Brighton, Coventry, Everton,  Ipswich(£3),  Liverpool(FAC)(sl fld)(70p), Liverpool(£2), Man Utd(£2), Middlesbro, Notts Cty, Notts Forest, Rotherham(FAC), Rotherham)(LC)(sl fld)(60p), Southampton(£2), Stoke, Swansea(slfld)(£1),  Tottenham(£2), WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 82/3(80p) Arsenal(£2), A.Villa, Birmingham, Brighton, Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Luton, Man City,Man City(FAC)(£2.50), Man Utd(£2.50),  Norwich, Norwich(MC), Notts County, Notts Forest, Southampton, Stoke, Swansea, Tottenham(£3), Watford, WBA, West Ham, Wolves(MC), 83/4 (80p) Arsenal(£8), A.Villa, Birmingham(£2), Birmingham(FAC), Camb Utd(MC), Coventry, Everton(£4), Ipswich, Leicester(inc Team Sheet)(£4), Liverpool(sl fld)(£1.25), Luton, Man Utd(£4), Norwich, Norwich(MC), Notts County, Notts Forest, QPR, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham(£2), Watford, WBA, West Ham(£3),  84/5(80p) Arsenal(£5), A.Villa, Chelsea(£3), Coventry, C.Palace(MC), Ipswich(sl fld)(60p), Liverpool)(Jan)(£5), Liverpool(APR)(£3.50), Leicester, Luton, Man Utd(£3), Newcastle(£3), Norwich, Notts Forest, Notts Forest(MC)(£2), QPR(£2), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham(£3), Tottenham(MC)(£3), Watford, Watford(B& W cover)(fld)(£2), WBA, West Ham(£3), 85/6(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn, Brad City, Brighton, Carlisle, Charlton, C.Palace, Fulham, Grimsby, Huddersfield(cr)(50p), Hull, Leeds(£2), Man Utd(FAC)(£2), Middlesbro, Millwall, Newport(FAC)(£2.50), Norwich, Oldham, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd,  Shrewsbury, Stoke, Swindon(MC), 86/7(80p) Barnsley,  Birmingham, Blackburn, Brad City(Jan), Brad City(Apr)(£2.50), Brighton, C.Palace(£3),  Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leeds(£4), Millwall, Oldham, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Reading, Rotherham(FRT), Sheff Utd, Shrewsbury, Stoke, WBA, York(LC), 87/8(£1) Aldershot(£2), Blackpool(£2), Brentford, Brighton, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Chester, Chesterfield, Crewe(FRT), Darlington(FAC)(sl cr)(£1), Doncaster, Fulham(£2), Gillingham(£1.50), Grimsby, Hartlepool(FRT)(£2), Mansfield, Middlesbro(LC)(sl fld)(80p), Notts County, Port Vale, Preston(sl fld)(70p), Rotherham, Rotherham(FRT), Southend(£2), Walsall, Wigan(slcr)980p), 88/9(80p) Barnsley(sl fld)(60p), Birmingham, Bournemouth(£3), Brighton, Chelsea(£3), C.Palace, Hull,  Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester(£2), Man City(£2), Oldham, Oxford(FAC), Oxford, Plymouth, Shrewsbury, Stoke, Swindon, Walsall, Watford, WBA, West Ham(LC)(£1), York(LC), 89/90(80p ) Barnsley, Blackburn, Bournemouth, Bournemouth(LC), Brad City, Brighton, Coventry(LC), Exeter(LC), Fulham(LC), Hull, Ipswich(£5), Leeds, Leicester, Middlesbro(£3), Newcastle(cr)(70p), Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Port Vale, Port Vale(ZDS)(£3), Sheff Utd, Stoke, Swindon, Watford, WBA, West Ham, Wolves 90/1(£1) Arsenal, A.Villa, Bristol City(LC), Chelsea(£4), Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Everton, Leeds, Luton, Man City, Man Utd(£1.50), Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Tottenham(£6), (wof)(£5), Wimbledon(Feb), Wimbledon(Apr)(£2), 91/2(90p) Barnsley, Blackburn, Brighton, Bristol City,Bristol Rovers,  Camb Utd, Charlton, Chelsea(FAC)(£3), Grimsby, Huddersfield(LC), Ipswich, Leicester, Middlesbro, Millwall, Newcastle, Oxford(£2), Plymouth, Portsmouth, Port Vale, Southend, Swindon(1/4), Swindon27/4), Tranmere, Watford, West Ham(FAC)(£2), Wolves(£1.50), 92/3(90p) Barnsley, Birmingham(mkd)(60p), Birmingham(AIT)(£2), Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd, Charlton, Derby, Grimsby, Huddersfield(CCC), Leicester, Luton(t/c)(60p), Millwall, Newcastle, Notts County, Oxford, Peterboro, Portsmouth(sl cr)(50p), Southend, Swindon, Tranmere, Watford, West Ham(£3), Wolves, 93/4(90p) A.Villa(CCC), Barnsley, Birmingham, Bolton, Bristol City, Chester(CCC), C Palace, Derby, Grimsby, Leeds(CCC), Leicester, Luton, Middlesbro, Millwall, Notts County, Notts Forest, Oxford, Peterboro, Portsmouth, Southend, Stoke, Tranmere(AIC))(£2), Watford, WBA,Wolves,  94/5(£1.20) Barnsley(cr)(40p), Bolton, Bristol City, Burnley, Carlisle(FAC), Charlton(sl fld)(60p), Derby, Grimsby, Luton, Middlesbro, Millwall, Notts County, Portsmouth. Port Vale,Reading, Sheff Utd, Southend, Stoke, Tranmere, Tottenham(FAC)(£5), WBA, Wolves 95/6£1.20) Charlton, C.Palace, Derby, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool(FAC)(£3), Luton, Millwall, Norwich, Oldham, Port Vale, Portsmouth, Preston, Southend, Stoke, Tranmere, Wolves, 96/7 (last at Roker) (£1.50) Arsenal(FAC)(£3), A.Villa, Blackburn, Coventry, Derby, EvertonLast comp game at Roker)(sl fld)(£5), Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool(£3), Middlesbro, Newcastle(£3), Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham(£2), Watford, West Ham, Wimbledon, 97/8(£1.50) (1st season at SOL) Birmingham, Brad City, Bury, Bury(CCC), Charlton, Crewe, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Man City(1st  comp game  at SOL)(£4), Middlesbro(£2) , Norwich, Notts Forest, Oxford((sl fld)(60p), Port Vale, Portsmouth, QPR, Reading, Sheff Utd, Stockport, Stoke, Swindon, Tranmere, WBA, Wolves,  98/9(£1.50) Barnsley, Birmingham, Bolton, Brad City, Bristol City, Bury, Crewe, Chester(WC), C Palace, Grimsby, Grimsby(WC), Huddersfield, Ipswich, Norwich, Oxford, Port Vale, Portsmouth, QPR(fld)(60p), Sheff Utd, Stockport, Swindon, Tranmere, Watford, WBA, Wolves(sl fld)(70p), York(WC)(sl cr)(50p),  99/00(£1.50) Arsenal(£3), A.Villa, Chelsea(£3), Everton, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool(sl cr)(80p), Man Utd(£2.50), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Portsmouth(FAC), Sheff Wed, Walsall(WC), Watford,  00/1(£1.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, BradCity, Charlton, Chelsea(£2.50) ,Coventry, C.Palace(FAC), Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Ipswich(FAC), Leeds, Leicester, Luton(WC) , Man City,  ManUtd(WC) (£2.50), Man Utd(£8),  Newcastle(£2),  Southampton, Tottenham(£2), West Ham(£2), West Ham(FAC)(£2), 01/2(£1.50) Arsenal(£2.50), A.Villa, Blackburn,  Charlton, Chelsea(£3), Everton, Ipswich, Leicester, Man Utd(£3), Middlesbro, Newcastle(£3), Tottenham(sl mk)(£1), West Ham, 02/3 (£1.50) AVillaBirmingham, Blackburn, Bolton(FAC), Bolton, Charlton, Everton,. Fulham, Leeds, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(sl fld)(£1), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Southampton, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, 03/4(£1.50) Birmingham(FAC), Brad. City, Burnley, Cardiff, Coventry, Crewe, C Palace, Derby, Gillingham, Hartlepool(FAC)(£3), Huddersfield, Millwall, Norwich(Feb)(£3), (May)(£2), Notts Forest, Preston(Jan) (March), Reading, Rotherham, Sheff Utd, Sheff Utd(FAC), Stoke, Walsall, WBA, West Ham, Wigan, Wimbledon,   04/5(£2)Burnley, Chester(CC), Coventry, Crewe, C.Palace(FAC, Gillingham, Ipswich, Millwall,Notts Forest, Plymouth, Preston, QPR, Reading, Rotherham, Sheff Utd, Stoke(£2.50), Watford, West Ham,Wigan, Wolves, 05/6(£2) Arsenal(£3), Arsenal(CC)(£4), A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton, Chelsea(£4), Cheltenham(CC), Everton, Fulham(Apr) (May), Liverpool(£3), Man City, Man Utd(£3.50), Middlesbro, Newcastle(£4), Portsmouth, Tottenham(£4), WBA, West Ham(£3.50), Wigan, 06/7(£2.50) Barnsley, Birmingham, Burnley(£3.50), Colchester, Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Ipswich, Leeds(£3.50), Luton, Norwich, Plymouth, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Southend, Stoke, WBA, 07/8(£2.50)  Arsenal(£4), A.Villa, Birmingham. Blackburn Bolton, Derby, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool(£3), Man City, Man Utd(£3.50), Middlesbeo, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Reading, Tottenham(£3.50) West Ham(£3.50), Wigan, 08/9(£2.50) Arsenal(£4), A.Villa, Blackburn Blackburn(CC), Bolton, Chelsea(£4), Everton, Hull, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(£4), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Northampton(CC), Portsmouth, Stoke, WBA, West Ham(£4), Wigan,   09/10(£2.50) Arsenal(£4),A.Villa(CC), A.Villa, Barrow(FAC)(£3), Birmingham(CC), Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton(Jan), Bolton(Mar), Burnley, Chelsea(£4), Everton, Fulham, Hull, Man City, Man Utd(£4), Portsmouth, Stoke, Tottenham(£4), Wigan, Wolves, 10/11 (£2) Colchester(CC),   11/12(£2) Arsenal(2.50), Everton, 17/18(£2) Sheff Utd, 18/19(£2) Blackpool, Bristol Rovers, Coventry, Fleetwood, Plymouth, Walsall, Walsall(FAC), 19/20(£2) Blackpool, Bolton, Burton, Coventry, Doncaster, Fleetwood, Ipswich, Lincoln, MK Dons. Rochdale, Rotherham, Southend(£3), Tranmere, AFC Wimbledon, Wycombe Wanderers 21/2(£2)  Burton, Camb Utd …..SPECIALS……EUROPEANS….73/4 Sporting Lisbon(t/m)(£1.25), Vasas(£2.50), ..INTER ITALIAN COMP 69/70 V Lazio(£3.50), Fiorentina(£3.50),…FRIENDLIES….55/6 v Moscow Dynamo(sl cr/mk)(£5), 56/7 v Red Banner(sof)(£4), 57/8  v Juventus(fld)(£6), Maccabi(£5), 58/9 v Dynamo(£6), Newcastle(fld/sof)(£4), .62/3 v Standard Liege(cr)(£1), 63/4 v Benfica(£4), 64/5 Boys Club International Scotland v England(£3), 65/6 v  Dukla Prague(fld)(£2.25),  68/9 v   Slavia Prague(£3), Werder Bremen(£3),  71/2 v Aalborg(fld)(£3), 73/4 vSpurs£2), 76/7 v Australia(£2), Shelbourne(sl cr)(£1.25), 78/9 v Southampton(£2), 79/80  v EnglandX1( Centenary)(£2), Olimpia Asuncion(£4), 80/1 v Coventry(sl cr)(£1.25), 81/2 Newcastle(cr)(60p),  83/4 v Middlesbro(£20), 84/5 v Nissan(£2), 88/9 v Seattle(£2), 89/90 v DNPR(£1.50), Torpedo Mosc(£2), 90/1 v Oldham(£1.50), 92/3 v Tottenham(£2.50), 96/7 v Liverpool(last @ Roker)(£10), 97/8 v Ajax(1st @ SOL)(£12), 07/8v Juventus(£10),  …away friendlies  73/4 v Celtic(£2),82/3 v Celtic(Cashmore)(£2.50), 84/5 v Hammarby(£4), 86/7v Derry(£4), 90/1 v Ynys Mon(£3),  ……Homes again..Anglo Scottish Cup.78/9 v Bolton(£2), 79/80 v Oldham(£1), …TESTIMONIALS. 67/8(Hurley) (sl fld)(£3),  late 60`s v Newcastle(Ashurst)(£5)(copy sl mk)(£3),  73/4 v Newcastle(Montgomery)(£2), 67(Pitt& Park)(£3), Seventies v A.Z 74/5 v Newcastle(Harvey)(cr)(60p), 75/6 v Leeds(Kerr)(£2),  76/7 v All Stars(Hughes)(£1) 78/9 v SundX1(Porterfield)(£5), 93/4 v Rangers(Bennett)Cr)(£1.50),  96/7Steaua Bucharest(Ord)(sl fld)(£1.50) , 01/2 v Rep Ireland(Quinn)(£5),  1992 Football Festival(£1),  FAYC v  Tottenham 08/9(£2.50),FAYC v Chelsea 01/11(£4) …..INTERMEDIATE INTL 58/9 England V France(sl cr)(£2.50),  ..VARIOUS PUBLICATIONS…1972 Handbook(£2), , .”We`ve Done It”(1973(£4), ..”Sunderland Centenary 1879/1979)(70 pages)(£8) “100 years of League Football)(Supporters Assn(£3), ,..”Sunderland Greats”(1989)(90pages)(£6),..”The Lads30 memorable matches”1988(£5), ….. “Back in the Big Time” 1995-6 Brochure(£3), ..Football Echo 1/5/1999(100 points up)(£2), Magazines…”Kick Off” Vol 1 No1(£2), No2(£1), ..”Sunderland Monthly” Vol1 No1(£2), ..,..87/8 Fixture List(A4 size)(£1),…”On the Up”…brand new DVD(still in cellophane wrapper) review of promotion season 06/7(£4)…  FANZINES…..”WISE MEN SAY”..Nos 1(sl mk)(£4), 3(r/s)(£1),5(£1), 6(sl mk)(£1),7(£1), 8(r/s)(£1), 9(r/s)(£1),19(£1), 11(£1),  12(£1), 13(£1), 14(£1),15(£1),(16(£1),!7(£2), Free!Issue(£3),   …..A LOVE SUPREME(£1 unless stated otherwise) Nos 4(£2), 5(£2), 6(£2), 8(£2),9(£2), 27(Auto Goodman)(£3), 30, 31(auto Goodman)(£3), 32(Auto Goodman)(£3), 64, 77, 90, 108, 148,…”The Roker Roar”..Aug/Sep67£4), Oct/Nov67(£2), Jan68(£2),  Mar68(£2),Aug/Sep68(£2),  Apr/May68(£2), Aug/Sep69(£2),..”The Wearside Roar” (£1)…No1(£2) No2(sl tr)(60p) ..”Sex and Chocolate” (£1).No5(sl cr)(50p), Teamsheet v Tottenham11/12(£1),   .SUNDERLAND LADIES v Leeds Carnegie 09/10 (£1),


 48/9 Notts Cty(sof)(£16), 49/50  Brentford(fld)(11), Sheff Utd(fld)(£14), Sheff Wed(sl mk)(£14),  51/2 Blackburn(r/s)(£9),   55/6 Blackburn(cr/cell edge)(£2.50),Middlesbro(cr)(£5), Notts C(fld)(£7), Plymouth(£9),  56/7 Bristol City(sof)(£6), Fulham(ph/sof)£5), Grimsby(ph/sof)(£5), Leicester(mk/sof)(£4), Notts Cty(ph/sof)(£4), Notts Forest(sof/sl cr)(£6), Sheff Utd(ph/sof)(£4),  57/8 Blackburn(r/s)(£5), Bristol City(r/s)(£5), Charlton(ph/sof)(£4), Derby(s0f)(£5), Fulham(sof/ph)(£4), L Orient(cr/sof)(£3), Lincoln(sof/ph)(£4), Notts Cty(ph/sof)(£4), West Ham ( tr to back page)(£5),   58/9 Bristol C(cr)(£3), Bristol Rovers (fld)(£4), Charlton(fld)(£4), Derby(£5), Fulham(sof/cr)(£3), Grimsby(sof)(£4), Huddersfield(£5), Ipswich(sof)(£5), L Orient(sof)(£4), Middlesbro(sof)(£4), Scunthorpe (sof/cr)(£3), Sheff Utd(sof)(£4), Sheff Wed(£5), Sunderland(sof)(£4),    60/1(£4) Charlton, L Orient(£6),  61/2  £3.50) L Orient, Southampton, Sunderland(ph)(£2.50), 62/3 (£3) Bury, Sunderland(£5)   63/4(£3) Plymouth(wof)(£1.50), Preston, Stoke(FAC)£5),  64/5 Cardiff(fld)(£1.50),   Newcastle(£5),  65/6(£2.50) A Villa(LC)(£6), Bournemouth,  Exeter, Mansfield, Millwall, Watford, Workington(£2),   66/7(£2.50) Swindon, 67/8(£2) Arsenal(FAC(£5), Bradford PA(fld)(£3),  Chesterfield, Lincoln, Notts Cty, Southend, Workington, York,  68/9(£2) Bradford PA(£3), Notts Cty, Workington  69/70(£1.25) Newport, Southend(fld/sof)(60p),  70/1(£1) Walsall(mk)(50p),  71/2(£1) Shrewsbury,  74/5(80p) Newport(WC),  76/7(80p)  Brentford, Southport, Workington,   77/8(80p) Newport, Newport(WC), Southport, 78/9(80p) Bury(sof)(60p), Bristol Rovers(FAC)(sof)(60p), Bury, Colchester(cr)(40p), Newport(LC), Peterboro(sof)(60p), Sheff Wed , Tottenham(LC)(£2),   79/80 (80p) Bournemouth(LC)(wof)(40p), Burnley, Cardiff(sof/wof)(40p),  Chelsea(sof/t/c)(70p), Charlton (wof/sof)(40p), C. Palace(sob)(50p), Fulham, Leicester, Luton(sob)(50p), Newcastle(sob/sof)(40p), Oldham, Orient(sob)(50p), Preston(cr/sob(40p), QPR(£3), Notts Cty, Shrewsbury, Sunderland(£2.50), Watford, West Ham, Wrexham(sof/wof)(40p), 80/1 Arsenal(LC)(£3), Blackburn, Bolton(sof(40p), Bristol City(sof)(40p), Camb Utd(sof)(50p), Cardiff(cr/sof)(30p),  Chelsea(fld)(£3),(sof/fld)(70p),  Grimsby(sof)(40p), Luton, Middlesbro(FAC)(sof)(50p), Newcastle(sof)(50p), Notts Cty, Orient, Preston, QPR(fld/sof)(60p), Sheff Wed(sof)(40p), Tottenham(£2), Watford, West Ham(sof)(80p), Wrexham(cr/sof)(40p), 81/2(80p) Barnsley(LC), Birmingham, Brighton, Coventry,Leeds(sof)(40p), Liverpool(FAC)(£2), Man City, Man Utd(£1.50), Middlesbro, Notts Cty, Sunderland, WBA, West Ham, Wolves(sof)(70p),   82/3(80p) Arsenal(cr)(40p), A.Villa(sof)(50p), Birmingham(sob)(50p), Brentford(MC)(sob)(50p), Brighton(sob)(50p), Bristol Rovers(MC)(sob)(50p), Coventry,  Everton(sof)(50p), Hereford(WC)(sob)(50p), Ipswich, Liverpool(sof)(50p), Luton, Man City(sof)(50p), Norwich, Notts Cty, Notts Forest((sof)(50p), Shrewsbury(WC)(sof)(50p), Southampton(sof)(50p), Stoke(sof)(50p), Sunderland(sob)(50p), Tottenham, Watford, 83/4(80p) Camb Utd, Colchester(MC), Fulham,  84/5(80p)Brentford, Bristol Rovers(FRT), Doncaster, Gillingham(t/c,sl mk)(40p), Hereford(WC),Hull,  Orient, Plymouth, York, 85/6(80p ) Bury, Newport(FRT), Notts Cty, Wigan,  86/7(80p) Burnley,  Colchester, Crewe, Hereford, Hereford(LC),  Torquay, Orient,  88/9(80p) Colchester, Fulham, Gillingham,  Notts Cty, Sheff Utd, Torquay, 89/90(80p) Fulham, Liverpool(FAC), Notts Cty(cr)(40p), Reading(LDC)(£1), Wigan, 90/1(80p) Fulham,  91/2(80p) Cardiff, Fulham,L Orient,  Torquay, WBA, Wigan,  92/3(80p) Burnley, Fulham, Grimsby, L Orient, Oxford, Tottenham(Woolacott)£4), WBA,  93/4(£1) Brad City, Brighton(ins supp)(£1), , Fulham, Hartlepool, Hereford, L Orient(sl fld)(50p), Plymouth, Rotherham,  94/5(£1) Peterboro, Peterboro(CCC),  95/6 (£1) Burnley,  96/7(£1.20) Bristol City(FAC), Colchester, Doncaster, Fulham, Hartlepool, Scarboro,  97/8(£1.20) Brighton, Colchester, Notts Cty, Rochdale,  98/9(£1.40) Brentford, Brighton, Camb Utd, Caenarfon(WC), Derby(FAC), Exeter, Halifax, Hartlepool, Hull, Leyton Orient, Norwich(WC), Shrewsbury, Southend, Torquay,West Ham(FAC)(£2),  99/00(£1.40) Colchester(FAC), Colchester(AWS)(£2.50), Leyton Orient,    00/1(£1.40) Colchester, Notts cty, 01/2(£1.50) QPR, Southend,    02/3 (£1.60 )Bury, Rushden& D,  03/4(£1.60) Southend,   04/5(£1.60) Leyton Orient, Notts Cty(sl cr)(90p)  05/6(£2) Colchester, Colchester(LDV)(£3),  07/8(£2) Southend, Yeovil, 07/8(£2) Cheltenham, Millwall,.Tranmere, Walsall, 08/9(£2). Burnley, Derby,09/10 (£2) Blackpool, Ipswich, Plymouth,  10/11(£2) Bristol City, Colchester(FAC), Coventry(sl tr)(£1),   11/12 (£2) Arsenal(£3), … EUROPEANS 82/3 P.St Germ(sof)(80p), Sliema(sof)(80p), Braga(sof)(£1), 89/90 Panathinaikos(£1.50),  .FRIENDLIES  80/1 Red Star Belgrade(£), Leeds(sof)(£1), Southampton(PCT)(£1), Tottenham(sof)(£1), 85/6 v WBA((sl cr)(£2), 01/2 Jamaica(£1), 93/4 v Watford)£1), 98/9 V Notts Forest(£1.50) , TESTIMONIALS 78/9 v Everton(Griffiths)(poor)(30p), 78/9 v Brighton(sof)(70p), 86/7 v Man Utd(Rimmer)(£4), 88/9 v Tottenham(Hughes)(£2), 95/6 v Welsh Int(Smith)(£1), YEARBOOK 81/2 (cr)(70p)


 49/50 Reading(spl sp)(£9), 54/5 Millwall(sl fld)(£9),  56/7 Exeter(20/10)(cr/sof)(£4), Reading(£6),  57/8  C Palace(£5), Gillingham(sl cr)(£5), Shrewsbury, Southendsl cr/sof)(£4), Southampton(£6),  58/9  Aldershot(FAC)(sl cr)(£4), Brentford(£5), Bury(£6),  Norwich(FAC)(£6), QPR(£5), Southampton(nof)(£4), Stockport(£5),   59/60 Barnsley(sof)(£3.50), Brad City(sof)(£.50), Brentford(fld)(£3.50), Bury(£6), Chesterfield (sof)(£3.50), Colchester(£5),(sof)(£3.50), Coventry(£5), Grimsby(sof)(£3.50), Mansfield(fld)(£4), Newport(sl cr/sof)(£3), Norwich(fld)(£4), Reading(sof)(£3.50), Tranmere(sl cr)(£3),  Walsall(FAC)(£5) ,  Wrexham(sof)(£3.50), York 60/1(£4) Barnsley, Brentford, Colchester, Newport, Notts Cty(fld)(£2.50)), Port Vale(sof)(£3), QPR,  Shrewsbury(cr/sof)(£2.50),  Watford, 61/2(£3.50) Bournemouth, Bardford PA, Brentford,  Halifax, Lincoln(fld)(£3), Northampton(sof)(£2),  Port Vale(sl fld)(£3), QPR(fld)(£3), Readingsl fld)(£3), Shrewsbury(FAC), Southend, Watford(cr/sof) (£2), 62/3(£3) Brighton, Carlisle, Colchester, Darlington(LC)(£8), Halifax, Leeds(£6), Millwall(cr)(£1.50), Readinf(FAC), Southend,  63/4(£2.50) Derby, Grimsby, Leyton Orient,  Newcastle, Northampton, Preston, Rotherham, Southampton,  West Ham(FAC)(£9), 64/5(£2.50) C.Palace, Derby, Ipswich, Southampton, 65/6(£2.50) Bournemouth(sl mk)(£2.25), Brighton(sl mk)£1.50), Coventry(FAC)(sl fld)(£2),  Grimsby(DEC), Grimsby(May)(sl mk)(£3), Hull(nof)(£2), Millwall(Dec), Millwall(March)(sl mk)(£2), Oldham(sl mk)£2.25), Workington, 66/7(£2.50 ) Bristol Rovers,  Doncaster, Gillingham, Grimsby, Peterboro, Workington, 67/8 (£2)  Colchester(sl mk)(£1.50), Grimsby, Mansfield, Orient, Northampton, Peterboro, Reading, Scunthorpe,  Tranmere, Walsall, 68/9(£1.50)  Northampton, Plymouth, Rotherham,  69/70(£1.25) A.Villa, Carlisle, QPR, Watford, 70/1(£1) Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol City, Cardiff, Charlton, Hull(sl mk)50p), Liverpool(LC)(t/c)£7.50), Luton, Norwich, Orient, Oxford, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Sunderland, Watford, Watford(LC),    71/2(£1)  Bristol City(cr/sof)(40p), Blackpool, Derby, Fulham, Preston,   72/3(£1) A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bristol City, Cardiff , Carlisle(Dec)(ph)(60p), Carlisle(Mar), Huddersfield, Hull,  Luton, Middlesbro, Millwall, Notts Forest, Orient, Preston, Sunderland, Sheff Wed, 73/4(80p) Bristol City, Fulham, Hull, Luton(s/s)(£3), Middlesbro, Millwall, Newport(LC), Preston, Sheff Wed, 74/5(80p) Blackburn, Bournemouth, Bury, Chesterfield, Colchester, Huddersfield, Peterboro, Reading, Reading(FAC), Southend, Tranmere, Walsall, Watford, 75/6(80p) Bury, Colchester, Gillingham, Halifax, Newport(r/s)(50p), Sheff Wed(t/c)(50p), Walsall,  76/7(80p) C.Palace, Everton(FAC)(£1.50), Fulham(FAC), Grimsby,  Northampton, Northampton(LC), Port Vale,  Reading, Sheff Wed, Tranmere,  77/8(80p)Carlisle(cr)(40p), Colchester(cr)(40p),  78/9(80p) Colchester, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Lincoln , Oxford, Peterboro, Sheff Wed(sob)(40p),  Southend, Tranmere(cr)(40p), 79/80(80p)Arsenal(LC), Brentford, Chester, Colchester, Mansfield, Oxford, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed ,Stoke(LC), ,Tottenham(FAC),  80/1(80p) Blackpool, Colchester, Charlton, Fulham, Newport(sl cr)(40p), Plymouth,  81/2(80p)  Lincoln, Preston, 82/3(80p) Blackpool, Chester, Fulham,  Hereford, Newport, Northampton, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Torquay, Wimbledon, 83/4(80p) Chesterfield, Darlington, Reading(sl mk)(60p), Stockport, York 84/5(80p) Chesterfield, Colchester, Crewe, Exeter, Stockport, 85/6(80p) Aldershot, Chester, Colchester, Hartlepool, L Orient, Southend,  Stockport, Sunderland, 86/7(80p) Aldershot(FRT)(£3), Blackpool, Bolton, Brentford, Bristol City, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Darlington, Doncaster, Fulham, Gillingham, Hereford(FRT), Mansfield, Newport, Notts County, Port Vale, Torquay(LC), York,  87/8(80p) Barnsley(sl fld)(60p), Birmingham, Brad City,  Bristol City,  Chelsea(Simod)(£9),  C Palace, Derby(Simod)(£3),  Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leeds, Man City, Middlesbro, Plymouth, Portsmouth(LC), Norwich(Simod)(£3), Norwich(FAC), Reading, Sheff Utd, Shrewsbury, 88/9 (80p) Brad City, Brighton, Chelsea(£2), C Palace, Ipswich, Man City, Plymouth,  Portsmouth,  Shrewsbury, Sunderland, Watford, WestHam(FAC),  89/90(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn, Bolton(LC), Bournemouth, Brighton, Hull, Ipswich, Leicester, Middlesbro, Millwall(ZDS)(£2), Newcastle, Oxford, Port Vale, Sheff Utd,Southampton(LC), Stoke, Watford, WBA,   90/1(80p) Bristol Rovers, Darlington, Ipswich, Middlesbro, Notts County, Oldham, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth,  Sheff Wed, Charlton(sl cr)(50p), Hull, Leyton Orient(FAC), Middlesbro, Oldham, Sheff Wed(RC) , Watford, West Ham,  91/2(80p) A.Villa(FAC), Barnsley, Bristol Rovers, Charlton, C Palace, Derby, Leicester(cr)40p), Plymouth, Southend,  Sunderland, 92/3(£1)Brentford(AIC), Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd, Charlton, Derby, Leicester, Luton, Notts County, Oxford, Peterboro, Torquay(CCC),  93/4(£2) Arsenal(£4), A.Villa(£3), Chelsea(£4), Coventry, Everton(poor)(40p), Ipswich, Ipswich(FAC), Liverpool(£4), Norwich, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Tottenham(£2.50), West Ham, Wimbledon, Wolves(CCC),  94/5(£1.20) Barnsley, Bolton, Brighton(CCC), Burnley, Charlton(CCC), Charlton, Derby, Derby(CCC), Grimsby, Ipswich(poor)(30p), Middlesbro, Millwall(CCC), Notts County, Portsmouth, Portsmouth(RES)(£1), Reading, Sheff Utd, Stoke, Sunderland(Jan)(£2.50), Sunderland(MAR), Tranmere, Watford, 95/6(£1.20) Burnley(DEC)(£3), Burnley(Apr), , Colchester(AWS)(£1.50), Notts Cty, 96/7(£1.20) Bolton, Brad City, Charlton, QPR, Sheff Utd ,Southend, WBA, 97/8 (£1.30) Bury, Ipswich, Stockport , Sunderland, Tranmere, 98/9(£1.50) Brad. City, Ipswich(cr(50p), Oxford, 99/00(£1.40) Fulham, Portsmouth, QPR, Walsall, 00/1 (£1.50) Colchester, Notts Cty,  (Teamsheet)(£1 ) 01/2(£2) Notts Cty, QPR, Wycombe,  03/4(£2) Barnsley, Brentford,  QPR, 04/5(£2)  Colchester, Hartlepool, Notts cty(FAC),  05/6(£2)  Bristol City, Colchester, Port Vale 06/7(£2) Shrewsbury, Stockport, Wrexham, 07/8(£2) Leyton Orient, Southend,  08/9(£2) Northampton,  09/10(£2.50) Colchester, Gillingham(sl cr)(£1), Norwich(JPT)(, Southend, 10/11(£2) Colchester 17/18(£2) Colchester,   .. SPECIALS .... FRIENDLIES ..59/60  v NAC Breda(£5), 60/1 v Exeter(£5), NAC Breda(£5), 61/2 v A Villa(Chamberlain& Darcy)(fld)£8),Bristol Rovers(£7), All Stars(Owen Test)(sl mk)(£4), 78/9 v West ham(£5),H86/7 v Wimbledon(FR)(s/s)(£1), 92/3 v Sporting Lisbon(£2),   …ANGLO ITALIAN CUP 69/70 Napoli(£3).  92/3 Sporting Lisbon(£2), 94/5 v Atalanta(£1.30)…TEAMSHEETS ..Colchester 17/18, 18/19,