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Welcome to Chelmer Football Programmes Website. Established in 1982, we have seen the trade move from Fayres virtually every weekend, through the heyday of the paper catalogue, to the present day where most customers prefer to use the internet. 

The business centres around football programmes alongside other types of memorabilia such as tickets, trade cards and books as well as items from other sports. 

Enjoy browsing – we hope we can help you with your collection. 

To ensure that we get your required items to you as soon as possible, please see below.

General information 

The minimum order is £1 – please remember to add your name and address when ordering.

  • CHEQUES payable to CHELMER PROGRAMMES. It really helps if you leave the amount blank but endorse the cheque “not to exceed £x”, we will then fill in the correct amount taking in to account postage, avoiding the need for tiny refunds.
  • PAYPAL the address is        – please e-mail us with your order and we will advise the correct amount inc postage.
  • BANK TRANSFER as with Paypal, e-mail your order and we will let you have exact amount.
  • If paying electronically e.g. Paypal, BACS please do not send any money until we have confirmed availability and postage costs.
  • STAMPS denominations of £1 or less please.
  • Postal Orders & Cash are OK but please protect yourself by sending via Special Delivery.
  • If you feel the description was inaccurate, all items are covered by a 7 day money back guarantee.

Overseas Clients 

  • PayPal is the best option.


  • General League. All pre 1960 items are priced individually.
  • From 1960 onward each season will be priced although unusual/rarer items will again be individually priced.
  • Where items are damaged we have tried to alter the price in accordance with the level of imperfection.
  • In the big match section we have included some damaged items alongside the better copies as we know that some customers are happy to have a less than perfect copy – at a reduced price.

We do not reserve programmes by phone – however, we are of course happy to assist with queries.

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