Ordering by E-Mail

If you would like to send your order by e-mail please complete the order form on your computer. On-Line Order Form Further instructions on how to do this are on our order form.

Ordering by Post

If you wish to send an order by post please print our order form. On-Line Order Form Our order form will appear on your computer screen. Please print this form,  then list and give exact details of the items you require. Remember to complete the contact section with your name, address and telephone number.

(If you are unable to print our Order Form you may use a sheet of paper to list your orders but please give as much detail as possible about the items you require  Remember to add your name, address and telephone number).

Then post the completed order form to :-

Chelmer Football Programmes
The Green
Hatfield Peverel

DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY electronically i.e. Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, BACS until we confirm that every item you have requested is in stock.

Postage and Delivery

Programmes can range from a single sheet to an 80 page glossy magazine style issue. Often orders are a mixture of the two. It is therefore impossible to give an accurate estimate of cost. If we are to give a VERY ROUGH  guide it would be something like £1 for 1 item and 15p/20p per item after that.

The problem is greatly overcome if clients pay electronically or supply a “limited amount ” blank cheque. We can advise of the postage in the first instance prior to payment,  or can fill in the cheque with an accurate amount,in the second instance  advising the client when the programmes are sent.

  • For orders over £20 we must ask that “Signed For” post at least is used.
  • For orders over £50 “Guaranteed” is a must – sorry about this but there are instances being reported of items allegedly not being received. With the types of postage being recommended we can prove one way or the other what has happened and where appropriate obtain the relevant compensation.
  • For Clients abroad,”International Signed For” is a must.


All prices are in (£) GBP.

We will reply as soon as possible with availability and pricing including cost of postage.

At Chelmer FootBall Programmes we are unable to take orders by telephone.

Helpful Tip

If you are looking for your team’s “AWAYS” you can save time by holding down the control key (Ctrl) then the letter F on your keyboard. This will bring up a small window on your screen allowing you to enter and then search for your specific team.