70/1 (£4) Aldershot, Barrow(£6), , Bedford(EPFL)(4 page)£6), Boston Utd(EPFL)(4 page)(£6), Bournemouth, Brentford, Camb City(EPFL)(4 page)(sl mk)(£5), Chelmsford(EPFL)(£6),Chester(£5),  Colchester,  Crewe9£6), , Darlington, Exeter, Gillingham(FR)(4 page)(£8),   Grimsby(£6), Hartlepool, Lincoln(£6),, Newport,Northampton(£8), Notts Cty(£6),  Oldham, Peterboro(sl fld)(£3), Romford(EPFL)(£4 page)(£6), Scunthorpe, Southend, Southend(EPFL)(£6), Southport, Stockport, Wimbledon(SLCC)(£8), Workington, York(£6),  71/2(£3) Aldershot, Barrow(£), Brentford, Bury(£5),  Chester, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter,  Gillingham(£3), Grimsby(£4), Hartlepool(£4), Lincoln(£3), Newport, Northampton(sl fld)(£3), Peterboro, Reading, Scunthorpe, Southend, Southport, Stockport, Watford(RES)(MWFL)(4 page)(£6), Workington)(£2), 72/3(£1) Aldershot, Barnsley, Brad City, Bury(£2), Chester, Colchester, Crewe,  Darlington, Doncaster, Eceter(£2), Gillingham, Hartlepool, Hereford(£3), Lincoln, Mansfield, Mansfield(White Edition)(£5), Northampton(£2), Newport, Reading, Southport, Stockport, Torquay, Workington,  73/4(£1) Aldershot, Aldershot(LC), Blackburn, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Charlton, Chesterfield, Gillingham, Grimsby, Halifax, Hereford, Huddersfield, Oldham(FAC), Oldham(FAC)(white cover)(£3), Oldham(sof0(60p), Plymouth(Dec)(£2), Plymouth(May)(£3), Port Vale, Rochdale(£6), Shrewsbury(£5), Southend, Southport, Tranmere, Walsall, Watford, Wrexham, York,   74/5(£1)  Barnsley, Brad City, Brentford, Chester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Hartlepool, Hereford(FAC), Lincoln, Mansfield, Newport, Northampton, Reading, Rochdale, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Southport, Stockport, Swansea, Torquay, Workington,  75/6(£2)(Newspaper style..all folded horizontally) Barnsley, Bournemouth, Bradford C, Brentford, Charlton(LC)(£3), Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, Lincoln, Newport, Notts Cty(Shipp Cup). , Peterboro(Shipp Cup), Northampton, Reading, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southport, Stockport, Swansea, Torquay, Tranmere, Watford, Workington, A4 Calender 75/6(£3),  76/7 (£1) Aldershoy, Bournemouth, Bradford City, Brentford, Colchester(FAC), Darlington, Colchester, Crewe(sob)(60p), Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, Halifax(sl mk)(70p), Lincoln (Shipp Cup)(£3), Newport, Oxford(LC), Reading(cr)(40p), (80p), Rochdale,  Sheff Wed(Shipp Cup)(£3), Scunthorpe, Southend, Southport, Stockport, Swansea(£3), Torquay, Watford(sob)(60p), Workington,  77/8 (£1) Brad City, Brighton(LC), Bury, Carlisle,Chester, Chesterfield, Colchester, Exeter, Gillingham, Hereford, Lincoln, Luton, Oxford, peterboro, Plymouth(£4), Portsmouth, Preston, Rotherham,  Sheff Wed, Sheff Wed(Shipp Cup)(£2), Swindon, Tranmere,  Walsall(£2), Wrexham(£3),  78/9(80p) Blackburn, Brighton, Bristol Rovers , Burnley, Cardiff, Charlton, Colchester(Willhire)(£2), C.Palace(fld)(50p), Fulham, Ipswich(Willhire)(£2.50), Leicester, Luton, Newcastle, Northampton(LC), Norwich (Willhire)(£2), Notts Cty, Oldham, Orient .Preston.  Sheff Wed,  Stoke(fld)(60p), Sunderland(£2), West Ham(£2.50), Wrexham,  79/80(80p) A.Villa(FAC)(£2), Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Cardiff, Charlton, Chelsea(£3), Colchester (WC)(fld)(£1.50), Fulham, Leicester(£1.50), L Orient, Luton, Mansfield(ASC)(£4), Newcastle, Norwich(WC)(fld)(£2.50) , Notts Cty, Oldham, Oldham(yellow  front cover)(£250), Preston, QPR, Sheff Utd(ASC)(£4), Shrewsbury, Sunderland, Swansea, Watford, Watford(MWFL)(s/s)(£6), West Ham(£2), Wrexham,  80/1(80p) A Villa(LC), Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Cardiff,  Chelsea(£2), Coventry(LC), C.Palace, Derby , Grimsby, Ipswich(WC)(£3), Luton,  Notts Cty, Oldham, Orient, Newcastle, Notts County, Preston, QPR, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Watford, West Ham(£2), Wrexham, Wolves(£2),   81/2(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn, Bolton, Cardiff, Charlton, Chelsea,, Colchester(sl cr)(60p), Colchester(LC),  Derby, Grimsby, L Orient, Orient(inc April insert)(£5), Newcastle(£1.50), Leicester, Luton, Oldham, QPR, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, Watford, Wrexham, 82/3(80p) Barnsley(FAC), Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Chelsea(£2.50), C.Palace, Derby, Fulham, Grimsby, Leeds, Newcastle, Oldham, QPR, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Sheff Wed(FAC), Shrewsbury,  83/4(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn, Brighton, Cardiff, Carlisle, Charlton, Chelsea, C.Palace, Derby, Derby(FAC), Fulham, Grimsby, Huddersfield,  Leeds, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Norwich(CPC)(s/s)(£2), Norwich (FAYC)(s/s0(£4), Norwich(SJFC)(s/s)(£4), Oldham, Portsmouth, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, Sunderland(MC), Swansea,  84/5(80p) Bolton, Bournemouth, Brad City, Brentford(MC), Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Camb City(EAC)(£3), Derby, Doncaster, Gillingham, L Orient, Lincoln, Luton(Wallspan Flood KOC s/f)(s/s)(fld)(£5), Millwall, Newport, Peterboro)FRT)(£3),  Peterboro(FAC), Plymouth, Preston, Reading, Rotherham, Swansea, Walsall, Wigan, York, 85/6(80p) Aldershot, Brenrford(MC), Burnley, Chester, Colchester,  Exeter, Crewe,  Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, L Orient, Mansfield, Northampton, Peterboro, Peterboro(FRT)((£3), Port Vale, Preston, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Stockport, Swindon,   Torquay,  Tranmere, Wrexham, 86/7(80p) Aldershot, Burnley, Cardiff, Crewe, Colchester(sl cr)(50p), Exeter,  Exeter(FAC), Fulham(FRT)(£3), Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford,  Ipswich(LC)(£3), Orient, Orient(Mar-with insert)(£2), Orient(LC), Lincoln , Northampton, Peterboro, Preston, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Stockport, Swansea, Tottenham(LC)(£3), Tranmere, Wimbledon(LC), Wolves. Wrexham,  87/8(80p)  Aldershot, Bolton, Burnley, Cardfff, Carlisle, Colchester, Colchester(FRT)(£2.50), Coventry(LC), Crewe(sl fld)(50p), Darlington, Exeter, Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford,  Leyton Orient, Newport,  Norwich(CPC)(4 page)(£3) Peterboro, Scarboro9sl fld)(50p), Scunthorpe, Rochdale, Stockport, Torquay, Swansea, Tranmere, Wolves(£2),  Wrexham,  88/9(80p) Burnley, Colchester, RES v Enfield(WCLPCX)(£1), Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Leyton Orient, Scarboro, Wycombe Wand(RES)(CL)(£4),  89/90(80p) Bristol City(FAC), Bristol City(FAC), Burnley, Carlisle, Colchester, C.Palace(cr)(40p),  Halifax, Maidstone(LC),  Walsall(LDC), Wrexham, 90/1(80p) Barnet(RES)(£1.50), Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brentford, Bury, Fulham, L Orient(fld)(50p), Reading, Sheff Wed(FAC), Sutton Utd(RES)(£1.50), Walsall(LDC),   91/2(80p) Blackburn, Bristol Rovers, Colchester (SJFC Final)(£3), (Charlton, Grimsby, Ipswich, Millwall, Oxford, Reading(sl fld)(60p), Southend, Sunderland, Wolves, 92/3(80p) Barnsley, Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Chester(CPC)(£3), Grimsby, Oldham, Notts Cty, Oxford, Peterboro, Portsmouth, Sheff Wed(FAC)(with 13/1 insert)(£4), Southend, Sunderland(AIC)(£3), Sunderland, Stoke, Wolves, 93/4(£1) A.Villa(FAYC)(s/s)(£3), Barnet, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brentford,  Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Chelsea(FR)(£6), Huddersfield(sl fld)(60p), Exeter(sl fld)(60p), Ipswich(CCC), Leyton Orient, Luton(CCC), Notts Forest(CPC)(£1.50), Pllymouth, Port Vale, 94/5(£1) Brentford(FAC), Burnley, Ipswich(CPC)(£1.50), L Orient, Northampton(AWS)(fld)(70p), Plymouth, Wolves()FAYC)(£3), Wrexham(cr)(50p),  95/6(£1)Barnet(sl cr)(80p), Bury, Colchester, Fulham, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), L Orient, Northampton, Preston(incApril wrapper)(£2), Rochdale, Torquay , Wigan, 96/7(£1.) Colchester(AWS)(£1), Colchester, Fulham, Hereford, L Orient(fld)(60p), ,Swansea(fld)(80p), 97/8(£1) BrentfordRES)(PC Final)(£2), Colchester, Cradley Town(FAYC)(£2.50), L Orient, Notts Cty, Peterboro, Somersham (FAYC)(£2.50), Torquay, 98/9(£1) Arsenal(RES)(£2), Barnet, L Orient(fld)(60p), Plymouth,Cardiff,  Exeter, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Southend, 96/7(£1), Colchester(AWS)(£2), Fulham(sl fld)(60p), Wycombe,   Torquay ,  97/8 (£1) L Orient(RES)(s/s)(£1.50), Wycombe(RES)(s/s)(£1.50),   98/9 Arsenal(RES)(£2.50), Chelsea(RES)(£2.50),   99/00 (£1) Barnet(AWS), Colchester, Gillingham, 00/01(£1.50) Bournemouthwith Jan insert)(£2.50), , Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers,  Bury, Colchester, Colchester(LDV)(£3), Luton, Millwall, Northampton, Notts County,  Port Vale,  Rotherham, Swindon,  01/2(£1.50) Blackpool(sl fld)(80p), Colchester, Northampton, Notts Cty, QPR, Wycombe, 02/3(£1.50) Bristol City(FAYC)(, Bury,  Leyton OrientRushden & D,  03/4(£1.50) Gillingham(CC), Macclesfield, Millwall(FAYC), Millwall(RES),(s/s)Torquay,  04/5 (£1.50) L Orient,  Notts Cty, Scunthorpe, Southend, Swansea, 05/6(£1.50) Chester(LDV)(cr)(40p), 16/17(£2) Colchester, Hartlepool,  17/18(£2) Colchester,   18/19 (£2) Carlisle …..SPECIALS..Friendlies.. ,v 70/1 Orient(£8),  71/2  Northampton|(£6), West Ham(Roberts)(£5), Ipswich T(Gregson)(£8), 72/3 Ayr Utd (£8), Leytonstone(£5),  74/5v Norwich(Thompson)(£3), 74/5 v Camb City(CPC)94 page, fld)(£2), 76/7 Ipswich(Simmons)(£4),  79/80 WBA(Eades)(£3), 81/2 v Luton(s/s)(£3),v QPR(s/s)(£10), 82/3 Gillingham(s/s)(£3),  85/6 v Bourne(EAC)(s/s)(fld)(£3), Man Utd(Spriggs/Fallon)(£3), Queens Arms(CENICFinal)(s/s)(£2.50), v West Ham(£7), 86/7 v Brondbyernes(£2.50), Celebrity X1)(Fallon/ Spriggs)(£2), Ipswich(Osgood)(£5), v QPR(Scott)(£6), 87/8 v Ipswich(Dowman)(cr)(80p),  Wimbledom(Fallon)(fld)(£1)88/9 v Leicester(£3), 89/90 Norwich(Chapman)(£3), 91/2 v Luton(£2.50) DNEPR(£2), 92/3 v Sheff Utd(£2),  Tottenham(s/s)(£2), Millwall(£1.500,  94/5 v Iraklis(Greece)(s/s)(£3), Man Utd(sl fld)(£2.50), 95/6 Coventry, Tottenham(£3), 96/7 Blackburn(£2), Charlton(£2), Ilford(£3), 98/9 Watford(£2), Ipswich(£2), Northampton(£2), 99/00 v Bolton(£2), orient, 00/1 v Kingstonian(£1),  Norwich(£2), Skota Riga(£1.50),01/2 Norwich(sl fld)(80p), Millwall(£1.50), Sports Attire Trophy 6 a side Tournament)(£1), 02/3 v Tottenham(£2), 03/4 v Colchester(fld)(80p), 05/6 v Ipswich (Darler)((minor fld top right)(£3.50), 07/8 v Plymouth/Colchester(£2), Leicester(£2), 08/9 Coventry/West Ham(£2), 10/11 v Colchester(£2), Leyton Orient(£1.50), 12/13 Ipswich(£2), Wycombe(£2),  Fanzine..Abbey Rabbit Issue 9(£1), 27(£1),,,TEAMSHEETS ..Chelsea(RES)98/9(£3), Colchester  17/18, 18/19, Crawley(FAYC)(11/12(£3), Ipswich 11/12(FR)(£2), Luton 92/3(EJC)(£3), Torquay 98/9(fld)(80p), FIXTURE CARDS   76/7(CUFCPools Dev)(£3), 77/8((R.C    Hotel)(sl cr)(£3), 82/3(£2.50), 83/4(£2). 85/6(£2), HANDBOOK 74/5(£3.50), …… away Tour friendlies  91/2 @ TABY(Sweden)(£5), Eskilstuna(Sweden)(£6), FIRST DAY COVER DATED 29/10/77 V OXFORD UTD (1ST LEAGUE MEETING BETWEEN VARSITY CLUBS(£3.50),


50/1  Barnsley(fld)(£14), Blackburn(£18),  52/3  Arsenal(fld)(£10), Newcastle(£12), Stoke(£9),  53/4 Arsenal(£20), Cheslea(spl sp)(£5), Man City(fld)(£9), Sunderland(fld)(£9),  54/5  Arsenal(£16), Bolton(r/s)(£8), Everton(wof/fld)(£5)Man City(r/s)£8), Newcastle(£9), Portsmouth(£10), Sheff Utd(r/s)(£8), Sheff Wed(r/s)(£8), WBA(r/s)(£8), 55/6  Arsenal(£9), A.Villa(r/s)(£6), Arsenal(r/s)(£12), Birminghamr/s fld)(£5), Bolton(sl mk )(£6), Burnley(cr)(£3.50), Charlton(r/s fld)(£4), Everton(fld)£6), Man Utd(r/s)(£30), Luton(fld)(£6), Man City(sl cr)(£5), Preston(r/s)(£6), Preston(sl cr)(£7),  Tottenham(r/s,fld)(£15), WBA(r/s)(£6), 56/7  Arsenal(£10), A.Villa(£7), Barnsley(FAC)(fld)(£5),  Bolton(£7), Burnley(r/s)£6), Charlton(r/s)((£6), Everton(£7), Leeds(r/s)(£7),  Luton(r/s cr)(£4), Newcastle(sof)(£5), Portsmouth(cr)(£5), Tottenham(£8),  57/8 Blackburn(£6), Blackburn(FAC)(r/s fld)(£4), Charlton(r/s fld)(£4), Doncaster(£6) Grimsby(r/s fld)(£4), L Orient(£6), Lincol)sl fld)(£5), Stoke(r/s fld)(£4),  Rotherham(fld r/s)(£4), Sheff Utd(£5),  58/9  Brighton(sl fld)(£4), Bristol City(r/s fld)(£4), Bristol Rovers(r/s fld)(£4), Charlton(r/s)(£4), Huddersfield(£5), Ipswich(£5), Sheff Utd(£5), Swansea(£5),  59/60  A.Villa(£5), Brighton(£5), Bristol City(cr)(£3), Charlton(£5), Derby(r/s)(£4), Huddersfield(£5), Lincoln(ph)(£4), Port Vale(FAC)(r/s fld)(£4), Plymouth(£5), Port Vale(FAC)(sl mk)(£5), Rotherham(fld)(£4),  Sheff Utd(£5), Swansea(sl mk)(£4),  60/1(£4) Arsenal(£5), Birmingham(fld)(£3), Bolton(fld)(£3), Chelsea(sl cr)(£3), £3.50), Man.City, Man City(FAC)(cr)(£2),  Newport(WC), Notts Forest(ph)(£2), West Ham(£8), 61/2(£3.50) Arsenal(fld)(£3), A.Villa(sl cr)(£2), Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Chelsea(fld/sof)(£3), Everton, Fulham, Ipswich(£9), Leicester, Man City, Man Utd(tear, cr)(£1.50), Newport(WC)(£4), Nottingham Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Tottenham(£5), WBA, West Ham(£6), Wolves(£5), 62/3(£3) Luton(cell edge)(£1.50), Swansea(sof&cr)(£1.25), Plymouth(March), Plymouth(May)(£4), Rotherham(fld)£2), Southampton, 63/4(£2.50) Scunthorpe,   64/5(£2.50) Charlton(FAC)(cell)(£1.50), Charlton, Huddersfield, Newcastle(£3.50), 65/6(£2.50) Carlisle(fld)(£1.75), Coventry(sl cr)(£1.50), L Orient, Man City(sl mk)(£2), 66/7(£2.50) Birmingham(sl fld)(£2), Exeter(LC)(£4), Man City(FAC)(cr)(£2), Millwall(fld)(£2), Norwich, Rotherham, 67/8(£2)  A.Villa, Cardiff, Derby, Ipswich, Millwall, Portsmouth(sl cr)(£1), 68/9(£1.50) Arsenal(FAC)(£3), Birmingham(cr)(£1), Bristol City, Bury, Hull, Oxford, Portsmouth,  69/70(£1.25) A.Villa, Blackburn, Blackpool, Huddersfield,  Hull, Millwall, Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth, Preston,  QPR, Sheff Utd, Wrexham(WC)(£3), 70/1(£1) Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol City, Hull, (sl fld)(70p), Norwich, QPR(£2.50), Swindon, Watford,  71/2(£1) Burnley, Fulham(Auto C Davies)(£2), Oxford, Preston,  Sunderland, Watford,  72/3(£1) A.Villa,  Blackpool, Brighton, Millwall(t/c)(60p), Southend,   73/4(£1) Oxford, Notts Cty, WBA,  74/5(£1) Bristol C, Norwich, Notts Cty, Orient, Southend, Sunderland(t/c),  75/6(£1) Bury, Colchester,  Mansfield. Port Vale, 76/7(80p) Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Everton(FAC), Notts Cty, Plymouth, QPR(LC)(£2), 77/8(80p)   Burnley, Luton, Ipswich(FAC)(£4), Luton, Notts Cty, Sunderland, Tottenham(£6),  78/9(80p)  Burnley, Camb Utd, Fulham, Notts Cty, West Ham(£5), Wrexham, 79/80 (80p)  Arsenal(FAC)(£5), Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd(£1.50), Everton(LC), Notts County,  Preston, QPR, Sunderland(£3),Watford, West Ham(£2.50),   80/1( 80p) Blackburn, Camb Utd, Chelsea (sl mk)(60p), Notts Cty, Sheff Wed, Watford, West Ham,  81/2(80p) Camb Utd, Charlton, Colchester, Exeter(LC)(£1), Hereford(WC s/f)(£1.50), Orient, Newport(WC)(£1), Notts County, Shrewsbury, Wrexham, 82/3(80p) Arsenal)MC)(£3), Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Newport(fld)(50p),   83/4(80p) Camb Utd, Charlton, Exeter(MC)(fld)(£1), Fulham, Ipswich(FAC), Shrewsbury, Wrexham,  84/5(80p) Barnsley, Charlton, Fulham,  Huddersfield, Notts County, Sheff Utd, Watford(MC),   85/6(80p)Brentford, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Chesterfield, Darlington, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Newport, Notts County, Reading, Swansea,Walsall,  Wigan  86/7 (80p) Brentford(FAC), Burnley, Camb Utd, Colchester, Exeter, Halifax, Millwall(FAC), Orient(inc Supp)(£1), Peterboro,   87/8(80p) Bolton, Camb Utd, Carlisle(sl mk)(60p), Colchester, Exeter(sl mk)(60p), Hartlepool, Leyton Orient, Newport(LC), Newport, Stockport, Swansea, 88/9(80p) Aldershot, Chesterfield, Fulham,  Mansfield, Notts Cty, Southend, Swansea(LC), Wolves, 89/90(80p) Bury, Crewe, Fulham, Leyton Orient, Mansfield, Notts Cty, Wigan, 90/1(80p) Hartlepool,  91/2(80p) Doncaster,Lincoln ,Scarboro, 92/3(80p) Colchester, Hartlepool(AT),  93/4(80p) Blackpool,Brentford, Brighton, Burnley, CambUtd(cr)(50p), Exeter, Fulham, Huddersfield, L Orient(sl fld)(50p), Middlesbro(FAC),  Vale, Plymouth, Reading, Stockport, Wigan,  94/5(£1) Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd(sl fld)(70p), Peterboro, Torquay, York, 95/6(£1) Colchester, Fulham, Gillingham(t/c)(60p), Northampton(AWS)(sl fld)(£1)  96/7(£1.20) Colchester, Fulham, Tottenham(Perry)(32),    97/8(£1.20)) Colchester, Hartlepool, Notts Cty, Rotherham, Torquay, 98/9(£1.20) Plymouth,   99/00((£1.50) Bury, Colchester, Leyton Orient(FAC ), Notts Cty,  00/01 Blackpool(sl mk)(80p) 01/2(£1.20) Colchester, Notts cty, Swindon  02/3(£2.50) Northampton, QPR.03/4(£2) Ipswich, Leyton Orient(CC),   04/5(£2) QPR, 05/6(£2) Ipswich 06/7(£2) Colchester, 07/8(£2) Colchester, Leyton Orient (CC),  SPECIALS …..Europeans ..60/1 v Grasshppers(£5), 65/6Liegeois(£4), …67/8 Torpedo Moscow(£3.50), 68/9 Porto(£2.50), 69/70 Goztepe Izmir(£2.50) …71/2D.Berlin(£3), .76/7 Servette(£1.50).Friendly..v 60/1Grasshoppers Zurich(£5), 1969 S.V Werder Bremen(£3), 70/1 Real Madrid(£2.50), 95/6 v Burnley(£2)


  50/1 Arsenal(FAC) (£55), 58/9  Chester(£6), Port Vale(£6), Torquay(£6), 60/1 (£4) Bradford PA(sl mk)(£3.50), Hartlepool, Stockport(sl fld)(£3.50),   61/2(£3.50)  Rochdale, Tranmere, 62/3(£3) Colchester(£4), Hartlepool(FAC), Norwich(LC)(£15), Southend,  63/4(£2.50) Brad City, Brighton, Newport(sl fld)(£2), QPR(FAC)(sl fld)(33), 65/6(£2.50) Bristol City, Bury, C.Palace, L orient,  Workington(£3),  66/7(£2.50) Blackburn, Millwall, Preston(fld)(£1),   67/8(£2)  Charlton, Millwall, Portsmouth, Rotherham,  68/9 (£1.50) Huddersfield,  69/70(£1.25)  A.Villa(£2), Huddersfield(LC), Middlesbro(FAC),  70/1(£1)  Tottenham(FAC)(£10),  71/2(£1) Birmingham(sl cr)(80p),   73/4(£1) Blackpool, Hull(sof)(50p),  Notts.Forest, Sheff Wed(wof)(30p), Sunderland(FAC)(£2),  Workington,  74/5(£2) Arsenal(£5),  Fulham(FAC)(£3), 75/6(£1)  Blackpool, Bristol C, Charlton, Chelsea(£4), Fulham, Hull, Notts F,  Sunderland, WBA,  76/7(80p)  Colchester, L morient, Mansfield, Walsall,  77/8(80p) Camb utd, Peterboro,  79/80(80p) Southend,  80/1 (80p) Huddersfield,  81/2(80p) Darlington(FAC), Newport(fld)(40p), Reading,  82/3(80p) Camb Utd, Camb Utd(with approx20 autos on the back page)(£10) 83/4( 80p) Camb Utd,  Chelsea(£1.50), Leicester,  85/6(80p) Charlton(sl m,t/c)(40p),  86/7 (80p) Chester, Fulham, Gillingham(t/c))80p), Notts Cty, Notts Cty(FAC), Walsall, 87/8(80p) Bolton, Burnley, Camb Utd, Colchester, Darlington, Halifax,  88/9(80p) Burnley, Colchester, L Orient, Liverpool(£1), Tranmere, 89/90(80p) Burnley,  Colchester, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Grimsby, Hartlepool, Scunthorpe,   90/1(80p) Cardiff, Chesterfield, Hartlepool, Northampton,  Peterboro,   91/2(80p) Blackpool, Burnley, Scunthorpe, 92/3(80p) Colchester, 93/4(80p) Colchester,  95/6(£1) Blackpool, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Burnley(AWS)(£3), Notts Cty, Preston(FAC),   96/7 (£1) Colchester,  Torquay, 98/9(£1) L Orient(mk)(50p),  99/00 (£1) Leyton Orient, Plymouth, 00/1(£1) Arsenal(FAC)(£4), L Orient,   02/3(£1.50) Boston, Hartlepool, 07/8(£2) Leyton Orient, 08/9(£2) Colchester  10/11(£2) Colchester, Leyton Orient, 11/12(£2) Colchester 16/17(£2) Colchester     …….Postal Cover..v Spurs 1st match in 1st Div(sl mk)(£5),Friendlies..67/8 Sparta Prague(£3), Coventry 84/5(£2), Newcastle 85/6(£2) TEAMSHEETS (£1 EACH)  Colchester(16/17? 1st October), 17/18,


45/6Fulham(fld)(£20),Millwall(ph)(£20),  46/7  Arsenal(sl cr)(£12), Brentford(fld)(£18), Derby(£18),  Leeds(£24), Preston(FAC)((£16), Sunderland(sltrs)(£9)  47/8 Blackburn(£18), Blackpool(£18, , Burnley(£20), Everton(sl fld)(£16), Huddersfield(£18), Man Utd(sl mk)(£24), Middlesbro(sl fld)(£16),  Newcastle(slfld)(£18), Stockport(FAC)(sl fld)(£16),  48/9  A.Villa(fld)(£10), Birmingham(£16), Blackpool(£16), Bolton(£16), Burnley(sl fld)(£12), Derby(fld)(£10), Huddersfield(sl mk)(£12), Liverpool(£15), Man City(sl fld)(£10), Middlesbro(sl fld)(£9),  Millwall(FR)(fld)(£22), Newcastle(spl sp)(£8), Portsmouth(sl fld))(£12), Preston(£16), Sheff Utd(£16),  Stoke(£16), Sunderland(£16), Wolves(£16), Everton(£14),  49/50 Arsenal(fld)(£8),  Birmingham(£12), Blackpool(r/s)£12), Bolton(sl fld)(£10), Burnley(sl r/s)(£10), Cardiff(cr)(£9), Everton(fld)(£12), Fulham(£12), Liverpool(sl cr)(£11), Middlesbro(sl rs)(£12), Newcastle(sl fld)(£12), Southampton(RES)(s/s)(cr)(310) Stoke(£12), Sunderland(£12), WBA(£12), Wolves(315),  50/1 Arsenal(£12), A.Villa(sl cr)(£8), Blackpool(r/s)(£7), Blackpool(FAC)(r/s)£8), Bolton(fld)(£8), Burnley(r/s)(£9), Chelsea((r/s)(£10), Derby(sl fld)(£10), Everton(sl cr)(£7), Fulham(£11), Huddersfield(£10), Liverpool(sl cr)(£10), Man Utd(r/s)(£25), Middlesbro(sof)(£8), Newcastle(£10), Portsmouth(£10), Stoke(£10) Sunderland(fld)(£9), Tottenham(£14),  Wolves(£10), 51/2 Arsenal(£10), A. Villa(£10), Blackpool(£10), Bolton(£10), Burnley(fld)(£8), Chelsea(£10), Derby(fld)(£8), Fulham(£10), Huddersfield(fld)(£6), Liverpool(sl fld)(£9), Man City(fld)(£8), Man Utd(sl cr)£18), Middlesbro(fld)(£8), Newcastle(fld)(£8), Portsmouth(£10), Preston(fld)(£8), Stoke(£9), Sunderland(£10), Tottenham(fld)(£9), WBA(sl cr)(£7), Wolves(£10), 52/3 Arsenal(£9), A. Villa(fld)(£7), Blackpool(cr)(£5), Bolton(£9), Burnley(£9), Cardiff(fld)(£7), Chelsea(sof)(£8), Derby(fld)(£8), Liverpool(sl fld)(£9), Man City(slfld)(£8), Man Utd(£25), Middlesbro(£9), Newcastle(£9), Portsmouth(fld)(£6), Preston(sl fld) (£7), Reading(RES)(s/s)(grubby/cr)(£4), Sheff Wed(£9), Stoke(fld)(£6),  Sunderland(slcr)(£7), Tottenham(sl fld)(£9),  WBA(£10), Wolves(cr)(£6),  53/4 Arsenal(£9), A.Villa(£9), Blackpool(£7), Bolton(fld)(£7), Burnley(sl fld)(£8), Cardiff(£8), Chelsea(£0), Huddersfield(fld)(£7), Liverpool(£12), Man City(£8), Man Utd£22), Middlesbro(£9), Newcastle(sl cr)(£7), Portsmouth(FAC)(sl fld)(£8), Portsmouth(fld)(£7), Preston(£9), Sheff (Utd(£9), Sheff Wed(£8), Sunderland(£10), Tottenham(£8), WBA(wof)(£6), Wolves(£9),  54/5  Arsenal(cr)(£5), A.Villa(r/s)(£6), Blackpool(fld)(£6), Bolton(£8), Burnley(£8), Cardiff(£8), Chelsea(fld)(£12), Everton(sl fld)(£7),  Huddersfield(fld)(£6), L Orient(RES)(s/s)(sl cr)(£6), Leicester(£8), Man City(£8), Man Utd(£20), Newcastle(slcr)(£5), Portsmouth(cr)(£4),  Preston(£7), Sheff Utd(£8), Sheff Wed(£8), Sunderland(sl cr)(£6), Tottenham(cr)(£5), WBA(£8), Wolves(£8),  55/6 Arsenal(sl fld)(£7), Arsenal(FAC)(sl fld)(£7), A.Villa(r/s)(£6), Birmingham(£8), Blackpool(cr/sltr)(£3), Bolton(£7), Burnley(r/s)(£6), Cardiff(sof)(£6), Chelsea(£8), Everton(£7), Huddersfield(sl fld)(£7), Luton(fld)(£6), Man Utd(fld)(£18), Newcastle(fld)(£7), Portsmouth(£7), Preston(cr)(£5), Sheff Utd(r/s)(£6), Southend(RES)(s/s)(cr)(£5), Sunderland(r/s)(£6), Swindon(FAC)(cr)(£5), Tottenham(£8), WBA(£8), Wolves(£8), 56/7 Arsenal(r/s)(£6), A.Villa(£7), Birmingham(cr)(£4), Blackpool(£7), Bolton(sl cr)(£5), Burnley(cr)(£4), Cardiff(£7), Everton(£7), Leeds(£8), Luton(r/s)(£5), Man City(cr)(£4), Man Utd(cr)(£9), Middlesbro(£7), Newcastle(fld)(£5), Portsmouth(£7), Preston(£7), Sheff Wed(£7), Sunderland(fld)(£6), Tottenham(sl cr)(£6), WBA(fld)(£6), Wolves(fld)(£6), 57/8 Barnsley(£6), Blackburn(slfld)(£5), Bristol City(£6), Bristol Rovers(£6), Cardiff(cr)(£3), Derby(£6), Doncaster(cr)(£3), Fulham(fld)(£5), Fulham(FAC)(£6), Grimsby(fld)(£5), Huddersfield(FAC)(£5), Ipswich(sl fld)(£6), Leyton Orient(sof)(£4), Lincoln(sl cr)(£4), Liverpool(fld)(£6), Middlesbro(sl fld)(£5), Notts County(£6), Rotherham(sl cr)(£4), Sheff Utd(£6), Stoke(r/s)(£5), Swansea(£6), West Ham(£6), 58/9 Barnsley(£5), Brighton(£5), Bristol Rovers(sof)(£4), Cardiff(fld)(£3.50), Derby(£5), Everton(FAC)(r/s)(£4), Fulham(£5), Grimsby(£5), Huddersfield(£5), Ipswich(£5), (fld)(£4), Leyton Orient(£5), Lincoln(fld)(£4), Middlesbro(£5), Rotherham(£5), Scunthorpe(£5), Sheff Utd(sl fld)(£4), Sheff Wed)(£5), Stoke(£5), Sunderland(fld)(£5), Swansea(fld)(£5), 59/60 A. Villa(slcr)(£4), Brighton(sl fld)(£4), Bristol City(£5), Bristol Rovers(sl fld)(£4), Cardiff(£5), Derby(£5), Huddersfield(sl cr)(£3), Hull(£5), Ipswich(r/s)(£4), Leyton Orient(fld)(£4), Lincoln(fld)(£4), Liverpool(fld)(£4), Middlesbro(r/s)(£4), Plymouth(sl cr)(£3), Portsmouth(ph)(£3), Rotherham(fld)(£4), Scunthorpe(r/s)(£4), Sheff Utd (£5), Stoke(£5), Sunderland(sof)(£4), Swansea(sl fld)(£4), 60/1(£4) Arsenal(FR)(£10), Bristol Rovers(sl fld)(£3.50), Derby(cr)(£1), Hull(poor)(£1), Ipswich(fld)(£2),  Leyton Orient, Lincoln(sl fld)(£3.50), Liverpool(r/s)(£4), Luton(sl fld)(£3), Middlesbro(fld)(£3), Plymouth(cr)(£2), Portsmouth(fld)£3), Rotherham(sl mk)(£3.50), Scunthorpe(fld)(£3), Sheff Utd(£5), Southampton(sl fld)(£3), Stoke (sl fld)(£3), Swansea(fld)(£2.50), 61/2 (£3.50) Brighton(fld)(£2), Bristol Rovers, Bury, Derby, Derby(FAC), Huddersfield, Leyton Orient, Liverpool(fld), Newcastle, Norwich(cr(£1.50), Plymouth(slfld)(£2.75),  Scunthorpe(fld)(£1.50), Southampton(Nov), Southampton(Mar), Stoke(sl cr)(£1.25), Sunderland(sl fld)(£2.75), Swansea(sl fld)(£2.75), 62/3(£3) Bradford PA(LC)(sl fld)(£4), Bury, Cardiff, Cardiff (FAC), Chelsea(sof)(£3), Chelsea(FAC)(date changed to 6/3/on front) , C Palace(Pub Pract Match)(£12), Derby, (sl fld)(£2), Huddersfield(cr)(£1.75), Leeds(£5),  Leicester(LC)(slfld)(£4), Luton(slcr)(£2), Middlesbro(£2.25), Newcastle(DEC), Newcastle(April)(cr)£2.50), Plymouth(fld)(£2.50), Portsmouth(sl cr)(£2.50), Preston, Rotherham, Scunthorpe(cr)(£1.25), Southampton, Stoke(sl fld)(£2.50), Sunderland, Swansea, Walsall(sl fld)(£2.50), 63/4(£2.50) Bury, Derby, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Leyton Orient, Man City(fld)(£1.50), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Northampton, Norwich(mkd)(£1.50), Plymouth(poor(75p), Portsmouth(cr)£1), Preston, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Southampton, Sunderland(sof&ph)(75p), Swindon, 64/5(£2.50) Brad City(LC)(£3.50), Bury, Coventry, C Palace(cr)(70p),  Huddersfield,  L Orient, Middlesbro, Man City(cr)(80p), Newcastle, Norwich, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Preston, Rotherham, Southampton, Swansea, Swindon,  65/6(£2.50) Bolton(nof)(£1.50), Cardiff, Carlisle(sl mk)£1.25), Coventry, C.Palace, Leyton Orient, Man City(£3), Middlesbro, Norwich(Nov)(£5), Norwich(Apr), Norwich(May)(sl cr), Plymouth, West Han(FAYC)(£7), Wolves,  66/7(£2.50) Arsenal(FR)(auto E Firmani)(£5), Blackburn, Bolton, Hull(fld)(£1),  Ipswich, Millwall, Northampton, Preston, 67/8 (£2) A.Villa(mkd)(80p), Birmingham(cr)(80p), Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Bristol City, Cardiff, Carlisle, C.Palace, Derby, Huddersfield, Hull, Ipswich, Middlesbro(sl grubby)(50p), Millwall, Norwich,  Portsmouth, Preston(sl fld)£1.50), QPR, Rotherham, 68/9(£1.50) A.Villa(poor)(30p), Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol City, Bury, Cardiff(wof)(80p), Carlisel(wof)(80p), C.Palace(FAC), Huddersfield, Fulham(sof)(50p), Hull, Middlesbro(wof(8op), Millwall, Oxford, Portsmouth, Preston, Sheff Utd(sl mk)(£1),  69/70(£1.25) A.Villa, A.Villa(FAC)(cr)(40p), Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton(nof)(60p), Bristol C(nof)(60p), Cardiff, Carlisle(nof)(60p), Huddersfield)(nof)(60p), Fulham ,Hull, Leicester|(nof)(60p), Middlesbro, Millwall, Norwich(nof)(60p), Oxford(nof)(50p), Portsmouth, Preston(sof)(60p), QPR, QPR(FAC)Sheff Utd, Swindon, 70/1(£1) Birmingham, Blackburn(nof)(50p), Bristol City, Cardiff(sl cr)(50p), Carlisle, Coventry(nof/fld)(40p), Hull, Orient, Leicester, Luton,  Middlesbro, Millwall, Oxford, Portsmouth, QPR(sl cr), QPR(FAC), Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed,  Southend(LC)(£1.50), Sunderland, Swindon(nof)(50p), Watford, 71/2(£1) Bristol City(t/c)(80p), Fulham, Hull, Leicester(LC), Middlesbro, Millwall(sl mk)(60p), Oxford, Peterboro(LC), Preston, QPR, Sheff Wed, Sunderland, Tranmere(FAC), Watford,   72/3(£1) Bournemouth(poor)(30p), Brentford(nof)(60p),  Notts Cty, Plymouth(sl cr)(60p),Rotherham(poor)(30p), Scunthorpe(nof)(60p), Sheff Utd(LC),  Shrewsbury(fld)(50p), Southend(sl fld)(50p), Walsall, Watford, York 73/4(£1) Aldershot, Blackburn, Bournemouth, Camb Utd, Chesterfield(cr/sof)(40p), Grimsby, Halifax, Hereford, Oldham, Port Vale, Rochdale(spf)(60p), Southend, Southport,  Walsall, Watford, Wrexham(sl fld)(60p),  74/5(£1)  Aldershot, Bury(sl fld)(60p), Colchester(t/c)(70p), C.Palace(sl cr)(50p), Grimsby(t/c)(70p), Halifax(sl cr)(50p), Port Vale, Preston, Southend, Watford(t/c)(70p), 75/6(£1) Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd(LC), Carlisle, Chelsea(£2.50), Fulham, Hull, Luton, Notts County, Notts Forest, Oldham, Orient, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Portsmouth(FAC)(fld)(50p), QPR(LC), QPR(nof,t/c)(40p),  Sheff Wed, Southampton, Sunderland, WBA, York, 76/7(80p) Blackburn, Blackpool, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Cardiff, Carlisle, Chelsea(£2.50), Fulham(t/c)(50p), Hereford, Hull, Luton, Mansfield, Millwall, Notts County(DEC)(£1.50), Notts County(Jan), Notts Forest, Orient, Plymouth, Southampton(LC), Sheff Utd, Southampton, West Ham(LC), 77/8(80p) Blackburn, Bolton, Brighton, Bristol Rovers(t/c)(40p), Burnley, Fulham, (t/c)(50p), Hull, Notts Cty, Notts Cty(FAC), Oldham, Orient,  Southampton(sob)(50p), Sunderland, Tottenham (sl cr)(£1.50), 78/9(80p) Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd, Colchester(LC),  C.Palace, Fulham(sob)(50p), Leicester, Millwall, Notts Cty, Oldham, Orient, Stoke, West Ham, Wrexham, 79/80(80p) Birmingham, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Camb Utd, Fulham, Leicester, Newcastle, Notts County, Oldham, Orient, QPR, Sunderland, Swansea, Watford, West Ham, Wrexham, 80/1(80p) Blackpool, Camb Utd(FR)(s/s)(t/c)(£4), Colchester, Exeter, Fulham, Gillingham, Newport, Oxford(poor)(20p), Plymouth, West Ham(LC),  81/2 (80p) Camb Utd,  Chelsea(£1.50), C Palace, Orient, QPR, 82/3(80p) Bolton, Camb Utd, Chelsea, C Palace, Fulham, Grimsby, Ipswich(FAC),  Luton(MC), Middlesbro(slmk,t/c)40p), QPR, Rotherham,  Wolves(t/c)(60p), 83/4(80p) Blackburn, Brighton, Camb Utd, Chelsea(t/c)(50p), C.Palace, Derby, Fulham, Huddersfield, Newcastle, Oldham, Portsmouth, Shrewsbury, Swansea(t/c)(50p)Watford(sl cr)(60p),   84/5(80p)Fulham, Gillingham(FR)(s/s)(sof)(£3), Leeds(sl mk)(50p), Man City(sllfd)(60p), Middlesbro(fld)(50p), Notts Cty, Notts Cty(MC), Oxford, Portsmouth(fld)(50p), Tottenham(FAC), Wolves(t/c)(50p), 85/6(80p) Brighton(sl cr)(40p), C.Palace, Fulham, Stoke(£5)(last  at valley), Sunderland(£3), 86/7(80p) Arsenal(t/c)(£1.50), Chelsea, Coventry, Leicester(t/c)(50p), Liverpool(t/c)(50p), Norwich, QPR, Southampton(t/c)(50p),  87/8(80p) Arsenal(£2), Brad.City(LC), Chelsea, Derby(t/c)(50p), Sheff Wed(t/c)(50p), Tottenham, Wimbledon, 88/9(80p) Arsenal, Everton, Man Utd, Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR, Tottenham,  West Ham, West Ham(FAC),  89/90(80p) Arsenal, Chelsea, Coventry, C.Palace, Man Utd(fld)(60p), Millwall, QPR, 90/1(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn, Brighton, Bristol City, Everton(FAC), Ipswich(cr)(40p),  Leyton Orient(RC), Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Sheff Wed, West Ham,  91/2(£1)Blackburn, Camb.Utd   Fulham(RC), Leicester, Millwall, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Southend, Sunderland,  Tranmere, West Ham, (sl fld)(50p),  92/3(£1) Birmingham, Bristol Rovers, Bury(CCC)(, Camb Utd, Grimsby, Leicester, Luton, Millwall, Newcastle, Peterboro, Southend, Portsmouth(AIT)(£3), Portsmouth(1st back at the Valley)(£5), Sunderland, West Ham, 93/4(£1) Barnsley, Blackburn(FAC), Bristol City, Burnley(FAC), Derby, Grimsby, Luton( sl fld0(80p), Notts County, Notts Forest, Peterboro, Portsmouth, Stoke, Watford, WBA, 94/5((1.20) Barnsley, Bristol City, Burnley, C.Palace, Luton, Middlesbro, Millwall(t/c)(90p), Notts County, Portsmouth, Port Vale(t/c)(90p), Reading , Sunderland,  Watford, WBA, Wolves 95/6((£1.20) Barnet(CCC)(poor)(30p), Barnsley, Brentford(FAC), C.Palace, Derby, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leicester, Luton, Millwall, Norwich(t/c)(90p),Portsmouth, Reading, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed(FAC), Stoke, Tranmere, Watford, WBA, Wimbledon, Wimbledon(CCC), Wolves, 96/7(£1.20) Barnsley(sl cr)((80p), Brad.City, Burnley(CCC), C.Palace, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Liverpool(CCC), Newcastle(FAC)(£2), , Oldham, Portsmouth, QPR, Reading,  Stoke,WBA,  Wolves, 97/8 (£1.40) Brad.City, Bury, Crewe, Man.City, Notts Forest(FAC), Oxford, Port Vale, QPR, Reading, Stockport, Stoke, WBA, Wolves, Wolves(FAC), 98/9(£1.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackburn, Chelsea, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Leeds, Leicester, Leicester(WC), Liverpool, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham(£2),  99/00(£1.50) Barnsley, Bolton,  Crewe, C Palace, Ipswich, Man City, Port Vale, QPR, QPR(FAC), Sheff Utd, Stockport, Tranmere, Walsall, WBA, 00/1(£2) Arsenal, Brad City, Leeds, Ipswich, Leicester, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Stoke, 01/2(£2) Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham(fld)(80p),  Leeds, Tottenham, West Ham, 02/3(£2) Arsenal, West Ham(1/1), West Ham(22/1), 03/4(£2) Arsenal(£4), Newcastle, Tottenham  04/5 (£2) Arsenal, Bolton, Chelsea(£18), Tottenham(£3.50),  05/6(£2) Chelsea, L Orient(FAC), Middlesbro, Tottenham(£3.50), West Ham,  06/7(£2) A.Villa(v sl cr)(£1), Man City, Middlesbro, Newcastle,  Tottenham(£3), Wigan, 07/8(£2) Blackpool, Colchester, C.Palace, Ipswich, Sheff Wed, Stockport(CC),  08/9(£2) Sheff Wed,  09/10(£2) Colchester, Gillingham, Leeds, L Orient(fld)(£1), Southend, Swindon,  09/10(£2) L Orient,  10/11(£2) Colchester,   11/12 (£2) Colchester, Exeter(sl mk)(£1), L Orient 12/13(£2) L Orient(cr)(50p), Sheff Wed,  13/14(£2)Leeds(sl fld)(£1),  14/15(£2) Sheff Wed, 15/16(£2) Sheff Wed ..Testimonial ..65/6Ex Charlton v Ints(Hewie)(£2), 71/2 v Chelsea(Peacock)(£4),  74/5 v West Ham(Reeves0(£1.500, 75/6 v Arsenal(Gore)(£2.50), 76/7 v Sunderland(Tutt)(£2.50), 79/80 v C Palace(Warman(£1.50), 82/3 v Tottenham(Powell)(£1.50), 88/9 v Tottenham(Gritt)(£2.50), 96/7 v Tottenham(Walsh)(£5),.Friendlies 50/1 v SC Wacker(Fest of Britain)(slfld)(£20), 53/4 v South Africa(sl mk)(£12), 65/6 v Fulham(Practice Match)(£2.50), , 66/7Apoel Nicosia(£2.50),Millwall(KCC)(£4),…La Gantoise(£2.50), …67/8La Gantoise(£2), (mkd)(75p), 68/9 Den Bosch(sl fld)(£1.50), L Orient(£2.50), 70/1 Accra(nof)(£1), West Ham(£4),QPR(Hall)(sl mk)(£1),  74/5 v Bill Nicholson X1(Greenwich Bomb Appeal)(sl mk)(£2), 76/7 Leicester(s/s)(£8), 78/9 v Hvidovre(£1), 80/1 v West Ham(£2),  82/3 v China(£1), West Ham(£2.50), 85/6 Ipswich(£4), ..Liverpool(£1.50), .95/6 West Ham(sl cr)(£1), QPR(£2)..Handbook 1921-71(Jubilee)(£3)  TEAMSHEETS (£1 each) Blackpool07/8(cr)(50p) C.Palace , Stockport 07/8(flds)(80p)


45/6  A.Villafld(FAC)(sl mk)(£20), A.Villafld/sl mk)(£20), Birmingham(ph)(£20), Leicester(fld/cutting stuck inside)(£20), Portsmouth(sl fld)(£22), 46/7  Arsenal(FAC)(fld)(£16), Arsenal(£20), Blackpool(sl fld)(£16)Derby(sl fld)(£16), Liverpool(£24), Middlesbro(sl fld)(£18), Preston(£18), Stoke(£18), Sunderland(sl fld)(£16),  47/8 Arsenal(£22), Barrow(FAC)(wof)(£20), Blackpool(£22), Charlton(£25), Grimsby(sl mk)(£16), Huddersfield(£20), Sheff Utd(sl mk)(£14), 48/9 Arsenal(sl fld)(£12), Charlton(fld)(£20), Everton(fld)(FAC)(£15), Everton(cutting taken)(£4) , Stoke(sl mk)(£15),   49/50 Arsenal(£15), A.Villa(fld)(£10), Bolton(fld)(£12), Burnley(sl fld)(£10), Chesterfield(FAC)(sl fld)(£12), Derby (spl sp)(£7), Everton(£12), Fulham(cr)(£7), Liverpool(£15), Man City(£12), Man Utd(£25), Man Utd(FAC)(fld)(£12),  Stoke(cr&sof)(£5), Sunderland(fld)£10), Wolves(sl fld)(£10),  50/1 Arsenal(sl mk)(£7), A.Villa(ph)(7), Bolton(£12), Exeter(FAC)(£12), Fulham(fld)(£10), Fulham(FAC)(£12), Huddersfield(£12), Man Utd(fld/slmk)(£20), Middlesbro(£12), Newcastle(£12), Sheff Wed(fld)(£10), Stoke(£12), Sunderland(4 page issue wof/(fld)(£10), Wolves(£12),  51/2 Arsenal(£9), Bolton(fld)(£6), Leeds(FAC)(£12), Liverpool£12), Man Utd(sl fld)(£20), Newcastle(£9), Sunderland(fld)£8), Tranmere(FAC)(£9)(fld)(£8), Wolves(£8), 52/3 Arsenal(£9), Birmingham(FAC)(£9), Bolton(sl cr)(£6), Burnley(sof)(£6), Cardiff(sof)(£8), Charlton(fld)(£7), Derby(FAC)(£cr)(£4), Newcastle(£9), Preston(fld)(£7), Sunderland(fld)(£7), Tottenham(£10), WBA(fld)(£7), WBA(FAC)(£9), Wolves(sl cr)(£7),   53/4 Arsenal(£10)A.Villa(sl cr)(£6.50), Blackpool(fld)(£8), Bolton(wof)(£6), Charlton(£8), Man City(sl fld)(£7), Newcastle(fld)(£7), Portsmouth(£9), Preston(£8), Sheff Utd(cr)(£5), Sunderland(£8), Tottenham(£10), WBA((fld)(£8), 54/5  Arsenal(£14), Birmingham(RES)(£18), Burnley(£14), Cardiff(sl fld)(£12), Charlton(£14), Man Utd(fld)(££20), Sheff Utd(£15), Sheff Wed(£16), WBA(r/s)(£12), Wolves(fld)(£10),  55/6 A.Villa(fld)(£6), Blackpool(sl cr)(£6), Burnley(sl mk)£6), (fld)(£7), Huddersfield(£7), Luton(4 page sl cr)(£12), Man City(sl mk)£5), Newcastle(£7), Portsmouth(mkd)(£3), Sheff Utd(£6), Sunderland(£7),  Tottenham(£7), Wolves(£8), 56/7 Arsenal(£6), A.Villa(sl fld)(£5), (ph)(£3), Birmingham(£7), Blackpool(ph)(£3), Burnley(ph)(£3), Cardiff£6), Charlton(£7), Leeds(£7), Luton(£7), Man City(£7), Man Utd(sl fld)(£9), Newcastle(£7), Portsmouth(£7), Preston(£5), Tottenham(£7), WBA(£6), Wolves(£7), 57/8 Arsenal(£6), A.Villa(£6),  Birmingham(nof)(£4.50), Blackpool(£6), Bolton(sof)(£4), Burnley (£6),  Darlington(FAC)(£6), (sob)(£4), Everton(£6), Fulham(SFC)(4 fld)(£6), Leeds(£10), Leicester(£6), Luton(nof)(£4), Man City(£6), Man Utd(sl fld)(£6), Newcastle(£6), Notts Forest(£6), Portsmouth(£6), Preston(£6), Sheff Wed, Sunderland(sl fld)(£5), Tottenham((r/s)(£5), WBA(£6), Wolves   58/9 Arsenal(£5), A.Villa(£5), A.Villa(FAC)(£5), Birmingham(£5), Blackpool(£5), Blackburn(£5),  Bolton(£5), Burnley(£6), Everton(£5), Leed(sl tr)(£4), Leicester(£5), Luton(£5), Man City(£5), Man Utd(sl cr)(£4.50), Newcastle(£5), Notts Forest(£5), Portsmouth(£5), Preston(£5), (ph)(£3), Tottenham(£5), WBA(£5), West Ham(£5), Wolves (£5), 59/60 Arsenal(£5), A.Villa(FAC)(£6), Birmingham(sl r/s)(£4), (ph)(£3), Blackburn(£5), Bolton(£4), Bradford P A (FAC)(£6), Burnley(£6), Everton(ph)(£3), Fulham, Leicester(£5), Leeds(£6), Luton(£5), Man City(£5), Man Utd(£6), Notts Forest(£6), Preston(£5), Newcastle(£5), Sheff Wed(£5), Tooting & Mitcham(London C CFinal)(ph)(£6), Tottenham(£5), WBA(£5), West Ham(£5), Wolves((£5), 60/1(£4) Arsenal,  Arsenal(4 page-LFA CC Final)(sl cr)(£9), A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Cardiff, Crewe(FAC)(£5),  Everton, Fulham(£5), Leicester, Man City, Man Utd(£5),  Newcastle,  Notts F, Preston, Sheff Wed, Tottenham(£10), WBA(sl fld)(£3), West Ham, Wolves, 61/2(£3.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley , Cardiff, Everton, Fulham, Ipswich(£4), Leicester, Man City, Man Utd, Notts Forest, Reading(RES)(sof)(£5), Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Tottenham(£6), WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 62/3(£4) Bury, Cardiff, Charlton, Derby, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Leeds((sof)£3), Luton, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Norwich, Plymouth, Portsmouth(£5), Preston, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Southampton, Stoke(£5), Sunderland, Swansea, Tranmere(FAC)(£5), Walsall(sof)(£3) 63/4(£3) Arsenal, A Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn,  Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley,  Everton, Fulham, Huddersfield(FAC), Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Stoke, Tottenham, Tottenham(FAC), WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 64/5(£2.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham,  Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Everton, Fulham, Leeds(£4), Leicester, Liverpool(£4), Man Utd, Northampton(FAC),  Notts Forest, Peterboro(FAC), Sheff Utd,  Sheff Wed, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Tottenham(FAC), WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 65/6(£2.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham(fld)(£1), Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Everton, Fulham, Hull(FAC), Leeds, Leeds(FAC), Leicester, Liverpool, Man U, Newcastle(fld)(£2), Northampton(£5), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury(FAC), Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, 66/7 (£2.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackpool, Blackpool(LC), Brighton(FAC), Burnley, Charlton(LC)(£5), Everton, Fulham, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City , Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest,  Sheff Utd, Sheff Utd(12 Sheff Utd autos)(£6), Sheff Utd(FAC), Sheff Wed(FAC), Sheff Wed£4), Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, 67/8(£2) Arsenal, Burnley, Coventry, Everton, Fulham, Ipswich(FAC), Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool(£3), Man.City, Man Utd(£3), Newcastle, Norwich(FAC), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Sheff Wed(FAC), Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves(£3), 68/9 (£1.50) Arsenal, Burnley, Carlisle(FAC), Coventry, Derby(LC)(£4), Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man.City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest(£2.50), Preston(FAC)(Jan) , Preston(FAC)(Feb), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke (FAC), Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA(inc handbook)(£3), West Ham, WBA(FAC), Wolves(£2.50), 69/70(£1.25) Arsenal, Birmingham(FAC), Burnley, Burnley(FAC), Coventry(poor)(20p), C Palace, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(t/m)(60p), Liverpool, Man .City, Man Utd, Man Utd(fld but withAuto of Bobby Charlton(£5), Newcastle, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd,  Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 70/1(£1) Arsenal, Blackpool, Burnley(£2), Coventry, C Palace(FAC), C.Palace, Everton, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leeds, Liverpool(£2), Man City, Man City(FAC)(cr)(50p), Man Utd, Middlesbro(LC), Newcastle, Notts Forest, Sheff Wed(LC), Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 71/2(£1) Arsenal, Bolton,  Bolton(LC), Coventry(t/m)(50p), C.Palace, Derby(t/m)(50p), Everton, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leeds(£3), Leicester, Liverpool, Man City(tm)(50p), Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts F(t/m)(70p), Notts F(LC)(t/m)(70p),  Sheff Utd, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 72/3(£1) Arsenal, Arsenal(FAC), Birmingham, Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Derby(LC), Everton, Ipswich, Ipswich(FAC), Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City(cr)(30p),  Newcastle, Norwich, Notts County(LC),  Sheff Utd, Stoke, Tottenham, WBA,  West Ham, Wolves, 73/4(£1) Arsenal, Birmingham, Burnley, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds,  Liverpool(£3), Leicester, Man Utd, Man Utd( McCreadie)(£15), Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR(FAC)(fld)(60p), QPR, Sheff Utd,  Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham, West Ham, Wolves 74/5(£1) Arsenal, Birmingham, Birmingham(FAC), Burnley, Carlisle(£5), Coventry, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton(£1.50), Man C, Middlesbro, Newcastle,  Newport(LC), QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed(FAC), Stoke, Stoke(LC), Tottenham(ph)50p), West Ham, Wolves, 75/6(£1) Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Notts Forest, Carlisle, Charlton, C.Palace, Fulham, Hull, Luton,  Notts Cty, Notts F, Oldham, Orient, Plymouth, Southampton, WBA, 76/7(80p) Arsenal(FR)(s/s)(fld)(£15), Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton(cr)(40p), Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Cardiff, Charlton, C.Palace(FAC)(fld)(50p), Fulham, Hereford, Huddersfield, Hull, Luton, Millwall, Notts C, Notts Forest, Oldham, Orient, Plymouth, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Southampton(FAC)(fld)(40p)  77/8 (80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham,Bristol City(fld)(50p), Burnley(FAC), Coventry, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, L Orient(FAC), Liverpool(£2.50), Liverpool(FAC), Man City, Man Utd(£2.50), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Norwich, Norwich(ASC)(£5), Notts Forest(£2), QPR, WBA, West Ham, Wolves(£2),  78/9(80p) Arsenal(with May supplement)(£4),  A.Villa, Birmingham, Bolton(t/c)(50p),, Bristol City, Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(£2), Leicester(fld)(50p), Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(£3), Middlesbro, Norwich, Notts Forest,  Preston, QPR, Southampton, Swansea, Tottenham, WBA, Wolves, Wrexham,  79/80(80p) Birmingham, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Camb Utd, Cardiff(fld)(50p), Charlton, Fulham, Leicester, Notts Cty, L Orient, Luton(cr)(20p), Newcastle, Notts Cty, Oldham, Plymouth, Preston, QPR, Shrewsbury, Sunderland(£2), Stoke (FR) s/s(£2), Swansea, Watford, West Ham(£2), Wrexham,  80/1(80p)Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd, Cardiff(sl cr)(50p) ,  Derby, Grimsby, Leicester, Luton, Newcastle, Notts Cty, Oldham, Orient, Preston, QPR, Shrewsbury, Swansea,  Watford, West Ham, Wrexham, 81/2(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn(cr)(40p), Camb Utd, C.PalaceDec with Mar insert)(£3), Derby, Grimsby, Hartlepool/Hull(FAC), Leicester, Liverpool(FAC), L Orient, Luton, Newcastle, Norwich, Oldham, Sheff Wed(CR)(50p), Southampton(LC),  Tottenham, Tottenham,(FAC)(sl cr)(80p), Wrexham(FAC)(cr)(30p),  82/3(80p) Arsenal(4 page FR)(£5), Barnsley, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Burnley(MC), Camb Utd(£2), Carlisle, Charlton, C.Palace, Derby, Fulham, Grimsby, Huddersfield(FAC), Leeds, Leicester, Man City(sl fld)(60p), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Oldham, QPR, Sheff Wed), Shrewsbury, Tranmere(MC), WBA(MC)(sl fld)(50p), Wolves, 83/4(80p) Barnsley, Blackburn,  Brighton, Camb Utd, Cardiff, Carlisle, Charlton, C.Palace, Derby, Fulham,  Gillingham(MC), Grimsby, Huddersfield, Leeds, Leicester(MC), Man City, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Oldham, Portsmouth, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, Stoke(cr)(40p), Swansea, WBA(LC)(cr)(40p), 84/5(80p) Blues v Yellows(s/s) (£6), Arsenal, Arsenal(RES)(s/s)(fld)(£3), A.Villa(Feb)(£3),  A.Villa(April), Coventry, Everton,  Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Liverpool(FAC), Luton, Man City(MC), Man Utd(£3), Millwall(LC), Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Wed, Sheff Wed(MC), Sheff Wed(MC 2ndRep), Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Walsall(MC), Watford, West Ham, Wigan(FAC),  85/6(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Coventry, Everton, Everton(MC), Fulham(MC), Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool(MC), Liverpool(|£4), |Luton, Man City, Man City(LC)(£2), Man Utd(£2), Mansfield(MC), Millwall(LC), Newcastle, Notts Forest, Oxford, Oxford(FMC)Southern Final)(fld)(£2), Portsmouth(FMC)(£3), QPR(Mar), QPR(Dec), QPR(MC) , Sheff Wed(MC), Sheff Wed, Southampton,  Tottenham, Walsall(MC), WBA, Watford(Mar)(£2), Watford(Apr)(£1.50), West Ham, Wigan(FAC), 86/7(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa(FAC), Charlton, Coventry, Everton, Leicester, Ipswich, Liverpool, Luton, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, Oxford, QPR(sl mk)(50p), QPR(MC), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wimbledon, York(LC)(£3), 87/8(80p) Arsenal, Barnsley(Simod)(£3), Charlton, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Luton, Man Utd, Middlesbro(cr)(40p), Man Utd(sl cr)(60p), Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, Oxford, Portsmouth, QPR, Reading(LC), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham, Watford,  West Ham, Wimbledon, 88/9(80p) Barnsley, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bournemouth, Brad City, Brighton, C.Palace,  Hull, Ipswich, Leeds , Leicester, Man City, Notts Forest(Simod)(£3), Oldham, Oxford, Plymouth(Simod)(£4), Plymouth(cr)(30p), Portsmouth, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Stoke, Sunderland, Swindon, Walsall, Watford,  89/90(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Charlton, Coventry,  Crewe(FAC), C.Palace(ZDS)(£3), C.Palace, Derby, Kingsbury T(MSCFinal)(cr)(80p), Luton(sl fld)(60p), Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd,  Millwall, Norwich, QPR, Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Scarboro(LC), Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham(ZDS)(£3), Wimbledon,  90/1(£1) Arsenal, A.Villa, Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Everton, Derby(cr)(60p), Everton, Leeds, Liverpool, Luton,  Luton(ZDS)(£4), Man.City, Man Utd, Norwich, Notts Forest, Oxford(FAC), Portsmouth(RC), QPR, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Sunderland, Swindon(ZDS)(£4), Tottenham, Tottenham(RC), Walsall(RC), Wimbledon, 91/2 (£1) Arsenal, A.Villa, C.Palace, Everton, Everton(FAC), Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Liverpool,  Man.City, Man Utd, Norwich, Notts Cty, Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Utd(FAC), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Southampton(ZDS)(£3), Sunderland(FAC)(£3), Tottenham, Tranmere(RC), West Ham, Wimbledon(cr)(60p),  92/3(£1) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackburn, C.Palace, Coventry, Everton(CCC), Everton(sl tr)(50p), Ipswich, Leeds , Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle(CCC),  Norwich, Notts Forest,  QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, Walsall(CCC), Wimbledon,  93/4(£1) Arsenal, A.Villa, Barnet(FAC), Blackburn, Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Liverpool, Man City, Newcastle, Norwich, Oldham, QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed(FAC), Southampton, Tottenham, WBA(CCC), Wimbledon(Dec), Wimbledon(Mar).  Wolves(FAC)(cr)(£1), 94/5 (£1) Arsenal(£3), Blackburn, Bournemouth(LC), Coventry, C.Palace, Everton(cr)(70p), Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man UJtd(£2,50), Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton,  Tottenham, West Ham, Wimbledon, 95/6(£1.20) Arsenal, Arsenal(RES)(s/s)(£2.50), Bolton, Grimsby(FAC), Leeds, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Newcastle(FAC), Newcastle, Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham(£5), Wimbledon, 96/7(£1.20) Arsenal, A Villa, Blackburn, Blackpool(CCC), Coventry, Derby, Leeds, Leicester,  Liverpool, Man Utd(£2.50), Middlesbro(cr)(25p), Newcastle, Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham(£6),  West Ham, Wimbledon,  97/8(1.50) Arsenal, Aston Villa, Barnsley, Blackburn, Bolton, C.Palace(sl fld)(£1.25), Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd(£5), Man Utd(FAC)(£3), Newcastle, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Southampton(CCC),  Tottenham(£3), West Ham, 98/9(£1.50) A.Villa(31/10)(£5), A.Villa(9/12), A.Villa(WC), Blackburn, Charlton, Coventry, Derby(sl cr)(70p),, Everton, Leeds, Leicester, Man Utd(FAC)(£4), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Notts Forest,  Oxford(FAC), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham,  Wimblrdon,  99/00((£1.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Brad.City, Coventry, Derby(fld)(80p), Huddersfield, Everton, Gillingham(FAC), Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Sheff Wed, Southampton,  Sunderland, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham, Wimbledon, 00/1(£2) Arsenal, A.Villa, Brad City(sl fld)(£1.50), Charlton, Coventry(sl fld)(£1.50), Derby, Ipswich(sl fld)(£1.50), Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool(t/c)(£1), Man City, Man Utd(t/c)(£1), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Peterboro(FAC), Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham, 01/2(£2.50) Arsenal, Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton, Derby, Everton, Fulham, Leeds , Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd(£3),  Middlesbro, Newcastle, Newcastle(WC), Norwich(FAC), Preston(FAC), Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, Tottenham(RES)(£2), West Ham, West Ham(FAC) 02/3(£2) Arsenal, Arsenal(FAC), A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton, Everton, Everton(WC), Fulham, Gillingham(WC), Leeds, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Middlesbro(FAC), Newcastle, Southampton, Sunderland,  Tottenham(£3), WBA, West Ham,  03/4(£2) A.Villa, Birmingham Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton, Everton, Fulham, Leicester, Liverpool, Man.City, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Notts County(CC), Portsmouth, Southampton, Tottenham, Watford(FAC), Wolves 04/5(£3) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Birmingham(FAC), Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton(£5), C Palace, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Norwich, Portsmouth, Scunthorpe(FAC) Southampton, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham.04/5 Reserves (£2.50) Arsenal, Charlton, Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Fulham(Jan), Fulham, Ipswich, Leicester, Norwich, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham,   05/6(£2) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton, Charlton(CC), Colchester(FAC), Everton(FAC), Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City(£4), Man Utd(£4), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Newcastle(FAC), Portsmouth, Southampton 05/6(U18s Ac League)(£2),  Sunderland, Tottenham(£4), WBA, West Ham, Wigan, 05/6 Reserves ( £3) Arsenal, Charlton, Coventry, C.Palace, Fulham, Ipswich, Leicester, Norwich, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham,   06/7(£2) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton,  Fulham, Liverpool, Man City(£3), Man Utd, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheff Utd, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham, Wigan, Wycombe(FAC),   07/8(£2) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Derby, Everton, Everton(CC), Derby, Fulham, Huddersfield(FAC), Leicester, Liverpool, Liverpool(CC), Man City, Man Utd(£3), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Portsmouth, QPR, Reading, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham, Wigan, 08/9(£2) Arsenal, A.Villa, Burnley(CC), Blackburn, Bolton, Everton, Fulham, Hull, Liverpool, Liverpool(CC), Man City(£3), Man Utd, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Portsmouth, QPR, Southend(FAC), Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham,  09/10(£2) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Everton, Fulham, Hull, Liverpool,, Man City, Man Utd(£3), Portsmouth, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham, Wigan, Wolves, 10/11(£2) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Everton, Fulham, Ipswich(FAC), Liverpool, Liverpool(CC), Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle(CC), Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wigan, Wolves,  11/12(£2) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich, QPR, Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, Wigan, Wolves, 12/13(£2) Arsenal, A.Villa, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(£3), Newcastle, Norwich, QPR, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves,  13/14 (£2) Arsenal, A.Villa, Cardiff, C.Palace, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City(£3), Man Utd(£3), Newcastle,  Southampton, Stoke(FAC), Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham,    14/15(£3) Arsenal, A.Villa, Bradford(FAC), Burnley, C.Palace, Everton, Hull, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, QPR, Southampton, Stoke, Swansea, Sunderland(£3), Tottenham, Watford(FAC), West Ham 15/6(£2.50)Arsenal, A.Villa, Bournemouth, C.Palace, Everton, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City(CC), Man City(FAC), Man Utd(£4), Newcastle, Norwich, Scunthorpe(FAC), Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham(£4), 16/17(£2.50)  Arsenal, Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers(LC), Brentford(FAC),Burnley, C.Palace, Everton, Hull, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Oxford(CT)(, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea(with Lampard wrapper)(£3), Tottenham, Watford, WBA, 17/18(£2.50) Arsenal, Bournemouth, Bournemouth(CC), Brighton,  Everton(CC), Everton, Huddersfield, Hull(FAC), Leicester, Liverpool(£3), Man City, Man Utd, Man Utd(FAC)(£4), Newcastle, Newcastle(FAC), Norwich(FAC), Notts Forest, Peterboro(FAC), Southampton, Stoke, Swansea, Watford, WBA,  SPECIALS ….. EUROPEAN GAMES 57/8 London v Barcelona IIFICFinal @ Chelsea(£20)  …65/6, Milan(£4), Roma(sl cr)(£4), Munich(£4), 65/6 Wiener(£4), …68/9 DWS(£4), Morton(£5),..Morton Away(£16),  …70/1 CSKA Sofia(£1.50), Aris Salonika(£5), Bruges(£4), …94/5.Brugge(£3), Aust Memphis(cr)(£1.50), V Zizkov(£3), ..97/8 Slovan Brat.(£3), Real Betis(£3), Tromso(£3),  …98/9 Valerenga(£3),  Copenhagen(£3), Helsingborgs(£3), ..99/00 Skonto Riga(£4) , Barcelona(£2), Feyernoord(£2), Galatasaray(£2), Hertha(£2), Lazio(£2), Milan(£2), Marseille(£2), 00/1 St Gallen(£2), 01/2 Hapoel Tel Aviv(sl mk)(£2), Leski Sofia(£2), 02/3 Viking(£2),  03/4  Besiktas(£2), Sparta Prague(£2), Lazio(£2), Stuttgart(£2),  Champions League Pack for Stuttgart Home game inc prog(£5), Zilina(£2), 04/5 Barcelona(£3),  B Munich(£3), CSKA Moscow(£2), Porto(£2.50), Paris St Germain(£2.50), Porto(£2), 05/6 Anderlecht(£3), Barcelona(£3), Liverpool(£4), Real Betis(£2), 06/7 Barcelona(£3), Levski Sofia(£2), Valencia(£2), Werder Bremen(£2), Porto(£3),  07/8 Valencia(£2), Fenerbahce(£2), Rosenburg(£2), Schalke(£2), 08/9  CFR Cluj(£2), Bordeaux(£2), Juventus(£2), Liverpool(£2), Roma 08/9(£2), 09/10  Inter Milan(£3), 10/11 Spartak Moscow(£3), Marseille(£3), MSK Zilina(£3), Copenhagen(£3), Man Utd(£4), 11/12 Napoli(£4), Benfica(£4), Valencia(£4), B Leverkusen(£4), 12/13 Basel(£2), Nordsjaelland(£3), Rubin Kazan(£2), Sparta Prague(£2), Juventus(£3), Shakhtar Donetsk(£3), 13/14 Galatasaray(£2), St Bucharest(£2), Scalke(£2), Basel(£2),  14/15 P St Germain(£3), Maribor(£3), Schalke(£3), A.Madrid(£3), Sporting Lisbon(£3),  15/16 P St Germain(£2.50), Porto(£2.50), D Kiev(£2.50), 17/18 Barcelona(£3),A Madrid(£3), Qarabag (£3), Roma(£3) ..European AWAYS 68/9 v Morton(£10), 94/5 Austria Memphis(£8), 99/00 Barcelona(£3) 03/4 Stuttgart(£7), Monaco(£7),  06/7 Valencia(£30), 07/8 Valencia(£2.50), 08/9 CFR(Glossy)(£2),(Newspaper)(£2) Juventus(£2.50), 09/10 Apoel)(£2) Inter Milan(L`Interista)(£2.50), 09/10 A Madrid(Media Punta)(£2.50), 05/6 Real Betis(Hoja Verde)(£4),..Testimonials.. 63/4 All Star X1( Blunstone))fld/sof)(£2), 66/7 v London X1(Mortimore)(£4), 67/8 v QPR (Shellito)(£3), 68/9 v Charlton(Tambling)(s0f)(£3), 70/1 v Standard Liege( Bonetti)(£6), 71/2 v Rangers(Harris)(£6), 74/5 v Arsenal(Hollins)(t/c)(£5), 75/6 v West Ham(Medhurst/Spence)((£5), 79/80 v Internationals( Dempsey)(£5), 83/4 v 88/9″(Niedzwiecki)£5), 94/5 v Tottenham(Dixon)(£3), 04/5 R Zaragoza( Zola)(£4),  ….Friendlies… 53/4 Racing Club Buenos Aires(£16), 54/5 v Red Banner(£9), 56/7 v Sparta(sl fld)(£5), Esporta Bahia(£8), (sl cr)(£6), 57/8 British Army v French Army(nof)(£6), v Beogardski(£8), Canto Do Rio(£9), CSDA Moscow(£7), CDNA Bulgaria((sl fld )(£6), 58/9 v South Africans(cr)(£2.50), 59/60  v A Bilbao(£5), (sof)(£4),  British Army v French Army( Kentish Cup) (sof)(£5), 62/3 v Morton(s/s)(£10), 63/4 v MTK(sof/wof)(£1), Great britain Olympic XC!(s/s sof fld, beige version)(£8), 64/5 v Benfica(£4), 66/7 vReal Madrid(£5), 75/6 v Italy U23s)(PPCup)(flds)(£3), 78/9 v Moscow D (£2), N York Cosmos(t/c)(£2),  79/80 A Madrid(£3),  L A Aztecs(£2.50), China X1(£5), 80/1 v Brighton(s/s)(£4), DS 79(£2.50), 83/4 QPR(s/s)(£5), Eighties v QPR(Hutchinson(£6), 84/5 v Glasgow Rangers(Bradford Appeal)(£5), 92/3 Le Havre(£2), 06/7  Celtic(£3), 14/15 Real Sociedad(£2), 15/16 v Fiorentina(£2),  96/7v Carshalton(@ Carshalton..Harding Charity match)(£3),  ……CHAMPIONS WORLD SERIES  AS Roma v Chelsea(Pittsburgh)(£5), AC Milan v Chelsea( Philadelphia)(£5),  Chelsea v Celtic( Seattle)(£6), VARIOUS PUBLICATIONS …..Yearbooks.. 74/5(£3),  84/5(£3), 85/6(£4), 91/2(£3), 92/3(£3), 94/5(£3), 95/6(£3), 99/00(£3), 00/1(£3),  03/4(£4), 04/5(£5), 05/6(£4), 06/7(£4), 07/8(£4), 11/12(£4), 12/13(£4), 14/15(£4),  …..67 Wembley Souvenir(£2.50), …Official magazine 04/5 Issue1(£4), Issue2(£4), ….Fanzines..(£1 each)..Chelsea Independent Nos13, 15, 19, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 53, 54,…Weststanders Nos 1)(£3), 89, 10, …SW6..Nos 12, 14, …Red Card Nos15, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29…”The Chelsea Fanatica”(1997)(£4), .”Bridge News” No77(Sep1990)(£1), …Replica V Sheff Wed(54/5)(£2),….”The Year in Blue..Chelsea`s Championship season 2004/5”(£4),..68/9 Supporters Club Handbook(£4), 69/70(£4), “The Chelsea Magazine”Official Club Yearbook 72/3(£5), 74/5(£5) 78/9(£5),..”Stamford Bridge legends Chelsea Champions 1954/5″ Postcard-photo of that Championship team)(£1), “Wembley 70″28 page Brochure(£4), …”Chelsea..The Full Statistical Sory” 1905-1988″230 page hardback book(£4), Great Britain v Greece 63/4 Olympic Qualifier @ Stamford bridge(£6),  TEAMSHEETS (£1 each) 01/2 Tottenham,  06/7 v Arsenal, A.Villa(FAC), A.Villa, Charlton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City. Newcastle, Norwich(FAC), Nottingham F(FAC), Portsmouth, Reading, Tottenham(FAC), Watford, West Ham, Wigan, Wycombe Wanderers(CCS/f)(£2), 06/7(£1) Levski Sofia….FA Premier Academy League Teamsheets(£2 each|) 04/5 Arsenal, Cardiff, Charlton, C.Palace. Ipswich, Leicester, MK Dons, Millwall, Norwich, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham 05/6 Anderlecht (CL), Arsenal, A.Villa, Barcelona(CL)(£2), Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Cardiff, Charlton, Charlton (CC), C.Palace,  Everton(FAC), Fulham, Huddersfield(FAC), Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Liverpool(CL)(£2), Man City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Millwall, Newcastle, Newcastle(FAC), Norwich, Portsmouth, Reading, Real Betis(CL), Tottenham, WBA, West Ham,Wigan,  06/7 Blackburn, Bolton, Man Utd, Middlesbrough, Sheff Utd, Sunderland, Tottenham, 07/8 Fulham, Man City, 12/13 West Ham 14/15 Real Sociadad




for Pre League isssues, Home and Away, please see our Non League Section..08/9(£1.60) Colchester 99/00(£1) Gillingahm(FAC)(fld)(80p), L Orient, Macclesfield, Northampton, Southend, Torquay, 00/1 (£1) Blackpool, L Orient, Plymouth, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, 01/2(£1.50) Leyton Orient,    02/3(£1.50) Colchester, Colchester(LDV), Notts Cty, QPR, Swindon(sl fld)(80p), Wigan  03/4(£1.50) Colchester(LDV), QPR(CC),  04/5(£1.50) Notts Cty, Southend,   05/6 (£2) Colchester(LDV), Leyton Orient,  06/7(£2) L Orient, 07/8(£1.50) Leyton Orient, Southend   13/14 (£1.50) Southend, 16/17(£2) Hartlepool 18/19(£2) Camb Utd, Colchester(CC),    Teamsheets(£1 each) 01/2 v Camb Utd(RES)(£1), 08/9 ,  L Orient(£1), Colchester 17/18, 18/19,


47/8 (Chelmsford(FAC)(4 page sl fld)(£35),  48/9  Chelmsford(£35),  49/50 Barry(£35), Gillingham(£35),  50/1 (First season in league)  C.Palace(£40), Exeter(£40), Ipswich(£40), Norwich(£40), Northampton(£40), Notts Forest(£40), Port Vale(sl mk)(£35),  Reading(£40), Handbook(£45), 51/2  Bournemouth (sl r/s)(£14)Bristol City(spl sp)(£10), Bristol Rovers(£16), Exeter(£16), Gillingham(£16), Ipswich(£20), Newport(sl r/s)(£12), Norwich(£20),  Northampton(£16),  Shrewsbury(sl r/s)(£14), 52/3  Brighton(£12), Watford(r/s)(£9),   53/4  Norwich(£14)Watford((sl cr)(£10),  54/5   Bournemouth(r/s)(£7), Brentford(£9),Bristol City(sl mk)(£7), Southend(mkd)(£5),  55/6  Gillingham(£7), Millwall(r/s)(£5), Newport(fld)(£5), Reading(sl r/s)(£6), Shrewsbury(£7), 56/7 Bournemouth(£7), Brentford(fld)(£5),  Camb Utd(RES)(ECL)(4 page)(£10), Exeter(£6), Gillingham(£7), Gorleston(4 page)(fld)(£9),  Millwall(sl mk)(£6), Newport(sl fld)(£6), Reading((nof)(£5), Shrewsbury(fld)(£6),  Southend(FAC)(£6), Torquay(£6), Walsall(tatty)(£2), Watford(£6),   57/8  Aldershot(fld)(£5), Bournemouth(fld)(£5), Brighton((fld)(£5), Coventry(fld)(£4), Gillingham(sl fld)(£5), Millwall(fld)(£5),  Northampton(£6), Plymouth(p/h)(£3.50), Port Vale(fld)(£5), Plymouth(£6), QPR(sl fld)(£6), Reading(£5), Southend(fld)(£4), Swindon(£6), Torquay(£5),  Walsall(£6),  58/9 Arsenal(FAC)(£7), Brad City(r/s)(£4), Brentford(£5), Bury(£5), Doncaster(r/s)(£3), Eynesbury(RES) £5), Mansfield(£5), Newport(£5), Norwich(£5), Notts County(£5), Plymouth(r/s)(£4), QPR(r/s)(£4), Rochdale(£5), Southampton(£5), Southend(£5), Tranmere(r/s)(£3.50), Stockport(£5), Swindon(£5), 59/60 Barnsley(£5), Brentford(£5), Bournemouth(r/s)(£4), Bury(£5),  Chelmsford(EPC)(4 page)(cr)(£6), Chesterfield(sl fld)(£4),  Coventry(sl r/s)(£4), Halifax(£5),  Mansfield(£5), Newport(£5), Norwich(fld)(£5), Port Vale(r/s)(£4), QPR(FAC)(£6), Shrewsbury(£5), Southampton(£5), Southend(£5), Swindon(sl fld)(£4), Tranmere(£5), Wrexham(fld)(£4), York(£5),  60/1(£4) Barnsley, Brentford, Bristol City, Bournemouth, Bristol City, Bury,  Coventry, Grimsby, Halifax, Newcastle(LC)(£35), Newport, Notts County, Port Vale, QPR(£5), Reading, Reading(RES)(s/s)marked on back)(£4), Shrewsbury, Southend, Tranmere, Torquay, Tranmere, Watford, 61/2(£3.50) Accrington(wof(£6), Aldershot, Barrow, Brad City, Chesterfield(cr)(£2), Chester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Gillingham(sl fld)(£2.50), Hartlepools, Mansfield, Millwall, Oldham, Southport,  Workington, Wrexham, York, 62/3(£3) Barnsley, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Coventry, Halifax, Millwall, Notts Cty, Peterboro, Port Vale, QPR(Dec)(£6), QPR(April), Reading, Shrewsbury, Southend, Swindon(fld)(£2), Watford, Wrexham, 63/4((£2.50) Bournemouth, Brentford, Bristol City, Crewe, Fulham(LC)(£6), Hull(fld)(£2), Mansfield, Millwall, Notts County, Oldham, Port Vale, QPR(£4), QPR(FAC)(£4), Shrewsbury, Reading, Southend, Watford, Wrexham, 64/5(£2.50) Barnsley, Brentford, Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, Chelmsford(EPC)(s/s)(£8), Exeter, Gillingham, Grimsby, Hull, Luton, Mansfield, Peterboro, Port Vale QPR, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Southend, Torquay(LC)(£4), Walsall, Workington, 65/6 (£2.50)   Aldershot, Barnsley(fld)£2), Barrow, Brad PA(£3),  Brad. City,  Chester(fld)(£2), Chesterfield(sl fld)(£2), Crewe(fld)(£2), Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter(LC)(£4),  Halifax, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Luton, Newport, Notts County, Port Vale,  QPR(FAC)(£5), Rochdale, Southport(fld£2), Stockport, Torquay, Tranmere, Wrexham(fld)(£2), 66/7(£2.50) Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Darlington(cr)(£1.25), Doncaster, Gillingham, Grimsby, L Orient, Mansfield, Oldham, Oxford, Peterboro,  Peterboro(FAC)(fld)(£2), QPR(£3.50), Reading(mkd)(£1.50), Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Torquay, Walsall, Watford, Workington,  67/8 (£2) Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Gillingham, Grimsby, Leyton Orient, Mansfield, Northampton, Oldham, Oxford, Peterboro, Reading, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Southport(£3), Stockport, Swindon, Torquay, Torquay(FAC), Tranmere, Walsall, Watford, WBA(FAC)(£20) 68/9 (1.50) Aldershot, Bradford PA(£3), Bradford City, Brentford, Chester, Chesterfield, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Exeter(FAC), Grimsby, Halifax, Lincoln, Newport, Notts County(s/s)(£6)(flds)(£3), Port Vale, Reading, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Swansea, Workington, Workington(LC)(£3), Wrexham, 69/70 (£1.25) Aldershot, Bradford PA (£6),  Brentford, Crewe, Chester, Chesterfield, Darlington, Exeter, Grimsby, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Newport, Northampton, Notts County, Oldham, Peterboro, Port Vale, Reading(LC), Scunthorpe, Southend, Swansea, Workington, Wrexham, York, 70/1 (£1) Aldershot, Barrow(£2), Birmingham(LC), Bournemouth, Brentford, Camb Utd(mkd)(£1),, Camb Utd(LC)(£4), Camb Utd(FAC)(£4), Chester, Crewe, Darlington, Exeter, Grimsby, Hartlepool, Leeds(FAC)(stamped “complimentary”)(£10), Leeds(FAC)(Pirate)(flds)(£4), Lincoln, Newport, Notts County, Peterboro, Oldham, Scunthorpe, Southend, Southport, Stockport, Workington, York, 71/2(£1) Barrow(£2), Brentford, Bury, Camb Utd, Chester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Gillingham, Grimsby, Lincoln, Luton(WC)(£3), Newport, Northampton, Reading, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury (FAC), Southend, Southport, Stockport, Swindon(LC), Workington, 72/3(£1) Aldershot(fld)(60p), Barnsley, Brad.City, Bury, Camb Utd, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Hartlepool, Hereford(£2.50), Lincoln, Mansfield, Newport, Southport, Stockport, Torquay, Workington, 73/4 (80pBarnsley, Brad .City, Brentford, Bury, Chester, Crewe,  Doncaster, Exeter, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Lincoln(£2.50), Mansfield, Newport, Northampton, Peterboro(FAC), Peterboro,  Reading, Rotherham,  Scunthorpe, Stockport(sl fld)(60p), Swansea, Torquay,Workington,  74/5(80p) Aldershot, A.Villa(LC)(£3), Blackburn, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bury, Charlton, Chesterfield, C.Palace,  Gillingham, Grimsby, Halifax, Hereford, Huddersfield, Oxford(LC),  Peterboro, Plymouth, Port Vale, Preston, Southampton(LC)(£2), Southend, Swindon(JAN)(£3), Swindon(Mar) , Tranmere, Walsall, Watford, Wrexham, 75/6 (80p) Aldershot, Brighton, Bury, Cardiff, Chester, Chesterfield, C.Palace, C Palace(LC), Derby(FAC), Gillingham,  Grimsby, Halifax, Hereford, Huddersfield, Mansfield, Millwall,  Peterboro, Port Vale, Preston, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Shrewbury, Southend, Swindon, Walsall, Wrexham,  76/7(80p) Aldershot, Barnsley, Bournemouth, Brad.City, Braintree(s/s)(fld)(£3), Brentford(FAC)(11/12),(14/12)(£1), Brentford(sl fld)(60p) Bury T(RES)(s/s)(fld)(£3), Camb Utd, Camb Utd(FAC),  Crewe, Darlington, Derby(FAC), Doncaster, Ely (RES)(s/s)(fld)(£3), Exeter, Halifax, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, Millwall(LC), (Millwall(LC)(Replay), Newport, Rochdale,  Scunthorpe, Southend, Southport, Stockport, Thetford(RES)(s/s)(fld)(£3), Torquay , Watford, 77/8 Aldershot(LC), Blackburn(LC), Bournemouth(FAC), Brad City, Bury, Camb Utd  Carlisle, Chester, Chesterfield, Exeter, Gillingham, Hereford, Lincoln, Oxford, Peterboro, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Port Vale, Preston, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, Swindon, Tranmere, Walsall, Wrexham, 78/9 (80p) Blackpool, Brentford, Bury, Carlisle, Charlton(LC), Chester, Chesterfield, Exeter, Gillingham, Hull, Lincoln, Man Utd(FAC)(£3), Mansfield, Newport(FAC)(£3), Oxford(FAC), Oxford, Peterboro, Plymouth, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, Southend, Swansea, Swindon, Tranmere, Walsall, Watford, 79/80 (80p) A.Villa(LC), Barnsley, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bournemouth(FAC), Brentford, Bury, Carlisle, Chester, Chesterfield, Exeter, Gillingham, Grimsby, Hull, Mansfield, Millwall, Oxford, Plymouth(FAC), Plymouth, Reading, Rotherham, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southend, Watford(LC), Wimbledon, 80/1(80p) Barnsley, Blackpool, Brentford, Burnley, Carlisle, Charlton, Chester, Chesterfield, Exeter, Fulham, Gillingham, Huddersfield, Hull, Millwall, Newport, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Portsmouth(FAC), Reading, Rotherham, Sheff Utd, Swindon, Walsall Watford(FAC), 81/2 (80p) Aldershot, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brad.City, Brentford(FAC), Bury, Camb Utd(LC), Crewe, Darlington, Gillingham(LC), Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Hull, Mansfield, Newcastle(FAC)(£2), Newport(FAC), Northampton, Peterboro, Peterboro(27/4)(s/s)(£8)Port Vale, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Sheff Utd, Stockport, Torquay,  Tranmere, Wigan, York(LC), 82/3(80p)Aldershot, Aldershot(MC), Blackpool, Bristol City, Bury, Chester, Darlington(SOF)(40p), Earls Colne(RES)(WECC) (s/s)(fld)(£3), Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Hull, Mansfield, Northampton, Peterboro, Port Vale(Prog 11/2 inc team sheet 12/April)(£4), , Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southampton(MC), Stockport, Southend(FLT)(s/s)£3), 83/4(80p) Chestersterfield, Darlington, Doncaster(sl mk)(60p), Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Mansfield(sof)(60p), ManUtd(MC)(£2), Mansfield, Northampton, Peterboro, Reading(MC), Reading, Rochdale, Scarboro,  Southend(AMC), Stockport, Swansea, Swindon, Torquay ,Tranmere, Wimbledon(AMC), Wrexham, York 84/5(80p) Aldershot, Blackpool, Bury, Chester, Chesterfield, Crewe, Darlington, Exeter, Gillingham(FAC), Gillingham(FRT)(fld)(£1), Gillingham(MC), Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Ipswich (EJCF)(s/s)((£4), Mansfield, Northampton, Peterboro, Port Vale, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Southend(FAC), Stockport, Torquay, Tranmere, Wrexham, 85/6(80p) Aldershot, Burnley, Camb Utd, Chester, Exeter, Gillingham(FAC)(t/c,sl mk)(40p), Gillingham(with Apr supplement)(£2), Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Mansfield, Millwall(LC)(fld)(60p), Northamton, Orient, Peterboro, Port Vale, Preston, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Stockport,  Torquay, Tranmere, Wrexham, 86/7(80p) Aldershot, Camb Utd, Cardiff(£2), Crewe, Exeter, Halifax, Hartlepool), Haverhill(RES)(s/s)(£3), Hereford, Lincoln, Northampton, Orient, Peterboro(LC), Peterboro(FRT)(£2.50), Peterboro, Preston, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southend, Stockport, Swansea, Torquay, Tranmere Wrexham, Wolves(£2.50), 87/8(80p) Bolton, Burnley, Camb Utd, Cardiff, Carlisle, Darlington), Exeter, Fulham(LC), Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford(FAC), Hereford,  Leyton Orient, Leyton Orient(SVT)(£2),   Newport, Notts C(SVT)(£2), Peterboro, Peterboro(FRT), Rochdale(sl mk)(60p), Scarboro(£1), Scunthorpe, Swansea, Stockport, Torquay, Tranmere, Wrexham, Wolves,   88/9(80p) Burnley, Camb Utd, Carlisle, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Grimsby, Halifax, Hartlepool(sl mk)(40p), Hereford, Hereford(SVT)(£2), Orient(SVT)(£2), Lincoln, Northampton(LC), Peterboro, Rochdale, Rotherham, Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Sheff Utd(FAC), Southend(SVT)(£2.75), Stockport, Swansea(FAC), Torquay ,Tranmere, Wrexham, York, 89/90(£1.50) Aldershot, Birmingham(FAC),  Burnley, Camb Utd, Camb Utd(RES) , Carlisle, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Exeter, Gillingham, Grimsby, Halifax, Hartlepool, Hereford, Lincoln, Maidstone, Northampton(LDC)(£3), Peterboro, Rochdale, Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Southend, Southend(LC),  Stockport, Torquay, Wrexham, York,  92/3(£1) Barnet, Brighton(CCC)(t/c)(50p), Bury, Cardiff, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Coventry(SJFC)(£2), Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Gillingham(FAC), Gillingham, Halifax, Hereford, Lincoln(£2.50), Northampton, Northampton(AT)(£2), Rochdale, Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Torquay, Walsall, Mansfield, Northampton, Preston, Rochdale, Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Torquay, Walsall, Wigan,  Wrexham, Wycombe, York,   94/5(£1) Barnet, Brentford(CCC) ,Bury, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Fulham, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Hereford, Lincoln , Mansfield, Northampton, Preston, Leyton Orient(AWS), Rochdale, Scarboro)£2),  Scunthorpe, Torquay, Walsall,  Wigan, 95/6 (£1) Barnet, Bristol City(CCC), Bury, Cardiff, Chester, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Fulham, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Hereford, Leyton Orient,  Lincoln, Mansfield, Northampton, Plymouth, Preston,  Rochdale, Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Torquay, TorquayAWS)(£2.50), West Ham(RES)(s/s)(£2), Wigan, 96/7(£1.20) Barnet, Brighton, Cardiff, Carlisle, Chester, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Fulham, Hartlepool, Gillingham(CCC), Huddersfield(CCC), Hull, Hereford, Leyton Orient, Lincoln, Northampton, Northampton(AWSs/f)(£2), Mansfield, Peterboro(AW)(£2.50), Peterboro(fld)(70p), Rochdale, Scarboro, Scunthorpe, Swansea, Torquay, WBA(CCC), Wigan, Wycombe(FAC), 97/8(£1.20) Barnet, Brentford(FAC),  Brighton, Camb Utd, Cardiff,  Chester, Darlington, Doncaster, Exeter, Hartlepool, Hereford(FAC), Mansfield, Lincoln, Leyton Orient, Luton(CCC), Macclesfield, Mansfield, Notts County, Peterboro, Rotherham, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Torquay,  98/9(£1.30)Blackpool, Bournemouth(Apr) Bournemouth(Oct), Bournemouth(WC), Bristol Rovers, Burnley,  Chesterfield, Fulham, Gillingham, Gillingham(AWS)(£2), Lincoln, Luton, Macclesfield, Man.City(£3), Millwall(sl cr)(£1), Northampton, Notts County, Oldham, Preston, Reading, Stoke, Walsall, Wigan, Wrexham, Wycombe, York,  99/00(£1.50) Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Bury, Camb Utd, Cardiff, Chesterfield, C Palace(WC), Gillingham, Luton, Millwall, Notts County, Oldham, Oxford, Preston, Reading, Scunthorpe, Stoke, Wigan, Wrexham, Wycombe, 00/1(£1.50) Blackburn(FAYC)(£2), Bournemouth, Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Bury, Camb Utd, Luton, Millwall, Northampton, Northampton(Youth)(60p), Notts County, Oldham, Oxford, Peterboro, Port Vale, QPR(WC), Reading, Rotherham, Sheff Utd(WC), Stoke, Swansea, Swindon, Walsall, Wigan, Wrexham, Wycombe, 01/2(£1.50) (56 Page Pre Season Brochure)(£2), Barnsley(WC), , Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brentford, Brighton, Brighton(Youth), Bristol City, Bury, Cardiff, Chesterfield,  Northampton, Notts County, Oldham, Peterboro, Port Vale, QPR, Reading, Stoke, Swindon, Swindon(LDV)(£3),  Tranmere, Wigan, Wrexham, Wycombe, York,   02/3(£1.50) Arsenal(FAYC)(£3.50) Barnsley, Blackpool, Brentford, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Chester(FAC),  Chesterfield, Crewe, Huddersfield, Leyton Orient(Youth)((£1), Luton, Mansfield, Northampton, Notts County , Oldham, Peterboro, Plymouth, Port Vale, QPR, Southend(Youth)(£1), Stockport, Swindon, Tranmere, Wigan, Wycombe,  03/4(£1.50) Accrington(FAC), Aldershot, (FAC), Barnsley, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brentford, Brighton, Brighton(Youth), Bristol City, Camb Utd(RES)(s/s)(cr)(50p), Chester(FAC), Chesterfield, Coventry(FAC), Grimsby , Hartlepool, Luton , Northampton, Notts Cty, Oldham, Oxford(FAC), Peterboro, Plymouth, Plymouth(CCC), Port Vale, QPR,  Rushden & D, Sheff Wed, Southend(LDV Final)(£3), Stockport, Swindon, Tranmere, Wrexham, Wycombe, 04/5(£1.50) Barnsley, Blackpool, Brad City, Bristol City, Bournemouth(DEC)(£3), Bournemouth(Feb), Brentford, Bristol City, Cardiff(FAYC)(£3), Chelsea(FAYC)(£5), Cheltenham(CC), Chesterfield, Doncaster, Hartlepool, Ipswich(FAYC)(£3), Huddersfield, Hull, Luton, Mansfield(FAC), M.K.Dons, Oldham, Peterboro, Port Vale, QPR(Youth), Sheff Wed, Southend(LDV), Stockport,  Swindon, Torquay, Tranmere, Walsall,  WBA(CC), Wrexham, 05/6 (£1.50) Barnsley, Blackpool, Brad City, Bournemouth, Brentford, Bristol City, Cardiff(CC), Chesterfield, Derby(FAC), Doncaster, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, MKDons, Northampton(LDV), Notts Forest, Oldham, Port Vale,  Rotherham, Scunthorpe(Dec),  Scunthorpe(Feb), Southend, Swansea, Swansea(LDV Final)(£3), Swindon, Tranmere, Walsall, Yeovil, 06/7(£2) Barnsley, Birmingham, Burnley, Cardiff, Coventry, C Palace, Derby, Hull, Ipswich, Leeds(£5), Leicester(£3), Luton, Norwich, Plymouth, Preston, QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Southend, Stoke .Sunderland(£4),WBA, Wolves(£4), 07/8(2.) Barnsley, Blackpool, Bristol City, Burnley, Cardiff, Charlton,Coventry,  C Palace, Hull, Ipswich, Leicester ,Norwich,  Plymouth, Preston, QPR, Scunthorpe, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Watford, WBA, Wolves(£3),  08/9(£2) Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Carlisle, Cheltenham, Crewe, Hartlepool, Hereford, Leeds(£4), Leicester, L Orient(FAC, MK Dons, Millwall, Northampton, Oldham, Peterboro, Scunthorpe, Southend, Stockport, Swindon, Tranmere, Walsall, Yeovil,   09/10(£2)  A. Villa(FR), Brentford, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Carlisle, Charlton, Exeter, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, Leeds(£4), Leyton Orient(CC)(£1.50), L Orient, MK Dons, Millwall, Oldham(sl cr)(80p), Peterboro, Southampton, Southend, Stockport, Swindon, Tranmere, Walsall, Wycombe, Yeovil,  10/11(£2.50) Bournemouth Brad City(FAC), Brentford, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Carlisle, Charlton, Dagenham & R,  Exeter, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, L Orient, Mk Dons, Notts Cty, Plymouth, Oldham(DEC)(£3), Oldham(MAR), Peterboro, Plymouth, Rochdale, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Swindon, Tranmere, Walsall, Wycombe(JPT)(£3)Yeovil, 11/12(£2.) Barnet(JPT)(£2), Bournemouth, Brentford, Bury, Carlisle, Charlton, Chesterfield, Exeter, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, L Orient, MK Dons, Notts Cty, Oldham, Preston, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Stevenage, Swindon(FAC), Tranmere, Walsall, Wycombe, Yeovil,  12/13(£2) Bournemouth, Brentford, Bury, Carlisle,Chelsea(U18)(FAYC)(£3), Coventry, Crawley, Crewe, Doncaster, Hartlepool, L Orient, MK Dons, Notts Cty, Oldham, Portsmouth, Preston, Scunthorpe, Sheff Utd, Shrewsbury, Stevenage, Swindon(with Feb insert), Tranmere, Walsall, West Ham(Fr)(£3), Yeovil,  13/14(£2) Brad City, Brentford, Bristol City, Carlisle, Coventry, Crawley, Crewe, Gillingham, L Orient, Notts Cty, Oldham, Peterboro(C1C), Port Vale, Preston, Sheff Utd, Shrewsbury(with March insert), Stevenage, Tottenham(Fr)(£3), Tranmere, Walsall, Wolves(£3), 14/15(£2) Barnsley, Bradford City, Bristol City, Coventry, Crawley, Crewe, Doncaster, Fleetwood, Gillingham, L Orient, MK Dons, Notts Cty, Oldham, Peterboro, Peterboro(FAC), Port Vale,  Preston, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Sheff Utd, Swindon, Walsall, Yeovil,    15/16 (£2) Barnsley, Blackpool, Brad City, Burton, Bury, Coventry, Crewe, Doncaster, Fleetwood, Gillingham, Millwall, Oldham, Port Vale, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Southend, Swindon, Tottenham(FAC)(£3), Walsall, Wigan,  16/17(£2) Accrington, Barnet, Blackpool, Camb Utd, Carlisle, Cheltenham, Chesterfield(FAC), Crawley, Crewe, Doncaster, Exeter, Grimsby, Hartlepool, Leyton Orient, Luton, Mansfield, Morecambe, Newport, Notts Cty, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Stevenage, Wycombe, Yeovil,  17/18(£2) A.Villa(CC)(£2.50) , Accrington, Barnet, Camb Utd, Carlisle, Cheltenham, Chesterfield, Coventry(£3), Crawley, Crewe Exeter, Forest Green R, Gillingham( CT), Gillingham(FR), Grimsby, Ipswich(FR), Lincoln, Luton, Mansfield, Morecambe, Newport, Notts Cty ,Oxford, Port Vale, Reading(CT), Stevenage, Swindon, Wycombe, West Ham(FR)(£3), Yeovil 18/19(£2)  Bury, Camb Utd, Carlisle, Cheltenham, Crawley, Crewe, Exeter, Forest Green, Lincoln , Grimsby. Lincoln, Macclesfield, Morecambe, Mansfield, Gillingham/Millwall(Fr)(£2), MK Dons, Morecambe, Newport, Northampton, Notts Cty, Oldham, Port Vale, Stevenage, Swindon, Tranmere, Yeovil , 19/20(£2) Bradford City, Camb Utd, Carlisle, Cheltenham, Coventry(FAC), Crawley, Exeter, Grimsby, Ipswich(L.Com)(£3), L Orient, Macclesfield, Morecambe, Newport, Northampton, Plymouth, Port Vale,  Salford, Stevenage, Swindon(CC), Swindon, Tottenham(L.Com)(£4), Tottenham(CC)(£3), Walsall,    SPECIALS ….. Friendlies … 59/60 Chelmsford (EPC)(£6), 71/2  Blackpool(£3), Luton (WC)(£1.50), 72/3 St Mirren(fld)(£2.50), 73/4 v Norwich (fld)(£2.50) , 74/5 v Bonner(£2.50), Ipswich(Centenary)(£3), 77/8 v Kongsvinger(£2), Luton(s/s(£3),Watford(s/s)(£4),78/9 v West Ham(s/s)(£4),  83/4 v Watford(4 page)(£3), 87/8Brighton(£3) v 89/90 Chelsea(£3), 90/1C.Palace(£3), Southend(£2), 91/2 v Brentford(£2), Fulham(£2.50), 92/3 Nessegutten(£2), Norwich(£2),  93/4 Brentford(£1), Southend(£1), Chelsea(£3), 94/5 IpswichX1(MCM)(£1.50), Watford(£2),  Skoda Xanthi(£2),  Birmingham(£1.50), 96/7 Arsenal(£3), Blackburn,  97/8 Bolton(£2)(sl fld)(£1), Luton(£2),Southend(£1.50) 98/9 Kingstonian/Charlton/WBA(£2.50), 99/00 Norwich(£2), 00/1 Ipswich(£1.50), (sl cr)(£1), 02/3 Dagenham & R(£1.50), West Ham(£2.50), 03/4 v Charlton(£2), Ipswich(£2.50), 04/5 Charlton(£2.50), 05/6 v Brighton(£2), Chelsea(£4), Norwich(£2.50),  06/7 v Brighton/L Orient(£2), 07/8v Liverpool/Bolton(£3), 08/9 A Bilbao(£2), 11/12 Ipswich/Watford(£2), 12/13 v Derby(£2), Ipswich(£2.50), West Ham(£2.50), 13/14 v Tottenham(£2.50), Ipswich(£2.50), West ham(£2.50), 18/19 v Millwall/Gillingham(£2),   Willhire Cup  78/9 Ipswich/Norwich(£2),(ph)(£1), 79/80 Ipswich/Norwich(£3), 80/1 Camb Utd(£2),  ...Testimonials..  57/8(Ipswich(Dale)7), (wof)(£5), 65/6 v Int ClubX1(Light)(s/s)(£6),  68/9 v Ipswich( Macedo)(£3), 71/2 v Ipswich(Massey)(fld)(£2), 72/3 v InvitationX1(Hall/Gibbs)(£4),  74/5 v Norwich (Aimson)(£4), 75/6 v Ipswich(Cook)(£3), 77/8 v Millwall(Gilchrist)(£4), 79/80(WBA)(Cook)(£1.50), 80/1 Wolves(Leslie(sob))(£2), West ham(£3), 82/3 Ipswich(Foley)(£2.75), West Ham(Packer)(£4),  85/6(Arsenal(Walker)(£4), 87/8QPR(Leslie)(£2), v Southend(£1.50),  94/5 Ipswich(English)(£2), 98/9 Ipswich(Adcock)(£3), 02/3 v Tottenham(Wilkins)(£3), 04/5 v West Ham (Duguid)(£3), 05/6 v Ip[swich(Owen)(£2), 11/12 v Parky`s All Stars (Izzet)(“2),   …Various Publications.  49/50 “Record of Col Utd supp club and memories of Utd in pictures” 34 page booklet sl fld)(£15), Handbook65/6(£5), (sl mk)(£3),66/7(£3),  Supporters Club Official Mag (Nov/Dec 1966)(£3),April/May 67(£3), Aug/Sep 67(£3), Nov 67(£3), Feb 68(£3), March 68(£3), “Blue & White Stripes Issue1(£1) …….”The U`s At Wembley” 1992(£4), . Magazine..Review 0f 1996(£3), 1997(£3), 1998£3), 1999(£4), pre season brochure 01/2(£2), 1997 Calender(£1.50), ShowbizX1 v Grahams Grandads(Charity Match)80/1(£1) ……for the spell out of the league, please see our non league section……TEAMSHEETS (£ 1 each) Chesterfield  02/3 , 09/10 Gillingham, Harltepool, Huddersfield, Norwich(£2), Walsall, Yeovil, 10/11 Bournemouth, Swindon Supermarine(FAC)(£2), Tranmere,  Walsall, Yeovil, 11/12 Bournemouth, Brentford, Notts Cty, MK Dons, Scunthorpe, Sheff Wed, Tranmere, 14/15 Bristol City, Sheff Utd, 15/16 Alrincham(FAC)(£2.50), Gillingham, Oldham, Port Vale, 16/17 Accrington, Camb Utd, Carlisle, Crewe,  18/19 Grimsby, MK Dons, AWAY TEAMSHEETS as priced..Bishops Stortford(FR) 13/14(£1) 14/15(£1) 15/16(£1), Colcwyn Bay(FR) 18/19(£3), Concord Rangers 14/14(E)(£3), Dagenham & R (FR)14/15(£1), 18/19(£1), Dartford 21/7/?)(£2), Dover 10/11(FR)(£2), Histon 09/10(FR)(£1), Macclesfield 18/19(£2), Wealdstone 15/16(FAC)£2),



 49/50 Hull(fld)(£18), 51/2 Birmingham(ph)(£7), 54/55 Colchester (£9), Huddersfield(FAC)(spl sp)(£5), Southampton(£9),  55/6 Colchester(£8), Millwall)£8), Northampton(fld)(£7),   56/7  Burnley(OOL_(sl cr)(4 page)(£10), Exeter(ph/fld)(£4), Walsall(£7),  57/8  Port Vale(fld)(£5), Shrewsbury(£6), Watford(£6),  58/9 C Palace((fld)(£3.50), Port Vale(£6), Southport(£6), Walsall(fld)(£5),     59/60  Brentford(wof)(£2.75), Bury(sl cr)(£2.75), Colchester(£5), , Port Vale(Mar)(4 page)(£8), QPR(fld)(£5), Southampton(£5), Shrewsbury(fld)(£4), Tranmere(ph)£4), Watford(£5),   60/1(£4) Brad City, Newport, (fld)(£3), Torquay(cr)(£1) 61/2(£4) Grimsby, Lincoln(cr)(£1.25), Newport, Northampton, Southend,   62/3(£3)Barnsley, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers(sl fld)(£2.50),  Colchester(sl fld)(£2), Halifax(fld)(£2), Hull, Luton,  Millwall(sl fld)(£2), Northampton, Portsmouth(FAC)(fld)(£2.50), Port Vale, Portsmouth(cr)(£1.50), QPR, Reading, Shrewsbury, Sunderland(FAC)(sl mk)(£4), Swindon, Wrexham, 63/4 (£2.50) Bournemouth(fld)(£2), Brentford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Bristol R(FAC), Colchester, Crewe(fld)(£2), C.Palace, Hull, Luton, Mansfield, Millwall,  Oldham, Peterboro, Port Vale(poor)(80p) QPR(fld)(£2), Reading(sl fld)£2), Shrewsbury, Southend(fld)(£2), Walsall, Watford, Wrexham(fld)(£2)  64/5 (£2.50) Bolton, Bury(fld)(£1.50), Cardiff(fld)(£1), Charlton, Colchester(fld)(£2), C. Palace, Derby(fld)(£2),  Huddersfield(sl fld)(£2), Ipswich(sl cr)(£2), Leicester(LC)(sl fld)(£3), Leyton Orient, Mansfield, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Northampton(cr)(£1.50), Norwich,  Plymouth, Portsmouth, Preston, Rotherham(fld)(£1.50),  Southampton, Sunderland(LC)(£4), Swansea, Swindon, 65/6 (£2.50) Birmingham, Bolton(cr)(80p), Bury, Carlisle, Charlton(fld)(£1.50), Crewe(FAC)(4 page)(£5), C.Palace(cr)(£1.25), Derby(fld)(£2), Huddersfield(sl cr)(£1), Ipswich, Leyton Orient, Middlesbro, Norwich, Plymouth, Preston(fld)(£1.50), Rotherham, Southampton, WBA(LC)(fld)(£3), Wolves(£3), 66/7 (£2.50) Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Brighton(LC)(£3) , Bristol City, Bury(fld)(£2), Carlisle, Charlton, C.Palace, Derby, Derby(LC)(£3), Huddersfield , Hull, Ipswich, Millwall, Newcastle(FAC)(£3), Northampton, Norwich, Portsmouth, Preston, Rotherham, Wolves(fld)(£1.50), 67/8 (£2) Arsenal, Burnley, Charlton(FAC)(fld)(£1), Chelsea(£2.50), Everton, Fulham, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool(£3), Man.City/Arsena(LC), Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts.Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Tranmere(FAC), WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 68/9 (£1.50) Arsenal, Blackpool(FAC), Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool(£2.50), Man.City, Man Ud(£2.50), Newcastle, Notts Forest, Portsmouth(LC), QPR(£3), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland(Dec), Sunderland(Mar)(t/c)(£1.25), Swindon(LC)(mkd)(60p), Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, West Ham)LC)(£3), Wolves 69/70 (£1.25)  Arsenal, Burnley, Chelsea, Chelsea(LC)(£3),  C Palace, Derby, Derby(Auto Carr back page torn)(£3), Everton, Leeds, Liverpool, Man City,  Man Utd(sof)(£1), Newcastle, Notts Forest , Sheff Wed, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham(t/c)(£1), WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 70/1(£1) Arsenal(£4),(fld)(£2.50) Chelsea, C.Palace, Derby(LC), Everton, Huddersfield, Liverpool(fld)(60p), Man Utd, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham(£2), Tranmere(LC)(t/c)(60p), WBA, West Ham(£3), Wolves, 71/2(£1) Burnley(LC),  Chelsea(£4), Derby, Ipswich(£2), Leeds(£2), Newcastle(£2), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd(Apr), Southampton, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham,   72/3(80p) Birmingham, Chelsea, C.Palace, Derby, Everton, Grimsby(FAC), Hull(FAC)(£2), Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester(fld)(70p), ManCity, Man Utd(£1.50), Newcastle, Norwich, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 73/4(£1) Arsenal(£2), Birmingham, Bristol City(LC), Burnley, Darlington(LC), Derby, Ipswich, Leeds(£1.50), , Liverpool, Man City(sof)(50p), Man City(LC), Man Utd(£2), Newcastle, Norwich, QPR, QPR(FAC), Sheff Utd, Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham, West Ham, Wolves, 74/5(£1) Arsenal, Birmingham, Carlisle(£2), Chelsea, Derby,  Ipswich(LC), Ipswich, Leeds(sl cr), Leicester(cr)(40p), Luton(£1.50), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Norwich (FAC), Sheff Utd, Stoke(t/c)(60p), West Ham, Wolves 75/6(£1) Arsenal(SLcr)(60p), Birmingham , Bristol City(FAC), Burnley, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Man Utd(t/c)(60p), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Norwich, QPR, Sheff Utd, Stoke, West Ham, Wolves, 76/7 (80p) Arsenal, Birmingham, Ipswich, Leeds, Man Utd,  Middlesbro , Norwich(sl cr)(50p), QPR, Stoke(sl cr)(50p), Sunderland, Tottenham(£3),  West Ham, 77/8(80p) Arsenal(32), A.Villa, Chelsea(£2), Derby, Ipswich, Leicester(sl cr)(40p), Middlesbro(sl fld)(50p), Newcastle(with insert)(£3), West Ham, 78/9 (80p) Arsenal, A.Villa,Everton, Ipswich, Liverpool(sl cr)(60p), Man.Utd, Middlesbro, QPR, Tottenham, 79/80(80p) Arsenal, Bolton, Bristol City, Brighton, Everton(sl cr)(50p), Ipswich, Ipswich(LC),  Southampton, Stoke, Tottenham, Wolves  80/1(80p) Birmingham(FAC)(poor)(30p), Birmingham, Brighton, Burnley(£1.50),  Camb Utd(LC), C.Palace, Ipswich, Leicester(sl fld)(60p), Liverpool, Man Utd(LC)(£2), Norwich, Notts Forest, Sunderland, Tottenham, Watford(LC), Wolves 81/2(80p) Arsenal(fld)(£1), A.Villa, Everton(LC), Everton(mkd)(40p), Liverpool, Man Utd(sl fld)(60p), Middlesbro, Notts Cty, Oxford(FAC), Sheff Wed(FAC)(sl cr)(60p), Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea,  West Ham, Wolves 82/3(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Burnley(MC), Everton, Fulham(MC), Ipswich, Luton, Man City, Norwich, Norwich(FAC)(cr)(30p), Notts County,  Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham,  83/4 (80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham,  Everton,  Ipswich, Leicester, Luton, Man Utd Norwich, Notts County, Notts Forest, QPR , Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Watford(Autos), WBA, West Ham, Wolves, Wolves (FAC), 84/5(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Chelsea(£2),  Ipswich, Leicester, Luton, Man City(FAC), Newcastle,  Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland,  Walsall(MC), Watford, WBA, West Ham, 85/6(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham,  Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Leicester, Luton, Man.City(FAC),   Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Oxford, QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, Watford, Watford(FAC), WBA, WBA(MC), West Ham(sky Blue s/s for 20/10)(£5), 86/7(80p) Arsenal, Charlton, Chelsea, Leicester, Liverpool(LC), Luton, Man.City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest, Norwich, Oxford, QPR, Rotherham(LC), Sheff Wed, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham, Wimbledon(inc teamsheet)(£3), 87/8(80p) Arsenal, Barnsley(Simod)(£3), Camb.Utd(LC), Charlton, Derby, Everton, Liverpool, Luton, Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth, QPR, Reading(LC), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Torquay(FAC), Tottenham, Watford, West Ham, Wimbledon, 88/9(80p)  Arsenal, A.Villa, Barnsley, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bournemouth, Brad City(£2),  Brighton(sl fld)(60p), Charlton, C.Palace, Derby, Hull, Ipswich, Leicester, Man City, Notts Forest(Simod)(£3), Oldham, Oxford, Plymouth(Simod)(£4), Plymouth(cr)(30p), Portsmouth, Scunthorpe(LC), Shrewsbury, Stoke, Sunderland, Swindon, Walsall, Watford, WBA, 89/90 (80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Charlton, Chelsea(£2.50), C.Palace, Derby, Liverpool(£2.50),  Luton, Man.City, Millwall, Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Sunderland(LC), Tottenham, Wimbledon, Wimbledon(ZDS)(£3),  90/1(80p) Arsenal(sl fld)(60p), Bolton(RC), Chelsea(£3), C.Palace, Everton, Hull, Leeds, Luton, Man.City, Norwich, Notts F, Notts F(RC), QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Southampton(FAC), Sunderland, Tottenham, Wigan(FAC), Wimbledon, 91/2 (£1) Arsenal, Arsenal(RC), A.Villa, Camb Utd(FAC), Everton, Chelsea, C Palace, Everton, Leeds, Luton, Man.City, Norwich, Notts C, Notts F, Oldham, QPR, Rochdale(RC)(sl cr)(70p), Sheff Utd, Southampton, West Ham (sl cr(50p), Wimbledon,  92/3 (£1) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackburn, Chelsea, C.Palace(sl fld)(50p), Everton, Ipswich, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, Wimbledon,   93/4(£1)Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackburn, Chelsea(£3), Everton, Liverpool, Newcastle, Oldham, QPR, Southampton, Tottenham(sl  cr)(£2), West Ham, Wimbledon,  94/5 (£1.Arsenal, Blackburn, Chelsea, C Palace, Everton, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Norwich(FAC), Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton,  Tottenham, WBA(FAC), Wimbledon,  Wrexham(CCC), 95/6(£1) Arsenal, Everton, Liverpool, Man Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham(sl mk)(60p),   96/7(£1) Arsenal, Chelsea(£2), Gillingham(CCC), Liverpool, Leicester, Man Utd(£2), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham , 97/8(£1.50 ) Arsenal, C .Palace, Southampton, Tottenham,  98/9(£1.50 ) Arsenal, A.Villa, Chelsea(£2.50), Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, 99/00 (£1.70) Arsenal, A.Villa, Burnley(FAC), Chelsea, Leeds, Liverpool, Sunderland, Wimbledon, 00/1(£1.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Charlton, Chelsea(£3),  Ipswich, Southampton, Sunderland, Wimbledon,   01/2(£1.50) Burnley , Gillingham, Millwall, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Stockport, 02/3(£1.50) Colchester(WC),  03/4(£1.80) Colchester,  05/6(£2) Cardiff, Hull, Leicester, QPR(1st @ Ricoh)132 page brochure£4), , Reading, Sheff Utd,  Sheff Wed,  Southampton,   06/7(£2) Colchester, Sunderland,   07/8(£2) Barnsley, Colchester, Ipswich, QPR, WBA(FAC),   09/10(£2) Blackpool,  Middlesbro, Plymouth, Portsmouth(FAC), Preston, Reading, Sheff Utd, Watford, WBA, 10/11(£2) Barnsley, Cardiff, Derby, Doncaster,  12/13 (£2) Leyton Orient, Swindon,   13/14(£2) L Orient 15/16 (£2) Southend, 17/18(£2) Colchester, ….TEXACO CUP.. 71/2 Newcastle(£2.50), Falkirk(£2.50),  Anglo Scot Challenge v St Mirren87/8(£2), Testimonials66/7v Liverpool( Kearns/Curtis)((£5), 68/9 v Derby( Hill)(£3),  72/3 v A Villa(Machin)(£2), 1974Glazier v England66(£2), 1994 v A Villa(Ogrizovic)(£2),..80s/90s? v Tottenham(Sillett)(£1),   FRIENDLIES 57/8 Third Lanark (£25),   61/2 Bratislave(£4), 62/3 v Luton(£4)(wof)(£8), 63/4 v Ferencsvaros(£4), Leicester(£4), 64/5 v Fulham(£3), Morton(sl fld)(£4), Tottenham (fld/t/c)(£6),  65/6 v Notts Forest(fld)(£3), Stade Francais(fld)(£3.50), Stoke(sl cr)(£3), 66/7 West ham(Winston Churchill Trophy)(£3.50), 68/9 Hibernian (£3) 69/70 v Hibernian(fld)(£1.50), .78/9 v Japan(FR)(£1.50), 90/1 v Banik Ostrava(£1), 00/1 Ajax(£1), KRC Genk(£1),..Europeans 70/1 v Bayern(£3),  71/2 v Gornik(£3),..”Football on the Giant Screen” programme from game v Charlton65/6 beamed back to Highfield Road(cr/sl tr)(£1).. Cardiff v Coventry !st theatre vision transmission 0f a football league match 65/6(fld)(£3), “Gary Mabbutt`s Knee” Issue51(50p)


 10/11(£1.50) Swindon(FAC)m   12/13(£1.50) Leyton Orient, 16/17(£2) Colchester,  Hartlepool, 19/20(£2)Colchester(CC), Colchester(sl fld)(80p),



 57/8  Barrow(£6),  Rochdale(r/s mkd)(£3),  58/9 Barrow(£6), Coventry(£6), C.Palace(sl cr)(£4),  Millwall(fld)(£4),  Port Vale(£5), Workington(cr)£3),   59/60  Bradford PA (£5), Millwall(£5), Southport(£5), Tottenham(FAC)(fld)(£12), Walsall(£6), 60/1(£4) Chester, Darlington,  Doncaster, Mansfield(fld)(£3), Millwall, Oldham(fld/nof)(£2),Southport(fld)(£3), 61/2(£3.50) Aldershot(sof)(£2), Barrow(sof)(£2), Chester, Doncaster(poor)(50p), Gillingham(sof)(£2), Hartlepool(sof)(£2), Lincoln(sof)(£2), Port Vale(FAC)(fld)(£2), Rochdale(sof)(£2), Stockport(sof)(£2), Workington(fld/wof)(£1.50), Wrexham(sof)(£2), York (sof/cr)(£1),   62/3(£3) Brad City, Gillingham, 63/4(£2.50) Barnsley, Bournemouth(sof)(£1.50), Brentford,  Bristol Rovers, Colchester, Notts Cty, QPR(sof)(£1), Port Vale, Reading(fld)(£1.50), Shrewsbury, Walsall, Watford(fld)(£1.50),  64/5(£2.50) Barnsley, Brad City(cr)(£1.50), Brighton(fld)(£2), Chesterfield, Darlington, Doncaster, Halifax(r/s)(£1.50), Newport, Stockport,  65/6(£2.50) Barrow, Brad City, Chesterfield, Coventry(FAC), Darlington, Halifax, Lincoln, Newport(Dec)(£5), Newport(Mar), Notts Cty, Southport(LC)(£5), Torquay, Tranmere, Tranmere, Wrexham,  Wrexham(fld)(£2), 66/7(£2) Aldershot, Brad City(fld)(£1.50), Brentford, Chester, darlingtopn, Grimsby(FAC)(sl fld)(£1.50), Halifax, Lincoln, Luton, Newport, Notts Cty, Port Vale, Southend, Stockport, Stockport(LC),  67/8(£2) Aldershot, Altrincham(CSC)(£2), Barnsley, BradfordPA, Brad City, Chester, Darlington,  Exeter, Halifax, Hartlepools, Luton, newport, Notts Cty,Port Vale,  Southend, Stockport, Workington, Wrexham, York, 68/9(£1.50) Barnsley, Barrow, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Crewe, Hartlepool, Leyton Orient, Luton, Northampton(LC), Northampton, Oldham, Reading, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Southport, Torquay, Tranmere, Watford, 69/70 (£1.25) Colchester, Chesterfield, Doncaster(FAC),  Exeter,  Grimsby, Lincoln, Newport, Northampton, Notts Cty, Peterboro, Port Vale,  Scunthorpe, Southend, Workington, Wrexham,  70/1 (£1) Camb Utd(£4), Northampton, Notts Cty(£2),  Workington(sof)(60p), 71/2 (£1) Camb Utd), Doncaster, Newport, Peterboro, Southport(LC), Workington(sof)(50p),  72/3(£1) Brad CityBury, Camb Utd, Colchester, Camb Utd(sl tr)(60p), Hartlepool, Workington,  73/4(£1) Bury, Colchester, Newport, Workington,  74/5(£1) Camb Utd, Hartlepool, Newport, Reading(fld)(60p) , Rochdale(sl mk)(60p), Torquay, Workington,(sl mk)(50p),   75/6(8£1) Barnsley, Bournemouth, Brad City(sl cr)(50p), Camb Utd, Chelsea(LC)(£15), Huddersfield, Lincoln, Newport, Scunthorpe(sl fld)(60p), Reading, Southport, Stockport, Torquay, Tottenham(LC)(£3), Tranmere,(LC), Workington, 76/7(80p) Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Newport(Dec prog + Mar wrapper)(£5, Scunthorpe,  Southend, Southport, Stockport, 77/8(80p) Bury(LC)(fld)(50p), Newport, Stockport, Watford(cr)(40p),  77/8(80p) Bury(LC), Newport, Southport, 78/9(80p) Bournemouth, Brad City, Crewe, Doncaster, Hartlepool(cr)(40p), Hartlepool(FAC), Hereford, Huddersfield, Newport, Notts Cty(LC), Port Vale, Scunthorpe, Torquay, Wigan, York , 79/80(80p) Lincoln, Newport, Stockport, 80/1(80p)Doncaster, Hartlepool, Mansfield, Scunthorpe, Southend, Wigan, 81/2(80p) Colchester, Halifax, Scunthorpe, Torquay, 82/3(80p) Colchester, Tranmere, 83/4(80p) Colchester, Hartlepool(sof)(60p),  84/5(80p) Colchester, Torquay, 85/6(80p) Camb Utd, Halifax, Rochdale, Stockport, Torquay, Watford(MC), 86/7(80p) Camb Utd, Colchester, Peterboro,  87/8(80p) Arsenal(Youth Cup)(cr)(£2), Bolton, Camb Utd(Jan),  Camb Utd(Spril 4 page)(£3), Colchester,  Peterboro, Wigan(FAYC)(£1.50), 88/9 (80p)  Burnley, Colchester, Halifax, Lincoln(LC), Scarboro, 89/90(80p) Bolton, Fulham, Notts County, Preston, Reading, Wigan,  90/1(80p)  Fulham, L Orient,  Stoke, 91/2(80p) Gillingham, Lincoln,  92/3(80p) Colchester, Crewe(CCC), Wrexham,  93/4 (80p)Chester, Colchester, Darlington, Darlington(FAC), Doncaster,  Preston, Rochdale,  94/5(80p) Peterboro,  95/6(£1) Burnley, Burnley(AWS)(£3), Darlington(CCC), Sheff Wed)CCC), 96/7(£1) Burnley, Gillingham, Notts Cty,  02/3(£1) Colchester, Notts Cty, 03/4(£2) West Ham,  04/5(£2) Ipswich, Watford,  Shrewsbury, West Ham, 05/6(£2)  Luton, 06/7(£2) L Orient,  07/8 (£2) Hartlepool, L Orient(sl mkd)(80p), 08/9(£2) Colchester, Hartlepool, 11/12(£2) AFC Wimbledon, Colchester(FAC), 16/17 (£2) Crewe,  17/18(£2) Colchester, 19/20(£2)  Camb Utd,   ..Friendlies..64/5 v Stoke(Keery)(£5), 65/6 v Stoke(Barnes/Wheatley)(£5), 81/2 v Stoke (£2), 84/5 Crewe Past v Present(Dyer) (£1), 87/8 v Middlesbro(YC)(£2), Middlesbro(YC 2nd Rep)(£2), 89/90 Sunderland(£3),..v Arsenal 99/00(FA Premier Academy League Final)(£2.50),


 45/6 Aldershot(£32), Bournemouth(£32), Cardiff(£32), Exeter(£32), Norwich(£35), QPR(fld)(£30), QPR(FAC)(fld)(£25), Reading(fld)(£28), Torquay(£32),  46/7  Cardiff(sl fld)£20), Ipswich(sl fld)(£25), Northampton(wof)(£14), Reading(sl cr/wof)(£14), Swindob(sl cr)(£15),  “Christmas 46” Souvenir(4 page)(cr)(£7),  47/8  Newport(sl fld)(£15), Norwich(back page missing)(£3), Notts Cty(£16), Notts Forest(FR)(cr)(£12),  Port Vale(£16), Port Vale(FAC)(£16), QPR(£18), Reading(fld/sl tr)(£12), Southend(cr)(£10),  Watford(£16) 48/9  Brighton(fld)£14), Bristol Rovers(fld)(£14), Exeter(cr)(£8), Ipswich(sl fld)(£18), Millwall(£16), Stockport(FR)(fld)(£16), Swindon(fld)(£12), Walsall(£15), Watford(£15),  49/50 Aldershot(£14), Bournemouth(£14), Brifgton(£14), Bristol Cty( piece missing back page/fld)(£6), Bristol Rovers(£14), Millwall(fld)(£10), Northampton(£14), Notts cty(£14), Southend(£14),   50/1 Bristol City(fld/ph)(£8), Exeter(£12), Plymouth(sl fld/wof)£8), Reading(fld)(£9), Southend(sl mk)(£10), 51/2 Gillingham(£14), Southend(£12),  52/3 Millwall(£10), Southend(£10|),   53/4  Chelsea(FR OOLights)(£15), Southend(£15),  54/5  Millwall(£9), Norwich(£12),   55/6 Brentford(wof)(£3.50), Colchester(sl fld)(£6), Dagenham(LCC)(s/s,sof,t/c)£7).  Millwall(£7), Newport(£7), Norwich(£8), Rotherham(£7), Southend(£7), Swindon(£7),  Watford(£8),   56/7 Brentford(nof)(£.50),  Shrewsbury(nof)(£4), Swindon(ph)(£4), Torquay(sl fld)(£6),  57/8 Aldershot9£6), Colchester(£6), Millwall(£6), Ipswich(FAC)(£6), Port Valer(£6), Southend(£6), Watford(£6),  58/9 Arsenal(SJFC Final)4 page)(£9), Barrow(wof)(£2.50), Coventry(£5), Gillingham(£5) , Hartlepool(£5), Millwall(£5), Millwall(SFCC)(£6), Northampton(£5), Port Vale(£5) , Shrewsbury(£5), Shrewsbury(FAC)(nof)£3.50), Southport(£5), Torquay(£5), Walsall(£5), York(£5) 59/60 Bradford PA(£5), Chester(nof)(£4), Darlington(cr)(£2.50), Exeter(r/s)(£4), Gateshead(£6), Gillingham(nof)(£3), Millwall(nof)(£3), Northampton(£5),  Notts County(£5),  Southport(nof)(£3), Torquay(nof)(£3), Watford(nof)(£3),  60/1(£4) Aldershot, Chester(wof)(£2.25), Crewe(sl cr)(£2.50), Doncaster, Exeter(wof)(£3), Gillingham(wof)(£3), Mansfield(wof)(£3), Millwall, Northampton, Oldham(r/s)(£2.50), Peterboro(r/s)(£3), Oldham, Portsmouth, Stockport, Watford(FAC), Wrexham(wof)(£3),  61/2(£3.50) Barnsley, Bradford PA, Coventry, Grimsby, Halifax, Hull, Newport, Notts Cty(wof)(£2), Portsmouth(wof)(£2.50), Portsmouth(FAC)(£4), Northampton, Peterbor(FAC), QPR(wof)(£2.50), Shrewsbury, Southend, Torquay, Watford, 62/3(£3) Brighton, Colchester(fld)(£2), Halifax, Hull, Millwall, Northampton, Notts Cty(fld)(£2), Peterboro, Port Vale , QPR, Shrewsbury, Southend,  Swindon(cr)(£1.75), Watford, Wrexham(wof)(£1.75),  63/4 £2.50) Barnsley(poor)(50p),  Colchester, Coventry, Luton, Mansfield(r/s)(£2), Millwall, Notts Cty(wof)(£1.50), Oldham, Port Vale(sl mk)(£2), QPR, Walsall, Watford(nof)(£1.50), 64/5(£2.50)Bolton, Bury, Bury(FAC)(sl mk)(£2), Charlton, Derby, Leeds (FAC)(£4), Ipswich, Leeds(FAC)(wof)£1.50), Leyton Orient, Newcastle(£4), Northampton, Norwich, Notts Forest(FAC), Plymouth(sl tr)(£2), PrestonRotherham(wof)(£1.50), 65/6(£2.50) Birmingham(wof)(£1.50),  Bolton, Bristol City, Cardiff, Charlton, Coventry(wof/mk)(£1), Grimsby(LC)(£3.50), Ipswich(wof)(£1.50), Leyton Orient, Middlesbro(wof)(£1.50), Portsmouth, Preston, Rotherham,  66/7(£2.50) Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol City, Bury, Cardiff, Carlisle, Charlton, Coventry, Huddersfield, Hull(mkd)(£1), Ipswich, Millwall, Northampton, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Preston, Rotherham(wof)(£1.50), Wolves, 67/8(£2) Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol City, Charlton, Derby, Hull, Ipswich, Millwall, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Preston, QPR, Walsall(FAC),  68/9 (1.50) Birmingham(sl fld)(£1), Blackpool, Bolton, Cardiff(sl mk)(£1.25) Carlisle, Charlton(sl mk)(80p), Charlton(FAC),  Derby, Fulham, Huddersfield,  Middlesbro, Millwall, Norwich(£3), Oxford, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd(cr)(60p), 69/70 (£1.25) Arsenal, Blackpool(LC)(sl cr)(£2),  Coventry, Derby(LC)(£2), Everton, Ipswich, Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Stoke, Tottenham, Tottenham(FAC), Sunderland, WBA, West Ham, Wolves , 70/1(£1) Arsenal(LC)(£4), Blackpool, Chelsea, Chelsea(FAC)(£2), Derby, Derby(LC)(poor)(40p), Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leeds(t/c) (£2), , Lincoln(LC)(t/c)(80p), Man Utd(t/c), Newcastle, Notts Forest, Southampton(mkd)(60p), Tottenham, West Ham, 71/2(£1) Arsenal(t/c)(60p), Chelsea, Derby(sl cr)(70p),  Huddersfield, Ipswich(sl cr)(70p), Leeds(£1.50), Leicester(ph)(60p), Liverpool(£2), Luton(LC), Man City(s; fld(60p).  Notts Forest, Stoke(fld)(60p), Tottenham, West Ham, 72/3(£1) Arsenal, Birmingham,  Chelsea(mkd)(50p), Coventry, Derby, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Norwich,  Sheff Wed(FAC), Southampton, Southampton(FAC),  Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 73/4 (80p) Blackpool(cr)(40p),  Cardiff, Fulham(poor)(40p), Hull, Luton, Millwall, Notts Cty, Notts Forest, Oxford(cr)(40p), Preston(cr)(50p) ,  Sheff.Wed, WBA(cr)(40p) 74/5(80p) Chesterfield, (sl cr)(60p), Colchester, Gillingham, Grimsby(sl cr)(50p), Huddersfield, Port Vale, Southend, Tranmere, Grimsby(sl mk)(50p), Hereford, Port Vale, Preston, Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, Southend(sl fld)(60p), 75/6 (80p) Sheff Wed,  76/7(80p)Bury(sl tr)(50p),Brighton(FAC),  Gillingham(tr)(40p), Grimsby, Lincoln(sl cr)(60p), Liverpool(fld)(60p), Oxford(fld)(40p), Preston, Reading(cell& cr)(30p), Shrewsbury, Swindon(fld)(50p), Tranmere(sl fld)(50p),  77/8(80p) Cardiff,  Hull, Notts County, Port Vale(FAYC)£4), Southampton(LC)(£2.50), Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham(£2), 78/9(80p) A.Villa, Blackburn, Bristol Rovers,  Camb Utd, Charlton, Fulham, Middlesbro(FAC)(£3), Notts County, Preston, Sheff Utd, Sunderland,  West Ham, Wrexham, 79/80(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Bolton, Brighton, Bristol City, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Ipswich, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Notts Cty(sl fld)(60p), Notts.Forest, Southampton, Stockport(LC), Stoke, Tottenham, WBA, Wolves, 80/1(80p) A.Villa, Birmingham, Bolton(LC), Everton, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd(t/c)(60p), Middlesbro, Norwich, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, 81/2(80p)  Bolton, Brighton(£1.50), Camb Utd, Charlton, Doncaster(LC), Grimsby, Luton, Orient(FAC), Orient, Norwich(t/c)(50p),  QPR, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Watford, 82/3(80p) Birmingham(FAC), Camb Utd, Fulham, QPR,   83/4(80p) Barnsley, Brighton,  Camb Utd, Cardiff, Charlton, Chelsea(£2), C.Palace, Burnley, Derby, Fulham, Huddersfield, Leeds, Leicester(FAC)(sl tr)(30p), Man.City, Newcastle , Oldham,  Peterboro(MC), Shrewsbury, West Ham(FAC) 84/5(80p)Barnsley, Birmingham, Blackburn, Carlisle, Fulham, Huddersfield, Leeds, Man City, Millwall(FAC), Northampton(MC), Portsmouth, Sheff Utd, Sunderland(MC), 85/6(80p) Brighton, Charlton(MC)(sl fld)(60p), Charlton, Fulham, Huddersfield, Hull, Luton(FAC), Man Utd(MC)(£1.50), Middlesbro,    Oldham, Portsmouth, Shrewsbury, Sunderland, Wimbledon,  86/7(80p) Barnsley, Ipswich, Plymouth, Sheff Utd, Shrewsbury, Sunderland,  87/8(80p) Barnsley, Ipswich, Leicester, Oldham, Reading(sl fld)(60p), Sheff Utd, Stoke, WBA, 88/9(80p) Birmingham. Bournemouth(sl fld)(60p),  Chelsea(£1.50),  Hull, Ipswich, Sunderland,   89/90 (80p) Arsenal(£2), A.Villa, Charlton(ZDS)(£1.50), Charlton, (£2), Chelsea, Chelsea(ZDS Final)(£2), Leicester(LC), Derby, Everton(sl cr)(50p), Liverpool, Luton(ZDS)(£3), Luton(sl fld)(50p), Man City, Man Utd, Millwall, Norwich, Notts Forest, QPR, Rochdale(FAC), Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham, Wimbledon,  90/1(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Chelsea, Coventry, Everton, Leyton Orient(RC), Liverpool, Luton(ZDS)(£2), Man City, Man Utd(£2.50),  Norwich(ZDS)(£2), Notts Forest(sl fld)(50p), Notts Forest(FAC), QPR,  Southampton, Southend(RC), Sunderland, Totenham,  91/2 (£1) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham(LC), Chelsea, Chelsea(ZDS)(£4), Coventry, Everton, Luton, Man City, Man Utd(£2.50), Notts Cty, Notts Forest(RC), Norwich, Notts Forest, Oldham, QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Southend(ZDS)(£3), Tottenham, West Ham, Wimbledon,   92/3(£1) Arsenal, A.Villa, Chelsea, Chelsea(CCC), Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds, Lincoln(CCC), Liverpool(CCC), Man City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Norwich, Notts Forest, Oldham, QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham(£4), Wimbledon, 93/4 (£1) Barnsley, Birmingham, Bolton, Bristol City,  Charlton(CCC), Charlton, Derby, Everton(CCC), Grimsby, Luton, Leicester, Millwall, Millwall(AIT)(£2), Notts County, Notts Forest, Oxford, Peterboro, Portsmouth, Stoke, Sunderland, Tranmere, WBA, Watford(sl cr), Wolves, 94/5(£1) Arsenal, Blackburn, Chelsea, Everton, Ipswich, Leicester, Leeds, LIncoln(FAC), Liverpool, Man City, Man City(CCC), Man Utd(£3), Newcastle, Norwich, QPR, Southampton, Tottenham, Watford, Watford(FAC), West Ham, Wimbledon, Wolves(FAC)(sl fld)(£90p),   95/6(£1) Barnsley,  Charlton, Derby, Grimsby, Ipswich, Leicester, Luton(inc Mar update)(£1.50), Middlesbro, Millwall, Norwich, Oldham, Port Vale(FAC), Port Vale, Reading, Sheff Utd, Southend(CCC), Watford, Watford(FAYC)(sl cr)(£1), WBA, Wolves, 96/7(£1) Barnsley, Birmingham, Bolton, Brad City, Bury(CCC), Charlton, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Man City, Norwich, Oldham,  Oxford, Portsmouth, Port Vale, QPR, Reading, Southend, Tranmere, WBA, West Ham(FAYC)(£2.50), Wolves,  97/8(1)  A Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea, Everton, Hull(CCC), Leeds, Leicester(FAC), Liverpool, Newcastle, Scunthorpe(FAC), Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham, 98/9(£1) Camb Utd(RES), Chelsea(£2),  Ipswich, Notts Forest, Oxford, QPR, Sheff Utd, Sunderland(cr)(80p), 99/00(£1.20) Birmingham, Bolton, Charlton,  Colchester(WC), Crewe, Fulham, Grimsby,  Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leicester(WC), Man City, Norwich, Notts Forest, Port Vale, QPR, Stockport, Tottenham(LC), Tranmere, Walsall, WBA, Wolves, 00/1(£1.20) Barnsley, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Burnley(WC), Cardiff(WC), Crewe, Fulham(£2), Gillingham,  Grimsby, Notts Forest, Portsmouth, Preston, QPR, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Stockport, Sunderland(WC)£2), Sunderland(FAC), Watford, WBA, Wimbledon,  01/2(£1.50) Birmingham(cr)(80p), Coventry, Millwall, Stockport,  02/3((£1.80) Brad City, Burnley, Millwall, Preston(sl cr)(90p), Reading,    03/4 (£2)Crewe, Notts Forest, Reading, Walsall(cr)(90p),  04/5((£2) Arsenal(sl cr) (£2), Charlton, Chelsea(£18), Fulham,  05/6(£2.50) Ipswich, Luton, Northampton(FAC)(sl cr)(£1.50), Norwich, Preston, QPR,   06/7(£2)  Birmingham, Burnley, Colchester, Ipswich, Leeds(£4), Luton, Norwich(sl mk)(£1), Plymouth, Southampton(sl mk)(£1),   Southend, Sunderland, Swindon(FAC),  WBA(sl mk)(£1.25),  07/8(£2)  Bristol City(sl fld)(£1.25), Charlton, Colchester, Hull(sl mk)(£1.25), Colchester, Ipswich, Leicester(sl mk)(£1.25), Sheff Wed, 08/9(£2) Bristol City, Charlton,  09/10 (£2) Ipswich, QPR, Sheff Wed, 14/15 (£2) Everton, Hull, Liverpool(with insert)(£3), Newcastle, QPR, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, 15/16(£2) Newcastle,  19/20(£2) Colchester(CC)(sl fld)(80p),  ..SPECIALS..  53/4 v LondonX1(4 page fld)(Hanlon)(£12),  55/ Croydon Professional X1(£6), 66/7 v Dundeee Utd(s/s)(fld)(£3), 67/8 v Burnley(FR)(£4), Millwall(FR)(fld)(£2), Testimonials 66/7 v Int`l X1( Long)(£2.50),6 7/8 v IntlXi(Petchey)(£2.50), 73/4 v Chelsea( Jackson)(ph)(£1) ,  Tottenham(late 79/80)(Hinshelwood)(£2), Chelsea( Graham)(£3),  92/3 v Tottenham(£2), Tottenham(Allison)(£3), 02/3 v Tottenham( Rodger)(£2.50), Friendlies v 55/6 v International ManagersX1(£5), v Walthamstow(wof)(£6), 56/7 v Clyde(fld/wof 4 page)(£5),  ManagersX1(Oct)(wof)(£4), (May)(wof)(£4), (£2.50), 56/7 v Fulham(wof)(£3.50), .Real Madrid(60s)(FR)(£4),. 66/7 v Slovan Bratislav( 4 page sof)(£3), C.P under 20s England Youth(£5),  67/8 Palace u19 v England Youth(s/s)(£2.50), 64/5 v West Ham(Inaug Match at CP Centre Stadium)(with card)(sl cr)(£2.50),  67/8 vMillwall(FR)(4 page)(£4), 68/9 v West Ham(Inc card)(£4), 73/4 v Chelsea(Jackson)(sl fld)(£6), 77/8 v Wolves(fld)(£3), Under19s v England Youth(cr)(60p), 82/3 v QPR(4 page)(£3), 85/6 V Chelsea(FR)(£2), West Ham(AUG)(£2), 85/6(JAN)(£3),  87/8 v Watford(Chatterton)(£2), 93/4 Res v  Ipswich(£1.25),  95/6 v QPR(£1.50), 99/00 Leicester((sl cr)(£1), 01/2 v Fulham(£1), .Souvenir Promotion Prog 68/9(£4).. Brochure.”Know your Team” Palace 77/8(£4), Magazine “SE25” Issue11(£1),   Official Supporters magazine 27/3/1970(£2), Official Annual 1980(£3), Handbooks…….1938/9(£50), 47/8(some mottling)(£12), 49/50(£15), 59/60(£8), 62/3(£8), 72/3(sl mk)(£5), TEAMSHEETS (£1 each) Chelsea 05/6,


45/6  A. Villa(flds) £22), Millwall(ph/flds)(£22),46/7  Arsenal(fld)(£25), Blackpool(£25), Sunderland (£25),   47/8  Sheff Utd(sl fld)(£18), 48/9 Bolton(sl cr)(£14), Everton(ph)(£16), Huddersfield(£16), Man Utd(cell sp)(£15, Southport(FAC)(sl fld) (£18),  49/50  Bury(fld)(£13), Huddersfield(sl fld)(£15), 50/1  Arsenal(£20), Blackpool(£12), Man Utd(sl cr)(£18), 51/2 Arsenal(sl rs)(£12), 52/3 Arsenal(£15), Arsenal(£18), Chelsea((crf)(£7),  55/6 Accrington(£10), Barrow(£8), Brad City(£7), Gateshead(£8), Hartlepool(£7), Mansfield(£7), Oldham(£7), Southport(£8), Stockport(£7), York(£8),  56/7 Hartlepool(£8), York(£8),   57/8 Barnsley(£6), Blackburn(sl r/s)(£5), Bristol Rovers(£6), Cardiff(£7), L Orient(sof)(£5), Notts Cty(£6), West Ham(£15),  58/9  Barnsley(£5)Brighton(£5), Bristol City(£5), Bristol Rovers(£4), Cardiff(£5), Huddersfield(r/s)(£3), Ipswich(£5), L Orient(£5), Preston(FAC), Rotherham (£6), Sheff Utd(£5), Stoke(£5), Sunderland(£6),  Swansea(£5), 59/60 A. Villa(£5), Brighton(£5), Cardiff(£6), Ipswich(r/s)(£4), Leyton Orient(sl mk)(£4), Plymouth(fld)(£4), Stoke(£5),  60/1(£4) Brighton, Charlton, Huddersfield, Ipswich(Jan) Ipswich(Apr)(fld)(£3), Norwich, Plymouth(sof)(£3),  Rotherham, Southampton, Sunderland(mkd)(£2.50), Swansea, 61/2(£3.50) Brighton(sof)(£2.50), Bristol Rovers, Charlton(sof)(£2.50), Huddersfield, L Orient, Luton, Newcastle, Plymouth(sof)(£2.50), Portsmouth, Preston, Rotherham, Scunthorpe(sof)£2.50), Southampton, Stoke, Swansea(sof)(£2.50), Walsall,  62/3(£3) Cardiff,  Peterboro(FAC), Preston(sof)(£2.50), Plymouth, Portsmouth(sof)(£2.50), Rotherham,   63/4(£2.50) Charlton(sof)(£2), Huddersfield(sof)(£2), Newcastle, Scunthorpe, Swansea(sof)(£2), Swindon(sof)(£2), 64/5(£2.50) Bolton(sof)(£2), Bury, Cardiff(sof)(£2), Ipswich(sof)(£2),  Northampton(fld)(£2), Plymouth, Portsmouth(sl r/s)(£2), Rotherham(sof)(£2), Southampton(sof)(£2), Swansea(sof)(£1), 65/6(£2.50)  Coventry, Plymouth, Reading(LC),  Southampton(r/s/sof)(£1)Swindon(LC)(ph)(£1.25)  66/7(£2.50) Birmingham, Bolton, Coventry, Millwall(r/s)(£2), Preston(r/s)(£2), 67/8( £2.50) Birmingham, Bristol City, C Palace, Huddersfield, Hull, Millwall, Norwich, Plymouth(cr)(80p), Portsmouth,   68/9 (£2) Birmingham , Middlesbro, Millwall, Norwich, Portsmouth,  69/70(£1.25) Arsenal(£3), Coventry, C.Palace, C Palace(LC), Hull(LC)(sof)(£1), Ipswich, Man.City, Man Utd, Notts Forest, Preston(FAC)(r/s)(80p),  Sheff Utd(FAC), Sheff Wed(sof)(70p), Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham(£3),  WBA, 70/1(£1) Blackpool, Burnley , Chelsea(£2), C. Palace, Huddersfield(sof& auto),  Halifax(LC), Huddersfield, Leeds(£2.50), Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Southampton, Stoke(t/c)(80p), Tottenham, WBA, West Ham  71/2 (newspaper style £2.50 each) Arsenal(FAC)(£5), Arsenal,  Chelsea(£3), Coventry, C.Palace, Everton, Huddersfield(sl mk)(£1),  Ipswich,  Leeds(LC)(£6), Leeds(£8), Leicester, Man City(£4), Man Utd(£10), Newcastle,  Newcastle(Tec s/f)(£6), Notts County(FAC), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Shrewsbury(FAC)(£4), Southampton,  Stoke, WBA, West Ham, Wolves(£4), Championship Edition(£6),  72/3(Newspaper style£1.50 each) Arsenal, Birmingham, Chelsea(£6), Chelsea(LC)(£2.50), Coventry, Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(£5), Leeds(FAC)(£4), Leicester, Man City(£3), Man Utd(£4), Newcastle, Norwich,  QPR,  QPR(FAC), Sheff Utd, Southampton, Tottenham(£5), WBA , West Ham(£4),  73/4 (newspaper style)(£2 each), Arsenal(£4), Birmingham, Burnley, Cheslea(£4), Coventry(FAC 4 page)(fld)£8), Everton, Ipswich, Leeds(£5), Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd(£6), Newcastle,  QPR,  Sheff Utd(slcr)(£1), Southampton,  Sunderland(LC)(£4), Stoke, West Ham(£4), Wolves(£4),  74/5(Newspaper style)(2 each) Arsenal(£4), Birmingham, Bristol Rovers(FAC)(£3), Burnley/Chelsea(Jt)(£3), Coventry, Everton, Ipswich,  Leeds(FAC), Leeds(£12), Leicester,  Luton(fld)(£2), Man City, Middlesbro, Newcastle, QPR, Sheff Utd, Stoke, Tottenham(£3), Wolves(£3),  75/6((Newspaper style£2.50 each) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Burnley, Coventry, Huddersfield(LC)(£4), Ipswich, Leeds(£5), Leicester, Man City (fld)(£1.50), Man Utd(£4), Middlesbro, Newcastle(sl fld)(£2), Newcastle(FAC(sl fld)(£2), Norwich, Sheff Utd, Southend(FAC)(£4), Stoke, West Ham(£4), Wolves 76/7  (Newspaper style2 each) Arsenal(£4), A. Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn(FAC), Blackpool(FAC)(£4), Bolton(LC), Brighton(LC), Bristol City, Colchester(FAC),  Coventry(fld),(£1), Everton, Ipswich(sl cr)(£1), Leeds(£4), Leicester(Tear)(80p), Newcastle, Notts County(LC), QPR, Stoke(cr)(80p),  Sunderland(£3), WBA West Ham(£3), 77/8 (Newspaper(£2 each) Arsenal(£3), Birmingham,  Chelsea(£3), Ipswich, Leeds(£4), L Orient(LC), Leicester, Middlesbrouth, Man Utd(£5), QPR(fld)(£2), Southend(FAC), West Ham(£3.50), Wolves(£3),  78/9 (Newspaper£1.50) Arsenal(£2), A.Villa, Birmingham, Bolton, Chelsea(£3), Coventry, Ipswich, Liverpool, Man City(tear)(80p), QPR, Southampton, Tottenham, WBA, Wolves(£2.50), 79/80 (80p) Arsenal, Bolton, Brighton(t/m)(£1.50),  Bristol City(t/m)(£1.50), Coventry(£2), C.Palace(3, Everton(fld)(50p), Ipswich, Leeds(t/m)(£3), Liverpool(£4), Man Utd(t/m)(£4), ]Middlesbro, Middlesbor(LC)(sl cr)(40p), Norwich(£2.50), Notts Forest, Southampton(mkd/t/m)(£1), Stoke(t/m)(£1.50), Tottenham(£2), 80/1(Newspaper(£2),  Blackburn, Bolton, Bristol City, Bristol City(FAC), Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd, Cardfiff, Chelsea(£4), Grimsby, L Orient, Luton, Newcastle, Notts Cty, Oldham, Preston, QPR, QPR(LC), Sheff Wed, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Watford, West Ham, 81/2(Newspaper style)(£2.50)  Blackburn, Bolton, Camb Utd, Barnsley/Cardiff(jt), Camb Utd, Charlton, Chelsea(£4), C>Palace, Grimsby, Leicester, L Orient, (sl mk)(£1), Luton, Newcastle, Norwich, Oldham, QPR, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, West Ham(LC)(£4), Wrexham, 82/3(Newspaper style £2 each) Barnsley, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Camb Utd, Carlisle, Charlton, Chelsea(£4), Chelsea(FAC)(£4), C. Palace, Grimsby, Halifax(LC), Hartlepool(LC), Leeds(£3), Leicester, Man Utd(FAC)(£5), Middlesbro, Newcastle, Notts Forest(FAC)(sl tr)(£1), Oldham, QPR, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Wolves(£3), 83/4(80p) Birmingham(MC), Blackburn, Camb Utd,  Cardiff,  Charlton, Chelsea(poor)(20p), Fulham, Grimsby, Norwich(FAC), Oldham, Sheff Wed,  84/5(80p) Camb utd,  Gillingham,  Newport, 85/6(80p) Cardiff, Walsall, Wigan  86/7(80p)  C Palace, Ipswich, Millwall, Sunderland 87/8(80p) Birmingham(Simod)(£2.50), Sheff Wed. Tottenham, West Ham,  Wimbledon, 88/9(80p) Arsenal, Bournemouth(Simod)(£1.50), Everton, Liverpool, Luton, Man Utd,  Middlesbro, Millwall, Newcastle, Sheff Wed, Tottenham, Wimbledon,  89/90(80p)  Arsenal, Chelsea, Camb Utd(LC), Liverpool, Norwich,  Sheff Wed, Sheff Wed(LC),  Tottenham, West Ham(LC), 90/1 (80p) Arsenal, Carlisle(RC), Chelsea, Coventry(fld)(60p), C Palace, Everton, Liverpool, Luton, Man City, Man Utd(sl mk)(60p),Man City, Norwich, QPR, Sheff Wed(RC),  Sunderland(RC)(£2), Sunderland,  Tottenham, 91/2(80p) A.Villa(FAC), Barnsley, Blackburn, Burnley(FAC), Ipswich, Millwall, Newcastle,  Plymouth, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Swindon, Tranmere, Wolves,  92/3(£1) Barnsley, Birmingham, Brentford(AIT)(sl fld)(£1), Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Camb Utd(sl mk)(50p), Grimsby, Millwall, Notts Cty(AIT)(£2), Notts Cty, Sunderland, West Ham,  Brentford, Grimsby, Leicester, Notts County, Watford,  93/4(80p) Barnsley, Birmingham, C.Palace. Exeter(CCC), Notts Cty, Notts Forest, Oxford, Stoke, Tottenham(CCC)(£2),   94/5(£1) Barnsley, Bolton, Bristol City, Burnley, Middlesbro, Millwall, Notts Cty, Port Vale, Reading, Swindon, Watford, Wolves,  95/6(£1) Reading, Ipswich, Sunderland  96/7(£1) Arsenal(£2), Blackburn, Chelsea(£4), Coventry(sl mk)(50p), Coventry(FAC), Everton, Leicester, Liverpool(£2), Luton, Leeds, Middlesbro(FAC), Middlesbro, Sheff Wed, Sunderland, Tottenham(£2), Wimbledon 97/8 £1) Arsenal, Man Utd(£2), Tottenham(£2), Wimbledon(Aug)(£3), Wimbledon(Oct),  98/9(£1) Arsenal(, Arsenal(WC)(£2), Chelsea, Tottenham,   99/00(£1.50) Arsenal, Liverpool,  Watford(Mill Ltd Ed)(£3), Tottenham,  00/01(£1.50) Arsenal, Sunderland,  Tottenham,   01/2(£1.50) Arsenal, Ipswich, Sunderland, West Ham, 02/3(£1.60) Gillingham, Ipswich, Reading,  03/4(£1.60) C Palace, Ipswich, Sunderland, West Ham 04/5(£1.60) Fulham(sl fld)(80p), QPR, Rotherham, Sunderland, 05/6(£2) Cardiff, Ipswich, Norwich, Sheff Utd, Stoke,  06/7(£2) Burnley, Colchester, Southend, 07/8(£2) Arsenal, Chelsea, Portsmouth, Tottenham, West Ham 09/10 (£2) Peterboro, 10/11(£2) Notts Forest. SPECIALS  EUROPEAN TIES…  71/2 v Werder Bremen(£8), 72/3  Zeljeznicar(inc wrapper)(£6), 74/5 Athletico Madrid(£4), Servette(£4), Velez Mostar(£4), 75/6 R Madrid(£4) ,  76/7 Finn Harps(£8),   ..FRIENDLIES.. 69/70 Maastricht(sof)(£1), 72/3 Den Haag(£3), 76/7 Go Ahead Deventer(£4), 79/80 v Derby County v  Champ SelectX1(Nish Test)(£2)..88/9Moscow Dynamo(£1.50)., 90/1 Chesterfield (DFACC)(£1), 94/5 Chesterfield/QPR(£2.50), Cesena(£1.50), 96/7 Sparta Rotterdam(£1), 03/4 Ajax(£1.50), 05/6 Birmingham, (£1.25), Cremonese v Derby@ Wembley92/3(£2)..71/2 v Dundee Utd(Texaco)(£10), …Derby Evening Telegraph Football Special Jan/1 1983(£1), Jan 10 1983(£1), “Bygone Derby  Evening Telegraph Special” 27/3/1982 pull out 22 pages(£2)


 50/1 Swansea(staples rusted away(£5),   51/2 Notts Forest(fld)(£10),   52/3 Huddersfield(fld)(12), International X1(Floodlight) (fld)(£7),  54/5 A.Villa(FAC)(sl fld)(£12), Birmingham)(£10), Bristol Rovers(£8), Derby(£8), Hull(£8), Ipswich(£10), Leeds(sl fld)(£15),  Lincoln(£8), Liverpool(sl fld)(£14), Luton(£8), Middlesbro(fld)(£7), Port Vale(£8), Rotherham(£8),Sheff Wed(S&HCC s/f)(split sp)(£3),  Stoke(£10), Swansea(£8),  55/6  Barnsley(£8), Fulham(£7), Leicester(sl fld)(£7), Middlesbro(£7), Rotherham(SCC s/f)(£8),  Rotherham(sof)(£5), Swansea(£7), Tottenham(FAC)(£25),  56/7  Barnsley(£7), Blackburn(£7), Bury(£7), Bristol City(£7), Bristol Rovers(£7),  Bury(£7), Fulham(£7), Grimsby(£7), Huddersfield)£7), L Orient(£7), Lincoln(£7), Notts Cty(£7), Notts Forest(£10), Port Vale(£7), Rotherham(£7), Rotherham(S&H Cup)(£8), Sheff Utd(£7), Stoke(|£7), Swansea(£7), WBA(FAC)(£12),  57/8  Airdrieonians(FR)(£12), Barnsley(£6), Bristol Rovers (sof)(£5), Cardiff(£6), Charlton(£6), Derby(£6), Fulham(£6), Grimsby(£6), Huddersfield(£6), Ipswich(£9), L Orient(£6), Lincoln(£6), Liverpool(£15), Notts Cty(£6), Rotherham(£6), Sheff Utd(£6), Swansea(£6), 58/9 Accrington(£7), Blackburn(FR)(£10), Bournemouth(£6), Brad City(£6) Brentford(£6), Bristol City(FAC)(£6), Bury(£6), Hull(£6), Mansfield(£6),  QPR(£8), Reading(£6), Rochdale(£6), Southampton(£6), Southend(£6), Wrexham(£6),   59/60 Aldershot(ph)(£3.50), Barrow(£5), Bradford PA, Bristol Rovers(FAC), Carlisle, Chester(£5), C.Palace(£5), Darlington(FAC)(£6)Gillingham(£5), Millwall(£5), Rochdale(£5), Stockport(£5), Workington(£5),  60/1 (££4)  Bradford PA, Chester(cell)(£2), Darlington, Hartlepool, Northampton, Oldham, Peterboro(1st season)(£15), 61/2(£3.50) Barrow, Brad City, Chester(sl mk)(£2),  Chesterfield(FAC), Colchester,  Crewe, Exeter, Gillingham, Hartlepools, Mansfield, Oldham, Rochdale, Southport, Stockport, Tranmere(fld/sof)(£2), Workington, Wrexham, York, 62/3(£3.50) Aldershot, Barrow, Brad City, Brad City(LC)(£8), Brentford(fld)(£2), Chester, Chesterfield(fld)(£2), Crewe, Exeter, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Newport, Oldham(fld)(£2), Oxford(£6), Rochdale, Stockport, Torquay ,Tranmere(FAC), Tranmere 63/4(£2.50) Aldershot, Barrow(fld)(£1.50), Bradford PA(fld)(£2), Brad City(fld)(£2), Brad City(LC)(fld)(£3), Bristol City(FAC)(fld)(£1.50), Carlisle(fld)(£1.50), Chester(fld)(£1.50), Chesterfield, Darlington(fld)(£1.50), Exeter(fls)(£1.50), Gillingham(Fld)(£1.50), Halifax(sof)(£2), Hartlepool, Lincoln, Newport, Notts Cty(FAC), Oxford, Rochdale, Souhtport(fld)(£1.50), Stockport,  Torquay, Tranmere(fld)(£1.50), Tranmere(FAC)(sl fld)(£2), Workington, York, York(LC)(fld)(£4), 64/5(£2.50) Aldershot, Barrow, Bradford,  Bradford(LC)(fld)(£4), Bradford City, Chester, Chesterfield, Crewe(fld)(£1.50), Darlington, Halifax, Huddersfield(FAC), Millwall, Newport(sof)(£1.50), Notts Cty, Oxford, Preston(LC)(£4), Rotherham(SCC Replay s/f|)(£4), Southport, Sheff Utd(SCC Final)(£5), Stockport, Torquay(fld0(£1.50), Wrexham, York  65/6(£2.50)Barrow(sof)(£1.50), Bradford PA(sof/sl fld)(£1.50), Chesterfield,  Colchester, Crewe,  Darlington(sof)(£1.50), Doncaster(sof)(£1.50), Halifax, Lincoln(cr)(£1), Luton(sl cr)(£1.50), Newport, Port Vale, Rochdale(sof)(£1.50), Rotherham(SCC s/f)(sl mk)(£2),  Tranmere(sof)(£1.50), 66/7(£2.50) Bournemouth(sl fld)£1.50), Brad City(LC)(cr)(£1), Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Colchester, Darlington(sl fld)(£1.50), Darlington(LC), Halifax(FAC), Orient, Peterboro, Reading(sl fld)(£1.50),  Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury(sl fld)(£1.50), Southend(FAC)(cr)(£1), Swansea, Swindon(LC)(sl fld)(£2), Swindon(sl fld)(£1.50), Walsall,  Watford(sl fld)(£1.50),  67/8(£2) Aldershot(sl fld)(£1), Barnsley(sl fld)(£1), Brad PA(RES)(s/s)(£6), Bradford PA, Brentford, Chesterfield(RES)(sd/s)(£6), Crewe, Darlington, Exeter, Hartlepool(sl mk)(£1.50), Halifax, Newport, Notts Cty, Notts Cty(FAC), Rochdale, Swansea, Workington(FAC)(£3), Wrexham,  68/9(£1.50) Brad PA(£3),  Colchester, Grimsby, Halifax, Lincoln, Newport(FAC), Notts Cty, Notts County(FAC), Peterboro, Scunthorpe, Sheff Utd(SCC Final) 2 autos)(£5), Southport(FAC)(sl fld)(£1)Swansea(sl tr)(80p), Workington,  69/70(£1.25)Barnsley, Brad.City, Brighton, Colchester, Crewe(FAC), 70/1(£1)  A.Villa, Colchester, Fulham,   71/2(£1)  Bury, Camb Utd, Southport, Workington, 72/3(£1) Brad City, Bury(FAC). Camb Utd,  Colchester, Newport, Southport, Stockport, Workington,  73/4(£1) Newport, Peterboro, Workington,  74/5(£1) Barnsley, Brentford, Camb Utd, Hartlepool, Newport, Scunthorpe, Southport, Workington, 75/6(£1) Brad.City, Camb Utd, Grimsby(LC), Hartlepool(sl mk)(60p), Newport, Tranmere, Workington, 76/7(80p) Barnsley, Brad City, Camb Utd, Colchester, Lincoln, Newport, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Southport, 77/8(80p) Aldershot, Barnsley, Bournemouth, Hartlepool, Newport, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Southend(fld)(50p), Scunthorpe, Southport, Swansea, 78/9(80p) Barnsley, Hartlepool, Huddersfield(FAC), Huddersfield, Newport, Port Vale, Reading, Rochdale,   79/80(Newspaper style)(£2 each) Hartlepool, Newport, Northampton, 80/1(80p) Bury, Hartlepool(sl cr)(60p),Stockport,  81/2(80p) Burnley,Camb Utd(FAC)(with 2/1/cover)(£2.50), Chester, Chesterfield(LC), C.Palace(LC), Carlisle, Fulham, Lincoln, Newport, Wimbledon, York(fld)(50p) 82/3(80p) Bournemouth, Exeter, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Huddersfield(MC), L Orient, Lincoln, Plymouth, Sheff Utd, 83/4(80p) Aldershot, Colchester , Fulham(sl cr)(60p),Hereford, 84/5(80p) Camb Utd, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Reading, York(MC), 85/6(80p) Cardiff, Fulham, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Newport, Notts Cty, Notts Cty(MC), Rotherham, Wigan, 86/7(80p) Blackpool, Fulham, Gillingham, Middlesbro, Notts cty,   87/8(80p) Arsenal(LC)(£2), Blackpool, Fulham, Notts Cty, Port Vale, Rotherham, Walsall, 88/9(80p) Burnley, Colchester, Rotherham, Scarboro, Torquay, 89/90 (80p) Aldershot, Burnley, Camb Utd, Colchester, Exeter, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Grimsby(LDC), Hartlepool, Notts Cty(FAC), Southend, Torquay, 90/1(80p) Aldershot, Blackpool, Hartlepool, Scunthorpe, Scunthorpe(LDT), Swindon,   91/2(80p) Blackpool(AT), Burnley(FAC), Burnley, Crewe(RC), Crewe, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Walsall,  92/3(80p) Chesterfield, Colchester, Hartlepool, Scunthorpe, Wrexham,  93/4(80p) Chester, Colchester, Rochdale,  94/5(£1) Colchester, Fulham, Scunthorpe, Sheff Wed(FAC)(£1.25),  95/6(£1) Camb Utd, Colchester, Fulham, Notts cty(AWS)(£2), Shrewsbury(CCC), 96/7(£1.20) Colchester, Fulham, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Mansfield, 97/8(£2)  Colchester(£5), Hull, Hartlepool, Mansfield, Notts County, 98/9 (£1) Hednesford, 04/5(£1.25) Colchester, Ipswich(CCC), Swindon,   05/6 Arsenal(CC)(£2.50), Colchester,   06/7(£2) Leyton Orient, Rochdale(CC), 07/8 (£2) Leyton Orient,  08/9(£2.50) Burnley, Charlton,Derby,  Sheff Wed, Southampton, 16/17(£2) Hartlepool,   …SPECIALS.. 55/6 v Spandauer(£6), 65/6 v Sheff Wed(Finney)(£2.50),  68/9 Werder Bremen(fld/sl mk)(£1), 69/70 v Lazio(slcr)(60p),  75/6 v Man Utd(£5),  Leeds(£6),  …83/4 Notts County(FR)(£1.50), Scunthorpe(FR)(£1.50), 85/6v Sunderland/WBA(Fr)(£2.50), 86/7 v Sunderland(Fr)(£4) 00/1 v Hull(FR)(£1.50), 03/4 v Livingston(FR)(£1.50),04/5 v Preston(FR)(£(£1.50)…..v Bremner All Stars(nineties?)(in aid of cervical cancer)(£1).56/7 Past v Present(Dodd)(£7), )… 64/5Rovers & Stockport v Select X1(Nibloe)(£2.50),


45/6  Sunderland(sof)(£28)   46/7 Arsenal(£44), Wolves(£35),  47/8  Sunderland(fld)(£22), 49/50   Sunderland(nof)£14), (copy ex binder £14), Tottenham(FAC)(sl fld)(£20), 50/1  Notts Cty(FR)(fld)£18)   51/2 Brentford(£9),   52/3 Leicester (sl mk)(£7), West Ham(£12), 53/4Plymouth(poor)(£1.50) 54/5  Charlton(sl fld)(£6), Preston(sl tr)(£4),  55/6  Arsenal(£9), A.Villa(FAC), Cardiff(£7), Charlton(fld)(£4), Chelsea(£7), Huddersfield(fld)(£6), Sheff Utd(£6), 56/7  Arsenal(£8), Aston Villa(cr)(£4), Blackburn(FAC)(£7), Bolton(cr)(33)Luton(£7), Portsmouth(fld)(£5), Sunderland(fld)(£5), West Ham(FAC)(fld)(£5), 57/8 Arsenal(£6), Chelsea(sof)(£6),  57/8 Arsenal(£8), Birmingham(sl fld)(£3.50), Blackburn(FAC)(fld/sof)(£4), Bolton(£7), Burnley(cr)(£3), Chelsea(sl cr)(£5), Leicester(ph)(£4), Luton(£6), Man City(sl fld)(£4), Nottingham Forest(cr)(£3), Preston(fld))(£5), Sunderland(FAC)(£6), Tottenham(£6), West Brom(£5), Wolves(poor)(£1), 58/9  A.Villa(FAC)(sof)(£4), Blackburn(cr)(£2.50), Burnley(£5)Charlton(FAC)(£5), Luton(£5), Man City(£5), Man Utd(spl spine)(£1.50), Notts Forest(£5), Portsmouth(£5), Preston(£5), Tottenham(£6), WBA(sl mk)(£4),  59/60 Arsenal(ph)(£3), Birmingham(£5), Blackburn(£5), Bolton(£5), Burnley(fld)(£4), Fulham(£5), Luton(£5),  Liverpool(LFCC)(£7), Man City(£5), Man Utd(£6), Notts Forest(£5), Preston(£5), Sheff Wed(fld/sof)(£3),  Tottenham(sof)(£4), West Brom(£5), West Ham(£5), Wolves(£5), 60/1(£4) Aston Villa, Blackburn, Blackpool(sof)(£2.50), Bolton, Burnley, Cardiff, Fulham(sof)(£2.50), Newcastle, Preston(sof)(£2.50), Sheff Wed(sof)(£2.50),West Brom, West Ham, 61/2(£3.50) Arsenal(Poor)(£1), Aston Villa(sof)(£2), Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Fulham(sof)(£2), Ipswich(sof/sl cr)(£2.50), Liecester(sl fld)(£2), Liverpool(LFC)(£5), Man.City (FAC), Man.Utd( cr&ph))(£2), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd(sof)(£2), Sheff Wed, Tottenham, West Brom(sof)(£2), West Ham(sof), Wolves, 62/3(£3) Arsenal (fld), A.Villa, Blackburn(sof)(£2), Blackpool(sof)(£2), Blackburn(sof)(£1.50), Burnley(sof)(£2), Fulham, Ipswich, Leicester, Notts Forest(sof)(£2), Sheff Utd(sof)(£2), Sheff Wed, Tottenham(sof& mkd)(£1.25), West Brom, West Ham,Wolves(sof)(£2.50), 63/4(£2.50) Arsenal, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Chelsea, Fulham, Hull(FAC), Leicester,  Hull(FAC), Ipswich, Liverpool, Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Tottenham, WBA(sof)(£1), West Ham(£5), Wolves, 64/5(£2.50) Arsenal, A.Villa, Burnley, Leeds(FAC)(cr0(£1), Leicester, Liverpool, Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed,Sheff Wed(FAC)(sof)(£1.50),  Tottenham, West Ham, 65/6 (£2.50) Arsenal, Blackburn, Coventry ,  Leeds, Liverpool, Man City(FAC)(sl fld)(£1.50), Man Utd(£3), Newcastle(cr)(£1), Notts Forest, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed(cr)(£1), Sheff Wed(Res)(£3), Tottenham, West Ham, 66/7 (£2.50) Arsenal, Aston Villa, Burnley, Burnley(FAC)(sl fld)(£1.50), Chelsea, Fulham,  Newcastle, Notts Forest(ph& cr)(75p), Sheff Wed(ph)(£1), Southampton, Stoke(ph)(75p), Sunderland, Tottenham, West Brom(ph)(£1), West Ham(£4), Wolves(FAC),  67/8(£2) Arsenal((mkd)(60p), Burnley, Fulham(Jan)(£3), Fulham(May), Leeds(sl fld)(£2), Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Stoke, Sunderland(LC), Tottenham(fld)(£1), Tranmere(LC), 68/9(£1.50) Bristol Rovers(FAC)(sof)(£1), Burnley, Coventry(FAC), Derby(LC), Ipswich(FAC), Liverpool, Luton(LC), Man City, QPR(cr)(75p),Sheff Wed, Southampton(sl mk)(£1), Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Tranmere(LC), WBA(sl fld)(£1),  West Ham, 69/70(£1.50) Arsenal(£2.50), Arsenal(LC)£3), Coventry, Chelsea(£2.50),  C.Palace(t/c)(80p), Derby, Ipswich,  Liverpool(£3), Man Utd(£4), Notts Forest , Stoke, Sunderland(sl mk)(£1), Tottenham(£2), West Ham(£2.50),  Wolves(£2), 70/1(£1) Arsenal(£6), Burnley(sl mk)(60p), Chelsea(£2), Colchester(FAC)(£2), Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leeds(£1.50), Middlesbro(FAC), Newcastle, Notts Forest, Southampton, Tottenham, West Brom, 71/2(£1) Chelsea(t/c)(£1.50), Huddersfield, Leeds(cr)(75p), Man Utd(£1.50), Newcastle(cr)(50p), Stoke(sl cr)(75p), Tottenham(FAC)(sl cr)(75p), Tottenham(sl fld)(70p), Walsall (FAC)(sl cr)(75p), West Ham(£2),  72/3(£1) A.Villa(FAC), Birmingham,  Chelsea(£2), C.Palace, Derby, Ipswich, Leicester, Man City, Man Utd(£2), Millwall, Newcastle, Norwich, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Tottenham(£2), West Ham,  73/4(£1) Arsenal, Birmingham(sl fld)(60p), Blackburn(FAC)(sl mk)(60p), Burnley(fld)(50p),  Coventry, Ipswich,  Leeds, Leicester, Man Utd(t/c)(£1.50), Norwich,  QPR, Reading(LC), Tottenham,West Ham, 74/5(£1) Burnley, Derby, Fulham(FAC), Ipswich,  Leicester, Luton(£3), Man City(fld)(60p), Newcastle,  QPR, Stoke, Tottenham(£2),  West Ham,  75/6(£1) Arsenal(sl mk)(60p), Arsenal(LC)(£2.50), A.Villa(sl cr)(60p), Burnley, Coventry, Derby, Man Utd, Notts Cty(LC), Sheff Utd, Tottenham,  West Ham,  76/7(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Birmingham, Bristol City, Camb Utd(LC), Coventry, Derby, Ipswich(cr)(40p), Leeds(sof)(60p), Liverpool(£1.50), Man City, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Norwich(DEC), Norwich(Apr), QPR, Stoke, Stoke(FAC), Sunderland(£2.50), Swindon(FAC)(cr)(60p), Tottenham(Jan), Tottenham(Mar), WBA, West Ham, 77/8(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Britol City, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester(sl cr)(60p), Liverpool(poor)(20p), Man .City, Middlesbro, Norwich (cr)(40p), QPR , West Ham 78/9(80p) Arsenal, Birmingham, Bolton, Bristol City, Chelsea, Coventry, Darlington (LC), Ipswich, Leeds, Man City,Norwich, QPR, Southampton, Tottenham, WBA(Dec)(£1), WBA (May), Wimbledon(LC),Wolves,  79/80(80p) A.Villa(LC), Brighton, Bristol City, Cardiff(LC), Derby, Ipswich(FAC), Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man.City, Man.Utd, Midlesbro, Norwich, Notts Forest,), Stoke, Tottenham, Wigan(FAC), Wolves 80/1(80p) Arsenal(FAC), A.Villa(sl cr)(50p), Birmingham, Blackpool(LC), Brighton, Coventry, C.Palace, Ipswich, Ipswich(LC), Leicester, Liverpool, Liverpool(FAC)(sl fld)(70p), Man City(FAC), Man Utd, Middlesbro, Notts Forest, Southampton(FAC), Stoke,Sunderland(£1.50),  Tottenham, WBA(LC), WBA, Wolves, 81/2(80p) Arsenal(t/c)(£1), Birmingham, Brighton, Coventry(LC), Coventry, Ipswich, Ipswich(LC), Man.City, Man Utd, Notts Cty, Notts Forest, Oxford(LC), Southampton, Stoke(fld)(60p), Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham, Wolves, 82/3(80p) Arsenal, Arsenal(MC), Aston Villa, Birmingham, Brighton, Coventry,  Liverpool, Luton, Man.City, Newport(MC), Newport(FAC), Norwich, Notts County, Notts Forest, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Tottenham(FAC), Watford, West Ham 83/4(80p) Arsenal, Gillingham(FAC)(sl cr)(40p), Ipswich, Liverpool, Luton, Notts Cty(sl fld)(50p), Southampton(sl fld)(60p), Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Tottenham(FAC), Watford, WBA, West Ham, West Ham(MC),  84/5(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Chelsea(£6), Coventry, Doncaster (FAC), Grimsby, Ipswich(FAC)(£1.50), Ipswich(FAC), Leicester, Luton,  Man.Utd, Newcastle, Norwich, Notts Forest , Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, Watford, WBA, West Ham, 85/6(80p) Everton,  Ipswich,  WBA, West Ham,  86/7(80p) Arsenal, Charlton, Chelsea, Newcastle(FMC)(£1),  Newcastle, Newport(LC), Oxford, QPR, Sheff Wed(LC), Southampton, Southampton(FAC), Tottenham, West Ham, Wimbledon, 87/8(80p) Arsenal(£2.50), Chelsea(£4), Coventry, Liverpool, Liverpool(FAC),  Luton(Simod)(£3), Man Utd,  Middlesbro(FAC), Middlesbro(2nd rep), Norwich, Notts Forest, Oldham(LC), Oxford,  QPR, Sheff Wed, Sheff Wed(FAC), Southampton, Tottenham, Everton, West Ham,   88/9(80p), A.Villa(sl fld)(60p), Bury(LC), Charlton ,Coventry(t/c)(60p), Derby, Liverpool, Luton, Man.Utd(t/c)(50p), Newcastle(fld)(60p), Oldham, Plymouth(FAC)sl fld)(60p), Notts Forest, QPR(sl cr)(60p), QPR(Simod s/f)(£2.50), Sheff Wed, Southampton(cr)(50p), Tottenham, WBA(FAC)(sl cr)(60p),  Wimbledon(FAC)(cr)(60p), Wimbledon, 89/90(80p) Arsenal. A.Villa, Charlton, Chelsea, Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Leyton Orient(LC), Liverpool,(£2),  Luton(LC)(cr)(40p), Man.City, Middlesbro(sl tr)(50p), , Middlesbro(FAC), Millwall, Norwich, Notts Forest, Oldham(sl cr)(50p), QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham , Wimbledon(sl cr)(50p),  90/1(80p) Arsenal, A.Villa, Chelsea, Coventry, C.Palace, Derby(sl fld)(60p), Leeds(mkd)(50p),   Liverpool(sl mk)(£2.50), Man.City, Man Utd, Notts Forest, QPR(cr)(50p), Sheff Utd, Southampton(sl mk)(50p), Sunderland, Sunderland(ZDS)(£3), Tottenham, West Ham(sl fld)(50p), Wimbledon, 91/2(90p) A.Villa, Chelsea(£2), Leeds(RC), Liverpool(sl mk)(60p), Man City(cr)(50p), Man Utd(sl mk)(£1), Norwich(cr)(40p),Notts Forest(sl Cr)(60p ), Oldham, QPR, Sheff Wed,  Southend(FAC), Southend, Tottenham(cr)(60p), Watford(RC), West Ham, Wimbledon, Wolves(RC)  92/3(90p) Arsenal, AVilla, Blackburn, Chelsea, Chelsea(CCC)(cr)(60p), Coventry(sl cr)(60p ), Ipswich, Leeds , Man.City ,Man Utd, Middlesbro, Norwich(sl cr)(60p), Notts Forest,  Oldham, QPR, Rotherham(CCC)(sl fld)(70p), Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Tottenham(£2), Wimbledon(FAC),  Wimbledon(CCC), Wimbledon, 93/4(£80p) A.Villa(cr)(40p), Blackburn, Bolton(FAC), Chelsea, Coventry, Ipswich, Leeds(sl fld)(80p), Lincoln(CCC)(cr)(50p), Liverpool. Man City(cr)(50p), Man Utd, Newcastle, Man Utd(£3), Norwich(sl fld)(50p), Oldham, QPR, Sheff Utd(cr)(50p), Sheff Wed, Tottenham, Wimbledon,  94/5(£1) Arsenal, A.Villa , Blackburn, Chelsea(£2), C.Palace, Coventry, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester(cr)(50p), Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich, Norwich(FAC), Notts Forest, QPR, Sheff Wed(cr)(60p),Southampton, Tottenham  Wimbledon, 95/6(£1) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea, Coventry, Leeds, Liverpool, Man.City, Man Utd(cr)(50p), Middlesbro, Millwall,  Newcastle, Notts Forest, Port Vale(FAC), QPR, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Stockport(FAC), Tottenham, West Ham , Wimbledon 96/7(£1) Arsenal(£2), A.Villa, Blackburn, Bradford City, Chelsea, Derby, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Notts Forest, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Swindon(FAC), Sunderland, Tottenham West Ham, Wimbledon,  97/8(£1.20) Arsenal, A.Villa, Blackburn, Bolton,Cheslea, Coventry, C.Palace, Derby, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle, Southampton, Sheff Wed, Tottenham , West Ham , Wimbledon,  98/9(£1) Arsenal, A.Villa, Charlton, Leeds,  Ipswich, Man Utd(£2), Newcastle, Sheff Wed, Tottenham, West Ham, Wimbledon,  99/00(£1.50) Arsenal(£2,50), Brad City, Chelsea, Coventry, Exeter(FAC),Leicester(Comm Issue)(£4),  Liverpool, Middlesbro, Sheff Wed), Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, Wimbledon, 00/1(£2) Arsenal, Bolton, Crewe(FAC), Fulham, Ipswich, L Orient(FAC), Liverpool, Man City, Middlesbro, Newcastle, Sunderland, West Ham, 01/2(£2) Leicester, L Orient(FAC), West Ham(sl cr)(80p),  02/3(£2)  Arsenal,  A.Villa, Blackburn, Chelsea, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd(£3), Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, West Ham  03/4(£2) Birmingham, Bolton, Charlton, Chelsea,  Fulham(FAC), Leeds, Leicester, Newcastle, Norwich, Portsmouth, Wolves, 04/5(£2) Arsenal, Birmingham, Charlton, Chelsea, C.Palace, Fulham, Liverpool, Man Utd(FAC), Man City, Norwich, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, WBA, 05/6(£2)Birmingham, Bolton, Chelsea, Chelsea(FAC), Fulham, Man City, Man Utd, Portsmouth, Sunderland, WBA, West Ham, Wigan,  06/7(£2) A.Villa, Blackburn, Blackburn(FAC), Charlton, Fulham, Luton(CC), Newcastle, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd, watford, Wigan, Fulham,   07/8(£2) Arsenal, A. Villa, Blackburn, Derby, Man City, Manchester Utd, Newcastle, Oldham(FAC), Portsmouth, Reading, Sunderland, West Ham, mWigan, 08/9(£2) A. Villa(FAC), Blackburn, Chelsea, Fulham, Middlesbro(FAC), Sunderland(sl cr)££1), Tottenham, West Ham, 09/10(£2)A.Villa, Blackburn, Birmingham(FAC), Burnley, Carlisle(FAC), Liverpool, Portsmouth, Portsmouth(Silver issue)(£5), Stoke, 10/11(£2) Bolton, Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sunderland, Tottenham, 11/12(£2) Blackpool, Chelsea(£3), Liverpool, Newcastle, Stoke, Sunderland, Wigan, 12/13(£2) A.Villa, Liverpool, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham, Wigan, 13/14(£2) Arsenal, A,Villa, Liverpool, Norwich, Swansea(FAC), Tottenham, West Ham, 14/15(£2) Burnley. C.Palace, Southampton,. Sunderland, Tottenham,    15/16(£2)  A.Villa, Liverpool, Man City, Newcastle, Norwich, Stoke, 16/17 (£2) Hull, Swansea, West Ham, 17/18(£2) Bournemouth, C.Palace, West Brom, ..EUROPEAN TIES… 63/4Inter Milan(sl mk)(£4), 64/5 Valerengens(£7),  65/6Ujpesti Doz(cr)(£3), 66/7 Aalborg(£3.50), 66/7 Real Zaragoza(£4), 70/1 Keflavik(£3),  75/6A.C. Milan(fld)(£1), 78/9Dukla Prague(£1.50), Finn Harps(£1.50), 79/80 Feyenoord(£1.50), 84/5U.C.D(£2), Fortuna Sittard(£2), Inter  Bratislava(£2), 95/6 Feyenoord(slfld)(£1), Reykjavic(£1), 05/6 v Villareal(£2.50), 07/8 v M Kharkiv(£2.50), 07/8 v Zenit St Peters(£2), Larissa(£2), M Kharkiv(£2), SK Brann(£2), 07/8 Fiorentina(£2.), 08/9 FC Bate(£2), Benfica(£3), Sigma Olomoucv(£2), Sporting Lisbon(£2), 14/15 Lille(£3), D Kiev(£2), Wolfsburg(£3), BSC Young Boys(£3),   Friendlies..51/2 V Hull(poor)(£3), 60/1Bangu(£3.50), 61/2 D Kiev(cr)(£1.50), 63/4 Glasgow Rangers(£5), 71/2Maccabi(£1.50), 76/7 Royal Antwerp(£1.50), 77/8 Nijmegen(£1.50), 78/9Breda(£1.50), 79/80 Roda Kerkrade(£1.50), 89/90 PSV Eind.(cr)(50p), 95/6 PSV Eind(£1(, 97/8 v Rangers(Watson)(£1.50), 05/6 v Dinamo Bucharest(£2), Villareal(£2), Udinese(£2), 14/15 Porto(Osman)(£2),    …..HANDBOOKS., 85/6(£3), ……Under23Int,played at Goodison Park.England V Hungary(£1.25), …”KNOW YOUR TEAM SERIES”EVERTON(£4)….v Queens Park 02/3(£1.50)….Everton v Rangers(British Champ decider)63/4(£10) ,Topical Times card(Alex Stephenson) (B&W)(£3) Tom Johnson(ph)(£1.75)


48/9  Millwall(mkd)(£15),  50/1 Plymouth(£14),  53/4 Reading(spl spine/mkd)(£5),  55/6   Aldershot(£8), Brentford(£8), Newport((r/s)(£6),  56/7  Aldershot(£7), Colchester(£7), Gillingham(£7), Shrewsbury(sl mk)(£5), Swindon(fld)(sl tr)(£3.50)  57/8  Bournemouth(£6), Brighton(£6), Chelmsford(RES)(s/s)(sof)(£10),  Northampton(£6),  Port Vale(£6), Southampton(£7), Southend(£6), Walsall(£7), 58/9  Aldershot(£5), Barrow(sl cr)(£3), Bradford PA(£5), Carlisle(£5), Coventry(£5), Crewe(£5), Darlington(£5), Gillingham(£5), Hartlepool(£5), Millwall(£5), Northampton(£5), Notts Cty(£5), Port Vale(£5), Southport(£5), Torquay(£5), Walsall(£5), Watford(fld)(£5), Workington(£5), York(£5),  59/60 Aldershot(£5), Bexleyheath & Welling(Res)(s/s)(£12), Bradford PA(cr)£2.50), Carlisle(£5), Chester(£5), Crewe(£5), Darlington(spl sp)(£2),  Gateshead(£6), Gillingham(£5), Hartlepools(£5), Kidderminster(RES)(s/s)(£12), Luton(FAC)(£5), Millwall(spl sp)(£3), Northampton(£5), Notts Cty(£5), Oldham(£5), Rochdale(£5), Torquay(£5), Walsall(£5), Watford(£5), Workington(£5), 60/1(£4) C.Palace, Hartlepool(fld)(£3), Mansfield, Peterboro(£6), Rochdale, Torquay,  Workington, 61/2(£3.50) Chesterfield, Colchester, Rochdale(fld)£2), Workington, 62/3(£3) Brad City, Workington,  63/4(£2.50) Aldershot, BradfordPA, Bristol City(FAC), Carlisle, Chester, Chesterfield(cr)(£1.50), Darlington, Gillingham, Halifax(cr)(£1), Lincoln, Newport, Oxford(sl cr)(£1.50), Plymouth(DPB)(fld), Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury(FAC)(sof)(£1.50), Stockport, Torquay(fld)(£2), Tranmere(sl cr)(£1.50), York  64/5(£2.50) Arsenal(FR)((sl cr)(£9), Bournemouth(Mar) Bournemouth (April), Brad City(LC)(£4), Carlisle(fld)(£2), Colchester,  Gillingham, Gillingham(LC)(sof)(£4), Grimsby, Hull(sof)(£1.50), Luton, Mansfield, Oldham(fld)(£1.50), Port Vale, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury(fld)(£2), Shrewsbury(FAC)(sof)(£1), Southend, Watford, Workington, 65/6(£2.50)  Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Hull, Mansfield,  Millwall, Oldham, Oxford, Peterboro(fld)(£1.50), Scunthorpe, QPR, Reading, Southend, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Swindon, Walsall, Watford, Workington, York, 66/7(£2) Barnsley, Bradford PA, Brad City((cr)(£1), Brentford,  Crewe(fld)(£1.50), Halifax(sof)(£1), Hartlepool, Lincoln, Luton(FAC), Newport, Port Vale,  Southend, Southport, Stockport(sl cr)(£1), Torquay(LC), York(sof)(£1),  67/8(£2) Aldershot, Barnsley, Bradford PA(NOV)(£4), Bradford PA(MAY), Brad City, Brentford, Chester, Chesterfield, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Halifax, Hartlepools(ph)(£1), Lincoln, Luton, Newport, Notts County, Port Vale, Rochdale, Southend, Torquay(LC)(sof)(£2), Swansea, Walsall(FAC),  Workington, Wrexham, York,  68/9(£1.50) Brad City(sof)(£1), Bradford PA(£3), Brentford, Chesterfield, Colchester(sof)(£1), Darlington, Doncaster(sof)(£1), Grimsby, Halifax, Lincoln, Man Utd(FAC)(£3.50), Newport(FAC), Newport(sof)(£80p), Notts County, Peterboro, Port Vale, Scunthorpe, Sheff Wed(LC((cr)(£2),Southend, Swansea(mkd)(80p), Workington, Wrexham,   69/70(£1.25)  Bradford PA(£8), Brentford, Chesterfield, Colchester, Crewe, Darlington, Fulham (sl mk)(£1), Grimsby, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Newport, Northampton(FAC), Newport,  Notts Cty, Oldham, (fld)(80p), Port Vale, Scunthorpe, Southend(sl cr)(80p), Swansea Workington, Wrexham(sl cr)(80p), York, 70/1(£1) Camb Utd(£3), Southport,  Workington, York  71/2(£1) Aldershot, Camb Utd, 72/3(£1) Camb Utd, Chester,  Stockport, 73/4(£1) Chester, Colchester(sl mk)(50p), Newport, Stockport, Workington,  74/5(£1) Southport,   75/6(£1)Camb Utd, Hartlepool, Brad.City,  Newport, Newport(LC)(fld)(50p), Stockport 76/7(80p) Camb Utd, Doncaster, Huddersfield, Newport, Norwich(LC)(sl fld)(£2), Stockport, Torquay, 77/8(80p) A.Villa(£1.50), Bury, Camb Utd, Colchester, Hereford  78/9(80p) Blackpool, Bolton(LC), Bournemouth, Brentford, Chesterfield, Chester, Colchester, Newport(FAC), Southend(sl cr)(60p), Walsall, 79/80(80p) Chester, Colchester, Hull, Millwall, Oxford, Plymouth, Southend,  80/1(£1) Burnley, Colchester, Newport, 81/2(80p) Gillingham(t/c,sl mk)(40p), Newport, Reading (mkd)(50p),   82/3(80p ) Bournemouth, Gillingham(sl mk,t/c)(40p), Newport, Plymouth, Preston, Reading,  83/4(80p) Burnley,  Gillingham(sl mk,t/c)(40p), Newport, 84/5(80p) Aldershot, Blackpool, Chester, Colchester, Hereford(sl cr)(50p), Mansfield(cr)(40p) , Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Torquay, 85/6(80p) A.Villa(MC)(£2), Camb Utd, L Orient, Scunthorpe, Torquay, 86/7(80p) Camb Utd, Colchester,  Orient, Preston, Swansea,  87/8(80p) Bournemouth)LC), Camb Utd, Colchester, Hartlepool,   Newport(sl cr)(40p), Newport(FRT), Rochdale, Scunthorpe,Stockport, 88/9(80p) Burnley, Colchester, Hartlepool, Orient, Scunthorpe, (t/c)(50p), Wrexham,  89/90(80p) Blackburn(LC), Blackpool, Burnley, Colchester, Gillingham(t/c)(50p), Grimsby, Halifax, Hereford, Maidstone, Norwich(FAC)(£2), Scunthorpe, Southend, Stockport, Torquay, 90/1(80p) Camb Utd, Fulham, Notts Cty(RC), Shrewsbury, Southend,   91/2(80p) Birmingham(LC), Brad City(FAC), Colchester, Fulham, Hartlepool, L Orient, Preston, Shrewsbury, Torquay, Wigan,  92/3(80p) Birmingham(CCC), Brighton, Hartlepool, Fulham, Huddersfield, L Orient, Stoke, Swansea(FAC),  Wigan, 93/4(80p) A.Villa(FAC)(£1.50), Burnley, Fulham, Huddersfield, L Orient, L Orient(FAC), Plymouth(AT), Plymouth, Reading, Torquay(DPC), Walsall, York,  94/5(£1) Cardiff(AWS), Colchester, Colchester(FAC), Fulham, Gillingham, Hereford, Rochdale, Wigan,  95/6(£1.20) Colchester, Doncaster, Fulham, Hereford, L orient, Lincoln, Northampton, Torquay(CCC), Torquay, 96/7(£1) Colchester(sl cr)(60p), Fulham, Torquay , 97/8(£1) Colchester, Notts Cty,  Torquay , 98/9(£1) Leyton Orient, Rochdale, Southend,   99/00(£1) Leyton Orient, Southend 00/11.50)  Swindon(WC),  01/2(£1.50) Leyton Orient,   02/3(£1.50) Rushden&D, Southend,  08/9(£2) Dagenham,  09/10 (£2) Colchester, Swindon,  10/11(£2) Leyton Orient,  11/12(£2) Colchester , L Orient, 16/17(£2) Chelsea( Checkatrade T)(£4), Hartlepool,  19/20(£2) Camb Utd, Camb Utd(FAC),  ….. FRIENDLIES…70/1 Go ahead Deventer(£2),  85/6 v Tottenham(£4),00/1 v QPR(poor)(30p), 91/2 v Millwall(£2), 92/3 v Rangers(£1), v Luton(£1.50), 93/4 v Sheff Wed(£1), 94/5 v Middlesbro(£2), 95/6 v Luton(£1.50), 96/7 v Chelsea(FR)(sl cr)(£1), 08/9 v Millwall(£1),   …Testimonials…78/9  v WBA(Beer)(£2), 90/1 v Man City(Neville)(£1), 94/5 v West Ham(Dolan)£2.50),  Fanzine “The Exe\Directory”No36(90p), ..for period out of league please see non league section. TEAMSHEETS(£1 each) Camb Utd 18/19, Colchester 16/17, 18/19,