Prices as stated- otherwise £1 (60p where damage indicated) unless otherwise stated.


F.A. CUP FINAL. 1962(£12), 1964(£15), ..(sob)(£12), 1965(sob)(£12), 1967(£9), 1968(£9), 1974(£7), 1979(fld)(£5), 1980(£5), 1981 (£6), Replay(£8), 1982(fld/sl tr)(£4), Replay(fld)(£9), 1983(fld)(£4), 1984(£4), 1985(£6), 1987(fld)(£3), 1991(fld)£7), 1993(fld)(£5), 1993(Replay)(fld)(£14), 2001 (fld)(£3), 2002(£5), 2003(£6), 2006(fld)(£3), 2007(£7), 2015(cr)£3), 

F.A.CUP SEMI FINAL. 1961 Spurs v Burnley(fld)(£9), 1965 Man Utd v Leeds(fld)(£8), 1967 Leeds v Chelsea((cr)(£5), Notts Forest v Tottenham(fld)(£9), 1970 Watford v Chelsea(fld)(£3), 1972 Arsenal v Stoke(fld)(£7), 1973 Sunderland v Arsenal(fld)(£8), 1975 Fulham v Birmingham(£9),   replay(£12), West Ham v Ipswich 1975(Replay)(fld),(£6,) Southampton v C.Palace 1976(fld)(£12),  1980 Arsenal v Liverpool(£4),  3rd Replay@ Coventry(£6),   Man City v Ipswich80/1(Pink)(mkd)(£2.25), Blue(fld)(£3),Green(£3), 1979 Wolves v Arsenal(fld)(£3), 1980 Liverpool v Arsenal(£), (replay)fld)£3), 2nd Replay(fld)(£4), West Ham v Everton(slcr0(£3), 1981 West Ham v Everton(fld)(£2),  1981 Tottenham v Wolves(fld)(£5), Replay(£5), 1981/2 QPR v WBA(cr)(£3), Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester(cr)(£3), Brighton v Sheff Wed 82/3(cr)(£6), 1987 Tottenham v Watford(fld)(£5), 1988 Wimbledon v Luton(flds)(£6), 1991 Spurs v Arsenal(£6), Notts f v West Ham (fld)(£3), Arsenal v Tottenham 1993(£3), Sheff Wed v Sheff Utd(fld/wof)£5), Tottenham v Watford1987(fld)(£5), 94/5 Tottenham v Everton(£4),  2001 Arsenal v Spurs(mkd)(£2), 2009 Arsenal v Chelsea(cr)(£1.50), 10/11 West Ham v Birmingham(fld0(£2), 2013Millwall V Wigan(£6)

LEAGUE CUP FINAL  1968(£7), (cr)(£4), 1969(fld)(£6), 1970(sof)(£2), 1973(£9), 1974(fld(£6), 1981 (flds)(£4), (Replay)(fld)(£5), 1982(£5), 1987(£4), 1988(£4), 1991(fld)(£3), 1993(fld)(£6), 2007(£5)

LEAGUE CUP SEMI FINAL  Arsenal v Tottenham 1968 (£7), Tottenham v Arsenal 1968(fld)(£6), Tottenham v Chelsea1972(fld)(£6),   Arsenal v Liverpool 77/8(£3), Tottenham v Arsenal 1987(£6), Replay(at Tottenham)(flds)(£5),    Tottenham v WBA 1982(£4), 1990 Oldhamv West Ham(cr)(£3), 90/1 Sheff Wed v Chelsea(£3),  91/2 Tottenham v Notts Forest(flds)(£3), 1993 C.Palace v Arsenal(fld)imbledon v Leicester(cr)(£1), 07/8 Spurs v Arsenal(£5), 10/11 Ipswich v Arsenal(£4),

CHARITY SHIELD. 1978(fld)(£2), 1979(£3), 1980(£5), 1981(sl cr)(£5), 1982(£5), 1987(£3), 1991(£5), 1993(cr)(£4), 1991(cr)(£2), 1999(£5)

UEFA CUP FINAL  Tottenham v Wolves1972(cr)(£6), Tottenham v Feyernoord 1974(£15),  Tottenham v Anderlecht 1984(flds)£5), 

EUROPEAN CUP FINAL  1963(£15), 1971 at Wembley(£15),   

EUROPEAN CUP SEMI FINAL Tottenham v Benfica(£6)1962, 

EUFA CUP FINAL.  Tottenham v Feyernoord 1974(unused)(£12)

EUFA CUP SEMI FINAL   Tottenham v Liverpool 72/3(fld)(£20), Tottenham v Hadjuk split(fld)£3),

EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS CUP FINAL   West Ham v TS Munich(£15)..(fld(£9),    

EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS CUP SEMI FINAL Tottenham V Belgrade  1963(£8),  Tottenham v Barcelona 81/2(£15),  Arsenal v Paris SG(fld)(£3)

F.A AMATEUR CUP   1970 (CR)(£1.50), 1973(£3), 1974 (£3) 

FA VASE  1977(£5), 1989((£2), 2007(cr)(£1)

F A VASE SEMI FINAL  Needham v Kirkham07/8(£1),Kirkham v Needham2008(£1)

F A TROPHY v  1970(sl cr)(£2), 1971(£4), 1974(£4), 1977(£3), 1980(£3), 1985(£3), 1999(ph)(£2), 2001(£2), 2004(£3), 

F.A TROPHY  SEMI FINAL  Hednesford v Aldershot 03/4((cr)(£1.50), 

FREIGHT ROVER FINAL  Mansfield v Bristol City 1987(cr)(80p),..Area Final Bristol City v Aldershot 1987(£1.50), 

GLOUCESTER COUNTY CUP FINAL  v Bristol City v Bristol Rovers 77/8(fld)(£3), 

LDV Vans final 2005  Southend v Wrexham(£3)

MIDLAND YOUTH CUP  Shrewsbury v Walsall 06/7(£1) 

SCOTTISH CIS LEAGUE CUP S/F 00/1 Celtic v Rangers(cr)(£1)

PLAY OFFS 1987 Ipswich v Charlton(£4), Charlton v Ipswich(£3),  1996 Plymouth v Colchester(£2), 1997Northampton v Swansea(£2), 1998 Colchester v Torquay(fld)(£1.50), Millwall v Wigan 99/00(£2), Bolton v Ipswich2000(£2), L Orient v Rotherham(fld)(£1), 2004 Ipswich v West Ham((£3), 2005 Brentford v Sheff Wed(£2), 2005 Hartlepool v Sheff Wed(£2), Millwall v Leeds2009(£5), Huddersfield v Milwall 2010(cr)(£3), Peterboro v L Orient13/14(fld)(£2), Hull v Sheff Wed15/16(cr)(£2)

PLAY OFF SEMI FINALS  Ipswich v Bolton(99/0(£3), Ipswich v West Ham03/4(£3)

CONFERENCE PLAY OFFS     Shrewsbury v Aldershot 2004(fld)(£1.50), 

RYMAN LEAGUE PLAY OFFS Lowestoft v Concord 2013(£2)

AUTO WINDSREENS FINAL    1996(fld)£1), 1997(£1),1999£1)

F. A YOUTH CUP SEMI FINAL Man City v Newcastle(£5)

FA YOUTH CUP FINAL  Spurs v Man Utd1995(£5)

ENGLISH SCHOOLS FINAL Sunderland v High Wycombe1981(£3)

ENGLAND HOMES…. v ALBANIA  1989(fld)(£1), ARGENTINA  1980(£3),   AUSTRIA 1962(£7),1973(£3),  BELGIUM 2012(fld)(£3), BRAZIL   1981(fld)(£3), 1990(fld)(£2.50), 2007(fld)(£3),   CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1978(£4), 1990(£5), DENMARK  1979(£4), 1983(sl fld)(£3), EIRE  1980(fld)(£2), 1985(£2.50),  FINLAND 1987(£3),  FRANCE 1992(fld)(£5), 2005(U21)(£2), GREECE  1983(poor)(40p),  HOLLAND 1970(£6), HUNGARY 1983(£4), IRELAND 63/4(20/11)(£6),  ITALY  1973(£5),  JAMAICA2006(£4),  NORTHERN IRELAND 1967(22/11)£6), 1970(£6), 1972(fld)(£2.50), 1979((£3),  NORWAY 1992(£5),1994(£4),  POLAND 1973(£9),  1989(cr/tr)(50p), 1990(fld)(£4), 1993(fld)(£4), PORTUGAL 1969(£5),  RUMANIA    1985(£3),  1994(£6),  REST OF THE WORLD 1963(£9), SERBIA 2003(£3)  SCOTLAND  1955(£15), 1963(£5), 1965(£7), 1969(fld)(£4),  1973(£3), 1977(£4), 1979(cr)(£2), 1983(£3), 1988((cr)(£2), 2013(fld)(£2),    SPAIN 1967(£5), SWEDEN   1968(cr)(£1.50), 1999(flds)(£1.50),  SWITZERLAND1971(£6),2012(£5), TURKEY  v 91/2(32),  U.S.S.R 1967(£5), 1984(£4),  URUGUAY1995(sl cr)(£5), WALES 1969(£3),   WEST GERMANY     1966(£7),  1972(£7),1982(cr0(£1.50),  YUGOSLAVIA  1966(£6), 1972(sl cr)(£2),


ENGLAND U 16S  v Brazil U16s 00/1(Sunderland)(fld)(£5), U16 Tournament(England, Holland,Spain, Germany)@ Sunderland(£2), 

ENGLAND U 18s   v Eire 2008(Sunderland(£1.50)

ENGLAND SCHOOLBOYS England v Italy1986(£1), v Germany 1964(£3), 

EURO 2000   Spain v Norway (13/6)(£5), Slovenia v Spain(18/6)(£5)

WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS 2002  Brazil v Bolivia(3/9)(unused)(£4), v Peru(25/4)(unused)(£4), Paraguay (15/8)(unused)(£4), Columbia(15/11)(with stubs but flds)(£2.50), 

ACCRINGTON v  Oldham10/11(fld)

ALDERSHOT  v Colchester77/8(LC)(£2), Sheff Wed89/90(LC)(£2)

ARSENAL…..Blackburn 94/5,  Chelsea  00/1(fld), C Palace 92/3, Derby98/9(fld), Everton  84/5(cr), 94/5(fld), 96/7,   Ipswich92/3(fld), 93/4, 00/1(LC), Leeds 90/1(sl cr), 90/1(FAC)(sl cr), 92/3(fld)  Liverpool 89/90(fld)(£2), 92/3(cr), Man City 92/3, Man Utd90/1(Green)(£2.50), Pink(sl cr)(£2), Millwall94/5(FAC)(fld), Notts Forest  91/2(cr),  94/5(fld)(50p), Plymouth 08/9(FAC)(£2), QPR(fld),  98/9(FAC)(fld), Port Vale(FAC)97/8, Sheff Utd98/9(FAC)(fld)(£1), Southampton  94/5, 07/8(£3), Tottenham  88/9, 89/90(wof/fld), 94/5,  West Ham 86/7(fld), 88/9(fld), 91/2(fld), 05/6(fld)(£1), 98/9(cr),   ..Auxerre94/5(£1), Olympic Lyonnaise 00/1(cr), Valencia(fld)(£1), Villareal08/9(£1.50), Makita Tournament91/2(fld)(£1)

ASHFORD TOWN  v Football Managers X1 60/1(£2)

ASTON VILLA…v .Arsenal  95/6(fld), Blackburn 01/2,  Chelsea 97/8,01/2(£2), Colchester(LC)79/80(£2),   Coventry97/8(cr),  Fulham01/2(fld), Ipswich(FAC)92/3, Leeds93/4(mkd), 99/00(FAC), Leicester 00/1((FAC)fld), Liverpool 96/7(£2), 98/9(wof), Middlesbro96/7,  Oxford92/3(CCC), QPR93/4, Sheff Wed91/2(fld), Southampton99/00(WC)(fld, Tottenham91/2(FAC), 93/4, West Brom/Stoke(FAC)97/8(fld), Liverpool v Arsenal 88/9 (FAC)2nd rep at Villa Park(£4)

BARCELONA v Almeria 07/8(cr)

BARNET V Arsenal04/5(Fr)(£2), L Orient05/6(fld), Notts Cty15/16 Portsmouth90/1(FAC), Swansea93/4

BARNSLEY v Bolton01/2(fld|)(70p), Sheff Wed 00/1(fld), 09/10, Shrewsbury69/70(£5), 

BIRMINGHAM CITY.. Ipswich 87/8, Milllwall 01/2, Newcastle 99/00(WC), Rotherham 01/2(fld), Sheff Wed 06/7(fld), 00/1(fld), 10/11(fld)(fld), 13/14(fld), 14/15(fld), Tottenham 66/7(FAC)(fld)(£6), West Ham82/3(fld), 

BLACKBURN ROVERS. v  NAC Breda08/9(£2.50), Millwall 12/13(FAC), QPR05/6(FAC),  West Ham 90/1(£2), 96/7(fld), 98/9

BLACKPOOL v Hartlepool03/4, 05/6, Millwall(fld) 12/13, Sheff Wed 07/8(fld), 13/14

BOLTON WANDERERS..v Blackburn 97/8, Bury14/15(CC), Ipswich99/00, Millwall 12/13,  Notts Cty80/1(£2), Sheff Wed14/15(fld), Sunderland 17/18, West Ham 97/8(fld), 

BOURNEMOUTH v Barnsley04/5, Cardiff04/5(CC), Oldham04/5, QPR03/4, Sheff Wed10/11(fld), Shrewsbury 68/9(£5), 71/2(sof)(£3), Walsall(poor)(20p), Wrexham03/4

BRADFORD CITY..v  Millwall01/2, Sheff Wed94/5(CCC)(fld)(£1), 96/7(FAC)(fld), Shrewsbury70/1(fld0(£3), 71/2(fld)(£3), West Ham 91/2(LC)(fld)(£1.50), 00/1(£2), 

BRAINTREE TOWN v Havant & Waterlooville10/11, Stourbridge15/16(FAT)(sl cr(80p), Welling(FAT)13/4, Wrexham13/14

BRENTFORD..v A.Villa 17/18(fld)(£1), (£Hartlepool(FAC)04/5, L Orient12/13, Millwall 97/8, 00/1, 18/19(fld)(£1), QPR 03/4, 17/18(fld)(£1), Sheff Wed 90/1(RC), 10/11, 11/12, 14/15, West Ham 92/3(£2), Wolves88/9, Wycombe 94/5, Wolves88/9(£1.50)

BRIGHTON  v  Millwall00/1(WC), 05/6, QPR 03/4, Sheff Wed10/11(fld), 12/13, West Ham 89/90(flds)(£1), 

BRISTOL CITY v Hartlepool 03/4, 05/6, Notts Cty 86/7(fld), QPR 03/4, Sheff Wed 9/10(fld), 10/11(FAC)(fld), 12/13(fld), 15/16(fld), Swindon 86/7(fld), West Ham(MC)(fld)(£1,50), 

BRISTOL ROVERS  Shrewsbury 67/8(£5), 69/70(fld)(£4), 70/1(fld)(£4), 71/2£4), 

BRISBANE ROAR   v Central Coast Mariners11/12(£1)

BURNLEY v QPR05/6 , Sheff Wed 13/14(fld), 15/16

BURTON ALBION v Man Utd 05/6(FAC)(cr)((£5), 

BURY v Doncaster15/16(fld), Gillingham15/16(fld), Huddersfield97/8, Ipswich97/8, Morecambe(JPT)(£2), Notts Cty 11/12, Port Vale15/16, Rochdale13/4(sl fld), Sheff Utd(FR)09/10(fld), Sheff Wed11/12(fld), Walsall12/13,17/18,  AFC Wimbledon13/14

CAMB UTD   v Macclesfield04/5(fld), Millwall(90`s), Ipswich91/2((cr), Northampton00/1(cr)

CARDIFF v , QPR04/5, Sheff Wed12/13(fld), Swansea96/7

CARLISLE v  Millwall06/7

CHARLTON Colchester 07/8(sl cr), Ipswich 01/2, L Orient 05/6(FAC), 09/10, 11/12, 12/12(sl cr), Portsmouth06/7, Sheff Wed 90/1(fld)(£1), 07/8, 08/9(fld), 10/11(fld),11/12(fld)12/13(cr)(40p), 15/16(fld),  West Ham 99/00(Peacock Test)(£3), 06/7(fld), 

CHELSEA v  Arsenal 90/1(fld)(£2), Blackburn96/7(fld), Fulham (2000s), Ipswich(FSC)(10/11(fld), Newcastle(00s?)(fld), Sheff Wed 90/1(RC)(cr)(40p), Tottenham 64/5(FAC)(fld)(£6), 90/1(FAC)(cr)(£1.50),  West Ham 79/80(£2), 06/7(cr), 07/8    

CHELMSFORD v Ipswich72/3(FAC)(£5), Colchester(FAC) 12/13(£2.50)

CHELTENHAM T v L Orient06/7, Millwall06/7(fld),)

CHESTER v Millwall08/9(FAC)

 CHESTERFIELD v Brentford97/8, Plymouth97/8, Sheff Wed13/14(FR)(£2), Watford97/8

 COLCHESTER v Accrington00/1(FAC), Aldershot 7/8(LC)(£1), 03/4(FAC), Blackburn(LC)(£3), Blackpool78/9, Brad City(FAC) 10/11, Brentford76/7(FAC)(£3), Charlton78/9(LC)(£1.50), Cheltenham04/5, Chester(FAC)02/3, Coventry03/4(FAC), C Palace99/00(WC), Dover75/6(FAC)(£3.50), Gillingham 98/9(AWS), 09/19(fld), 13/14, Dagenham & R10/11, Doncaster76/7(£1.50), Halifax75/6(£1.50), Hartlepool 89/90, 97/8, Huddersfield02/3,  Ipswich 74/5(Centenary Game)(£6), 78/9(Willhire)(£3), 00/1(FR)(sl mk)(60p), L. Orient 09/10(fld), 10/11, 12/13, 13/14, Mansfield(FAC)75/6(£1.50), 04/5, Oxford03/4(FAC), Plymouth03/4(MC), Port Vale02/3, Preston 11/12, 14/15, QPR07/8, Rotherham75/6(£1.50), Sheff Wed 06/7, 07/8, 11/12(fld), Slough(FAC)(£3), Sunderland06/7(£3), Swansea78/9(£1), WBA(CCC)(£2.50), West Ham 04/5(Duguid Test)(£5), 13/14(Fr)£5),   Witton Alb(FAT)90/1 , York01/2(FAC)….visiting players Complimentary Ticket 67/8 v Shrewsbury(cr/sltr)(£3), 

CORK CITY  v West Ham 13/14(FR)(£6), 

COVENTRY v Arsenal 90/1(fld)(£2), 99/00(fld),  L Orient13/14 Millwall01/2(fld), Sheff Wed 90/1(RC)(fld), 06/7(fld), 08/9(fld) , West Ham 81/2(fld)(£1), 82/3(fld)(£1.50), 88/9(fds), Wimbledon 01/2,    

CREWE v  Liverpool90/1(RC)(fld)(£2.50), 

C.PALACE v Arsenal 90/1(flds), 91/2(sl cr), 92/3(fld), 94/5(fld), A.Villa89/90(£1), Coventry92/3(sl tr), Ipswich86/7(fld), QPR00/1, Sheff Wed 89/90(£1.50), 91/2(fld), 00/1(fld), 07/8(fld), 09/10(fld), 12/13(fld), West Ham, 83/4(FAC)(fld)(£2), 91/2(fld)(£1)

DAGENHAM & REDBRIDGE v  L Orient10/11(cr)10/11(FAC)(cr), Sheff Wed10/11(fld)  

DARLINGTON v Colchester 78/9(£2.50), Sunderland 07/8(FR)(fld)(£2.50), 

DARTFORD v Millwall11/12(FR)(£2.50)

DERBY COUNTY v Arsenal 90/1(flds)(£2), 98/9,  Ath Bilbao(Fr)00/1(£2), Blackburn 96/7 , 00/1(FAC), 01/2, Bolton97/8, Bristol Rovers01/2(FAC), Chelsea00/1, Colchester Utd76/7(FAC)(£1.50), Coventry00/1(fld), Everton 00/1,  Hull01/2(WC)(fld), Leeds77/8(fld)(£2) ,00/1, Leicester96/7, 00/1, Liverpool96/7, Man City98/9(WC), 00/1, Norwich(WC)00/1, Notts County/A.Villa(FAC)96/7, Notts Forest98/9, Qpr04/5, Sheff Wed15/16(fld), Southampton00/1, Southend(CCC)97/8, Stoke95/6, WBA(WC)00/1, West Ham 81/2(LC)(fld)(£3), 07/8, Wimbledon96/7, 97/8,

DONCASTER R v Bury15/16, Millwall06/7(fld), 

DOVER v Colchester75/6(FAC)(£5)

ENFIELD v Arsenal(90s??)(sl fld)((£3)

EVERTON  v Arsenal 80/1(£32), 95/6,96/7, 98/9(£1.50), A.Villa96/7, Blackburn95/6, 96/7,  Chelsea95/6, Coventry 96/7, 98/9(fld), 98/9(FAC)(fld), Derby96/7, Huddersfield98/9(WC), Ipswich68/9(FAC))ph)(£3), 95/6, Leeds95/6, Leicester96/7,  Man Utd(fld)(£1), Newcastle95/6, Notts Forest95/6, 96/7, QPR95/6, Sheff Wed 95/6, Southampton95/6, 96/7, 98/9, Tottenham95/6, 96/7(£1.50), West Ham 84/5(flds), 91/2(fld)(80p), 96/7, 97/802/3(fld), Wimbledon95/6, 96/7, 98/9

EXETER CITY v Sheff Wed 10/11(fld)

FULHAM v Chelsea 1986(Peyton Test)(£6), Derby00/1(WC), L Orient 93/4, 05/6(FAC), Liverpool 93/4(CCC)(£1.50) , Luton99/00(FAC), Man Utd 00/1(FAC), MIllwall97/8, 98/9, Sheff Wed14/15(cr)(50p),15/16(fld), Shrewsbury70/1(£4),   Southampton 98/9(FAC), Tranmere 99/00(FAC), West Ham 07/8(fld),   08/9(RES)(£2), 09/10(RES)(£2), 12/13(£2), Wimbledon(FAC)99/00

GILLINGHAM v  Brentford05/6, Brighton06/7, Colchester06/7(Fr), Dag & Redx06/7(JPT)(£1.50), L Orient 07/8, 09/10,  13/14, Macclesfield98/9, Notts Cty98/9, Millwall 04/5(fld), Oldham97/8,98/9, Tottenham 82/3(MC)(fld/sof)(£2.50), Walsall98/9, Wycombe98/9, York97/8

GRAYS ATH v Woking (cr)(30p)

GRIMSBY v Northampton05/6

HARTLEPOOL v Barnet06/7(£1), Barnsley04/5(cr), Blackpool 03/4(£1), 04/5(fld)(£1), 05/6(£1), Brighton03/4(£1), Bournemouth02/3(£1),03/4(£1),  Brentford04/5(£1),  Bristol City03/4(Jan)(£1), 03/4(May)(£1),  04/5(£1), Bury 02/3(£1), 06/7(£1),  Carlisle 07/8(£1), Dagenham & Red(FAC)05/6(£1),  Doncaster04/5(£1), Huddersfield04/5(£1), Ipswich91/2(FAC)(£3), Leeds Utd06/7( Barron)(£4), Luton03/4(£1),  04/5(£1), Mansfield 99/00, 00/1, MK Dons 04/5(cr), 06/7(£1), Newcastle 007/8(FR)(£2), Notts forest05/6(cr), Oldham04/5(sl cr),10/11(fld)(£1),  Oxford02/3(£1), Peterboro06/7(£1),  Rochdale02/3(£1), 06/7(£1), Rotherham06/7(JPT)(£1), Shrewsbury01/2(£1,06/7(£1), Swindon06/7(cr)(50p), Tamworth(FAC)05/6(£2),  Torquay 00/1, 04/5(£1), 06/7(£1), Tranmere04/5(Play Off)(£2), 05/6(£1), Wrexham 06/7(£1)

HEERENVEN v Ajax 06/7

HEREFORD UNITED  Shrewsbury06/7, 

HERTHA BERLIN V Stuttgart04/5(cr)

HEYBRIDGE SWIFTS v BristolCity 02/3(sl mk)£2)

HUDDERSFIELD v Hartlepool07/8(£1),  Sheff Wed 10/11, 12/13(fld), 13/14(fld)

HULL CITY v QPR05/6, Sheff Wed 12/13, 15/16(fld)

IPSWICH TOWN v  Arsenal 92/3(fld),92/3)(FAC)(fld)(£1), 94/5(fld) 96/7(Wark Test)(£5), A.Villa 94/5 04/5(Academy), Barnsley 98/9, 06/7, 07/8, Birmingham 98/9 99/00, Blackburn(MC)83/4fld), 88/9(Simod)(£3),  99/00, Bolton99/00, Brad City 85/6(FAC)(£2), 00/1, Brighton 91/2(fld), 02/3, 02/3(WC)(£1), 05/6, Bristol City 10/11, 11/12, 12/13 Burnley04/5, Cardiff 03/4, 04/5, Charlton99/00, Chelsea 97/8(CCC)(£2),  Coventry 93/4(fld), 08/9, 10/11,  Crewe97/8, 03/4, 04/5(fld), C.Palace94/5, 967(CCC)(cr(50p), 07/8, 12/13, Derby 04/5, 06/7, Doncaster 08/9, 10/11, 11/12(fld), Everton93/4(fld), Fulham99/00, Gillingham/Cardiff84/5(FAC)(£1), Gillingham 02/3, 03/4,  04/5(fld)(£1), Grimsby 82/3(FAC)(£1), 96/7(fld), 99/00, Helsingborgs AWAY01/29(£8), Huddersfield 95/6(fld),96/7, 97/8, 99/00 Hull 06/7, 10/11, 11/12,Leeds  86/7(fld)(£1), 04/5, 05/6, 06/7, Leicester 04/5,  Leyton Orient 88/9(LC),08/9,  Liverpool 94/5(fld)(£1),  Luton 87/8(LC), 06/7, Man City 92/3, 99/00, Man Utd 93/4, 94/5, 97/8(CCC))(£2.50), Millwall 95/6(cr), 05/6, 12/13, Morecambe02/3(FAC)(£1),   Newcastle84/5Fld)(£1), 84/5(MC)(£3), 93/4(fld),  Northampton 10/11, Norwich(Simod)88/9(£3), 92/3, 95/6(fld),  02/3, 05/6, Notts Forest 97/8, 99/00, Oxford97/8,  Peterboro 12/13, Plymouth 07/8(cr),  Portsmouth 03/4, 97/8, 11/12, Port Vale88/9(LC)(£1.50), 95/6, Preston 02/3, 04/5, 09/10, 10/11,  Porto 94/5(Stockwell)(fld)(£5), QPR 83/4(MC)(£3), 02/3, 04/5, 08/9,99/00, 11/12  08/9, Reading 97/8, Real Valladolid09/10(Fr)(£2), Rotherham 02/3,03/4, Scunthorpe86/7(LC), 10/11, Sheff Utd 97/8,97/8(FAC),08/9, 99/00,08/9, 09/10(fld), Sheff Wed 93/4, 05/6,06/7)fld), 07/8(fld), 09/10(fld), 12/13(fld), 13/14(fld), 15/16, Slov Lib 02/3(£2), Slov Lib AWAY 02/3(TORN EDGE(£6),  Southampton90/1(RC), 92/3, 05/6, Southend87/8(LC)(£2), Stockport 97/8, 99/00, Stoke 84/5, 95/6, 05/6,  Sunderland 97/8, 03/4(FAC), Swansea08/9, Swindon, 97/8, 99/00, Torpedo Moswow(AWAY)(£9), Tranmere 91/2, 98/99, Walsall02/3, 03/4, Watford,02/3, 05/6, 07/8, 11/12,  WBA 98/99, 99/00, West Ham 83/4(fld)(£1), 85/6(fld)(£1), 03/4, Wigan 92/3(CCC)(£1), 03/4, Wimbledon02/3, Wolves02/3, 07/8, 08/9. Porto94/5(Stockwell)(£2.50)  

HEYBRIDGE SWIFTS  v Bristol City(FAC))1/2(sl mk)(£3)

HUDDERSFIELD T        Directors Box Pass v   ? ..27/12/1966(£6), 

HULL v  QPR05/6

INTER MILAN v Ipswich01/2(£4)

KETTERING v Colchester76/7(FAC))£4)


LEEDS UNITED..v  Arsenal 00/1, 03/4(sl fld), 03/4(FAC)(fld), A.Villa 03/4(cr), Birmingham03/4, Charlton03/4(fld), Chelsea 00/1(£1.25), 01/2(LC)(£2), 03/4(£1), Fulham03/4, Hartlepool07/8,  L.Old)rient07/8(f, Norrthampton08/9(FAC), Oxford97/8(FAC), QPR 04/5 06/7, Sheff Wed 06/7(fld), 12/13(fld), 14/15(fld),  Swindon03/4(CC) , Tottenham 03/4, West Ham 98/9,   

LEATHERHEAD v Colchester78/9(FAC)(£5)

LEICESTER CITY v  Blackburn 98/9, Millwall04/5(fld),  Northampton 08/9(cr),  QPR04/5, Sheff Wed 06/7, 09/10(fld), West Ham 83/4(fld)(£2), 90/1((fld)(80p), 

LEYTON v AFC Sudbury10/11 

LEYTON ORIENT v  Bournemouth 02/3, Brighton98/9,  Chester92/3, Dagenham&R(FAC)10/11, Gillingham07/8, Hull 02/3(unused(£1.50),  Millwall08/9, Newcastle(FR)09/10(£3), Rochdale 02/3, Sheff Wed 91/2(RC)(fld)(£2), 10/11(fld), Southend 02/3, 03/4, Tottenham 80/1(LC)(cr)(£4), 07/8(Fr)(sl cr)(£1.50), 088/9(FR)(£2), 10/11(FR)(£3),  WBA91/2(FAC), West Ham 80/1(fld)(£3), 07/8(Ling)(fld)(£3), Yeovil12/13(JPT)

LINCOLN CITY   v West Ham(LC)82/3(fld)(£6), 

LIVERPOOL v Arsenal,98/9, 99/00(cr), Brad City00/1, Galatasaray01/2(poor)(30p), Derby90/1, Ipswich 72/3(£3), 76/7(£3), 78/9(£3), 79/80(£3), 80/1(£3), 81/2(£2.50), 82/3(£2.50), 84/5(£2),  85/6(fld), 91/2(FAC)£2), 02/3,00/2,  Northampton(CC)10/11(cr), Reading 12/13, Tottenham  80/1(LC)(cr)(80p), West Ham85/6(flds), 89/90(FAC)(fld)(£1), 93/4(fld), ,99/00(fld), A.S Roma 01/2(cr)

LOWESTOFT TOWN v Bideford(FAV)08/9, Brantham12/13(SPC)(fld), Gloucester C 15/6(fld)(70p), Halstead(EAC)08/9, Whitley Bay(FAV)08/9

LUTON TOWN  v  Colchester 04/5(£1), L Orient07/8, Millwall 00/1(fld), 12/13, Tottenham 88/9(sl fld)(£2), 

MANCHESTER CITY v Arsenal90/1(fld)(£2), Blackburn 94/5, 99/00(mkd), Ipswich66/7(FAC)(£3), Liverpool 89/90(cr),  92/3(cr), Sheff Wed 12/13(fld), 14/15, Tottenham92/3(fld), WBA/Preston80/1(LC),..(£1)., West Ham 81/2(cr)(£1), 82/3(fld)(£1.50),  94/5(fld|), 06/7, 


MANCHESTER UNITED  v  Ipswich  92/3(fld), 93/4(fld), 94/5, £00/1, 01/2, Man City91/2(fld), Millwall88/9(cr), 89/0(fld), Oldham 74/5(fld))(£4), Sheff Wed 89/90, 06/7(fld), Sunderland76/7(LC)(fld)(£3), Watford87/8(poor)(30p), West Ham  84/5(FAC)(fld)(£3), 88/9(fld), 91/2(fld)00/1(FAC)(fld), ..Audi Cup09/10 (inc B Munich,Boca J Mailand & Man Utd)(fld)(£4)

MANSFIELD T v Bury13/14, Millwall05/6(CC(sl fld)

MIDDLESBROUGH  v West Ham07/8(£2), 

MILLWALL v  Birmingham 01/2, 05/6(CC)(£1.50),10/11(FAC)(£1.50), Bolton 11/12, Bournemouth 99/00, 00/1, Brentford 00/1, 02/3, Brighton 00/1(WC),  08/9, Bristol Rovers 00/1, 92/3(last at Den)(£10), 05/6(CC), Bury 00/1, Camb Utd 00/1, 02/3(FAC), Cardiff 01/2(WC), Charlton 12/13, 13/14,  Crewe08/9(FAC), C.Palace 95/6, (FR)00/1(£2), 03/4,  Doncaster 10/11, Everton (FAC)05/6,  Gillingham 06/7,  Grimsby  01/2(fld),  Hull12/13(, LeighRMI(FAC) 00/1(£2), Leyton Orient 06/7, 07/8, 08/9, 09/10(cr),   Liverpool(CC)04/5(£3), Luton 00/1, Man City 01/2(fld), 01/2(beamback from Maine Rd)(£2), Middlesbro09/10,10/11,  Norwich 00/1(FR)(£2), Notts Fores t01/2(fld),  Oldham 00/1, Oxford 00/1, 03/4(CC), Peterboro 11/12, Port Vale 00/1, Portsmouth 01/2, Preston 03/4(fld), 10/11, Rayo Vallecano 13/14(Robinson)(£3), Reading 00/1, Real Mallorca 14/15(£2.50), Rotherham 00/1, Scunthorpe 01/2(FAC), Sheff Wed 90/1(FAC)(£2), Stoke 00/1, Sheff Utd 01/2,  Southampton 02/3(FAC), 06/7(CC)(£1.50),  Swansea 00/1,  Swindon 00/1, Tranmere 03/4(FAC), Walsall 00/1, 03/4(FAC), Wigan 97/8, 99/00(Play Off semi)(£2.50), 00/1(mkd), 13/14, Tottenham 01/2(Stevens Test)(£3), Walsall 03/4, West Ham 90/1(£2), (Beamback from Upton Park)(03/4(£3), Wigan 97/8,00/1, 13/14,  Wycombe 00/1, (FAC)00/1

MINEHEAD  v Shrewsbury 70/1(FAC)(£6), 

M.K.DONS v Colchester04/5, Hartlepool06/7(cr), 09/10(fld), L Orient10/11(slfld), QPR(Res)(£1)

MORECAMBE v Bury(2000s)(1/12)(£1), Plymouth 15/16

NEWCASTLE UTD v  Everton 07/8(£2), Tottenham 02/3(sl fld)(£1), WBA 77/8(£3), West Ham 96/7(fld)(£1), 97/8(£1.50), 00/1(32), 07/8(cr)(80p), 

NEWPORT COUNTY  Mansfield16/17

NORTHAMPTON Barnet99/00, 01/2, 05/6, Barnsley02/3, Basingstoke(FAC)(6/12)(£1.50), 16/12(£2), Blackpool 01/2, 02/3, Boston 03/4, 05/6, Bournemouth97/8(fld),  Brighton 98/9(WC), 01/2,06/7, Brentford97/8 06/7,Bristol City 97/8, 00/1(cr), 06/7,  Bristol Rovers 98/9(Play offs)(£2.50), 00/1(AWS)(£1.50), 01/2(fld), 05/6(fld), Bury 01/2, 04/5(FAC), Camb Utd 00/1, 04/5, Carlisle99/0(fld), 05/6(£1), Cardiff  97/8, 99/0(AWS)(£1.50), 02/3, Chelsea01/2(FR)(£4), Chester00/1(fld), Cheltenham99/00(fld), 02/3, 04/5, 05/6, 06/7, Chesterfield97/8, 02/3, Colchester 01/2, Crewe02/3(sl cr), Exeter97/8(FAC), Fulham 95/6,99/00(WC)(£2), Grimsby98/9, Hudderfield01/2, 02/3. 03/4, Kidderminster04/5, Leyton Orient 95/6, 99/00(fld), 05/6, 07/8, Lincoln99/00, Luton 97/8, Mansfield03/4, 03/4( Play Off)(£2.50), 04/5, 05/6(cr),  Millwall00/1, 06/7(fld), Morecambe12/13, Notts Cty00/1, Oxford 01/2(LDV)(£2.50), 04/5(fld), Peterboro05/6, Plymouth 95/6(AWS)(£2.50), 97/8, 97/8(AWS)(£2), 99/00, 02/3, Port Vale02/3, QPR 01/2(WC)(£2.50), Preston95/6, Reading00/1, Rochdale03/4, Rushden& D 04/5(fld), Rotherham00/1, 11/12,Shrewsbury04/5(fld), 05/6(cr), Southampton04/5(CC)(cr), Southend04/5({Play Off)(£2.50), Stockport05/6, Stoke00/1, 01/2, Swansea00/1(fld), 03/4, Torquay 98/9(AWS)(£2), Tranmere 01/2, WBA(LC)95/6(£2), Wigan98/9, 02/3, 02/3(WC)(sl cr), Walsall97/8, Watford97/8, Wrexham 97/8, 05/6,Wycombe 97/8, 04/5(fld), Yeovil 06/7(cr)

NORWICH CITY  Arsenal 90/1(fld)(£2), 93/4(cr), 94/5(fld), Birmingham95/6(CCC), Coventry 99/00(FAC), Everton(U23 PLC)(£2), Heerenveen00/1(£3), L Orient 10/11(FAC), Man City97/8, Northampton(CC)05/6,  Notts Forest87/8, 05/6 Portsmouth 97/8, QPR06/7(cr), Sheff Wed 88/9(fld), 08/9(fld), Stockport 97/89 (fld), Tottenham  89/90(fld)(£2), 93/4(fld), Tranmere95/6, WBA 95/6, 97/8, West Ham 82/3(cr), 88/9(fld), 91/2(fld),91/2(fld)(LC)(£2),  03/4, 05/6(FAC)(fld), 07/8(FR)(£2), Wolves(01/2(Play Off)(fld)(£1.25),

NOTTS CTY v Derby02/3(FR)(£2), Shrewsbury 71/2(sof)£3),        

NOTTINGHAM FOREST v Coventry01/2, Hartlepool05/6, Ipswich 80/1(FAC)(£1.50), L Orient 06/7, Millwall01/2(cr),  Plymouth94/5(FAC)(fld), Sheff Wed 98/9(poor)(40p), 12/13(fld), West Ham 81/2(flds)(£1), 83/4(fld09£1), 91/2(fld)(£1), 96/7(fld), Season Ticket card 02/3(£1)

NUNEATON BOROUGH  v Tilbury(FAC)77/8(FAC)(£1.50), 

OXFORD UTD  v L.Orient05/6(fldf), Millwall99/00(fld), Sheff Wed(cr), West Ham90/1(LC)9fld09£1.50), York15/16(fld)

OLDHAM v Sheff Wed11/12(cr)(50p), West Ham 90/1(£2.50), 

PETERBORO  v Bury15/16, L Orient13/14,  QPR03/4, Sheff Wed 09/10, 10/11(fld), 12 13(fld), West Ham11/12…visting players Complimentary ticket 67/8 v Shrewsbury(cr)(£4), 

PLYMOUTH v  Derby98/9(FAC)(cr), Millwall 04/5 QPR03/4, Sheff Wed05/6(fld), York96/7(fld)


PORTSMOUTH v Chelsea88/9(fld)(£3), Millwall, 01/2(fld),  QPR99/00(cr),  West Ham90/1(fld)(£2.50)

PORT VALE v Arsenal 97/8(FAC)(sld)(£4), Barnsley98/9, Brad City98/9, Camb Utd 18/19(£2), Grimsby98/9(2/3), Grimsby(23/3), Oxford98/9, Sheff Utd98/9, Tranmere98/9, Watford 87/8(FAC)(fld)(£2.50), 98/9(Mar), Watford (April), West Ham9sl fld) 89/90(£2), 

PRESTON N.E. v Man City(02/3(Kidd Test)(£2), Millwall01/2, 10/11, QPR04/5, Sheff Wed 00/1(fld),  v Tottenham65/6(FAC)(£10), ( sl fld(£8),West Ham04/5(fld)(£1), 

RADCLIFFE BORO v Chorley07/8

QPR v  Arsenal 90/1(flds)(£2), 00/1(FAC)(fld), Huddersfield99/00, L Orient07/8(CC), Millwall 05/6(fld), Northampton01/2,  Sheff Wed 89/90(fld)(£1), 06/7(fld), 07/8(fld), 13/14(fld), 15/16(fld), Tottenham 88/9(fld)(80p), 92/3(sl fld)(80p), 94/5(fld)(80p),  West Ham 83/4(cr0(80p), 87/8(FAC)(cr)(£1), 91/2(fld), Wigan01/2….Australia v S Africa 03/4(fld)(£1), 

OXFORD UNITED  Shrewsbury67/8(£5), 

 PLYMOUTH ARGYLE   Shrewsbury69/70(£4), 71/2(£3), 

READING v Barnsley 96/7,  Man City04/5(FR)(£3), Millwall99/00(fld), 00/1(fld), 02/3(fld),  Norwich03/4, Sheff Wed 08/9(fld), 13/14(fld), 15/16, Shrewsbury 68/9(£5), 70/1(£4), 70/1(FAC)(£4), Wigan03/4(fld),

 REDHILL v Fulham76/7(Fr)(£8)

ROCHDALE v Northampton(90s?)fld), Sheff Wed 13/14(FAC)(fld), Shrewsbury(late 60)(£4), 

ROTHERHAM UTD v Northampton11/12, QPR04/5, Sheff Wed(CC)13/14)fld)

RUSHDEN & Diamonds   v Colchester03/4 

ST PATRICKS v   Millwall 94/5(£3), Tranmere(nineties?

 SCUNTHORPE v Leyton Orient 04/5, Sheff Wed 07/8(fld) …Directors Box Pass  v Grimsby 65/6(£6), 

SHEFF UTD v Bury 15/16(fld), Ipswich92/3, L Orient13/14(sl fld), Millwall 02/3(fld),  04/5(fld), West Ham89/90(fld)(£1), 

SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY v  Brad  City04/5, Carlisle11/12(fld), Charlton(FAC)05/6, Hereford10/11(FAC)(fld), Huddersfield11/2(fld), L Orient10/11, Luton 71/2(£4), 73e/4(£3), Northampton10/11, Notts Forest89/90(fld), QPR03/4, Scunthorpe 03/4(LDVs/f)(£3), Southampton08/9(fld), Tottenham94/5,  West Ham 94/5, 95/6(fld)(80p), 96/7(fld), 99/00(fld)(80p), Wycombe11/2(fld)

SHREWSBURY v  A-Line All Stars(FR)FR)07/8,  Arsenal(FAC)67/8(£6), Carlisle(CC)08/9, 13/4, Chelsea02/3(FAC)(£5), 14/15(C1C)£4), Chesterfield16/17, Colchster07/8, 13/14, Coventry  07/8(FR)(£2.50), 13/14, Everton(FAC)02/3(£3), Fulham90/1, 07/8(CC), Gillingham 13/14, Ipswich83/4(FAC)(fld)(£2), Leicester09/10(FR)(£3), Man City 07/8(FR)(£5), Man Utd00/1(FR)£5), 11/12(FR)(£4), MK Dons 06/7(Play Off s/f)(£3), 13/14, Mansfield14/15(fld), Millwall 15/16, Notts C13/14, Notts F 08/9, Oldham 13/14, Preston13/14, Rotherham11/12(FAC), 13/14, Sheff Utd 13/14, Scunthorpe02/3, Sheff Wed15/16(FAC)(fld), Staines 09/10(FAC), Stoke 08/9(FR)(£2.50), Swindon13/14, Telford09/10(SSCC)s/f), Tranmere10/11(FR), Wolves(Rowley Test)94/5(£5), 13/14(£2), 

SOUTHAMPTON v Arsenal 91/2(£fld)(£2), 94/5(fld), A Villa02/3, 03/4, Bolton03/4, 04/5, Colchester04/5(CC)(£1), Coventry93/4(fld), Danny Wallace Test03/4(£1), L Orient10/11(fld), Millwall05/6(fld), 09/10(sl fld), Oxford87/8(fld), QPR05/6(fld), Sheff Wed 06/7(fld), 00/1(FAC)(fld), 10/11(cr)(40p), Swansea17/18, Tottenham91/2(fld)(£1), West Ham 81/2(fld)(£2), 82/3(fld)(£2), 

SOUTHEND UTD v    Barnsley93/4(fld), L Orient 03/4,  04/5, 06/7(22/7 FR?), 07/8, 09/10, 13/14(JPT), Dagenham 12/13(JPT), Rochdale04/5, Sheff Wed 06/7

SOUTHPORT v Barnet01/2, Boston01/2, Dagenham01/2,  Doncaster01/2, Forest Green01/2,(Boardroom pass)(£1), Hayes, Hereford, Leigh01/2, Marine01/2, Sheff Wed10/11(fld)(£3), Telford01/2

 STEVENAGE V L Orient 11/12(fld), 12/13, 13/14, Sheff Wed11/12(fld)

STOCKPORT  v Millwall 01/2(sl cr),

STOKE  v Millwall 00/1(fld),  West Ham 81/2(fld)(£3), 82/3(fld)(£2), 83/4(fld)(£2), 89/90(fld), Wycombe00/1 

SUNDERLAND v Ajax(Opening of SOL)(£10) Arsenal 90/1(Blue)(fld)(£4), 99/00(cr), 13/14(£2), 14/15(fld),  Barnsley 88/9(£2), 89/90(£2),Birmingham 88/9(£2), Blackpool 18/19(£1.50), Bournemouth89/90(£2), Brad City88/9(£2), 89/90(£2), Brighton 88/9(£2), 89/90(£2), Bury98/9, Charlton95/6, Chesterfield87/8(fld)(£2), C.Palace 04/5(FAC), Fulham 12/13, 13/4, 14/15 Fulham/Wolves(FAC)(£2),  Grimsby98/9(WC), Hartlepools 03/4(FAC), Hull88/9(£2), 13/14 Ipswich88/9(£2),  Leeds 89/90(fld)(£2), 01/2(£2), (fld), Leicester 14/5(£2), Man City 88/9(£2), Middlesbro 17/18, Millwall 03/4(fld),  Newcastle 15/16(fld), Northampton 87/8(£2), Norwich 11/2, Oldham88/9(sl tr), Oxford 88/9(£2), 89/90, Plymouth 88/9(£2), 06/7, Port Vale 89/90(cr)(£1), QPR 04/5, 12/13(fld), Rotherham 87/8(£2), Sheff Utd 89/90(fld)(£1), Shrewsbury 88/9(£2), Southampton 13/4(£2),  Stoke 88/9(£2), 95/6, 04/5, 10/11, Swansea 13/14 (£2), , Swindon 88/9(£2), 89/90(£2),  Tottenham 09/10(fld)(£2), 14/15(fld)(£1.50), Walsall88/9(£2), Watford 88/9(£2),  WBA  89/90(£2), 10/11, West Ham 96/7(£5), 01/2,  02/3 (fld), 13/14(£2),  Wolves 89/90(£2),..Ballot Ticket for 73 Cup Final( Pink)(£3)..v Liverpool96/7(farewell to Roker Park)(fld)(£10)

SUTTON UNITED  v Leeds88/9(FAC)(£9), 

SWANSEA C  v  Hull02/3(unused0(£2), Millwall06/7(fld), Sheff Wed 08/9(cr)(40p), Shrewsbury 71/2(fld)(£3),04/5(unused)(£2),  York03/4(unused)(£2), 

SWINDON TOWN v  Ipswich 93/4(FAC)(fld), Northampton 08/9(sl cr), QPR 03/4, Sheff Wed10/11(fld), West ham 88/9(FAC)(fld)( 90/1(fld)(£1), £2.50), 

TOTTENHAM v   Arsenal 76/7(fld)(£3), 80/1(sl cr), 80/1(LC)(cr)(50p), 81/2(FAC)(£2), 91/2(£2), 92/3, 95/6,  A.Villa 61/2(FAC)(£6), 81/2(FAC)(£2), 91/2, 93/4, Blackburn 96/7, Blackburn/Shrewsbury jt 93/4(£2), Bolton 95/6, Brighton 04/5(£2), Bristol City 79/80(£3), Bristol City(RES) 79/80(£4), Cardiff 06/7(£2), Chelsea 93/4, Chester 95/6(LC)(£3), Coventry 80/1(FAC)(fld)(£1), C.Palace 92/3(fld)(£1), 94/5, Derby 98/9, Everton  68/9(cr)(unused)(£2), Exeter80/1(FAC)(fld)(£1), Fulham 81/2(LC)(fld)(£1.50),  Ipswich 74/5(flds/mkd)(£1), 79/80(£3), 00/1, Leeds 65/6(£6), 92/3, 94/5. Liverpool 78/9(cr)(£2), 79/80(FAC)(£3), Luton 91/2,  Man City 78/9(£3), 94/5, Man Utd 78/9(£3),  Newcastle 93/4, Norwich 91/2, 93/4, Middlesbro 95/6, 96/7, Notts Cty 91/2, Notts Forest 92/3, 94/5, Oldham 93/4, Preston 96/7(CCC)(£2), QPR 93/4, Sheff Utd 96/7, 98/9, Southampton 93/4, 96/7, WBA 04/5(£2), West Ham 81/2(fld)(£2.50),  87/8(fld)(£1), 88/9(fld)(£1), 91/2(fld), 03/4, 07/8(flds),  Wimbledon 91/2, 92/3, 94/5,  Wigan11/12(cr)(50p), Wrexham/Stockport (LC)(78/9(£3), 81/2(LC)(fld)(£1),  .. Eintract Frankfurt 81/2(fld)(£2),  Slavia Prague 07/8(£3), PSV Eindhoven 07/8(£3), Slovan Brat 62/3(ECWC)(fld)(£6),.Makita Tourn 1993( day 2)(£5),   West Ham 90/1( Clemence Test)(£3), ..EUFA Youth Finals 1983(fld)(£3),  1988 Wembley Intl Tournament(Spurs, Arsenal,AC Milan, B Munich)(fld)(£5), …FA Cup Ballot Card 1967( Pink)(£5), 

TRANMERE v Bury14/15, Hartlepool04/5, Portsmouth98/9, Sheff Wed 10/11(fld)

WALSALL v Millwall00/1(fld), Sheff Wed10/11(fld)

WATFORD v  Arsenal 85/6(fld), Blackpool96/7, Chelsea03/4(FAC)(£2), Crewe03/4, Derby02/3, 03/4, Everton00/1(FAC), Ipswich 02/3, 03/4, 04/5(fld), 06/7(FAC)(fld),07/8, 08/9, 09/10(fld), 10/11(fld), 11/12,   Leicester86/7(fld), Luton(FAC)84/5(fld),Luton87/8(fld), Millwall 01/2(cr),  02/3, Notts Forest03/4, Portsmouth02/3(mkd), Preston97/8, QPR 86/7(fld), 04/5, Reading02/3,  QPR86/7(fld), Sheff Utd02/3, Sheff Wed 07/8(fld), 08/9(fld), 09/10, 13/14(fld), Southampton  87/8(fld), Stoke03/4, WBA 84/5, 02/3, 03/4, West Ham 81/2(FAC)(sl cr|)(£1), 86/7(fld), 86/7(LC)(fld)(£1), 87/8(fld)£1),  Wigan06/7

WEALDSTONE v Lincoln87/8(sl cr)

WEST BROM v Millwall03/4(fld), Middlesbro 04/5(fld), Northampton95/6, Sheff Wed09/10(fld), 14/15(fld), 15/16(fld), Tottenham61/2(FAC)(£5)..WBA v Atromitos(@ Shrewsbury)(FR)13/14(£3), West Ham   81/2(LC)(fld)(£2), 82/3(fld)(£2), 85/6(fld)(80p), 

WEST HAM v  Arsenal 96/7, 97/8(FAC), 09/10(VIP)(fld), Aston Villa, 14/15(fld)((31), 15/16(£2), Blackburn 97/8(fld0(£1), 01/2(fld)(80p), Bolton 97/8(cr), 02/3, 10/11(fld09£1), 17/18(CC)(fld)(£1), Brad City 03/4(sl fld)(£1), Bristol City 84/5(MC)(cr)(£1), Burnley 10/11(FAC)£2), 11/12(£2),  Chelsea 12/13(VIP)(fld)(£2), 14/15(fld09£1), Cheltenham13/14(CC)(£2), Crewe 04/5(£2), C.Palace17/18(fld)(£1.50), Derby 89/90(LC)(fld), 11/12(fld), Everton 86/7(sl fld09£2), 95/6(fld), 08/9(fld)(£1), 15/16(£2), Fulham03/4(fld), Hull 11/12(fld), 13/14(fld)(£1),    Ipswich 84/5(fld),  00/1, 01/2, 03/4, Juventus 16/17(BC)(fld)(£1.50), Leeds 71/2(£5),  Leicester 75/6(£4), 14/15(£2), Liverpool  95/6(fld), Man Utd 85/6(FAC)(cr)(£1), 94/5(fld)(£4), 06/7, Middlesbro 11/12|(£2), Millwall 87/8(Simod)(fld)(£5), 04/5, 09/10(fld)(£1), Newcastle 12/13(fld)(£1), Norwich84/5(FAC)(cr)(80p), 03/4(£2), Notts Forest 11/12(fld)(£1), Peterboro 11/12(£2), Portsmouth 11/12(fld)(£1),  Sheff Utd 14/14(CC)(fld)(£1.50), Sheff Wed 94/5, 97/8, 00/1(WC),  Southampton 02/3(fld)(£1),  Stoke 74/5(£4),  12/13(fld)(£1), Sunderland 10/11(fld)(£1), 15/16(£2), Tottenham  94/5, 00/1(fld), 12/13(£2), Walsall(97/8(CCC)(fld), Watford 11/12(£2), 15/16(fld)(£1), WBA 02/3, 08/9(fld)(£1), 10/11(fld)(£1), 15/16(£2), Wolves 09/10(fld)(£1) 15/16(FAC)(£2.50), .. NK Domzale16/7(fld)(£2.50),   Osijek99/00(£2, Juventus(BC)(£1)(cr), Tony Carr`s Testimonial v All Stars 09/10(fld)(£3), 

WIGAN v  Millwall00/1(cr), Oldham97/8, QPR04/5, West Ham 03/4(fld)(£1), 

WIMBLEDON  v  Arsenal98/9(fld), 93/4(fld), A.Villa92/3, 99/00, Barnsley00/1,  Blackburn(E Box Pass)(£1), Chelsea(E Box Pass)(£2), Coventry94/5,  C.Palace 92/3, 97/8, Fulham00/1, Liverpool91/2(fld) , 94/5 Millwall97/8(CCC),  Newcastle95/6(Ex Box Pass), Norwich 00/1, Notts County 00/1(FAC),  Notts Forest 00/1,  Sheff Utd 00/1, Sheff Wed91/2(fld), 93/4(fld), , Southampton 92/3, Stockport 00/1, Tottenham 93/4, Tranmere 00/1, WBA 87/8(FAC)(fld)(£1), West Ham 98/9(fld), Wolves00/1…T NHC Wimbledon v Stoke 03/4(FAC)(£2.50), 

WOKING v Bromsgrove(Directos pass)93/4(torn edge(50p) , Millwall97/8(FAC)(£2.50)

WOLVES v  Colchester06/7, Ipswich(FAC)(fld), L Orient13/14(cr), Millwall76/7(£2), 01/2 Notts Forest 78/9, West Ham 83/4(cr)(80p), Wimbledon02/3(£1), 

WREXHAM v Millwall00/1(fld), QPR03/4, Shrewsbury05/6, ……………..TNS v Liverpool@ Wrexham(£5), 

WYCOMBE WAND v L Orient 05/6, Millwall98/9, 00/1(FAC),  Northampton97/8(cr), QPR00/1(FR)(£3), 03/4, Sheff Wed 11/12(fld)

 YEOVIL v L Orient10/11(fld), Millwall05/6(CC)(fld), 06/7(fld), Sheff Wed 11/12(fld)

YORK CITY Shrewsbury(late 60s?)(£3), 

ABERDEEN  v Rangers94/5(Feb)(fld), 95/6(Oct), 96/7(Dec)(fld), 01/2(Jan)

AIRDRIE v Celtic92/3(Aug)(£1), Rangers91/2(Oct)(fld)

CELTIC v Rangers 83/4(Jan)(fld), 86/7(Nov)(fld), 86/7(Apr)(fld), 93/4(Aug)(fld), West Ham 00/1(FR)(fld)(£5), 

DUNDEE UTD v Celtic97/8(Jan), Rangers Rangers90/1(Sep)(fld), 90/1(Dec)(cr),  96/7(Apr)(fld), 00/1(SC)(fld), 02/3(fld)

DUNFERMLINE v Celtic 97/8(May)(fld), Rangers 89/90(Jan)(fld), 96/7(Aug),96/7(Feb)(fld), 00/1(Nov)(fld),  01/2(Nov),02/3(Feb)

HEARTS v  Celtic 89/90(Aug), 97/8(Feb)(fld), Rangers  80/1(Nov)(£2), , 86/7(Feb)(fld), 88/9(Sep),  97/8(Dec)(fld), 97/8(Apr)(cr), 00/1(Dec)(cr), 00/1(May), 01/2(Feb)

HIBERNIANS  v  Celtic 94/5(Apr)(fld), 97/8(Feb)(fld), 04/5(Mar)(£2), 08/9(Dec)(fld)(80p),  Falkirk 08/9(Feb)(fld)(80p), Inverness CT 07/8(Feb)(£1.50), Kilmarnock 01/2(July)(fld), Motherwell 07/8(CIS)(sl fld)(£1), Rangers 93/4(Nov)(fld), 99/00(Aug),  00/1(Oct)(fld), 08/9(Apr)(fld)(£1), St Mirren 08/9(Jan)(£2), 

KILMARNOCK v Rangers 94/5(Apr) 

MOTHERWELL v Celtic 92/3(Mar), 95/69mar), 96/7(Feb), Rangers 89/90(Oct), 90/1(May)(fld), 92/3(SC), 00/1(Sep), 00/1(Mar)(fld), 02/3(Dec)

PARTICK THISTLE v Rangers 94/5(£1)

RANGERS   v Aberdeen 86/7(fld), 98/9(Apr), 99/00(Jan), 00/1(fld), 01/2(fld,  Brechin00/1(SC), Celtic  86/7(Aug)(fld)(£1), 87/8(Oct)(fld)(£1), 93/4(Apr)(fld)(80p), Dundee 98/9(FEB), 00/1(Aug), Dundee Utd 87/8(Aug), 97/8(Dec)(fld),,  00/1(Mar), 00/1(Oct)(fld), Dunfermline 97/8(Feb)(fld) 98/9(Dec)(fld), 00/1(Aug_(sl mk), 00/1(Feb), Falkirk97/8(CCC)(fld), Hamilton86/7(SC)(Yellow)(sl fld)(£1), (pink)(£1), Hearts 87/8(Apr), 99/00(SC), 00/1(Sep)(cr),  Hibernian 90/1(Nov), 99/00(Nov)(fld), 00/1(Dec), 00/1(May)(sl mk), 00/1(Aug)(fld), Kilmarnock96/7(Mar)(fld),  97/8(May)(fld), 00/1(May), 00/1(Mar)(£1.25), 00/1(Dec), Motherwell00/1(Dec), St Johnstone93/4(Mar)(sl cr)(60p), 98/9(Aug)(cr), St Mirren 86/7(May)(fld)(£2.50), ….  99/00 v Sunderland(Ferguson Test)(£3),  Tottenham 04/5(cr)(£1),   Live screening  v Hearts10/5/97(£2)..D Kiev 87/8(fld)(£2.50), 

ST JOHNSTONE v Rangers01/2 , 94/5, 92/3(Oct),90/1(Feb)

ST MIRREN  v Rangers 00/1(Aug)

FOREIGN MATCHES…..Eintracht Frankfurt v Hannover 96  75/6 (cr)(£1.50), TSV Munich 1860 v Schalke 04 94/5(sl tr)(£2), Bayern v Werder Bremen04/5(sl tr)(£1), Ajax v Excelsior02/3(£2), Milan V Udinese02/3(£2), Nurnberg v Hertha07/8(fld)(£1.50), Real Madrid v Malaga88/9(fld)(£1.50),  …Luxemburg v Czech Rep96/7(£4)

SUFFOLK SENIOR CUP (@Portman Road) Grundisburgh v Stowmarket06/7(£1)

SUFFOLK PREMIER CUP @ Portman Road Leiston v Needham07/8(£Lowestoft v needham08/9(£1), Ipswich v Needham09/10(£1),needham v Bury T 10/11(£1)